Russia Wants Obama Re-Elected

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The Wall Street Journal made the obvious connection between this impasse and the “hot mic” incident in March where Obama told Russian Prime Minister Medvedev to tell Russian soon-to-be President Vladimir Putin to temporarily back off regarding this issue since Obama would have “more flexibility” to deal with it after the November 6 elections.

As reporters gathered for a news conference in Seoul, South Korea, Obama leaned over to his Russian counterpart. Without realizing a microphone was open, he said: “This is my last election and after my last election I have more flexibility,” …referring to his ability to reach a deal with Russia on missile defense.  Medvedev replied: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir,” a reference to the incoming Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

Obama attempted to weasel out of the implications of his gaffe by explaining to reporters in Korea that arms control negotiations are extremely complex and require bipartisan cooperation in the U.S.;  so they cannot be a public issue just months before presidential and congressional elections.  But “I don’t think it’s any surprise that you can’t start that a few months before a presidential and congressional elections in the United States,” simply does not address the core problem.  His intention to hide his willingness to be flexible toward Russia about Russian demands couched in cold-war terminology relating to the possibility of nuclear war bespeak his awareness that these intentions will not be acceptable to the American voting public; and this is all the more reason to make them public.

Romney said it was alarming that Obama was “looking for greater flexibility where he doesn’t have to answer to the American people in his relations with Russia … [Russia is] without question our No. 1 geopolitical foe. They fight every cause for the world’s worst actor. The idea that he has more flexibility in mind for Russia is very, very troubling indeed.”

The New York Times version of this issue  made no mention of the “hot mic” incident but did point out that Russian leaders have refused Obama’s request that the Kremlin pressure Syria’s Bashar al-Assad to comply with the UN’s cease-fire plans.  The Times also noted that Obama himself stalled the progress of the NATO plans for the early warning and missile defense system because he sought a “reset” in the USA’s relationship with Russia, and Russian concerns about the NATO early warning system were a stumbling block to Obama’s plans. Obama’s willingness to be flexible toward the Russian demands may stem in part from the desire to co-opt the Kremlin into pressuring Assad; but it also seems clear that Obama, not knowing that he was speaking to Medvedev in front of a hot microphone, did not want to let the American electorate know of his intentions for flexibility toward Russia regarding the NATO missile defense system impasse.  In other words, his flexibility toward Russia, if it were made public, might hinder his re-election.

And the Russians are not ungrateful.  Obama’s pay-back for his willingness to be flexible next year is Russia’s endorsement of his re-election by telling the world, at this conference, that if the USA elects Romney, there might be war with Russia.

An American special envoy to the Russian conference indicated that the American delegation was not sympathetic to the Russian demands and unwilling to offer the limitations that Russia wants.  She stated: “There’s nothing I can imagine that will stop us making these deployments on time.”

Well, actually there is: Obama’s re-election.

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  • guest
  • Bamaguje

    I suppose Al-Qaeda, Ahmedinajad, Ayatollah Khamanei, Muslim Brotherhood and other anti-Americans agents would also prefer Obama victory.

  • StephenD

    Russia has paper swords. The country is teetering on bankruptcy. If we were to put the oil we have in the ground on the table, Russia’s economy, which counts on oil staying above $120 per barrel, would collapse. We wouldn’t have to fire a shot to beat them. All we have to do is DRILL BABY DRILL!

    • Patriot

      Wake up man. It is we who are bankrupt. We owed 15 trillion dollars to the world and Russia has over 500 billions reserves.

  • mrbean

    They like Obambi's (as Putin calls him) negotiation style. They like Obama's foreign policies too – all designed to embrace our enemies and undermine our allies. Obama is a loser.

  • Ann


  • Surly_Curmudgen

    Of course they do, so does China. Did you think that all those unrepentant communists no longer had political power? Communists will always support other communists for political office.

    • Oleg

      Putin is not a Communist, he doesn't like Obama because he's left leaning he likes Obama because he is a spineless coward who believes the U.S and it's allies are always in the wrong and will not stand up to Russian bullying. B.O is a chump, both of the Clintons have more balls then he has.

