France’s Anti-Jewish Terrorism Epidemic

Last March, when the French Muslim terrorist Mohamed Merah murdered a teacher and three children at a French Jewish school in Toulouse, a media firestorm resulted. Things have not gotten easier for French Jews since then. As the New York Times noted this week, French Jews say anti-Semitic threats have in fact escalated since March, Merah’s act having stirred “empathy” and “emulation.”

Indeed, the main thing that appears to have prevented further catastrophes is good police work. On Saturday French police raided the Strasbourg apartment of a 33-year-old French Muslim named Jeremy Sidney and ended up killing him in a shootout. Sidney’s DNA had been found on a grenade that, in September, was thrown into a kosher supermarket in Sarcelles (near Paris), wounding a customer.

Sidney, it turns out, was born in Melun, France, got a two-year sentence for drug trafficking in 2008, and converted to Islam while in prison. And he was no isolated case. As part of the same far-reaching operation on Saturday, police arrested twelve other suspected Islamic terrorists in Paris, Tours, Strasbourg, and Cannes.

“All,” reports CNN, “are being held on suspicion of…manufacturing deadly explosives, illegal possession of weapons and attempted homicide of police officers. Three of them have criminal records for drug trafficking, theft or violence….” AP says all of them were, like Sidney, “French and recent converts to Islam.”

CNN also tells us: “Police seized a number of items such as ammunition, a list of ‘Israelite’ organizations in and around Paris, a publication produced by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, wills, computer equipment and 27,000 euros ($35,000) in cash….”

As part of the probe, on Wednesday police also found bomb-making materials in an underground parking lot near Paris.

Israeli commentator Boaz Bismuth notes that one of the cell members, Jan Ansako, “was addicted to fundamentalist websites and uploaded [to his own site] photos of dead Palestinian babies and a photograph of an Israeli soldier aiming his weapon…. ‘How can you not hate this cursed nation?’ he wrote.”

The above-quoted New York Times article reports that these suspects “were described in various news reports as admirers of Mr. Merah, and some of them even called his actions ‘the battle of Toulouse.’”

Bismuth adds: “Although Jews are not the only targets on this terror cell’s list, they appear at the top.”

A few things are worth pointing out here.

First, while terrorists like Merah and the rest are extreme manifestations, they are part of a much wider phenomenon. As Israeli historian Robert Wistrich put it: “The scale and extremism of the [anti-Semitic] literature and commentary available in Arab or Muslim newspapers, journals, magazines, caricatures, on Islamist websites, on the Middle Eastern radio and TV news, in documentaries, films, and educational materials, is comparable only to that of Nazi Germany at its worst.”

While this hate has been metastasizing from Arab and Muslim countries themselves to far-flung immigrant communities, especially in Europe, far more attention has been directed to scattered, minor, generally much less extreme anti-Muslim expressions in Western media, a certain YouTube video being the latest example. Meanwhile the tide of Jew-hatred flowing from Arab and Muslim countries is now powerful enough to “convert” originally non-Muslim Westerners and to pose a daily, murderous danger to Jews in France and elsewhere in Europe—while Westerners hasten to apologize to Muslims for what are no more than insults.

Second, while Muslim anti-Semitism is rooted in the Koran and predates the rise of modern Israel by fourteen centuries, Israel is today an obsessive focal point—as in the abovementioned case of the terror suspect with his photos of “dead Palestinian babies” and an armed Israeli soldier. For that terror suspect, though, the proper object of hate was “this cursed nation”—meaning not just Israeli Jews but all Jews, thereby giving the hate a genocidal scope in the strictest sense. Hence, French Jews—whatever their concern or lack of concern for Israel, “the Palestinians,” or the “two-state solution”—are part of “the nation” and potential targets for murder, whether children in a school or customers in a supermarket.

For a religion comprising well over a billion people worldwide, and fifty-seven countries, to focus so much obsessive hate on a vastly smaller people is, to put it mildly, not something to take pride in. One would like to believe that, if the Islamic world could really see itself in a mirror, it would not like what it sees.

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  • PaulRevereNow

    Very good article, especially the last paragraph.

  • Stern

    "One would like to believe that, if the Islamic world could really see itself in a mirror, it would not like what it sees."

    But if one did believe that, one would be naive in the extreme. I have no doubt that any Muslim looking in the mirror will be absolutely delighted with the way his/her religion is spreading throughout the world – and will conclude that their god thinks they are right to kill anyone who isn't a true believer, starting with the Jews. You only have to read the Taliban justifying their shooting of a 14-year old schoolgirl to know that these are very self-satisfied fanatics who have no interest in any opinion but their own.

