The Jewish Gene?

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I have long wondered what it is about the Jewish sensibility that is so internally divisive it will often jeopardize the very survival of the Jewish people in a perennially hostile world. What is the psychological factor that generates what often looks like a deeply harbored suicidal impulse, an irremediable tendency to set itself against itself, to consort with anti-Semites and even to collaborate with feral enemies who wish for nothing more than the suppression, ostracism or annihilation of every trace of Judaism in the world?

The long saga from the initial brother-slaying after the Biblical expulsion to the war between the Two Kingdoms to the virulent sectarian tensions over the ages that would result in episodes of mutual excommunication and even bloodshed, as amply chronicled in Yoram Hazony’s The Jewish State, to something like virtual warfare between competing political factions, defeats speculation as it defies belief. That this epic of fratricidal strife occurred, for the most part, to a population living in tenuous exile among peoples and nations that regarded so fractious and vulnerable a community with suspicion and hatred is equally bewildering.

These thoughts were brought home to me once again after AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee), the largest and most influential pro-Israeli organization in the U.S., recently gave President Obama a ringing, pre-election endorsement, praising him for his “steadfast” support for Israel. Such approbation is as astonishing as it is dispiriting. For no reasonable person can doubt that Obama is one of the most anti-Zionist presidents ever to sit in the Oval Office. A friend of former PLO spokesman Rashid Khalidi who makes no secret of his animus against the Jewish state; a 20-year parishioner of the blatantly antisemitic Reverend Jeremiah Wright; a president who clearly favors the Palestinian cause and narrative and has accordingly worked to reduce the Jewish state to its pre-1967 borders; who snubbed and humiliated Israel’s prime minister during a White House visit; who awarded the Medal of Freedom to Mary Robinson and Desmond Tutu, the first having presided over the Durban I anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli hatefest and the latter damning Israel as an apartheid state; whose administration leaked sensitive information to frustrate Israel’s pre-emptive preparations against the rapidly nuclearizing, genocidal Iranian regime and who refuses to issue clear red lines that Iran’s nuclear advance must not cross; and who has scaled back American participation in joint war games with Israel as it cooperates in military training with Egypt—this is plainly a president who, to put it tactfully, does not love Israel. This is a president who claims he “has Israel’s back” but has done everything he can to stab Israel in the very back he affects to defend. This is the president to whom AIPAC extends its “heartfelt appreciation.”

Such a manifestation of cognitive dissonance would appear unassimilable until one remembers that the Jewish people have always been susceptible to the twin demons of willed ignorance and self-delusion. Scriptural and historical examples are so abundant that massive tomes are required to record them. Closer to our own time, a majority of German Jews refused to recognize the imminent and unmistakable signs of their extinction. The Russian Yevsektsiya (or Zidokomuna) rejected their heritage, throwing in their lot with the Bolshevik revolution in which religious distinctions would be abolished, and reaped the bitter harvest. Factotum Jews have abounded in every problematic national circumstance. Even Israel itself is riven by an insidious left wing constituency that would effectively surrender the country to its enemies. Israel’s emblematic bird is the hoopoe, but when one considers much of its intellectual and celebrity elite, its academic caste and its subversive, foreign-funded NGOs, one might substitute the ostrich.

Today in the U.S., considerably more than half of American Jews are proud of their “liberal” and “Democratic” commitments and will vote for a president who is indisputably inimical to the interests and welfare of the Jewish state and who is conversely sympathetic to the interests and welfare of Muslim institutions at home and Islamist regimes abroad. In the words of Mark Tapson, “we have a president whose sympathies lie with the Muslim fundamentalists seeking to tear down America and the West.”

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  • Alexander Gofen

    What a brilliant article! Thank you Mr. Solwey! Your final conclusion is so close to that once made by Keith Davies

    "Through our history many Jews have acted in betraying their God and their own people… If we think rationally why we have survived as a people based on our own collective behavior as a nation, we should not have survived at all. The only conclusion I can come to as a Jew is that we have survived because of God himself and his mercy and compassion."

