Palestinians and the Greatest Political Scam of Modern Times

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We need to see things as they are. There is no ideal solution to the Palestinian imbroglio. The so-called “two state” solution was never a plausible outcome, being nothing more than a Western delusion and a Palestinian phased strategy for the subversion of Israel. It simply won’t fly. Some analysts have accordingly come to believe that it makes more sense for the Palestinians to look east rather than west, to consider Jordan rather than Israel as the object of their campaign for nationhood.

Indeed, a new proposal involving the future of Jordan and its relation to the Palestinians has begun to gain preliminary traction. Mordechai Nisan in his recent Only Israel West of the River persuasively argues that “Redefining Jordan as an official Palestinian entity offers the solution to the conflict.” This is the “new paradigm” and the only one, he believes, that is likely to work. Similarly, Alan Bergreen in American Thinker points out that the days of the Hashemite monarchy may be numbered in any event. He suggests that Jordan’s ruling family would be wise to get ahead of the curve by establishing a Palestinian constitutional monarchy as the symbolic head of a full-fledged Palestinian state. The recommendation certainly seems reasonable to Knesset member Aryeh Eldad who, in the words of Gavriel Queenann in Arutz Sheva, is a “long-time proponent of defining Jordan as the ‘Palestinian state’ over creating such an entity in Israel’s biblical heartland.”

Writing in The Middle East Quarterly, expatriate Jordanian-Palestinian writer Mudar Zahran calls it “the Jordanian option,” namely, the democratization of the country, which is already majority Palestinian. “Empowering Palestinian control of Jordan and giving Palestinians all over the world a place they can call home,” he contends, “could not only defuse the population and demographic problem for Palestinians in Judea and Samaria but would also solve the much more complicated issue of the ‘right of return’ for Palestinians in other Arab countries.” Jordan, in effect, is Palestine.  “It is historically perplexing,” Zahran continues, “that the world should be reluctant to ask the Hashemites to leave Jordan, a country to which they are alien, while at the same time demanding that Israeli families be removed by force from decades-old communities in their ancestral homeland.”  The new Jordan “could also greatly benefit from financial and economic incentives attending good-neighbor relations with Israel.” He concludes: “A moderate, peaceful, economically thriving, Palestinian home in Jordan would allow both Israelis and Palestinians to see a true and lasting peace.” The trouble with this proposal, as should be immediately obvious, is that it is eminently reasonable.

Another option is simply to maintain the status quo, however unpalatable, with Israel living in a condition of military readiness—as it has had to do since 1948—and the “West Bank” Palestinians continuing to threaten, lobby, gesticulate, ply their propaganda and make a perpetual nuisance of themselves. (Though now that Fatah in the “West Bank” has apparently reconciled with Hamas in Gaza to form a united front against Israel, the new alliance, assuming it does not unravel as it has on previous occasions, may eventually have to be dealt with decisively.)

Israel may also consider reinforcing the status quo by annexing the majority-Jewish administrative division known as Area C, as per the Oslo Accords, in order to establish a strong defensive perimeter while fully incorporating the Area’s inhabitants into the Israeli homeland. As Jeremy Saltan explains in The Jewish Press, “Following the Palestinians’ unilateral bid for statehood at the United Nations, many expect the Israeli government to announce their own large scale unilateral move. The Oslo Accords… allow one side to respond with their own unilateral action if the other side decides to engage in one first.” Despite international disapproval and regional pressures, Israel is certainly within its rights to proceed in this manner.

As far as I can tell, these are the only two rational options before us. They are by no means ideal solutions, and the odds for the Jordanian option are currently far from promising. But anything else—the “two state” hallucination which is going nowhere or the “binational state” absurdity which would spell the end of Israel, recommended by fantasists and false friends like Jay Bushinsky and the late Tony Judt—is self-deception and a prospectus for perpetual discord and endless suffering.

Unpleasant as it may be, more of the same seems the only practical alternative at the present historical moment, with the proviso that “the same” must not only be accepted as the condition of survival but also strengthened, resolutely defended, and perhaps supplemented.  It’s time to get real.

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  • crackerjacj

    Let's get real………and give this baby its name.

    Ethnic cleansing.

    Tagging Jordan as "Palestine" changes nothing for the millions of Arabs living under Israeli occupation in West-Jordan. Or does anyone actually expect them to then pack their bags and move across to Jordan and live in refugee camps to make way for immigrants from Brooklyn, Minsk, Budapest and Brisbane?

    • aspacia

      The vast Arab/Muslim world should absorb their refugee brethren just as Israel did and still does, along with refugees from other ethnic groups. The Arabs from this area are denied employment in 70 professions and cannot own land. In contrast, Israeli Arabs can work in any profession if qualified, can vote, and often serve in the Knesset.

      Abbas asserts Judenfrei in the land, this is ethnic cleansing.

      Face the facts, the Arab/Muslims are the intolerant, ethnic cleansing savages you support. Now that most of the ME is Judenfrei they have targeted Christians.

      You fearful jellyfish. Why don't you just admit you are afraid of alienating your peers and being attacked by violent Muslims.

      Bell has the ability to rethink his stance, and perhaps you should honestly analyze the facts, knowing what you know, and not wanting to be bothered with the facts.

    • rachaelamb

      Wouldn't be a bad idea for them to pack up and leave. Wouldn't have to worry about buses being blown up,infants being stabbed to death in their cribs,families being shot to death at close range in their cars,and rockets landing in playgrounds and kindergartens anymore . And evil people passing out candy and celebrating murders afterwards
      The Arabs who call themselves Palestinians should consider themselves lucky they live in Israel if they committed the kind of murderous acts they did in any other country especially an Arab country they would have been kicked out along time ago.

  • ira

    perhaps if the author did more than "a modicum of research" he would arrive at a realistic picture of israel-palestinian relations, and discover that israel did in fact commit ethnic cleansing in 1948 and has continuously trafficked in terrorism and apartheid since then. no non-racist is going to be convinced by the caricature he has presented.

    • alan g

      Perhaps you should rechec your history. In 1948 two days after Israel declared its independance, it was attacked by the surrounding nations. Those nations told the arab populations to leave and were promised to be returned when the Jews were destroyed or driven out. That didn’t happen. Read your history books, and not some revisionist garbage.

    • Jerry

      If Ira is your first name, you were probably given it by Jewish parents in the 1940s. However did you become so one-sided? Without attacking you in ad hominem fashion, I still think it is OK to ask you what was done to you that has led you to believe that the Jews of Israel do not deserve the very same peace that you offer so willingly to the Arabs. Have you visited Israel? It is a wondrous place with Jews who shine in their pride for what they have built. The children are happy and free.

  • dave

    Why is it such a massive deal? Jews from the middle east comprise 50% of Jewish Israelis whose families were properly ethnically cleansed from Arab countries and had always suffered pogroms. The Jews are the ethnic minority in the middle east and are mentioned in the Koran! Therefore they are not an invented people! Along with the Copts, Kurds, Persians, Assyrians, Maronites etc etc, the Arab Muslims want to get rid of them all, this is well documented. Israel is the size of an English county! What is the problem! Bosnia and Kosovo are Muslim countries in Europe and exist because the Ottomons invaded and introduced Islam to an alien part of the world. The non Muslims have had to leave. Pakistan was a part of India which was taken and turned into a Muslim country. The world is full of Muslim countries which have been established by force, subjugating and converting the native populations and yet we are fed the notion that Muslims are 'under attack' and object with an un-hinged hatred to ONE tiny Jewish country which is 20% Muslim Israeli. This frightens anyone with an objective rational mind.

  • Tommy

    To deny anyone autonomous statehood and safety is wrong.
    Whether Palestinians threatening Israeli existence,
    or Israelis threatening Palestinian existence.

    • alan g

      One correction to that is Israel never threatened the Palestinian existence, even when Israel is attacked on a regular basis

  • dave

    Well if you consider the fact that the census reports from 1850 show that 150,000 people existed in the area we call Israel, Gaza, West bank, it is clear that the current population migrated there. It was largely uninhabitable. 'Palestinians' comprise mainly of Syrian, Jordanian an Egyptian immigrants who fled to Israel. 800,000 Arab Jews were kicked out Arab countries with their property and possesions taken and fled to Israel – they never got refugee status. Basically my point is that if we look at this objectively we can see that this is actually about Jewish existence and Arab existence. And what is clear is that it is pretty much impossible for the Jews to threaten Arab existence but not vice versa.

  • StephenD

    “A moderate, peaceful, economically thriving, Palestinian home in Jordan would allow both Israelis and Palestinians to see a true and lasting peace.” The trouble with this proposal, as should be immediately obvious, is that it is eminently reasonable.

