The Venezuelan Missile Crisis

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Spanish language analysts and journalists have been much more illuminating about the real threat south of our border than have been our own mainstream media. Luis A. Villamarin Pulido’s detailed study of al-Qaeda’s nuclear capabilities (Conexion Al-Qaeda: Del islamismo radical al terrorismo nuclear [Al-Qaeda connection: from radical Islam to nuclear terrorism], 2005, Madrid, not available on line) vividly recounts the development of al-Qaeda’s nuclear capacity over the past decade and explains the likelihood of a nuclear terror attack against the USA from South American Islamist terrorists.

The Miami Spanish-language newspaper El Nuevo Herald informed us in September, 2006, that Venezuela is rapidly developing its own uranium mines, hiding the mine adits beneath fake bicycle manufacturing plants.  The author of the article points out that Venezuela, the fifth largest exporter of oil in the world, has no need for enriched uranium; but Iran does.

In a later Herald article we learn that Colombia’s anti-American terrorist organization, FARC, is selling uranium to Venezuela.  With no economic or technological need for uranium, why is Chavez both expanding his country’s search for local sources, and buying additional supplies from a neighboring terrorist organization? Perhaps to pay Iran for the missiles and subterranean missile bases, and terror agents that are now in Venezuela.

In addition, Venezuelan sources (Caracas, April 18, 2006) published an unproven account of a secret agreement in April of 2006 with Venezuela, Cuba and Iran for the transfer of Iranian ground-to-ground missiles into Venezuela, having the capacity for underwater launch from submarines.  To maintain secrecy, these missiles were to be shipped to Venezuela inside of oil tankers, hidden in a manner that would avoid the prying eyes of American satellites and spy planes.  Five years later, Spanish investigative journalism confirmed the account.

By the end of 2006, it was clear that Iran’s involvement with Venezuela had created a base for conventional and nuclear terrorism that could target the entire south of the USA, from San Diego to Sarasota, with Iranian Shihab missiles engineered to carry nuclear warheads and capable of a range of up to 3000 kilometers.  Fearing an American or Israeli attack on its nuclear facilities, Iran bought itself the critical leverage of nuclear missile bases in South America to be used as a powerful deterrent to any attack against Iran by the USA or its ally.

And this strategy seems to be working.  Chavez has threatened to suspend crude oil exports to the United States if it attacks Iran, and has offered to supply Iran with F-16 fighter jets. Security cooperation extends well beyond the nuclear.  Iran has reportedly entered into more than 150 energy, development, commercial, and financial agreements with Venezuela.  It has also invested billions of dollars in joint projects including the production of an unmanned military aircraft similar to the U.S. Predator, and exploration in remote areas for additional uranium deposits. It looks very much like Venezuela is helping Iran circumvent U.N. and U.S. sanctions meant to prevent Iran from achieving WMD capabilities.

What happened to the Monroe Doctrine?

Where is a national leader with the spunk and courage of JFK during the Cuban missile crisis of 1962?

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  • davarino

    Nukem now or nukem later…….. its gonna happen : )

    I live in Texas and have seen many cars with Mexican plates with Arab drivers. WTF are we doing? We need a strong national leader who will turn this thing around NOW, not tomorrow, and with force. No more Mr Niceguy.

    They will awaken the sleeping Tiger, it just a matter of time

  • TantoSays

    Excellent job laying out so many of the connections between Iran and Venezuela. As this relationship continues to grow stronger, the threat has been pushed north from the base established in South America.

    Last year, Univision had the courage to produce a documentary about the Iranian influence in Mexico, and specifically with the drug cartels. Here is my friend's article about that film and what the alliance means to the US

    Please continue putting the information out there as people are finally beginning to take notice.

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