    Actually, the emergence of the kind of Jews described by you all carrying that defective "gene" (nothing-but-ethnic-Jews), is a relatively new (about 200 years only) phenomenon:

    As Vladimir Kigel put it:

    Religion is the opiate of the masses (Karl Marx).
    Communism is the opiate of the Jews

    • Soylent Green

      Dear Alexander, I would beg to differ with your opinion that the emergence of 'defective gene jews' is only a 200 year old phenomena. I submit they also went against their own best interests when they chose Barrabas over 2000 years ago.

    • Melissa Abbott-Kaffen

      I would add….their faith in money has trumped their faith in God…& the existential threat.

    • lizann feldman

      jews are people, if you prick us do we not bleed? jews may be united in a similar religion but do not neccessarily have much in common with jews in Ethiopia, or eastern Europe if they live in the UK or USA, neither do they have to approve of the treatment meted out to the Palestinians – in fact I cannot say that Israel is a democracy when not all of it's citizens have equal rights.

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    About 10 years ago I had the temerity of elevating the subject for consideration by a well based group of Jews here in Israel. Short of throwing me to the fire, all else was rained on me.
    Mr. Solway is welcome to finally smash into the golem's false shell.
    We all are in mortal danger due to our inability to or unwillingness to dealing with the genetic distorted Erev Rav.
    THEY ARE our worst enemies.
    If the external enemies would see that Jews would ram into that flotsam, they themselves would at least slow down or stop their even increasing preparations to destroy us all.


    May i add my prospective on the subject- i think after millenniums of prosecution there bound to be side affects but this element does seem to be inherent even in the ancient days . As an Israeli i have to say the left in my country drives me crazzzy!!! it is as thought they have no self preservation at all.
    I have thought much on the subject and perhaps something deeper is at work.
    For instance, communism is misguided and foolish but it is a way to try to "fix" the world. A world with no poverty or misuse of power, which is funny of course because we know that communism leads to one of the most inhuman cruel environments ever. Also that drive and self abandonment suicidal strike , however maddening, perhaps is also related to the same thing.
    I think the flaw in the Jewish gene is that there is a feeling that somehow it is the Jews who are responsible, accountable and required to take care of humanity.
    It dawned on me that the self hatred that exists with the majority of American Jews and , thank god, the smallest imaginable yet influential and loud Israeli minority is because somehow we are not doing that. We are not fulfilling our mission. Whatever it is.
    Jews gave and give to the world so much in every field imaginable and yet it is not enough not for the world who hates us in such a irrational blind way no matter what and it seems it is not enough for us as well. As if our whole existence is justifiable only when and if we are or will? fix the world.
    I know it sounds ridiculous perhaps it is but that is the feeling that has grown in me for a long time now. I don't think this malady will go away until we , the Jewish people, will figure out what we are here for and what the heck it is we are supposed to do,,,,,,,,,,,,or how??
    I just really really hope that no more suffering to anyone is coming until we do.
    As for the American Jews i think they are exactly like the Jews in Germany at the eve of the war. Blind proud misguided and unless some miracle will happen(which is always a possibility;) )-doomed..

    • Alexander Gofen

      "I think the flaw in the Jewish gene is that there is a feeling that somehow it is the Jews who are responsible, accountable and required to take care of humanity. "

      God gave the Jews the mission to carry His message to the humanity, and He made them accountable for failing this mission. The flaw in the Jewish gene shows up in that they neglect the God's message, and carry to the humanity the "progressive" message instead. The progressive dream – the infectious dream of the freeloaders – relates to the baseness and misery of the human condition. And it emerges every time when the life seems getting better: alas temporarily.

    • Ghostwriter

      TALIA,I don't hate Jews. I like them. The world needs more Jews and Christians in it.

  • PaulRevereNow

    Hitler is a nice man….he will not hurt us!

