Winds of War?

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But the most serious challenge comes from its former ally in terror, Harakat al-Jihad al-Islami fi Filastin, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ.)  PIJ until recently was subordinated to Hamas; but the insurgency in Syria has changed things.

The leading force behind the anti-Assad demonstrations is the MB. But Bashar al-Assad and his nepotistic Alawite network in Syria are all proxies of Iran. Iran wants Hamas to support Assad and to oppose the MB in Syria. Hamas has refused. In response, Tehran has cut back on its funding for Hamas.  And probably not coincidentally, the PIJ, newest recipient of Iranian funds and weapons not previously seen in the Gaza Strip, has begun to chaff at Hamas’ rule and its terrorists have launched attacks on their own in defiance of Hamas orders. With Hamas out of favor with Iran, PIJ terrorists can show off their new clout and independence by targeting Israel with their new mobile self-propelled rocket launchers smuggled in from Libya.

Hamas’ weakened position may be the reason that it is willing to reconcile with Abbas.  And this brings us to the last front, the West Bank.

Arabs in the West Bank are getting impatient with postponed elections and the inability of Hamas and the PA to form a united political front.  Palestinian frustration towards a leadership seen as inept, out of touch and repressive is rising to dangerous levels, and some outside observers suggest that a revolt may be brewing, and not at the ballot box.

Fatah-Hamas reconciliation, polls showed, was the single most important issue for most Palestinians, outstripping even peace talks with Israel. But neither Hamas nor Fatah can agree on how to share power in an interim government or how to merge their respective security forces. Moreover, Abbas has ruled illegally for three years.  His term officially expired in January 2009.  This was the case with Arafat, who ruled unconstitutionally from 2000 when his term as president expired, until his death from AIDS in 2004.

Fearful of the precedent set by the Arab Spring, Abbas has responded to public frustration by becoming increasingly authoritarian. In the past six weeks, according to the Palestinian human rights network Al Haq, nine bloggers and journalists have been jailed. Faced with a government whose legitimacy is being steadily eroded, Palestinians are quite possibly closer to erupting against their own leadership than ever before.

But the clearest sign that things are seriously deteriorating in the PA is that suddenly after 6 post-intifada years of cooperation, the PA police force decides not to work with the IDF any more in preventing terrorism and arresting known terrorists in the West Bank. Moreover, Abbas has resurrected Arafat’s old Palestinian revolving door policy for jailed terrorists. This action is a green light for terrorists in the West Bank to resume terrorism.

When we combine this turn of events with Abbas’ threat to dissolve the PA, we can suggest that the meeting with Mesha’al and Abbas last year and on May 2, 2012, may have been planning sessions for a unified political action against Israel.  It looks like Abbas and Mesha’al are developing a special relationship very similar to the one that existed in the early 2000s between Arafat and the Hamas founder, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.  They were bitter ideological opponents, but in agreement about terrorism against Israel.

Hamas is ripe for such an arrangement since, as noted above, its position has been weakened; and a good solution would be to get together with Abbas and recreate the good-cop/bad-cop act that Arafat and Yassin perfected in the early days of the 2nd intifada, in order to side-track the growing opposition among West Bank and Gaza Strip voters who see them both as corrupt and ineffective in their war against Israel.

So each country or terrorist organization comprising the seven fronts needs desperately and quickly to burnish its anti-Israel credentials for internal political purposes. How to do this? Use the one tried-and-true sure-fire solution that has worked for 64 years – attack Israel.

Will Israeli Arabs whose sympathies lie with Hamas or Fatah or Hezbollah sit idly by, with folded hands, as their brethren begin on seven fronts at once what they hope will be the last great final jihad?  That’s a rhetorical question.

So Israel has raised the level of terror alerts in the West Bank, mobilized its reserve battalions, and expanded its nuclear submarine fleet; because we all may be looking into the barrel of the next great Middle East war, which may, God forbid, turn out to be a nuclear war, thanks in part to the dithering of America’s President.

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  • truebearing

    If all Obama was doing was dithering it would be bad enough, but his dithering is strategic and enabling to the enemies of both Israel and America.

    Watching the Muslim factions in the Middle east is like watching Mafia kingpins fight over power. It is always the most ruthless and evil one that wins. Islam seems based upon that dynamic.

    • StephenD

      My theory is the Sicilian Mafia was an offshoot of Islam in the first place. Think about it, You are either one of them or you pay protection money, or …you die. In Islam you are either one of them (or convert) or you pay the Jiza (protection money) or…you die. Remember, Sicily was occupied by the Muslims long berfore the Mafia" ever started….

      • Larry

        You've got that right, that's exactly where the Mafia got it's working model from.

        • dina

          my ex-laws who are sicilian claim arab blood, jewish also. they look very mediteranian,

      • truebearing

        Good point. It seems all evil groups, from street gangs to Islam, operate according to that "blood in, blood out" rule. Evil never changes.


    Threaten Mecca with nuclear retaliation.

    Let the good Muslims control the bad Muslims – or suffer terrible Nakba consequences.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Please define what constitutes good Muslims as opposed to bad Muslims and where it is those so-called alleged good Muslims exist. In fact, that was the strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that is also one of the reasons that both fantasy based nation-building missions in Iraq and Afghanistan inevitably turned into the two greatest strategic blunders ever in American history.

      • johnnywoods

        There is no real difference between them.