    Since 70% of the so called "Palestinians" are in Jordan anyway and are considered "Refugees" this is the most logical solution. Say, why are they "refugees" in Jordan but citizens in Israel? I thought Israel was the one that refused to recognize equality.
    Another one of those things that makes you go “Hmmm…”

    • penny lane

      Moving Italians to France doesn't make them French although both are Europeans. Get the point?

      So why should the Jordanians want to accomodate millions of foreingers to make way for Israel to import millions of foreingers in its "ancesteral home", "biblical lands" fantasy?

      • StephenD

        Because they are native Jordanians…get the point? Don't waste your time convincing me, read the history of the so called "Palestinians, Trans-Jordanians, et al.
        Hell, Arafat was an Egyptian! How does that make him a "Palestinian?"

      • reader

        You should probably know that Jordan did not exist until the British would draw its boarders on sand when carving up the Mandate territory. This act hardly constitutes the creating of a new nation you're calling "Jordanians." Perhaps, you should thank the author for educating you a little. Take your time, step by step.

  • Brujo Blanco

    The concept of Israel occupying any other country is really wacked. Israel has been in a state of war and conflict with entities that have a political and religious goal of killing all of the Jews in the world. When Islamic fire missiles into Israel to kill Jews it is not acknowledged as a wrongful act by the leftists to include our administration. If the Israelis fired one missile in the same manner I believe that the international would retaliate militarily against Israel.

  • Marty

    Regardless of how terror palestinians commit and how much their leadership screams over Israeli accomplishments, they remain an invented people.

  • jacob

    HEY SUPER-SAGE : ! ! ! ! !

    What about the million and a half Arabs living in Israel as Israeli citizens with
    full rights ?????

    Did you hid them under your bed, swept them under your rug or just conveniently
    forgot about them ????

    How about asking them whether they want to move to GAZA with their "brothers" ???

    The birdie you'll get will be bigger than Washington's obelisk ????????

  • g_jochnowitz

    Palestinians are the only people seeking independence who have rejected a state because the amount of territory offered them was less than they wanted.
    The Arab world rejected a Palestinian stated in 1947. It did so again with the Three No's of Khartoum in 1967. It did so again at Taba in 2001. It did so when Israel withdrew unilaterally from Gaza in 2005, with Sharon saying that if things worked out Israel would withdraw from the West Bank.
    The Hamas Charter explicitly rejects a Palestinian state coexisting with Israel.
    If Israel is destroyed and all its people–Jews, Muslims, Russian Orthodox Christian–are killed, the neighboring states will divide up the territory and persecute Palestinians as they always have. Rival groups of Muslims will blow up al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, preferably when lots of people are present and can be blown up in the buildings.

  • JEM

    Any real solution to the Arab (Palestinian)-Israel conflict presupposes that the Palestinians will take a calm and reasoned approach to their situation. Since the Arabs of the region are generally given to the Psychology of inversion and projection, they are unable to get free of their mentality of victim hood and aggression against the Jews. Even if a reasonable solution, one that would actually work, is presented to them, it will not be accepted. Until the Arab mentality changes, the Israelis will continue to have a difficult time working out any peaceful solution.

    • johnnywoods

      JEM, you are correct in your statement. After all you may recall that Muslims celebrated the fall of the World Trade Center at the hands of jihadists at the same time blamed the attack on Israel. How can you deal with such foolishness?

      • michiganruth

        theirs is a culture of death. I'm not being "Islamophobic"–they freely and proudly admit this. they raise their children to be martyrs. the textbooks that WE are paying for through UNRWA are openly anti-American and anti-Semitic. it verges on child abuse.

        have you ever heard any Palestinians talk about what their dreams are for a state? has any one of them ever said "When we have our own state, our children will be able to grow up safe and healthy in a rich country with many opportunities"? no. what they say is "When we have our own state, the Zionist entity will be driven into the sea, and we shall slaughter them and not a single Jew shall remain, as it says in the Holy Koran."

        JEM is abso-tively right. you cannot presuppose that the Pals will be reasonable. if they were going to be reasonable, they would have had their state in 1948.


    If this is the Greatest Political Scam of Modern Times, then the greatest hoax of all time has to be Mohammed and Islam.

  • samuel welsh

    Palastine is not a real country but Isreal is.