      • Surly_Curmudgen

        I didn't say Putin was a communist. There are however many communists running around loose and communists will support other communists even in other countries.

      • Roger

        Most KGB officers were communist party members.

  • pierce

    I wonder why. I mean after all he, Barack told Medvedev something in private, something we should all hear. He just might sell us down the road to the Russians. Do we have to trust him? The answer is becoming very clear.

  • Surly_Curmudgen

    This is also another indication that they truly think they have won. A Marxist Communist is now the president of the United States, rejoice rejoice we have won. The world wide communists are out in the open with their support and investigation would show, their money also. They are no longer bothering to hide behind a facade and are proud of their agenda. Blatant attacks on our laws, our constitution, our churches and the political process.

    I am of the opinion that the second amendment will have to be used to hobble their insurgency.

  • Ghostwriter

    Well,with our current problems,it seems unlikely that President Obama will get reelected. He might end up in history as a Jimmy Carter clone.

    • Oscar

      Well you have to consider the reasons why he couldn't complete his promises. One of the main reasons why he can't act is because of an uncooperative Republican Congress. Obama has other problems to cope with like education, foreign relations, economy, welfare, taxes, and transportation. So it's not Obama who is the problem it's the stubborn Republican Congress who don't believe in change.

  • joy52

    Putin should worry about his own country, which is going down the tubes. Ethnic Russians will be extinct in a few decades, if they haven't starved or emmigrated first.

  • H&R_ Barack

    What's RED & BLACK, – RED & BLACK, – RED & BLACK, – RED & BLACK?

    ANSWER: Vladimir Putin it to President Obama's ego.

  • Ronald Johnston

    putin knows that osama obama is doing the job Russia needs done, destroying America!!!!

    • tatarin

      And what do you see a threat to America?
      On the contrary. That America is going to place in Europe missile defense system.
      Defense against whom? From Iran?. But this is ridiculous …
      Iranian missiles until you can not fly!
      But the balance of nuclear forces of Russia and America at once disturbed.
      We will be less likely to produce a possible retaliatory strike.
      We do not put a missile defense system in Cuba or in Venezuela!

      • reader

        Tatarin, do you really think that your trolling and adding pluses to your own posts here will make a good argument? Think again, if you can.

        • Roger

          Why do trolls think it's so cute to have parallel profiles to vote themselves up?

  • sod

    That means Obama is giving Russia a sweet deal maybe a treacherous one, remember the column that Obama was telling Putin's predecessor to wait after 'November'?

  • See Far

    A typical GOP propoganda. Actually Russia doesn't care much who will be a next american president, becouse nothing will change no matter Obama or Romney is a president.

    • tatarin

      From Russia

      I agree. Nothing will change. But it is bad.
      It is necessary to have changed for the better. You are not tired of the cold war?
      Let's not easy to live … to work, raise children, go to each other …

    • Roger

      Reagan proves your comment a lie.
      He won.
      He changed things.

      And he did it with a loyalty to his own land.
      Obama lacks the vision, the leadership and the loyalty.

  • Gamaliel

    What about Russia's missiles and missile defenses? They demand that Europe not have missile defenses but they have them.

  • sneed5

    You can bet your bottom dollar that Putin and our liberals are working 24/7 to get Obama re-elected while we sit and play patty-cake!

    Things after this upcoming election won't be different if we don't get out and campaign! Vote! Go door to door! Ask people to vote! Ask if they are registered to vote! Register them yourself! Donate! We can't just sit at our internet! It can't be done with the click of a mouse! We may not have it much longer if we get a Deja Vu!!!

  • pyeatte

    Just another reason not to vote for Obama.

    • Roger

      The dear one doesn't like people thinking for themselves.

      I for one won't go silently and I won't sit by and watch this election be stolen.

  • Roger

    Perhaps it's time we all take smart phones into the voting booth this november.

    We need to record voting machines that act funny or don't record ballots correctly.
    There is too much going on to allow the chicago style machine to steal this election.