    • Dr. John

      But perhaps, on a more sensory level, if they could really see the distorted face of ugliness and malice.

    • Kufar Dawg

      The atrocities and human rights violations committed by islamofascists all over the world aren't being done behind closed doors, they revel in their barbarity. It's no secret what scuzzlums are doing to people of other faiths all over the world, right now, in the here and now, in all of their muslime states, which makes it harder to believe in "moderate" or "good" muslimes at all.

  • Marty

    As usual, islam is attractive to the murdering sociopaths who get sent to prison. The french police are finding it increasingly difficult to protect the country's Jewish community of more than 600,000, the third largest in the world. The writing is clearly on the wall. France is being partitioned into islamic and non-islamic enclaves. Any Jews trapped in islamic areas will be murdered or enslaved. They need to leave while they are able, migrate to either the United States or Israel, and live in freedom. europe's long history of anti-semitism remains uninterrupted and only took about a three decade recess after World War II. By the 1970s it was in full swing again. europe became and will remain a Jewish cemetary.

  • Rev. Roy Trepanier

    "One would like to believe that, if the Islamic world could really see itself in a mirror, it would not like what it sees:" And one would be wrong.They do see themselves in a mirror everytime they turn on the news !! Do you see Muslim's marching in the streets decrying and denying their "Religion of Peace" ?? No, because they are more afraid of their own than the "useful idiots" in the western world. Muslim has been killing Muslim for centuries (1 million dead in the 10 year Iran-Iraq war in the eighties).
    Honor killings. beheadings, FGM's (30 million) and the list is endless of their barbaric atrocities. Islam has a 1500 year history of Murder, Mayhem and Massacre and the west oblingly turns a blind eye to the facts to embrace, tolerate and help integrate a people group that has NEVER assimilated into any society.
    Hmmmmmm….will the world wake up in time ??Will you wake up in time ??Time to call on Jesus for salvation and enlightment..the real Jesus, by the way, the Jesus of the Christian Bible.
    Rev. Roy….<><

    • EthanP

      I'm Jewish. Otherwise you're spot on.

  • EthanP

    If you recruit in prisons, your new converts are likely already prone to violence. Must save lots of time.

  • Western Spirit

    My Jewish husband used to tease me because my ancestors were thrown out of Scotland and made to go to Ireland making me part Scotch-Irish, among many other things, and they were thrown out of France, too, because they were Huguenots.

    I guess the French claim of brotherhood, fraternity and freedom is a concept that doesn't even go skin deep. As for the Scot's throwing people out I have no idea what that was about I only know that Gary Cooper was Scotch-Irish and that's enough for me to claim it as part of my heritage, too.

  • Roger

    I was thinking of Helen Thomas saying the Jews needed to go home back to Europe where they belong.

    She went away. And these kinds of stories are why the Jews need a homeland.
    Too bad the muslim activists don't enjoy their homelands and just stay put.

    • rob

      They don't need a homeland. They need to just claim to be French like everyone else.

  • Schlomotion

    This article is an example of why post-Zionism is the case. Mr. Hornik's best argument is that it's not fair that Israeli Hasbara gets more attention than Arab Hasbara. He is trapped in a little conundrum where he can't make Islamic websites look bad without addressing the fact that people like Anders Breivik took all their cues from Peder Jensen and Robert Spencer. He is bound to the argument Jewish fanatical propaganda is morally superior to Muslim fanatical propaganda. AGAIN, the polynomial hierarchy of his logic collapses into a low class of complexity, simply: "Jews are better than Muslims, Jews bleed harder than Muslims, Muslims hate harder than Jews do." These are quite simply the childish arguments that make rational people frown.




      May all your jihads turn into workplace accidents!

      • Kufar Dawg


    • Omar

      Enough with your propaganda, Schlomotion. Keep your ignorance to yourself.

    • Mo Schlotion

      Polynomial hierarchy has a plethora of syllables.So does supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

      • Kufar Dawg

        Maybe Schlock feels his "arguments" hold more weight the more syllables he uses.


      What nonsense! Your pseudo intellectualism (what the hell is "polynomial hierarchy"? Answer: pretentious, meaningless claptrap) can't cover the inaccuraCIES.

    • bkopicz

      Professor Irwin Corey on steriods but without the humor

  • DeShawn

    Well maybe if you jews didn't terrorize us goys you wouldn't get terrorized yourselves (most of these so-called "crimes" are fake anyway). "Anti-semitism" is a healthy response to jewish corruption and bad behavior. Chew on that for a while, devils.

    • UCSPanther

      A hail of .303 british and 30.06 is a healthy response to Nazi scumbags. Chew on that, you inbred freak.

    • UCSPanther

      And may any attacks you do on us result in Dresden-grade retaliation.

    • Ghostwriter

      DeShawn,both you and Schlomotion are anti-semitic slugs. You should be ashamed of yourselves but shame is a foreign concept to you two jerks.

    • PaulRevereNow

      What's the matter? Your hip-hop CD's have too many scratches? No brains, no common sense, no integrity, no tolerance and no manners….You're totally worthless.

    • DeShawn

      Hey, it's you Zionists who are teh REAL Nazis. I'm AGAINST violence. I don't support the jewish wars in the Middle East for israel, that cancer. And how can I be an "anti-semite?" I got no problem with ARabs, the REAL semites. And you're a racist if you think that every black man listens to hip-hop. I prefer jazz and classical. Meanwhile NONE of y'all actualy responded to my point. People around the world are getting sick and tired of jewish tyrrany. And now you're seeing blowback. Just how it is.

      • Drakken

        Islam is a cancer, as you are. Please by all means keep living in denial and pushing us infidels too far. It is going to be extremely enlightening to you and yours as a result.

      • Kufar Dawg

        What about Ethiopian Jews? What do you think of them scuzzlum?

    • Kufar Dawg

      It's always the Jews isn't it you sick, sad deluded POS?

    • Jan Steinberg

      Hey, DeShawn, whoever you think you are.. My family and I never terrorized anyone, we're not corrupt, and behaved badly or hurt anyone. We worked to support our families, served our country in times of war,paid our taxes, and minded our own business. We never asked for handouts and never demanded special priviliges. All we ever asked is to be left alone to live our midlle class lives in peace and friendship wiith our neighbors. You never met us or heard of us. Yet you hate us because we are Jewish. Yes, we are Jewish and don't owe you or anything like you an apology for it. Chew on that for a while you miserable stinking Anti-Semite.

  • Western Spirit

    DeShawn this post makes me wonder about your mental competence. Do you vote? Heaven help us if you do.

    • DeShawn

      Being jew-wise is a sign of GOOD mental health. Only a crazy person would support jewish terrorism and the total control you freaks have over everything.

      • Kufar Dawg

        If you see a good psychiatrist they might be able to help you work out your delusions and become a functioning member of non-islamic society.

        • Drakken

          A 7.62 mm lead injection is the only cure for savages like that.

          • Kufar Dawg

            Yes a good does of lead would certainly assist him in finding a cure to his antisemitic delusions.

      • Western Spirit

        DeShawn I am not a Jew. I'm simply a fair minded person who doesn't believe in the propaganda against the Jews because it doesn't ring true.

        If I were a Jew I'd be flattered to think we had the power to control everything if that didn't mean we are also responsible for the mess everything is in, which Jews are not responsible. Jews are just handy to blame once again.

        But I'm not a Jew, just someone who feels affinity with them because of what has happened to me for being me, independent and out spoken, while you've placed yourself in the company of Hitler and other murderers.

        Congratulations for the 'good' company you've chosen to share your travel while here. What an intellect you demonstrate you have! And morals to match.

  • Felek

    as the leader of EuropeanJewry,Serge Cwajgenbaum, said-France is a place one can not don a kippah and be visible as a Jew. Poland is a safe place. still, Poles get defamed by Jewish persons as "anti-Semites" while French do not! Double standards,no doubt.


      Ask primate glemp why he hates Jews so much while he prays to a Jew.


    Ask primate glemp why he hates Jews so much while he prays to a Jew.

    • DeShawn

      Jesus was NOT a jew. He was a Galilean. That's a well known fact so stop LYING.

      • Kufar Dawg

        Delusional much?

  • zalukas

    Liberal Jews in France and across Europe prepared the soil for Muhammadan invasion.

    It's truly painful to watch how a Lamb goes into Wolf's den expecting some sort of understanding.

    France still have Judenrat, how touching.

    Here are some "Jews" Shlomotion can get behind.


  • Schlomotion

    I am satisfied to possess 3-satisfiability.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Translation: piling it deeper and higher.

  • Milagros Barcelo

    I am so blessed, that I believ that GOD is in control, those who are against Israel, will meet the LION OF JUDEAH AND HIS WILL BE DONE. SHALOM.