        • ObamaYoMoma

          A good Muslim is a Muslim that strictly adheres to the texts and tenets of Islam, i.e., the will of Allah, which is Sharia. In other words, a good Muslim is a jihadist, whether of the violent variety, but more likely of the covert and deceptive non-violent variety.

  • oldtimer

    End time signs, Luke 20:10…..(20) And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    Israel has fought different wars with succes.One of those conflicts was a encounter of the first
    kind,they nearly lost,due to Ariel Sharon who crossed the zues canal into Egypt and treathened
    to take Cairo,they won. The next,and maybe,final conflict between Israel and the surrounding Arab
    Facists countrys will be decided with nuclear weapons and there will be no winner this time.
    The only solution would be if countrys like America and the European Union will stand firm behind
    Israel.All acts of war against Israel will be a declaration of war with the Western countrys an the U.S.A.
    But that will never happen because in the whole history of the Jewish state ,starting some 5000 years
    back,they had and have to depend on their own strenght to twart the enemy.
    No I think Israel stands alone every one else will look the other way just like in the last world war.
    I just finished reading the book of Arthur D Morse " while six million died " wich explaines, in detail the
    ignorance and looking the other way. Barack Hussein Obama is doing now what T.Roosevelt did in his
    second term as president of the United states.

    • Choi

      It was DEMOCRAT Franklin D. Roosevelt who DID NOTHING to help the European Jews and who REFUSED to save even one boatload of Jews fleeing Hitler,The "St. Louis",aka,"The Voyage of the Damned".

      • Raymond in DC

        My father was living in Havana when the St. Louis tried to dock. Coming to America just a few years later, he was one Jew who never forgave Roosevelt for seeing that they found no refuge.

  • Schlomotion

    This article is nothing more than a wish list. The weaknesses of all those other terrible countries are matched by the inner dissension and paranoia of Israel. Israel also has the terrorists and drug dealers. Mr. Meir-Levy is just chickenhawking from a sidecar in American academia, fantasizing about doing Krav Maga with a bunch of imagined enemies. The big tell is this: a purported analyst always puts a question mark at the end of the title of his analysis if he knows he's full of it.

    • ziontruth

      "It is not in Germany's interests to start a second Great War." — 1930s Schlomotions.

    • Touchstone

      It's a distortion of reality to call it warmongering when the author is simply pointing out looming threats. It's perfectly logical that a very small country, surrounded on all sides by implacable enemies, would be perpetually concerned about the numerous and serious challenges to its security. Even more logical when one remembers that it's a country of people whose history is replete with massacres. And let's not forget the growing global hatred of Jews and Israel, fueled in part by the ever-worsening global economic malaise. Put simply, there's every reason for Israel to be preoccupied with defensive measures, not aggression.

      The belief that Israel is a warmonger ever eager to pick a fight runs so deep, the believer abandons logic and common sense. Jews tend to worry about the intertwined fates of world Jewry and Israel in a hostile world; it's that worry (not bloodlust) which gives rise to threat assessments like the one you're misrepresenting.

      • Schlomotion

        I am sure I would feel similarly to you if I actually lived in Israel. I can understand how Israelis, who have no intention of vacating their re-won ancestral lands want to identify and preemptively thwart their enemies. What I am reading here though is hack political analysis by an insurance broker from California, enumerating a lot of the same flaws that Israel has. This doesn't really fit in with the noble conception of Israel-building that I read in Herzl. I did not travel to Israel, or teach in Guatemala, but I have lived in the United States. I know that we don't really get to/have to read the IRA American Irish plans for defending themselves from England, Scotland and Wales. We don't get to/have to read the Sudanese American rundowns on the inherent weakness of Ethiopia, Eritrea, and South Sudan. It is suspicious to me that Mr. Meir-Levi who chooses to reside and self-munerate in the US fantasizes about a 9 prong attack on Israel, ignoring the legacy of Golda Meir and Yitzhak Rabin, and completely ruling out a creative and peaceful strategy to engage any of the nine. He has all but left out adding America to the fray as the Tenth Enemy. Where is the beneficial withdrawal of the Jewish Diaspora into Israel that was promised in Der Judenstaat? Where is the independence and self-sufficiency advocated by Meyrav Wurmser? This analysis reads like a bad Menahem Golan script.

        • Ghostwriter

          And your analysis reads like more of your anti-Jewish bile,Schlockbrain. Everyone on this site knows you hate Jews so knock it off!!!

        • Touchstone

          "completely ruling out a creative and peaceful strategy to engage any of the nine"

          Would it be creative to come up with a peaceful strategy to deal with fanatical enemies seething with violent hatred, or would it be suicidally pollyannish? Godwin's Law notwithstanding, the Nazis wouldn't have been deterred by peaceful means, and neither will equally genocidal fanatics of the jihadist variety. Khamenei, Nasrallah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda, members of the Muslim Brotherhood and others in the region can't be relied upon to tolerate Israel's existence indefinitely.

          "He has all but left out adding America to the fray as the Tenth Enemy."

          It may seem like a long list, but there ARE other potential fronts. America wouldn't be one of them, but Turkey might. Who knows who might enter the fray should Israel ever stand conspicuously alone against a massive coalition of forces. Sharks proliferate fast in a feeding frenzy.

          • Schlomotion

            To take stock, Israel really has a beef with about 23 countries, basically all of North Africa, the entire Levant, Turkey, Iraq, Iran. It's really rather ridiculous. And then, they are always complaining about the US, France, Germany, and Norway, and also Muslims in the diaspora of Holland and the UK. Now they are even firebombing Sudanese and Eritrean immigrant refugees. Owing to their ideology and desire to build a retro kingdom, and also because they do things like bulldozing six family dairies, they have to/want to build a fortified citadel like it's the year 515 BC. It would be pollyannish to expect peace from one or two enemies, but when you have infuriated an entire hemisphere, it's just plain practical to ratchet down the rhetoric. It is absolutely not implausible that Israel could do two or three quick and easy things to pacify the Gazans and the West Bank Palestinians. For the money they spend on war they could build everybody a fancy apartment house and a swimming pool. The Gazans said it themselves: the Egyptians don't care about them. That's what I call an opportunity for friendship.

          • Touchstone

            "It's really rather ridiculous."

            I agree. The pervasiveness of antisemitism is ridiculous indeed. And it's more than 23 countries; it's probably over a hundred, if one were to consider voting patterns at the UN, the number of Muslim-majority nations in the world, and the number of nations in the developed world whose press (like the BBC) is manipulated by Islamic oil potentates.

            The kneejerk assumption in your post is that Israel is entirely to blame for the "ridiculous" number of enemies it has. You don't consider that a pandemic of antisemitic and anti-Israel propaganda has reached multi-hemispheric proportions for reasons that have little or nothing to do with Israel's policies or actions, but with many other factors including religious fanaticism and intolerance, ancient bigotries and stereotypes, medieval-era ignorance, relentless brainwashing by the state and the clergy, severe economic malaise, a deliberate policy of Arab and Muslim regimes to incite hatred against Jews and Israel by distorting reality in the world's media, and so on.

            Your reflexive position is that, if Israel has enemies, it must be Israel's fault.

            "you have infuriated an entire hemisphere"

            Apparently we did the same thing to an entire continent a few decades ago, simply by existing. Apologists for the extermination made similar arguments to yours: "The Jews" had it coming for causing the Depression or losing WW1 for Germany. Apologists for the Inquisition thought Jews had it coming for killing Christ. Apologists for Jewish pogroms during the Bubonic Plague thought Jews had it coming for poisoning the wells (even though Jews were dying from plague too, strangely enough). There's always an irrational "argument" to be made to justify kneejerk bigotry and its murderous consequences.

            This outrageously evil, utterly unjustifiable scapegoating been going on for centuries. Why should Jews confess guilt to our malicious Inquisitors, who seek acquiescence and control rather than righteousness and justice?

            "That's what I call an opportunity for friendship."

            Is there nothing else you can see in this picture? Only the alleged fact that Egyptians don't care about the Gazans? That alone means a friendship can or should be pursued? Should Jews simply forget that the Gazans voted for Hamas and approve of terrorism? And should Israelis alone pursue peace? Israel alone has to make nice? Is it not incumbent on the Gazans to first reject religious fanaticism and terrorism and stop inciting hatred against their neighbors? Yes, it would be great if the Gazans and the Israelis got along. I never want to see a repeat of the violence that broke out a few years ago, and I hope one day there's no need for a blockade. But shouldn't the Gazans first get rid of Hamas and renounce their goal of destroying Israel? How can Israel befriend people who hate them and want them obliterated?

            If you're going to suggest that a certain policy be pursued, it has to meet the test of reality. Otherwise it's just academic fantasizing.

          • Schlomotion

            In order of importance: Yes. I think Israel should not only forget that Gazans voted for Hamas, Israel should accept Hamas and others as the legitimate government of Palestine instead of its current crazy twofold policy of trying to splinter any Palestinian government and getting Palestine to give up any pretext of self determination as a prerequisite for peace. I think Israel should back off and let Palestine elect a rubber duck if they want to. I am American and Yankee Doodle makes perfect sense to me. If I stick a feather in my cap and call it macaroni, England has to back off or die. I respect that attitude in Palestinians and in Israelis where either of them exhibit it.

            I am wholly against the war on terrorism. I am so fed up with the war on terrorism that I am willing to fight tooth and nail to destroy not only terrorists but people who fight terrorism, the whole sideshow of terrorism, the whole security against terrorism. This insurance scam has gone on long enough. It is such garbage compared to the Cold War, to the threat of nuclear armageddon from the Soviets. Terrorism and the fear of terrorism has gotten everybody's panties in a bunch. I am ready to be done with it if we have to fight a Civil War here in the States to get rid of the few terrorists and also the many anti-terrorists. They are now in the way of all of our freedoms and our whole economy.

            I agree that "religious fanaticism and intolerance, ancient bigotries and stereotypes, medieval-era ignorance, relentless brainwashing by the state and the clergy" contributes greatly to antisemitism. But I also observe that Israeli nationalists are well aware of this and use this to diminish their actions as they exploit this fact to the maximum. I would like to see both of these things stopped.

            It is a fact that banker corruption tanked out the US economy. It is a fact that Jews were disproportionately represented in those top corrupt people. I am aware of the history of how Jews were driven into finance and the unfairness of that history. But to say that Jews were disproportionally represented in the worst expropriation and redistribution of American wealth since the Great Depression is simply a fact. It is a fact that African Americans are disproportionately represented in the top tier of crack dealers. It is a fact that Irish-Italians are disproportionately represented in the top tier of all cases of police brutality. We have to be able to say these things despite how unfortunate the racial or ethnic histories are of each group. It can't just be a black spot we are not allowed to discuss.

