David Suzuki: the Climate Industry’s Old Man of the Mountain

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Predictive failure does not deter an ideological zealot, who feels sure that a disaster must arrive someday to confirm his forecast and justify his program for salvation. It matters little if his timetable is off by 10, 20 or 1000 years since, under the aspect of eternity, a cataclysm is bound to happen in seculae seculorum. The mathematics can always be redone in the light of a grisly but accommodating future to which only he has privileged access. It is he who stands before the burning bush of the world and hears the voice of the Lord. For this eccentric mentality, being wrong over and over is a sure sign that he will be right once. The end-of-the-world fanatic merely keeps revising his calculations, relying on a new revelation to perfect his reckoning and reinforce his delusion. But what he has really accomplished is to turn rational thought into spurious divination. This is as true of those who gaze into the crystal ball of Nature as of those who claim insight into the mysterious workings of the Lord.

Enter David Suzuki, Canada’s leading climate guru, who predicted some 20 years ago that we had only 10 years remaining before environmental collapse. In the meantime what has collapsed is Dr. Suzuki’s objective credibility—though his prophetic authority persists among the naïve and impressionable. Abetting the strategy of endlessly renewable computation is the complementary trick of selective disinformation. A good example of this technique is provided by the controversy over the discovery of a “mutant” fish near Lake Athabasca which, as University of Calgary economist Frank Atkins wrote, was jumped all over by “the David Suzuki crowd” (NP Posted, March 12, 2009). Of course, the presumed “find” was immediately blazoned in the media and among environmental groups as indisputable evidence of oil sands pollution. Unfortunately for the proponents of this factoid, the “mutation” was nothing of the sort but a natural development that follows on decomposition (Fort McMurray Today, the only news source to report on the scientific reassessment of the canard).

Similarly, one recalls Suzuki’s comrade-in-arms Al Gore who, in Earth in the Balance, blames the Antarctic ozone hole for causing blindness in animal populations: “hunters now report finding blind rabbits; fishermen catch blind salmon.” Reality check: not only has the Antarctic ozone hole begun to close (NASA Science, December 12, 2000; Nature, May 16, 2011), but Chilean scientists investigating the phenomenon had already accounted for the blight as owing to an epidemic of pink eye disease (NewScientist, August 21, 1993).

So it goes: bad math, wrong predictions, the application of a Bozo filter to disagreeable facts, and profitable indoctrination. There can be little doubt that, like aspiring carbon billionaire Gore, David Suzuki is a master in the lucrative field of environmental exploitation. Ezra Levant of Sun News Network has uncovered evidence that Suzuki is allegedly stuffing his coffers with money from multi-national organizations that finance his campaigns against Canada’s oil sands production (The Source, February 7, 2012). Suzuki received a million dollar gift from Canada’s Power Corp, which operates in totalitarian China, one of the world’s leading carbon emitters. This may explain why Suzuki, lecturing by video feed to two hundred Canadian schools, has praised China as a nation “committed to developing a green economy.” Indeed, Suzuki, as Levant has shown, grosses $10 million per annum for his mega-Corporation, apparently only a fraction of which is spent on hands-on environmental concerns.

In an informative talk at the National Archives in Ottawa on March 19, 2012, independent researcher Vivian Krause confirmed the details of Suzuki’s windfall from the U.S. based Moore, Hewlett and Packard foundations. Writing in the Financial Post for April 21, 2012, Krause goes on to state that Suzuki’s American funding was for many years “underreported or not reported at all.” This is rather telling, especially when one considers that since 2009, the Canada Revenue Agency “requires nonprofits to report the total amount of funding that they receive from foreign sources.” For 2009 and 2010, the Suzuki Foundation reports “accounted for 5% or 6% of total revenue.”

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  • Ken

    Another environmental huckster gaming the system to profit from it!! Calling Mr. Gore!!

  • Silver Scumbag

    It is sad that a Canadian must go to an American web site for real news about Canada. Four months ago an American website revealed that Canadian banks received over a $100 billion in assistance ( ie, welfare, ie, bailout) money.

    In Canada, especially in British Columbia, ie, Suzukiland, you cannot say these things in polite company. People will think you are a far right wacko. The reality is that Canada is a far left wacko morally corrupt place.

    Quebec is far worse of course. What a govt should do: roads, education, hospitals, are a disaster.

    in the 1980s, Suzuki was screaming about " acid rain". He blamed this on the Americans and accused the then Conservative Prime Minister, Mulroney of being in bed with the Americans.

    ALL FRAUD. Suzuki most likely obtained grants to study this and his show " The Nature of Things" on the "American Israel hating and muslim loving" CBC did well.

    Suzuki is the pied piper for the Left. I have heard him say that the National Post, our only non lib wacko paper, is not to be believed. Very popular amongst teachers and Union jobs.

    Now it is "climate change" due to environmental pollution.

    Slowly Canadians are waking up to Modern Liberalism but it is too late.

    The country is more Asian than ever before. At times I do not know where I am.

    Very high taxes, high penalties, high cost of homes, high employer taxes, high property taxes, a young muslim population and an older white population. Time to leave. Once a great country.

    • diann

      to Silver Scumbag – just watch Sun News, or read anything in the Sun news chain… the news is there… just get off the CBC sites and go find it. It's not too late for Canada – change your thinking and fight for our country. I'm curious to know where you think you could go to find better…

      • Silver Scumbag

        I am not sure exactly where but I am not your typical canuck.