    • 4frespeech

      That sounds vaguely familiar, quoted by McCain and now Romney. I don't get the passivity, if they are unwilling or unable to confront evil how can we trust them to protect us and our country, it appears the need be liked and accepted is essential to their being, at any cost.

      • PaulRevereNow

        I agree with you on McCain and Romney; but my post repeats what the majority of German Jews in the 1930's thought about Hitler; reflecting the theme of Mr. Solways' piece.

    • amused

      ..and you are an ignorant man ….and may hurt yourself ….and most likely a closet anti-semite .

  • Cat K

    Genetics are always a possibility. But more likely this is a response to hatred so overwhelming that every nation on earth feels free to openly express rabid animosity toward Jews. For many folks, the psyche cannot withstand this. Either a person wakes each morning to the knowledge that they are falsely blamed and hated causing great discomfort or they make an excuse. "I am not THAT kind of Jew that they hate, I am …..(enter here Democrat, communist, love Muslims, voted for Obama, not racist, save the world from global warming, etc., etc).
    The mainstream media does NOT publicize what is in the Koran making it more easily deniable. Denial suppresses outrage and with it self protection. It is so much easier to be an Ostrich. That creates a "sitting ducks" scenario.

    My issue is how to conceptualize my leftist brethren. Do I blame them? I think so. Do I still identify with them? I think so. Do I want to spend much time with them. No. But, would I try to save them from themselves? I don't know.

  • R.C.

    Its not hard to know what is wrong with most Jews now and throughout all of their history–its that most of them rebel against God!

    • Bert

      That is a good short answer. Logic alone cannot explain suicidal insanity. There is a monumental spiritual struggle going on since Cain and Abel. Jews, and all people, have a moral obligation to cooperate in opposing evil in all its forms. Jews and Christians who respect bible values must stand together against pagans and idol worshipers. We must be visible, vocal and active.

  • cruiser navy 67

    Thank you for making a complex issue so easy; They are Stupid.

  • Underzog

    Calling it the Jewish gene is too general. I think it would be more accurate to say that many Jews are stuck with the Kapo gene.

    "I do not understand the Jew who is clever is business and science is so stupid when it comes to his own survival."
    Rabbi Meir Kahane, Zt"l

    • FPF

      It's sad that some Jews who are clever in business and science worship money, fame and power instead of God. They are willing to surrender their and others' freedom in exchange for their idols.

  • Michelle

    Nothing else is more upsetting to a Jew than to be called stupid. Yet, nothing is more truthful.
    Thank You for the brilliant article !

  • Ken

    Has anyone noticed how the “Jewish Gene” has now crossed over into
    the European gene pool. This gene causes intense self-hatred and
    guilt feelings leading to the desire to destroy oneself to wash away
    the psychosis within.

  • BS77

    Michael Savage said it succinctly………Liberalism is a mental disorder. It requires one to bend over backwards both morally and intellectually to accept the most irrational and self defeating concepts

  • clarespark

    I find the postulation of a Jewish gene racist in conception. Surely the author is pulling our leg. Assimilation and the hope of upward mobility is a more convincing, more historical explanation. Here is an index to my blogs on antisemitism, including the one on "the Jewish vote."…. The answer to such success as we have in surviving has more to do with our culture than our genes.

    • BS77

      It has nothing to d o with genes….it's about life long liberal indoctrination. From FDR, to the present, the grandparents, the parents and the kids are funneled into liberal left voting…has nothing to do with religion, race, socioeconomic status or anything else….it's "tradition"…..leftist liberals would vote for a turnip if it ran as a Democrat.

  • dennis x

    When a fellow jew disagrees with another jew he is called " self hating' In the Black Community we call them uncle toms.

    • Ghostwriter

      And what do they call people like you in the black community? Possibly,the same thing that would be in the white community,idiots.

  • Anonymous

    A "defective" Jewish gene? Please. There is abundant evidence relating to historical, political, environmental circumstances which explain the presumed behavior without resorting to "the genes made me do it" (which I consider a cop- out and un-persuasive.) This has been written about for millennia — consider the Hellenistic Jews. Hellenism of the gentile variety produced not only antisemitism but pogroms. Did that deter their fondness for the Greeks? No.
    Anyway, I'm not that troubled by Dershowitz backing Obama (Obama has stated that he favors friends and punishes enemies — imagine that, for the sake of argument (not that this would ever happen) Jews turn against obama in large numbers — what would happen if the antisemite is re-elected ? You think this hideous excuse for a president wouldn't take revenge?

  • @JeanCurry3

    I think it is a human gene, not just Jewish. It's the Unbelief and Disobedience gene. The fundamental why and wherefore of the world-as-it-is is pretty simple. It's serious business being God's Chosen People. I think Jews develop this go along to get along strategy because they reject their identity and its implications. They just want to be like everybody else. They are convinced there must be some other way. There's no percentage in resistance against Yahweh and The Plan. You'd think that would be abundantly clear, but it's not — not for Jews and not for Christians. I understand this is an offensive comment, but I'm not trying to spit in Jewish eyes. Can't say the same for Christian eyes, there's a few I kinda want to spit in. Tsk, tsk, self

  • jsfrom

    there's an informative article (pdf) published on the Internet titled: "Genetic essentialism: on the deceptive determinism of DNA". Genetic explanations for certain behaviors amounts to a form of cognitive bias.

  • Phil

    One of my friends who claims to support Israel constantly rails against the settlements. Unable to take it anymore, I asked her if she really believed that uprooting the settlements and going back to the pre-six day war borders would bring peace and security for Israel. I asked her what the Palestinians were doing or have done to make her believe that the settlements were the major cause of the the lack of peace. I reminded her of the rockets coming from Gaza and the election of a Hamas govt. after Israel left, the continuing attempts to isolate Israel by supporting hateful anti-Israel and anti-Jewish propaganda by the PA and the launching of a terrorist war by Arafat even though he had signed the Oslo accords. She answered by saying if I didn't put the onus on Israel to make peace, I would feel hopeless and I don't want to feel hopeless. I defy any sane person to offer a rational explanation of this craziness that would cause an intelligent and decent person to have these beliefs.

  • Michael Rosenberg

    You fail to understand the nature hence the value and source of AIPAC's power. AIPAC is fanatically non-partisan. By being friendly to all, and allied with none, it is able to enlist it's friends on both sides of the aisle to affect American policy affecting Israel. Furthermore, AIPAC is not Israel's lapdog. AIPAC fundamentally serves an educational purpose; educating and demonstrating to our elected officials how and why American interests are best served by endorsing and supporting the particular matter at hand. Remember the adage: you catch more flies with honey than vinegar!
    I know this is hard, especially with the current president; but it's the smart way to go!


      Perhaps remaining friendly to both Republicans and Democrats has been smart policy for AIPAC in the past, but the increasing dominance of the Democrat Party by the hard-core Left (which hates Israel) is going to make such even-handedness increasingly unwise. Case in point: endorsing a President (Obama) who is prepared to allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons and who wouldn't shed a single tear if those weapons were used to annihilate Israel.

  • C.Geber

    The explanation lies in a racial Sockholm Syndrome. Diaspora Jews are psychologically primed to consider their gentile hosts as oppressors. Some hosts are actual oppressors – Iran. Israeli leftists are held captive by contemptuous world opinion.

  • Idylewylde

    Stockholm Syndrome.

  • Debbie G.

    Jean, you stated that perfectly; it is the unbelief and disobedience gene. They have lost sight of the object of their affection, God Himself.
    I am a Christian who has a Jewish boss. He states he is not sure if there even is a God. He makes fun of the scriptures (Creation, Adam & Eve, Noah's Ark, etc.) He claims the common socialist mantra of equality and justice. When I ask him why he recognizes Jewish holidays, he answers, "Tradition." This is no different than Christians who celebrate Christmas by buying presents, but have no use for Christ.
    So who exactly IS "the apple of God's eye?" Certainly not the godless, secular humanist I work for!! And who are the members of the "true Church?" Certainly not the godless, secular "christians" who have no love for Christ. It all comes down to individual judgement in the end.