            I think if we want peace, we wage peace. If we want safety, we train for self defense. I think Israel could wage a good peace in their region if they wanted it rather than trying to be a 200 year slow bullet of retro-biblical proportions.

          • Touchstone

            "Israel should accept Hamas and others as the legitimate government of Palestine"

            But Israel DOES accept it. It accepts it by pursuing defensive policies like the blockade. It accepts it by responding in a logical manner to a threat, which is what Hamas is and what it was created to be and what it was elected to be. Hamas may be "legitimate" in the sense of being fairly elected and therefore a true expression of the will of the people who voted for them, but that electoral legitimacy does NOT confer one iota of respectability. This so-called "legitimate government" wants to annihilate its neighbor's people and claim its land. It follows that this neighbor will respond with self-protective measures. You're criticizing those measures without examining the NATURE of the "legitimate government" which you automatically accept for the mere fact that it was elected. What of the people who voted for a party that openly advocated war with its neighbor? Is that a "legitimate" aspiration to which every Israeli should show deference even though it means his head on a platter next to a felafel?

            If Canadians elected a government that pursued war with America and launched missiles at your house, would you be "waging peace" with them? Would you want your hands tied in dealing with them? Would you want your options limited? Would you want to suffer the mean-spirited scrutiny of the entire self-righteous know-it-all world? Or would you say something like Canada "has to back off or die"?

            Compare today's Germany to Gaza. Neo-Nazi parties would not be allowed to compete for votes. A party with a hateful, violent, Jew-baiting platform would not be permitted to participate in a German election. The result is not only a "legitimate" government, but a respectable government that doesn't threaten and provoke anyone. If only the same were true in Gaza. If only they would elect not just a legitimate government, but one that would actually give peace a decent chance. The very nature of Hamas precludes any possibility of peace. Only truces are possible with Hamas is charge, not genuine lasting peace, regardless of what any "nationalistic" Israelis say or do.

          • Schlomotion

            Based on what I read and what I see on the news, Israel's ultimate goal is also to annihilate its neighbor's people and claim its land, which it calls Judea, Samaria, and ultimately Eretz Israel, e.g. The Land of Israel, or biblical Israel, terminology which really corresponds to Greater Serbia, or Ostmark. Having grown up through the Cold War, and watching the USSR do "defense" by invading the Eastern Bloc and then claiming a need to do "defense" from there against Europe, I could see before long that they would be defending Communist France from Imperialist Spain. It looks to me like Israel is staffed with the same kind of strategists. When I see Israel nullifying Palestinian statehood and elections, it reminds me of Mark Potok nullifying American "nativism" and a neocon press nullifying American electoral results. I regard the action with equal suspicion as just transnational lobbying.

            Regarding Canada, I went there a few months ago and found it very difficult to leave and come back as the US is belligerent and suspicious of all entrants and also of any American who takes a day trip beyond our intellectual Berlin Wall of supposed bestness. The US already treats Canada like they want to launch missiles at us. The US treats Americans like criminal drug dealing terrorists if they dare to pass from Derby Line into Stanstead or if they travel outside of their prescribed region code without having a pre-approved set of people they know in Canada. The US requires a passport for Americans to reenter their own country and are generally jack-offs about it. So my view on that is that it is very much Israel's fault that we live like that now. It is because the Terrorist Industry or the Homeland Security Industry has surpassed the Holocaust Industry in lucrativeness. At some point it is more likely that Americans will have to tell other Americans to back off or die, and not Canadians, because it is Americans who are groping the children of other Americans in airports and demanding that people show their papers to travel on trains and highways. It frustrates me to the point that I believe the US should be Israelized no further. We have already now a paramilitarized police force and biometrics and other accoutrements of digitized apartheid and it is despicable and alien to me.

            Per your question about Germany, I am not a neo-Nazi in any way shape or form, but I do believe they should be allowed to compete for votes. I believe in a free and open voting system, and I disagree generally with how Germany and England are run as censorious and/or surveillance states.

          • Touchstone

            "I think Israel should back off and let Palestine elect a rubber duck if they want to."

            That would be an improvement over their current leadership. But if the duck agitated for war, we're back to the same problem we have with Hamas: electoral legitimacy is meaningless if the policies are reprehensible. Since when is the mere act of voting so sacrosanct? What about the nature of the people being voted in? What if they're tyrants? What if the voters use them as an instrument of their own bloodlust? Hitler got lots of votes, too. By your standard, he was "legitimate". Big deal. Was legitimacy ever any less worthy of respect?

            "It is a fact that banker corruption tanked out the US economy. It is a fact that Jews were disproportionately represented in those top corrupt people."

            What percentage of American Jews are comprised by those Jewish bankers? It's very small. There are WAY more Jewish victims of bankers than actual bankers. In any case, it was a general policy of deregulation that led to much of the mayhem. It occurred under Clinton and particularly under Bush, neither of whom are Jewish. As for the economy being "tanked out", it was Obama who added even more trillions to the debt AFTER the banker-related damage had been done. There are numerous Jewish voices who have argued AGAINST his continued adding to the debt. And what of all the millions of non-Jews across the country who live on credit? Pervasive societal trends are NOT the doing of a handful of Jewish bankers. If millions of people insist on living way beyond their means, they can't blame some guy on Wall Street when the bill comes due. Blaming Jews is convenient, but it's a deflection from the truth, a way to outsource one's personal responsibility, and a shameful practice with ancient and bloody roots.