        I am the CFO of a junior mining company. I am thinking of selling all my assets and shares and cars and splitting with my young family to the Carribean. Purchase land take my silver and gold with me and I am off the grid.

        I have been planning this for a long time.

        The roads in Montreal are awful. Housing is not affordable given the low salaries here. Long winters but apart from that the Quebec govt treats us as if we are all criminals. Tired. Time to go.

        My advice to you is to buy silver, buy gold, learn Spanish and Portuguese and plan to leave. Everyone I know is doing that. I have no desire to make my family be responsible for all the welfare and govt debt.

        Bye time to go.

    • Drew

      Go where? Everyplace else is in worse straits.

  • koran kid

    A former fruit fly geneticist! Just dropped in at the perfect moment! There is something Zen in that literary technique that makes me giggle with happiness. What does the author call it? There is also something so crazy in all of this, so preposterous, and just when we are expecting him to have a past that explains it all, like, Suzuki, the former street sweeper, or Suzuki, the former librarian, or Suzuki, the former accountant called John, we get this! As for Gore, we were only a hairs breadth away from, Gore, the former President of America, and that thought is truly terrifying, and really not funny at all. So do I laugh out loud, or titter politely, when it is Barry, President of America, for the second term, then head for the mountains, change my name to Suzuki Junior, and get into meditation? And if I was to describe myself as a former rhino conservationist, would that complete the picture?

  • Abisja

    The Pair Motorbike and Gore are missing the most extreme changes coursed by the "hole" in the Antarctic Ozone; blindness among deer and fish is just a minor effect; empty sculls as found in some humans are far worst. Visit "Real Climate" and "Friends of Science" if you are interested in what is really going on in the earth's climatology.

  • tarleton

    Suzuki is a typical environmentalist…….a secular quasi pagan with a romantic nature fettish

  • Spider

    Perhaps David Suzuki will create an army of Al Gore robots to descend on Washington and in the Rodney Dangerfield schtick will repeat over and over again "Hey, I can't get no Respect!" until Congress capitiulates and passes draconian laws outlawing all oil and gas production and then we can go back to living in caves with stone tools. Now that's what I call Hope and Change!

  • Crossbow87

    Thank goodness we're starting to homeschool our children. I refuse to let public school teachers indoctrinate my kids with environmental fairy tales. Good article as well.

  • ray czar

    We have just finished home schooling our last of four kids. We started
    less than 30 yrs ago with our oldest boy. We were able to do and end
    run around all the lies, not only from our education system,& media, but also
    our culture. Its the liberal bully culture we are fighting.

    Their idealogy is a mindless crutch. They live in a fairy tale world of delusion.
    You can't have a civil discussion and lay out both sides to and issue.
    Their mindset controls most of the major media, which is not fair and balanced!

    Lets call them what they are "media bullies" who point the finger of racism, & intolerance
    at everyone, when they practice what they accuse others of doing. Their idea of
    "critical thinking" in the final analysis, is for you to agree with them.

    Call them what they are, bullies who indoctrinate not educate.

    Home school your own kids or put them in private school, or public school, but
    stay close to them, talk to them, don't let our culture take them down the road of delusion.

    ray czar

  • Ronald Johnston

    All these global warming huchsters need to be deported along with Ann
    Coulters establishment politicians which includes our whole government. We need to unelect them to get rid of all the idiots who are destroying our country!!!!

    • Silver Scumbag

      If you mean the lifetime members in the US congress and senate I agree with you. Espesh the Orrin Hatches and the others in the Dem party and Boynee Sawnders from Vermont frothing at the mouth re: child pawvirtee.

      He has several good points but the good people of the USA have to wake up and realize that the Fed and North East bank establishments are the cause of their misery.

      Relative to the price of a gallon of oil, the US dollare has lost 75% of its power since 1995!.

  • robins111

    I propose that we let these hucksters have a real vocation. Around this time of year, the polar bear migration in and around Churchill Manitoba is in full swing.. They definitely need to be counted. Lets drop them about 50 miles north of there to do an accurate count. There probably will be lots of fat bears trooping through in a short while after this..

  • Oleg

    One thing that the author neglected to mention is how "Motorcycle" Dave Suzuki also plays the "Race" card every chance he gets whenever he gets buttonholed about his conduct. Sometimes he even recollects his brief stay in an internment camp in the British Columbia interior during the war. After he stated why he resigned from the board of his eponomously named bogus charity he moaned that he was forced to thanks to Sun News, and stated that he believed we had free speach in this country, Well Dave, yes we do, but you can't act as the spokesman for a charitible organization and then appear in a partisan campaign commercial. You also cannot register as a charity but operate as a for profit lobying firm with 15 paid lobbiests on your staff pedaling your services to anyone, foreign and domestic, with a big enough chequebook. Such a hustler, and that is what he is, a "HUSTLER" would never get away with half of what he does in his ancesteral homeland of his ancestors, they would view this man for what he is, a charlatan, not a secular quasi holyman of the far east.

  • effemall

    Solway asked, "Does he really believe this stuff?" Does the Pope believe in God? Do the presidents of tobacco companies believe that cigarettes do no harm? When you have a cash cow you start to believe whatever it is that works for you. Suzuki might have actually started honestly and sanely and then he ballooned. Suckers who'll be buying Facebook stock delude themselves into belief. There was mention of The Man of the Mountain. Coincidentally, I will be recording Ol' Mack, the Mountain Man in Mephistopheles who is really behind a lot of these believers and scoundrels: