Ex-Israeli Spy Chief Backs Netanyahu on Iran

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Yadlin’s words—and the fact that Israel’s ranks are actually much more united than Dagan and Diskin have tried to suggest—are also of special significance as the P5+1 governments prepare for Wednesday’s second round of nuclear talks with the Iranians in Baghdad.

Over the weekend the New York Times reported that U.S. negotiators now feel “hope” about the talks, and that

[a] successful meeting could prolong the diplomatic dance with Tehran, delaying any possible military confrontation…until after the presidential election. It could also keep a lid on oil prices…. Lower gasoline prices would aid the economic recovery in the United States, and Mr. Obama’s electoral prospects.

The unfortunate impression continues to be—just as it was after last month’s first round of talks in Istanbul—that for the P5+1 Iran’s nuclear program is a much less serious matter than it should be, or than it is for Israel—which sees much more at stake than oil prices or a particular leader’s political fortunes. As Israeli commentator Boaz Bismuth notes,

It’s safe to assume that, like the talks in Istanbul before it, this [week’s] encounter will end with positive declarations from all parties…. We must understand that the challenge for Western powers today is, essentially, how to prevent an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities.

Those who think that can be achieved with positive declarations and an ongoing “diplomatic dance” would probably be well advised to stop listening to the likes of Meir Dagan and Yuval Diskin.

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  • Larry

    Dagan and Diskin – The Sour Grapes Bunch (although the originals were much cuter). One was sacked and the other one passed over for the job. Given the garbage they have come out with since it looks as if the sacking and passing over were completely justified.

  • truebearing

    One would think, considering the exigencies of surviving an attack by genocidal demons, that these two fools would set aside their bruised egos, narcissistic compulsion for attention, or whatever their problem is, and show some unity with Netanyahu for the sake of Israel. They are traitors, and traitors can occupy some very high positions in a government. Even the highest, as Americans can attest.

  • H&R_ Barack

    FACT… Once the Israeli Arabs reach a majority at the voting booths, Israel will no longer be a Jewish State! The Arabs will simply use Israel’s "democratic principles" as a tool to destroy it!

    All ARAB Israeli villages must be dismantled and their inhabitants removed to any one of the 24 Arab countries.

    Israel takes care of all the world’s Jewish refugees. Let the Arab nations take care of their own. The Arab world is 600 times the size of Israel. I think they have room!

    Otherwise, I have not a problem making Iran into a glass factory!

    • rayane

      a man tried to implement your solution in 99, if my memory is correct he was called Slobodan. the world does not tolerate the mass deportation as 40, the result nato has traveled over serbia for 78 days. recently had a mad Libyan crazy tried to do the same result nato again and Arab countries have visited the Libyan beautiful space, you really want to see the NATO planes and the Arab countries, to visit the Israeli sky?

      • H&R_ Barack

        Yah, and President Clinton imported Al Qaeda from Afghanistan into Bosnia to counter Slobodan Milosevic, a decision facilitated in part by Madeleine Albright's vitriolic, personal hatred of Serbs, which significantly skewed our foreign policy.

        The attempt to combine the three major ethnic groups in Bosnia into one state has failed. Just as attempts to combine Islamists and Israel shall fail.

        Serbs have defensively created Republica Srpska. The Croats, who have tried accommodation with the radical Islamist leadership, have decided they have had enough. They recently asked Russia to intervene in the Security Council to stabilize their situation in the face of radical Islamist undermining of their status in the Bosnian federation.

        The United Caliphate States of Europe – http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/02/the_united

      • ron

        There are serious questions as to whether Slobodan Milosevic was indeed in the process of genocide. There is a great deal of talk about mass murder, but as with the "Weapons of Mass Destruction", very few actual bodies have been found, so you will excuse me if I regard your rhetoric as nonsense.

        Similarly with the Libyan. That war was far more about oil, the spreading of the muslim brotherhood, and preventing the establishment of a powerful african bank.