            Alas, if people have it in their heads that "The Jews" caused an economic disaster, pointing out all the non-Jews who contributed to it probably won't alleviate all the anti-Jewish demonizing, but Jews ought to fight this dangerous scapegoating all the same.

            "It can't just be a black spot we are not allowed to discuss."

            Maybe we should ask why it's so important to discuss the ethnic backgrounds of bankers and engage in divisive ethnic stereotyping than it is to simply punish whatever individuals are guilty of wrongdoing and not indict an entire race. Or we could talk about all the fields other than banking in which Jews are over-represented and are in fact doing more good than harm. But that would be less newsworthy.

          • Schlomotion

            We are able to speak of the Tweed Machine and not be accused of being anti-Irish when we still mean, as Thomas Nast meant, that a Tweed Irishman is the same weight on a political scale as a Sharecropper Negro. We are talking about ignorant, tribalist creeps and mafias. If the top ten banker scoundrels in the United States economic collapse were all Chinese, people would have no problem pointing out that they were all Chinese and looking to see if they had connections to Jiang Zemin. It is as natural to point out economic terrorist connections as it is to point out physical terrorist connections. There is a taboo against pointing out Jewish swindlers because historically it has been an unfair canard to call Jews swindlers. What better time to be a swindler then when there is a taboo against saying so?

            That doesn't mean that to catch someone in the act is an indictment of all Jews and it is spurious to put fears of wholesale Jewish genocide against criticism of disproportionate numbers of Jews in the ranks of Federal financial crime. I agree that we should just simply disable the means to the crime and not disable the people themselves. It remains true that too many people "fractionally reserve borrow." It remains true that Democrats and Republicans have equally sold out to Plutocrats. But Larry Summers is still a Zionist scumbag (as opposed to say, an Israeli patriot) who helped enable our economic collapse with a preponderance of Jewish cronies, and this did come on the heels of the Neocons gutting our country politically. It's all true. I don't think racial hatred or ethnic hatred is justified by any of it, but we have to be allowed to catch people being themselves and call them their right names, especially if they perpetrated one of the greatest redistributions of wealth in recent history.

          • Touchstone

            "Israel's ultimate goal is also to annihilate its neighbor's people and claim its land"

            No, that's going too far. Such things have been written into the Hamas charter and are discussed openly among Arabs and Muslims, but there's no counterpart in Israel except at the extreme fringes of society. If such objectives had been mainstream all along, Israel could have achieved them long ago. They not only didn't want any annihilation of Arabs, they built a country with a 20% Arab minority. I truly think the evidence abounds that it's the Arabs and Muslims who seek the destruction of Jewry and Israel, not the other way around. There's no equivalency to be made when the annihilationists are numerous and in the mainstream on one side, and few and at the extreme fringe on the other.

            As for Canada, the reason I mentioned it was simply to bring the conflict closer to home, even if only in an abstract sense. I could have mentioned Mexico or perhaps some other country. The point was simply to illustrate that it's easy to criticize Israel for excesses until one makes it personal, imagining the rockets are aimed at one's own head.

            As for allowing Nazis to compete for votes, such a thing would pave the way for a tyranny of the majority. One doesn't allow the uncivilized, who openly threaten minorities with annihilation, to seek power over a civilization. Or would you place no limits at all on who can compete for votes? Do you want a republic with laws that protect the safety of all citizens, or a free-for-all democracy which would allow, potentially, a Hitler-like tyrant to seek total power? There must be checks and balances in place to prevent such things. Elections have consequences; the fates of millions hang in the balance.

            "There is a taboo against pointing out Jewish swindlers…"

            Not as much as you think. Bernie Madoff got plenty of coverage, more than any other swindler I've ever seen. Jews everywhere felt ashamed that such a monster was a member of the tribe. (By the way, Baruch Goldstein got plenty of coverage too). The taboo has more to do with generalizing about evil-doers being Jewish, because it's a very short step from discussing the Jewishness of the criminal du jour to demonizing the whole tribe. In any case, there are many non-Jews who stand accused of wrongdoing too, like Paulson and Dodd.

          • Schlomotion

            I think the entire relationship between Israel and Palestine could be swapped out for the plot of "Flowers in the Attic" and make the exact same sense. Hamas and Fatah can be Chris and Cathy. Netanyahu can be Corrine. America is Bartholomew Winslow. I truly hope this is not also happening off of our immediate border as well.

            I don't believe in a free-for-all democracy, but I also don't believe in censorship and restricted elections. I don't think there is a slippery slope to Nazism anymore, as the same conditions do not exist. Jews are not poised between or caught between major European powers anymore. Do you think they are? Do you think that Jews were once in the way of a German empire and now they are in the way of an Islamic empire? If so, is it by accident or by choice?

          • Touchstone

            As a minority, Jews are always vulnerable to the predations of large powers. So are other minorities, but historically Jews have been the scapegoat of choice.

            There's always a slippery slope to SOME sort of mass violence. That will remain true as long as human nature remains the same. Nothing's changed in thousands of years in that regard. You say the "conditions do not exist" for Nazism, and that might be true of many countries, but surely conditions do exist that could easily and rapidly put Jews in serious jeopardy. Consider what a Middle Eastern war would do to the price of oil, the subsequent economic meltdown, combined with the pervasiveness of attitudes like yours (re: "Jewish bankers" caused the crisis; Larry Summers and his Zionist "cronies" are to blame; etc). A perfect storm is certainly brewing. Nobody could have predicted Nazism specifically, because nobody could have predicted Hitler. Similarly, one can't predict where all this hatred and scapegoating will lead, but one can't deny that conditions for a severe anti-Jewish backlash of some kind do exist.