  • daniel

    Dear Yankees! Select a hawk Mormon Mitt Romney – and the nuclear apocalypse will come true))) Obama – is our overall chance for peace. From Russia with love!

    • reader

      I suspect that some Moscow residents have taken the double-think they'd been raised on to such a degree that they don't even recognize when they make a good argument for something they think to be arguing against.

      • daniel

        LOL! Хорошим аргументом в пользу ш ч т, чувак? То, что для русских это хорошо – то для янки смерть)) (пословица)

      • daniel

        LOL! A good argument for w h a t, dude? That the для Russian is good – then для the Yankees death)) (proverb)

        • reader

          Just as I thought, you are a moron, or a schmuck, or a pridurok – take your pick.

  • dougjmiller

    Well, of course, the Putin dictatorship in Russia wants Obama re-elected. Obama is working night and day to undermine America economically, diplomatically, and militarily. Once Obama flushes America down the toilet, Putin becomes top dog.

    • tatarin

      You want nuclear war?
      I at all don't love politicians. All of them are prostitutes!!!
      But we should understand, as prostitutes happen different…
      From two troubles we choose the smaller…

    • daniel

      Well, of course, the US dictatorship in the World wants to destroy Russia (China, Iran, and all dissenters) and its people to take away our natural resources, as in Iraq. Only you do not get))) You can choose the next president even Sauron. Nuclear weapons retribution will overtake you, gringo))) Glory to Russia!

      • Ghostwriter

        daniel,are you by any chance a fan of Noam Chomsky? Just asking because a lot of what you just said sounds a lot like stuff he would say.

  • tatarin

    You such abrupt? You want to try?
    Once again I will remind – our countries saved up the nuclear weapon for planet destruction – 15 times.
    To you, the moron, isn't enough once?

  • ApolloSpeaks

    That is right. Putin wants RESET II.

    • Roger

      Right around our throats.

  • michaelle

    Birds of a feather flock together-the buzzards are friends-russia and obama. Obama is taking a great part in the evil brainwashing.
    Interview from an excommunist-how to brainwash a nation

    How to brainwash a nation.
    Here are the four steps:
    Demoralization (immorality, basically getting everyone used to it, thinking it's normal, and moral people are the bad folks)
    Destabilization (of the economy, politics, etc.)
    Crisis (caused by immorality and destabilization, which replaces the old government with a new controlling regime)
    Normalization (as everyone gets used to the new regime)

    Obama has attempted this-dope and lame stuff. No breakfast in hell obama. Or president loki.

    No Breakfast in Hell

  • tatarin

    Guys, you really such naive?
    Who that of you was in Russia?
    All your data – only from your newspapers and telecasts?
    To you have well raked over the coals!!!
    At you never was democracies! At you never was freedom of speech!
    To you give the chance to attempt – and you are happy… As animals!
    And at us both to attempt, and to tell the thoughts, to go on demonstration… Come – will see…
    And the last… I for Roger have set a problem! (On this page 23 hours back) I so have understood that he won't solve it! Help it. Or I will think that all Yankees – idiots! More truly – animals, with the washed out brains!!!
    Good luck to you, the zombie!!!

    • Ghostwriter

      Great. Another Putin fan. Just what the world needs.

    • KarshiKhanabad

      Your username interests me. Vy tatarski? Russians are blue-eyed Tatars, Da?

      • tatarin

        Russian are Russian, Tatars are Tatars…
        But all of us (and 140 more nationalities) – the Russian people!

  • tatarin

    Passed 3 days, but nobody could solve simple (for Russian school students) tests!!!
    Confess to itself, – you tried to solve, but couldn't!!!
    Also pretended that it isn't interesting to you… Ha-ha-ha!!!…
    Ha-ha-ha!!! And you still try to argue on policy?!!!
    To me any more about what with you to speak…
    Правильно говорят , американцы – тупейшая нация на свете, потомки безмозглых бандитов со всей европы!…
    Ждите, скоро к вам придет КОНЕЦ!
    И этот "КОНЕЦ" вы сделаете сами… Мы будем только наблюдать!!! Демократы херовы!!!…

  • Rosine Ghawji

    yes but times have changed. Reagan is gone,the Saudis have bought almost all of the Us, they are trying their best to implant the Sharia law in your textbooks and your judiciary system and Whatever you think, Russia is not on its way down. Saying that Putin is supporting Obama is silly , he is using his stupidity. I am sure that he would rather see the US as an ally…..

  • tatarin

    From the Russia/

    First, how much hatred: Are we going to fight?
    Second. Who says America does not interfere with the politics of other countries?
    Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Georgia, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya … Is that not interference?
    You cut into politics almost all over the world! And those who will not obey you call "rogue states"
    You read the newspapers from other countries…
    You just "brainwashed" …
    Excuse for my eanglish

  • Roger

    Then why did Putin skip this US visit?

  • Roger

    Those who don't value life and ignore human rights we call rogue states.

    And who says we backed our dictator's power grab in Libya so our enemies would have those oil revenues to fund islamic terror in Africa?

    You have so many hodgepodge talking points thrown in together it's hard to know where to start.

  • Rosine Ghawji

    as far as I am concerned Putin does not give a damm about Obama. He certainly thinks he is a mu He also knows that this country is rotten from the inside, going down economically , morally etc… You dont have to be Einstein to see the desaster… Food prices going up like crazy , Just a reminder … who supported and armed Ben Laden against the Russians….. who created Ben Laden who let the Shah down and helped the Islamic revolution in IRan…. who is educated ths suicide bombers of (9 11 ???????not Putin.. not the Russians……. We can understand why Putin is cautious regarding the US policy. and later we can talk about the missiles…

  • Roger

    Who armed the taliban? Conservatives who resisted the USSR (and won).
    Bin Ladin? That was someone who lived because a liberal president didn't act to put him down. Remember Sudan offered him to us and Clinton said no thanks.

    Everything you list that Russia had a reason to hate, was done by conservative loyal American presidents. That's why Putin cares.

    And the disasters like rising food prices? That's thanks to liberal technocrat minded socialists that Obama leads. Putin should be cheering obama on, especially with that slip about more 'flexibility' after the election.

    We can understand you don't understand why Putin has any motivation for anything. And later will be too late to talk about the missiles, Iran is working feverishly to have nuclear arms on long range missiles.

  • Roger

    He knows this country is rotten from the inside and going down thanks to Obama and the policies he supports. That's reason enough that Putin would love to see Obama re-elected.

  • Rosine Ghawji

    I respectfully disagree.Putin and the Russians people would rather be a friend of the Us
    . . but when Romney
    starts shouting Russia is our no 1 enemy … is not very encouraging .. better deal with stupid Obama…. By the way , I am looking all over the russian news and medias and did not see word about Obama' reelection .If you have a link….

  • Roger

    Respectfully I have to point out that leadership and common folks often disagree.
    Putin's background with the KGB means he has an agenda and the training to see it through.

    That doesn't mean our success, it means his. And Obama leaves us weak enough that Russia might succeed, something that couldn't happen under Conservative loyal presidents like Reagan.

    And what more motive would Putin need to see Obama reelected than a tacit promise to damage our defensive capabilities after he wins reelection?

  • Rosine Ghawji

    do you see a difference between the KGB and the CIA…. Sure Putin agenda is for the good of his country.. contrary to Obama who was elected to weaken this country He was not elected by Putin ,, he was elected by the 50% of Americans who were totally blinded by a black skinny Muslim lawyer…. What is happening in this country is not the fault of any other country ,,,,, it is here inside low rating in education, first place in crime ,freedom or anarchy…… creeping Sharia….. illegal immigration you name it you have it……………… Putin does not want confrontation,he just wants to secure his own borders…. he is not going around the world trying to bring democracy to people that dont want it. Til the US change their foreign policy,and stop to be the master of the world……. other powers will not have any other choice but to be careful…..

  • Roger

    You seem to miss the simplest of things.
    The CIA was to protect freedom and liberty.
    The KGB was to enforce the enslavement behind the iron curtain.