    • @JeanCurry3

      Then there are the orthodox Jews. When I was living amongst them in Baltimore, I asked the mother-in-law of one man what he was going forth to study every day. "How to be good," was the answer. It was touching somehow, yet sad.

      Too many Christian churches are more like social clubs these days, aren't they? Fret not thyself, He knows what He's doing.

  • Michael

    It is a mental sickness triggered by genetic disorder

  • amused

    Yea those damn Jews , I think we christians oughta teach'em a lesson . Who in the hell do they think they are siding with Obama thus AGAINST US CONSERVATIVES ! How dare they ! Somebody oughta DO SOMETHIN' BOUT these jews !
    C'mon Solway , you're a smart guy …give us a S-O-L-U-T-I-O-N !!!!!

    • barb

      You are really a lefty aren't you?

  • fanlad

    I'm hoping that at least 30% to 35% will wake up and vote for Romney/Ryan. If this happens, we will have a new president in November, God willing.

    • amused

      Glad you qualified that , because whatever HAS , IS , or WILL happen , IS G_D'S WILL . It is HIS plan that is in motion , not yours nor mine .

  • amused

    Yea man , those Jews with the "stupid gene " …../or is it those stupid people with the "jew gene " , had better vote fo Romney ….OR ELSE !!!

    • @JeanCurry3

      Keep coming back here. You have so much to learn and more to unlearn. Plus that, you're quite amusing yourself.

      • amused

        am I really , gee it musta been your approval I been looking for all along huh .

  • Patricia

    Perhaps they have no free will.

    • amused

      Brilliant Patricia , that's it ! you're a genius !!

  • Suzanne

    Although it is very tempting to believe that the destructiveness of the Jewish people is a result of repeated abuse over the centuries, I sometimes wonder. Could it be, at base, deeply spiritual in origin? Has it always been? Could it be that when great majorities of Jews turn away from G_d's will, G_d repays us in kind by making our reasoning flawed? Whenever this happens – evil starts to look like good and good starts to look like evil. This inversion of reasoning also leads to people being kind to the wicked instead of kind to the good. Being that most American Jews have long abandoned any reasonable traditional Jewish belief and lifestyle, (Judaism, after all, is a religion based on 613 commandments) – could it be that our terribly flawed reasoning is the result of this abandonment?

  • gman213

    I believe it to be a generational curse. The ideology of these Jew is very perplexing. The American Christian church has a deep love for the Jews, the same Jews that don’t even seem to love themselves. Mind boggling

    • amused

      the "american christian church " has a "deep love " for their prophesized happy ending ….living in Israel with all jews either converted or killed .
      Jews know all too well about your "deep love " for us .

  • butpygmies

    Here's another explanation: Jewish parents have always had a different relationship to having children, and Jewish children have always had a relationship with their parents than that of the other peoples of the world. Historically, people had children to help with the work, and take care of parents when they became old. Jewish parents were to educate and help their children step up. Jewish children were to honor their parents. All of our parents were Democrats, lovers of the Roosevelts. This generation of Jewish adults, like the rest of America, never grew up. We are emotionally unable to step away from them. Our cousin, on hearing we were not voting for Obama, was horrified. "How could you betray everything our family has always stood for?" she whimpered. This is a Jewish sickness in the modern age, the inability to tell our parents: "No!"

    • amused

      Oh please , put away your phoniness and pathetic charade , you're no jew , I know it and you know it . You're a f—ing idiot , with a f—king idiot screen name . Go crawl up your asss and disappear you jack-ass .

  • Dave Howard

    Stupid, yes, and most stupid of all. They are remarkably divisive attacking themselves and all their host countries alike. I once knew a Jewish girl at Cal Berkeley. She was a friend. Her father was a house hold name in Hollywood as a director. She said her parents were Communists and so was she. She graduated from Beverly Hills High. The thing she said she hated most were blue eyed, blonde haired cheerleaders. I think most Jews are simply consumed with envy. Intelligent does not equal rational. You can be a scientist or great artist and be wildly irrational.