        You are very free to make broad and murderous threats to an ally. I wonder, how are all the wars excused in the name of "democracy" and "freedom" working out for the West? Are your economies doing well? Do you enjoy your curtailed civil liberties? Do you feel a sense of accomplishment having created a proxy state (Iraq) for the Iranians on the blood of your soldiers and the Iraqi populace? Do you strut proudly in the street when you consider the cost in blood, treasure spent in Afghanistan all for … what exactly? Generations of permanent hatred directed at you? A rebirth in the Heroin trade?

  • Dr. John

    The quality of rayane's English, and of his/her "thought," tell, together, a sad story.

  • Schlomotion

    This Hasbara piece is amusing because it is mostly an attempt to show that 1) that Benjamin Netanyahu (spelled tribally for maximum effect) finally has a supporter somewhere, 2) that somehow this supporter is a man of great importance and not some unknown slob, and 3) that the war against Iran is still on.

    The best part about the article is Mr. Hornik's slavish adherence to Wikipedia standards, including the Notability Requirement that says "His words are significant because…"

    It's as if he is trying to prevent speedy deletion of a non-neutral point of view of something written as an advertisement of a non-notable person.

    • stern

      TBI – to be ignored.
      Once again, the troll proves it has nothing to say with a post that says nothing.

  • John Tourian

    America sacrificed enough for BARBARIC Israel in Gentile deaths and a wrecked economy. If Israel attacks Iran, let it bear the full responsibility and stop all US AID and armaments to it! Stop financing the Jew-controlled Imperial Military of our for-sale governments that denies US Gentiles, among hundreds of other services, Universal Health-Dental-Optical-Drugs-ancillaries so it can develop ever more deadly weaponry to subjugate all other peaceful humans to the will of the CHOSEN and kill another 2 million Arabs, M.E. Christians and Moslems just in Iraq and Afghanistan. BARBARIC Israel mUSt maintain its hegemony over Arabs through their traitorous kings who were installed by Imperial US-U.K!! Enough! In all of book 19 of Deuteronomy, a racist ‘God’ calls Jews CHOSEN (in 200+ Biblical passages), gives them the heavily populated ‘land of Milk and Honey’ of ancient Semitic Palestinians and Arabs and sanctions the killing of ALL the peoples Israelites conquered (or has available Ester or Naomi put out & then murder the ‘enemy leader’ in his sleep), including Arabs, Palestinians, Samaritans, Sumerians, Kaldians, etc! This comes after 10 centuries of re-writing of the Bible to sanitize the image of a vindictive, psychopathic God who is childishly obsessed with forcing ‘His creation’ to ‘worship’ Him rather than asking mankind to be equanimous and recognize the equal rights of others! This Gargantuan lie was orchestrated by the Jew-run US Imperial Military, because ALL US Presidents (AND 90% Jew Congress) since Jew FDR’s time (incldng half-Jew W. Churchill) were Jews or converts from Judaism, married to Jewesses or have Jew blood in them incldng Mr Obama! If you want peace, negate CHOSEN Israel and recognize the equal rights of Israel’s victims!

    • guest

      ISRAEL is here to stay troll!!

    • dave

      even if your paranoid, obsessed, vitriolic hatred were true, you would do anything to live in Israel and the west if you had to live in a Sharia state, just like all the millions of muslims fleeing their homelands to live in the Judeo-Christian west, too stupid and proud to realise Islam has kept them down and not anyone else.They are so ashamed that the Judeo-Christian west has saved them, that they go deeper into denial and blame, as they cannot bring themselves to admit Islam has enslaved them. Any man who can kill his own daughter for 'honour', for leaving Islam or falling in love with an 'infidel' has become truly insane.


      You have to understand "John Tourian". He is still upset that his side lost WW2 and that the Israelis are not the unarmed Jews of WW2.

    • ron

      America actually sacrificed very little for Israel (nor should they). The Camp David treaty was about handing over Egypt as both a new market and a client state in a region that produces about a third of the worlds' oil, and is central to access for both Africa, Europe and Asia.