            Once a rioting mob mentality takes hold, who knows what kind of destruction will ensue. It doesn't have to be a carbon copy of Nazism to be of concern.

            And why shouldn't Jews and other non-Muslims stand in the way of an Islamic empire? Would you want to capitulate to such a thing? Why in the world should such a retrograde force be allowed to proceed unimpeded in the modern world?

          • Schlomotion

            Are Muslims more culturally retrograde than Jews?

            I have been doing some more reading about instances of Jewish Sharia.
            Here is a Hasidic Jewish Sharia sign in NY warning women in angry, jagged, red letters not to wear tank tops:


            Here is a poor Jewish man in NJ who was lit on fire by fellow Jews for daring to change synagogues:


            Here are Israelis swearing at, threatening, and beating fellow Israelis for reading a book in public:


            Here is a Chabad Lubavitcher sign threatening women with death if they wear short skirts:


            Here is a woman who was shunned for leaving Hasidism:


            Here are young punks called Modesty Guards threatening a woman for wearing pants:


            Here is Alan Dershowitz being escorted from a building after calling someone a "moser" e.g. a snitch on the Jewish community:


            Here is a Rabbi trying to use "Stop Snitchin," against pederasty:


            When are going to stop pretending that Jews are endangered, and when are we going to stop exaggerating their differences from Muslims?

          • Touchstone

            Yes, there are some extremists among Jews. But if I wanted to, I could compile a list of links in the THOUSANDS which would alert you to the depravities and atrocities and barbarities of the MULTITUDES of medieval jihadists across the globe. As usual, any comparison between the fanatics among the 13 million Jews of the world and those among the 1.5 BILLION Muslims is ludicrous. One has to blind oneself to the endless bad behavior of an ocean of Muslims in order to single out that of a relative droplet of Jews. It's no wonder that people who do so are suspected of a monomaniacal anti-Jewish agenda utterly out of touch with the times and the world they live in. It's like being worried you'll be struck by a kid on a tricycle when there's a speeding locomotive about to crush you.

            As for "pretending that Jews are endangered", when 2 or 3 bombs could kill HALF of world Jewry (and there's no shortage of genocidal enemies), it's hardly an idle fantasy. The other half could become targets of violent reprisals in the event of a serious Middle Eastern war, particularly if a Muslim nation suffers mass casualties, or if the war brings about a spike in the oil price triggering global economic collapse. You know better than anyone that "the Jews" will be blamed should that come to pass, because you yourself have been making the case daily that Jews are responsible for a host of ills ranging from Wall Street corruption to AIPAC's excessive influence to harrassment at the airport.

            Increasingly, Jews are demonized and targeted at university campuses. And then there's the internet: I see Jews being baited all day long every day by people like yourself who come to sites like this to provoke Jews with glib inflammatory comments like "an antisemite is someone Jews don't like" and "Jewish bankers are to blame" and so on. Every single day, countless thousands of such comments are posted all over the internet, making Jews feel outnumbered, hated and threatened. And that doesn't even include all the comments that are too hateful, obscene and violent to publish. The hate may be restricted to the internet for now, but it's a clear sign that MILLIONS of people are full of rage and have no compunction about directing it at Jews. For now it's easier and safer to express this hate online and anonymously than it is to do so in public with accountability. Plus, year after year, Jews continue to be the biggest target of hate crimes. I've never known of any other group even coming close.

            It's a very, very short step between being relentlessly blamed, obsessively hated and vastly outnumbered to being targeted by the mob. The explosives are ready; all that's needed is something to light the fuse, such as a breakdown of law and order. That could come about easily if, as mentioned, economies crash and people get desperate, or if Israel is blamed for a mass casualty event. Tensions already did erupt across the world during the recent wars in Lebanon and Gaza. All hell will break loose if the casualty figures truly soar.

          • Schlomotion

            Aren't Muslims entitled to have more lunatics than Jews are? If there are 13 million Jews and 1.5 billion Muslims, and since lunacy occurs per capita, Muslims are allowed to have 115 lunatics while Jews are only allowed to have one? The solution is clear. Jews need to have more sex and not the kind advertised 24/7 on the gay Jewish mall that is television that only results in more shopping bags filled with expensive shoes.

            Are you a college professor? You seem to take it personally that Jews are outnumbered and that Jewish college professors are outnumbered but non-Jewish ones. Really, the whole thing seems like overactive worry.

          • Ghostwriter

            Again with the Jewish bankers? That's one of the oldest stereotypes in the book. What other anti-semitic stereotypes are you going to dream up next,Schlockbrain?

          • Schlomotion

            I'm sorry. I didn't realize there was no such thing as Jewish bankers. They must be like West Bankers. They don't exist, right?