    • Cat K

      Generalizing from one acquaintance is truly ugly. And in this case anti-Semitic. Why would you post that here? Talk about stupid!

  • queasy

    It sounds more like a mental or societal issue.

    But If you want to focus only on DNA you’ll find several in depth studies that are interesting . A large portion of muslims carry Jewish “genes.”
    To be more specific Y (paternal) Jewish DNA does exist .The majority haplotypes are J,J1,J2 &E1b.
    J2 is Jewish with Greek admixture .
    E1b is Jewish with African admixture . Adolph Hitter was E1b1b.

    In 2004, a team of geneticists from Stanford University, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tartu University (Estonia), Barzilai Medical Center (Ashkelon, Israel), and the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center (Zerifin, Israel), studied the modern Samaritan community living in Israel in comparison with modern Israeli populations to explore the ancient genetic history of these people groups. The Samaritans or Shomronim trace their origins to the Assyrian province of Shomron (Samaria) in ancient Israel in the period after the Assyrian conquest 722 BCE. Shomron was the capital of the Northern Kingdom of Israel when it was conquered by the Assyrians and gave the name to the ancient province of Samaria and the Samaritan people group. Tradition holds that the Samaritans were a mixed people group of Israelites who were not exiled or were sent back or returned from exile and non-Israelites relocated to the region by the Assyrians. The modern-day Samaritans are believed to be the direct descendants of the ancient Samaritans.

  • queasy

    Their findings reported the tribe of Ephraim and the tribe of Levi – All Samaritan families were found in haplogroups J1 and J2, except the Samaritan Cohen family which was found in haplogroup E3b1a-M78. The Samaritan Cohen family were Levites until the previous Cohen family died out around 1700, so the fact that they don't share CMH is expected. These findings may offer more proof that E1b1 was one of the founding lineages of the Levites.

    Interestingly, Nebel et al. (2001) found that the Cohen Modal Haplotype (CMH), considered the most definitive Jewish haplotype, was found among 10.1% of Kurdish Jews and 1.1% of Kurds. The CMH and the most frequent Kurdish haplotype (MKH) were the same on five markers (out of six) and very close on the other marker. The MKH was shared by 9.5% of Kurds, 2.6% of Sephardim, 2.0% of Kurdish Jews. The general conclusion is that these similarities result mostly from the sharing of ancient genetic patterns, and not from more recent admixture between the groups.
    DNA analysis further determined that modern Jews of the priesthood tribe—Kohanim-share an ancestor dating back about 3,000 years.

  • queasy

    "The Phoenicians were the Canaanites" was reported in the PBS description of the National Geographic TV Special on this study entitled "Quest for the Phoenicians" that ancient DNA was included in this study as extracted from the tooth of a 2500 year-old Phoenician mummy.

    The National Geographic Genographic Project linked haplogroup J2 to the site of Jericho, Tel el-Sultan, 8500 BCE and indicated that in modern populations, haplogroup J2 is found in North Africa, Southern Europe, and the Middle East, with distribution among present-day Jewish populations (30%), Southern Italians (20%), and lower frequencies in Southern Spain 10%.

    DNA study by geneticist Ariella Oppenheim concluded that genetic evidence coincides with historical accounts that at least part of the Arab Israeli and Palestinian population is descended from local Christians and Jews who had converted [to Islam] after the Islamic conquest in the seventh century CE.