      Consider how much more difficult the Iraqi conquest would have been had the United States not had bases in Egypt, also consider how much easier this makes it logistically to supply bases in Saudi Arabia. The result is that the US has options on both sides of the Suez Canal, and right on top of Africa

      this is aside from the lucrative weapons deals with the Egyptians, and the denial of the same market to the Soviets. On top of everything else, the arrangement forces Israel to ignore their own weapons manufacturing base in favor of using cast off US weapons systems.

      It has also led to a delightful schism within the Israeli political system. Now that both right and left have engaged in the habit of handing back their hard won homeland to their worst enemies (Ben Gurion after the 6 day war at Eisenhowers demand), it is easy to apply pressure to the Israelis when you desire them to bark properly.

      Stop supporting Israel? Good heavens, why would a rabid Jew hater like you ever want to do such a contrary thing?

  • john in cheshire

    If I was on the Israeli defense council, I'd make sure that Tehran, Cairo and Damascus were being targetted with nuclear weapons and that should Iran press the nuclear button, they would all reap the harvest that the muslims have sown. I'd also have troops near to the arab areas known as Palestine and the muslim areas in Lebanon and as soon as the nuclear nightmare started, all restraints would be off; those in the neighbouring areas would be annihilated. Now, if the muslims want to call the Israeli bluff, then I'd be happy to watch the outcome and probably dance in the street, as they did following the 11, September 2001 muslim atrocity in New York.

    • Abisja

      John in Cheshire, I you are convinced that 9/11 was a muslim atrocity, you better start doing your homework. Should you embark on just a little research, would you kindly explain the spread of the debris of a plane crashing into the ground over an eight mile area and the hole in the Pentagon – no plane flew into that hole; so wake up fools, do your research and stop believing all the garbage the "official" reports are presenting to the American public – why can we(outsiders) discern between truth and lies, but you Yankees refuse to see the garbage the fools in positions are feeding you -WAKE UP!

      • stern

        So Osama bin Laden and the entire Muslim world took credit for it, just for the heck of it?

        You and people like you are the reason this world is off-kilter.

        • Abisja

          Stern – On whose pay role was Ben Laden – you know, quick burial at sea after he was supposedly taken out. There is ample proof (medical) that he died years ago; so keep on playing ostrich – that is why the world is off-kilter


    Strangely, Hornik does not comment adversely on Bismuth's statement: "this [week’s] encounter will end with positive declarations from all parties…. We must understand that the challenge for Western powers today is, essentially, how to prevent an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities."

    For Bismuth is completely wrong. The challenge is not how to prevent an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities, it's how to stop the ongoing Iranian nuclear program.

  • Ghostwriter

    Well,I'd like to remind those like Schlomotion and the neo-Nazi John Tourian something about their beloved Palestinians. They would kill them the moment they had a chance because they hate America,Americans,Israel,and Israelis. They never wanted peace with Israel,they just wanted dead Jews. Anti-Americanism is natural for Palestinians and for other in the Middle East. For them it's must eat,must breathe,must hate Americans and Jews. Their anti-semitic bile is disgusting. I hope they both go back to the ooze from which they were spawned.

  • Jimi Belton

    It is not Bibilical that Israel will be Vaporized by an atomic weapon…..That is Jehovah`s Garden, Therer will be massive use of nuclear weapons all over the M.E. until the Lord decides to intervene, " Except the Lord steps in, No flesh would be saved, but for the ELECT`S sake Those days shall be shortened"….I think we all know who the Elect will be….Don`t worry, if you are perpared for heaven you will already be called up to be with the Lord, with the [ clouds] of heaven…..Meaning the ones that Was saved by the blood of the Paschel Lamb of God…..Jesus christ…..Seek Him with all your heart and you shall find Him….Ask for his salvation, and He will freely give it to any and all….Do it soon……Jimi Belton

  • watsa46

    Without a single bullet the 5+ 1 can stop Iran. Not to do it is CRIMINAL.

  • Asher

    There are still men leading who have incredible knowledge and abilities, God grant them the wisdom and skills to avert Catastrophe and guide them to Victory for Israel and the Oppressed!