          • mcwrath

            And after the Israelis went appeasing the westbankers and the gazans with new apartments and swimming pools they would still face the hatred of islamic ideology….It is writ into their text to kill is thaught in their madrassas to young children to idolise the concept of becoming a sucide bomber. Isreal would be broke and the army sent south… old chinese saying 'never send your army south…and seemingly implacable enemies all about. And what about that old saying 'if you want peace, prepare for war' It would be extremely stupid of Israel not to prepare for war at this current restless time. And talk about who should tone down the rhetoric, is'nt that really comming from all those islamist states and organisations around them.who so loudly call for israels annihilation.But I suppose you do not hold them to the same standards which is not only a reflection of double standards so common amoung the leftist/islamofascist apologists that it betrays any real inclination to an objectivite lasting peace…other than the one that exists in islamic ideology.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Almost-nuclear Iran; Hezbollah; the Sinai, with its entrenched al-Qaeda bases and other terror groups; Egypt, if the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has its way; Syria; and the two internal fronts of Hamas and the PA if they can get their acts together, comprise seven of the nine fronts.

    The theme as presented by the lamestream media is always the same and absolutely erroneous: it's the Islamic extremists, i.e., AQ, so-called terror groups, the Muslim Brotherhood, the ruling Mullahs of Iran, Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum, and everything else other than what it really is, which is mainstream orthodox Islam, and never mind the fact that in order for the Muslim Brotherhood to pander to the average everyday Egyptian it must take a very hostile stance against Israel.

    Nevertheless, these potential events the writer mentions if they come to fruition like the 9/11 violent jihad attack will not be isolated acts of random terrorism motivated by various political causes and issues. Instead, all of it will be a very coordinated and a very strategic war (jihad), and that's because it is all part of the ongoing global jihad that the Islamic world has been waging perpetually against the non-Islamic world for the past almost 1400 years in order to eventually make Islam supreme.

    Indeed, the so-called 9/11 terrorist attacks were not random acts of violence motivated by various political causes, i.e., terrorism. Instead, they were very calculated and very strategic attacks and they were part of Islam's ongoing war (jihad) against the non-Islamic world that has been waged perpetually virtually non-stop for almost the past 1400 years, and moreover they should be recognized and seen for what they really are.

    Hence, the 9/11 perpetrators were not terrorists per se, instead they were violent and non-violent soldiers of Allah, i.e., jihadists, exactly like AQ, so-called terror groups, the Muslim Brotherhood, the ruling Mullah's of Iran, Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, etc., etc., etc. Muslims only fight war (jihad) per the dictates of Sharia (the will of Allah) as opposed to manmade international laws and conventions that forbid the targeting of non-combatants. As the dictates of Sharia dictate total warfare only. Thus, just because Muslims target both non-Muslim civilian non-combatants and non-Muslim combatants, doesn't mean their acts of violence constitutes terrorism. Instead, what it means is that the Islamic world employs only total warfare per the dictates of Sharia.

    Indeed, we are not at war with Islamic extremists, i.e., so-called Islamists that are radical Muslims. Instead, we are at war with mainstream orthodox Islam and mainstream orthodox Muslims that are waging both violent and non-violent jihad, but astronomically far more covert and deceptive non-violent jihad relative to violent jihad against the non-Islamic world. As mass Muslim immigration to the West is really covert and deceptive non-violent jihad for the purpose of mass Muslim infiltration and stealth demographic conquest. In other words, mainstream orthodox Islam as opposed to so-called Islamic extremists is really the heart of the problem.

    Indeed, in 732 AD Islam was stopped at the Battle of Tours from conquering Europe. Then again in 1671 at the Battle of Lepanto and also in 1683 at the Gates of Vienna, Islam was stopped one more time from conquering Europe. If Islam suspended its perpetual jihad of conquest against the non-Islamic world it has been waging perpetually since the day Muhammad abandoned religion in favor of politics and conquest shortly after the Hijra in 622 CE, someone please point to exactly when that very historical suspension occurred. The truth is it never has.

    Hence, our enemy is not so-called terrorism. Instead, our enemy is mainstream orthodox Islam and the mainstream orthodox Islamic world, as the fundamental mission, main goal, and sole purpose of Islam is the subjugation of the non-Islamic world into a very draconian form of Islamic totalitarianism via the imposition of Sharia to make Islam supreme.

    The mullahs desperately need a distraction for their unhappy voters.

    Uhm…fail. Iran is not a democracy, as all elections in Iran are fixed. Not to mention that the Grand Ayatollah Khamenei is the Supreme Leader of Iran, as he wields absolute power. Indeed, Ahmadinejad can't scratch his own ass without first making sure it is allowed by the Supreme Leader of Iran.

    Indeed, this writer is all about promoting the falsehood that all problems in the Islamic world stem from Islamic extremism as opposed to mainstream orthodox Islam. In other words, this writer is all about promoting false propaganda.

  • Marty

    It's important for Israel to viably threaten the genocidal sociopaths in tehran directly and personally. They must understand that they and their power structure will not survive a confrontation and will be among the very first casualties if there is a war. They will not even live long enough to be able to gloat that they've murdered Jewish civilians. The theocracy in iran must be ended anyway. Countries that care about the future of western civilization and democracy must facilitate the disintegration of the country. iran is a fictitious state that has no historical reason to exist. It must implode into a variety of statelets to insure that no dysfunctional central regime threatens world peace and stability. The same could easily be said about turkey, syria, and iraq.