  • queasy

    Ashkenazi Jews
    A 2006 study by Behar et al., based on high-resolution analysis of mtDNA (maternal) – Haplogroup K , suggested that about 40% of the current Ashkenazi population is descended matrilineally from just four lines, or founder lineages, that were likely from a Hebrew/Levantine mtDNA pool originating in the Middle East in the 1st and 2nd centuries CE. Moreover, a maternal sister line was found among the Jews of North Africa, France, Italy, and Portugal.
    Using complete sequences of the maternally inherited mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), we show that close to one-half of Ashkenazi Jews, estimated at 8,000,000 people, can be traced back to only four women carrying distinct mtDNAs that are virtually absent in other populations, with the important exception of low frequencies among non-Ashkenazi Jews. We conclude that four founding mtDNAs, likely of Near Eastern ancestry, underwent major expansions in Europe within the past millennium.

    Studies of mitochondrial DNA of Jewish populations are more recent and are still debatable. However, it seems that there is no maternal lines common to all Jewish people.

  • queasy

    Until 2006, geneticists attributed most often the origin of Jewish populations of male individuals who emigrated from the Middle East and taking women as wives in the indigenous populations, they converted to Judaism.

    The findings show unique characteristics amongst Jews not found amongst non-Jews.
    This proposes a bottleneck in Ashkenazic populations, a largish population experiences sudden extreme population decline followed by renewed growth. This resulted in Almost half of Europe's Jews [being] descended from four women who lived 1,000 years ago.

    This phenomenon is called the founder effect. It is rare in non-Jewish communities.

    I would think Hitler being genetically European/African/Jewish could be called self destructive and self hate.So maybe it is genetic .

  • Richard Greene

    I have pondered this conundrum for many years. It is not a Jewish gene, but a mindset that we Jews have inculcated into our children for two millenia — that it is a sin to hate one's fellow man. We have done such a good job that many of us can not comprehend other people's deep-seated hatred of us. In other words, we believe our own propaganda to the point that we actually have a blindspot as to the evil intentions of others towards us. I confronted this issue when my 8-year old son asked me if I "hated" Muslims, having heard one of my anti-Islamist harangues at a party. I had to explain to him that we Jews do not hate our fellow man, tho we may hate certain belief systems and ideologies. I explained how we Jews don't hate Germans, but hate Nazism. It is a fine line to teach our children to love one's fellow man, but also to confront the evil of one's fellow man. As bad as we may be at the task, we are yet so much better "Christians" in this regard than most of the world's Protestants and Catholics.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    David Soloway refers to the Jews of Russia who exchanged Judiasm for Bolshevism, but he neglects to mention that it was the Bolsheviks of Jewish origin who applied Soviet totalitarianism to the task of dismantling Jewish institutions; tens of thousands of Jewish people were deported to the Gulag and perished – at a time when Hitler was attracting small crowds in Munich beer halls.

    I don't know much about genetics, but I believe that the Jews, like everybody else, intuit correctly that honor is a lot more expensive than opportunism. For an oppressed and despised minority, opportunism comes to hand readily, and becomes habitual. Of course, this ensures the continuation of this dynamic in perpetuity.

    • Cat K

      No, eventually there will be no perpetuity-in the case of Jews. They will abandon their belonging to the Jewish people or their opportunistic brethren will assist in obscuring the truth and foster continued denial which leads to their murder. Another Holocaust. These stupid people we are all talking about- they have children and elderly parents all set to be eradicated from the earth again this time by Iranian bombs and Obama' s psychopathic hatred of Jews. Lets all add a little pity to this party. Thanks.

  • PAthena

    Do not forget George Soros, born a Jew and anti-Israel. He was a collaborator of the Nazis (ruling Hungary), identifying Jewish properties to the Hungarian authorities in 1944 when he was 14 years old, and is unrepentant about it even now, as he said in an interview on 60 Minutes (I believe).

  • Loyal Achates

    Amazing. terrorism in Israel is at record low levels, anti-antisemitism has all but disappeared from American life, and Obama has done what exactly to jeopardize Israel's security? Said a few words that you interpreted as coded messages endorsing jihad? There's no business like Shoah business.