    Remember that whole 'communist' cold war thing?

    And Putin wants Obama because with Barry in power he doesn't need confrontation.

  • tatarin

    From Russia.

    Well. Then I will tell in more detail.
    1. Iraq.
    At Saddam Hussein the standard of living of the simple people was at worthy level. There was no unemployment, education and medicine were free. There were no explosions on streets. Shiites and Sunnites lived peacefully.
    Yes, there were problems with Kurdish the population. But they are and now in Turkey…
    But Saddam wasn't pleasant to you. You thought up the fairy tale about weapons of mass destruction and incurred "democracy" to the country. Informed? Or on the road lost?
    Also that we have now? Hundred thousands the killed, the destroyed economy and infrastructure, international hostility, total unemployment, daily acts of terrorism… (You know, what at the beginning of a week terrorists blew up the car when by passed the school bus? Hundred peace people were lost, including children…)
    Beautiful "democracy"!!!
    And the guys who came back home wrapped in a Star-Spangled Banner, it is not a pity to you? I don't argue, what Saddam was the good guy, but know why it wasn't pleasant to your government? Because it had the conflict to Kuwait, and this is one of strategic suppliers of oil to America!
    And why you don't throw "democratic" bombs to Saudi Arabia? After all there dictatorship of princes and sheikhs? There are no rights of voters, there is no freedom of speech! For small theft – chop off hands or execute! Women violently marry, and in general the woman there isn't considered the person!
    They sponsor terrorism across all Middle East (including in our Caucasus)!
    The answer idle time – oil for you!!! And still they put a lot of money in your economy…

    2. Libya.
    Gaddafi too wasn't the good guy, but at it the country lived in peace! And there, the same as once in Iraq, the simple people were socially protected!!!
    But gangster formations from Benghazi wanted the power and access to "oil" money! Gaddafi simply wanted to restore an order in the country. (present that, for example, the Californian bandits will lift revolt against the American government with the requirement of its leaving and access to budgetary funds! Your president as though reacted?)
    And here your European "friends" incurred "democracy" to Libya (at you it was not simple finance and free soldiers – all in Afghanistan and Iraq…)
    Result: Gaddafi brutally, extrajudicially on was "democratically" killed, and the American and European oil giants received multi-billion contracts on oil production!
    And in the country chaos! Who was interested, how now there live in Libya simple people? Anybody!!! All forgot about them, on them all to spit!!!
    Here it is democracy???!!!

    I could report to you and about "The Arab spring", about "color" revolutions, about the destroyed by bombing Yugoslavia much…
    But if it is interesting to you – esteem the world press (instead of "Fox News" and similar turning into a zombie sources)
    And the last. Putin only expressed that it would be desirable for it to cooperate with the adequate president as the partner, instead of to clash with "hawk" as the enemy!
    Don't forget, at our countries so much nuclear weapon that it is possible to destroy a planet of 15 times is saved up!
    But after all you understand that once will suffice all of us also…
    And elections of the American president is the solution of the American people. And anybody in it doesn't disturb you…
    Excuse for bad English…

  • Roger

    Putin, is that you?

    Iraq was much like the USSR in that they didn't mind slaughtering the unloyal that needed purging. The kurds may have some in Turkey but what does that have to do with the ones born and living in Iraq? The Brits drew the current borders and this was one case that didn't make much sense.
    Saddam should have reconsidered before acts of war like the attempted assassination of Bush 41 in Kuwait.

    You really do speak for the propaganda of the Russians, don't you?

    Libya? That was the act of a dictator. Don't blame me for Obama, I voted for the American.