    • neils60

      Marty, The problem is that the genocidal sociopaths in Tehran truly don't care their citizenry, as partially evidenced by using their children as mine clearers (exploding themselves on the mine field during the Iraq-Iran war to clear Iraqi mines.) There were thousands of their kids that the mullahs sent to the battlefield to clear those mines, and not one voice of opposition to this deliberate slaughter of their own people. One other item of note, the little Hitler of Iran has stated, he's willing to "sacrifice half the population of Iran in order to eliminate the Zionist entity." The long and short of it, Iran appears willing to go to war, and the regime couldn't care less about its possible casualties. Thus, a possible threat to Iran by Israel, or any country, appears to be meaningless.

      • alex

        As a former Soviet State slave, I know very well the psychology of totalitarian/ muslim thugs: we will sacrifice any number of our own citizens and youth; we will do what ever it takes to protect our own families and our hold to the privileges!!!

        That shall be one of the military and PsyOp main goals as a deterrent – we will get your families, your children and grand-children, your mothers and fathers. There will be nothing to hold to if you dare to attack!

        PAIN is the only language these sub-humans understand.

    • Jimi Belton

      Marty, i would like to add to your comment, …Israel should speak very clearly this message to Tehran, and at the same time put the Saud`s on firm notice that their hellish empire will be history, and yes Mecca will be a dust bowl, the very minute that israel is attacked….The only way to make believers out of this Howling masses from hell is to hurt them….i mean hurt them so da@m bad, that they will never get over it…If anyone can get to Bibi`s advisers, tell him that the True Christians of the USA is fully behind him and Israel…0zamb0 is not a Christian…And so many that name the name of Christ is not Christian…I really believe if Israel will destroy a couple of these mad dog groups, and i mean destroy them so bad that the Arab world will shudder, in fear…

  • WilliamJamesWard

    What is Obama thinking, for one thing a war in the Middle East will not favor his reelection unless he
    betrays his Islamist supporters. His reelection would be a disaster for Israel and Jews world wide.
    Obama is not dithering he is helping the Jihad and trying not to be to transparent but this is not
    working out for him, many and American Jew is become aware of where his loyalties lie and it is
    not with America nor Israel. I have no doubt he is thinking of just how he can undermine Israeli
    defense and bolster the potential attackers surrounding Israel, possibly with intelligene information
    that would expose Israeli defense strategies and capabilities. Israel must keep it's eyes on Russia
    as Putin is in need of Islamist support hoping to expand his empire. China could see a way to
    move in and take the Middle East Oil to insure it's rapid expansion knowing Obama would not
    stop or hinder them. Many a can of worms to figure out but with the right on Israel's side and
    power from above the attackers will be lost…………………………………..William

    • Raymond in DC

      His reelection will be a disaster not just for Israel and Jews world-wide, but for ordinary citizens of this great country. Between his czars, his "executive authority" and his regulatory regime, we will experience an imperial presidency, the likes of which we've never seen. Even if the GOP gains a majority in the Senate and retains it in the House, there's no guarantee they'll be able to stop him as he can veto any attempt to roll back his authority. We can't rely on the courts either.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Hopefully there will be a majority of Republicans and Independents elected to overide
        any veto by Obama but the great thrust is to remove this abomination from Office.

        • johnnywoods

          William, I hope you are correct. I am amazed that the members of Congress have just sat there and let this "clown" in the White House usurp so much of their authority and seem not to care. You would think that even liberal Democraps would take exception to his overreaching policies at some point. BTW my apologies to clowns everywhere.

    • JoJoJams

      Interesting. Are you aware that there is a certain "book" that states what you just stated? Eg: Russia and some Islamists from certain nations (Gog and Magog) attacking Israel, not to mention a nation with a "hundred million man" army invading the middle-east, which will vex a certain "anti-christ". Yes – the pieces of this interesting little puzzle of life on this planet are falling neatly in to place…. So, whether you realize it or not, you summed up exactly the prophecies of an ancient book, regarding what will happen in "the end times". selah.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Ezekiel……..also third Chapter of Joel………………………William

  • Jimi Belton

    I so often make the mistake of looking at the worlds problems from a human view…but the real forces is from Above, and Israel has that to its account, and i truely believe this is the final war of wars that will bring the Messiah back…And Israel will see Him in whom they pierced, and will mourn for Him as for an only Son….I speak of Jesus Christ…he will be coming back as the Lord of lords and King of kings….dear jewish friends please do not allow your heart to be hardened to this word, as the apostle Paul once said he could wish himself acursed from G-d for his brethern sakes, the Jew….I know that feeling, how i will rejoice with the heavenly host when i see Israel turning back to their Messiah, Jesus…Jewish people please do not rage against this…..Thank you for this great web site….and please know that i write this in love…Jimi

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Jimi there is a bias here concerning Jesus and Christianity. I agree with you but there are only
      a few Christians that post on this site, while some are tolerant and understand your World view
      and belief is different and your opinion is validly yours, some are bigoted, keep on keeing on.
      My heart is pro-Israel and I support Israel as best I can and for what it is worth have faith in
      the future where Jerusalem will be the center of the World……..if people like that or not.

  • Mladen Andrijasevic

    Israel’s newly purchased nuclear submarine, with nuclear-armed cruise missiles giving Israel expanded “second-strike” capabilities in case of an Iranian nuclear attack, will soon be added to its Persian Gulf fleet, and offer Iranian leaders the opportunity to reconsider their disdainful attitude toward MAD.

    I do not see the logic. If according to Bernard Lewis to the Iranian mullahs “mutually assured destruction is not a deterrent—it's an inducement”, how will four submarines instead of three make any difference? See MAD is Dead