    • Loyal Achates


      • amused

        no dude you got it right the first time …'re confused , anti-semitism in this country never disappeared . It's always been there under the surface hiding behind code words like "non-gentile " etc . You're dead on in one aspect though Obama's got nothing to do with it , these brainwashed birds have only one goal , getting the blackman out of the white house , "taking back the country " from WHAT ? From Where ? they dont know , nor do they have a plan other than sticking their heads up the Koch Bros . and the christian fundy's assses . Just take a look at the majority of posts on this thread , see how fast and vicious they will turn on the jews , " given an excuse " .And THAT dogwhistle's being blown by FPM's own pundits . Yet they call the jews who are on the Democratic side …lol..self-hating jews " .

        • amused

          And don't let the last names of some of these alleged journalists fool you , they are either merel nom-de-plumes , or worse if they are really jews , then it is THEY who are in fact "self-hating jews " .

  • amused

    David Horowitz , your minions are out of control and are starting to " beat the drum slowly" . Your yellow journalist /hack / pundits have taken liberty and exposed themselves, feeling their anti-semite oats ,because with you , they can …and their sycophants are following lock-step . Shame on you all .

  • amused

    Just look at the Posts David ….the venom is beginning to ooze , and they're starting to sound alot like " some " other blogs we both know of . At any rate those kind of people have a knack for sniffing out "jews " …"genes " lol….in fact I see alot of new tags here . Claiming atheism doesn't get you off the hook David .

  • fanlad

    Daniel ,while captive in Babylon, showed no trace of this gene. He did his best to stay in God's will. God showed his mercy and grace and eventually the Jews returned to their home land to rebuild. We need more people like the wise Daniel, today.

  • amused

    Tell me when you find one .

  • Michael Canzano

    They would vote for Hitler if he had a "D after his name.

    • amused

      they then should vote for you Canzano …'ve got a "D " in front of your name ….DUNCE .

  • Loyal Achates

    Wait, I got it!

    1. DH hates liberals
    2. Most Jews are liberals
    3. So, DH hates most Jews
    4. So…DH is an anti-Semite.

    Logic is fun.


    Solway is an excellent writer, but I don't think there is a "Jewish gene" that explains the undeniable self-destructive tendencies within Judaism and Zionism – societal collapses of such magnitude must always be of intellectual origin. Just as there are anti-American Americans because America is primarily an ideal of freedom and capitalism, there must be anti-Jewish (and anti-Israel) Jews because of some intellectual strain within the Jewish people. I'm not conversant enough with Jewish history and philosophy to pinpoint what this is, but I would point out the early Israeli commitment to Socialism in the form of the kibbutzim, which had it spread throughout the rest of Israel's society and economy would have doomed the Jewish State as surely as the Welfare State will doom Europe and the U.S. if it isn't reformed. Perhaps some clue may be found in the beliefs of the early Zionists.

    • amused

      Wrong on ONE point , "Solway is an excellent writer " [unless you're talking fiction ] Right on another point – you are indeed " NOT conversant enough with Jewish history and philosophy …." so instead of reaching the stupid conclusion you have arrived at , out of ignorance and conjecture , why don't you do you're homework on the belief of "the early zionists , and what role kibbutzim played and STILL plays in the early and present day Israel . However I can see why you consider Solway an excellent writer .He makes lasting impressions on the gullible , the impressionable and the ignorant .

  • Mr. Polly

    Because Obama is marginally less abject in his groveling subservience to the Israel lobby than American Presidents usually are, Zionist fanatics call him a threat to Israel!

  • Alan

    I wasn't at this year's AIPAC Policy Conference, since I was still in Israel for the winter, but based on the previous ones I wouldn't think anything there was an endorsement, but merely being politic with most of the participants being polite, recognizing it's best not to do anything to make Obama even less friendly.

  • J Leland Kupferberg

    I think the author misses the point. These kinds of Jews aren’t stupid or “self-hating” or “misguided.” Rather, it’s all about self-interest and ego. It is gratifying when you can stake the moral capital of the Jews’ historical victim status, while also employing the security of one’s Jewish identity so as to self-righteously lecture all other Jews on the correct code of conduct.