  • tatarin

    Dear supporter, no – I do not Putin …
    But why are the arguments that I have given you ignored?
    So the dispute is not built!
    I just wanted to say that your methods of democratization brings only harm to the countries where you bring "democracy"!
    Democracy in this form, as you imagine it – NO ONE DOES NOT NEED!
    It only brings trouble to ordinary people!
    You tell me, why do you Americans have decided that your model building society – the ideal? And we decided to impose this model bombs all over the world, which she did not like it?
    Yes, we have in Russia a lot of unsolved problems … But we do not need to give advice on dealing with them.
    Ourselves to deal!
    And about Iraq and Libya – read carefully … and still want to add Syria to the list in place of "democratic" country!
    You killed enough people in those countries where you dropped the "democratic" bomb?
    God is patient … But I think that soon there will be a limit of his patience!
    So, sit down at the ocean. Build a society that you love …
    But do not climb into other people's business!

  • Roger

    The reasons your arguments are not ignored, isn't because they're ignored but because they're dismantled.

    And democracy doesn't work in societies that refuse to accept responsibility for their own care. Even established democracies are failing for that very reason. Socialism takes personal responsibility and turns it over to the 'people', and that fails every single time. In Greece, in the USSR, even in muslim countries that turn personal responsibility to the religion that is forced on them.

    And I don't care to advise you on solving your russian problems. You won't listen and I don't like wasting my time. But the reverse is also true, while America cleans out it's own house we don't appreciate Putin supporting out worst nightmare.

    And since Russia can't build that society of love, (like Syria perhaps? Russia is propping up that little model for tyranny) why do you think you can come and lecture here?

  • Roger

    The moderators seem to be curbing my reply for some reason.
    But why do you think Democracy is our solution? It's personal responsibility.
    Socialism kills it, sharia kills it. And in either case society collapses without people assuming responsibility for themselves.

    And as long as you don't want our advise, why doesn't Putin remove himself from our politics so we can eliminate our own trash?

  • Roger

    Democracy was never our solution. It was a by product. Personal responsibility is what builds up any society. Some countries don't understand the responsibility and costs of personal freedom.

    And I'll be glad to leave Russia to solve their own problems if Putin does the same for us.

  • tatarin

    I think that with moderators there are no problems…
    Problem in other…
    Your brain isn't ready to political debates…
    Excuse, but at yours to "freedom of information" you find it only on "Fox News" and more where…
    Here tell, why activists of "Ocupy Wall Street" poison with gas and shoot at them rubber bullets?
    And you consider it normal?
    And when in Moscow provokers of the authorized meeting throw bottles into policemen, them detain, how resistance to authorities, – you consider it not democratic?
    Why double standards?

  • tatarin

    Saddam should have reconsidered before acts of war like the attempted assassination of Bush 41 in Kuwait.

    Neither who nor to whom should nothing!!!
    Why America thinks, what it is "center of the universe"?
    I will repeat. Live at itself over the ocean. Live – as want…!!! But don't touch the others!!!

  • tatarin

    To me often said that Americans stupid…
    I didn't trust it never!!!
    But now there were doubts…
    Therefore… Solve a problem which in Russia will be solved by any school student!

    We have a square with the party X.
    On all corners of a square cockroaches sit.
    On command, at the same time all cockroaches begin movement clockwise with speed of v.
    To every moment of time of any of cockroaches moves in the direction to moving before it.
    Question 1.
    Where and through what time of T cockroaches will meet?
    Question 2.
    How the trajectory of their movement is called?

    Think… Solve… Consult on friends, teachers, professors, even with the Internet…
    But if in 3 days you will not write the right answer on
    I will believe that all Yankees stupid!!!
    I hope you won't dishonor the great country!
    Excuse for my English, but I though a little it know…
    And here you don't know Russian a word.
    As well as Italian, Japanese, Spanish, German…

    Look, the guy, your "Fox News"…
    Also grow dull further…
    Sorry, if offended… I didn't want it…

    Удачи тебе, парень…

  • Roger

    Why thank you for the first honest things you've said here.

    If I had accused you of those positions I'd have looked extremist. So, I'm glad you just came out and admitted to it all.

    And we still won the cold war, that must upset you. Upset you enough to even want Obama in the White house another 4 years to punish us for our successes.

  • tatarin

    I don't want to give lecture. I simply want, that all of us cleaned fingers from the nuclear button…

  • Roger

    You already exposed your russia first mentality.

    Don't try back tracking now.