Iran, Hamas Relish Muslim Brotherhood Win in Egypt

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Such a regime, says Ben Yishai, “will be hostile to Israel based on its very nature and worldview…. This is what happened in Iran in the 1970s and more recently in Turkey, Gaza and Tunisia.”

And, further:

Should the Arab domino effect continue to favor political Islam, the chance of securing a peace agreement with the Palestinians is nil. Moreover, under this state of affairs, the peace treaty with Jordan faces a significant threat, and we may also find various terror groups associated with the Brotherhood, the Salafists and Global Jihad on our borders with Syria and Jordan.

Another commentator, Dan Margalit, stated morosely that “The flag of peace between Israel and Egypt, which was always at half-mast, has dropped to the quarter mark following the Arab Spring.”

And another one, Boaz Bismuth, sounded a note of bitterness, writing that

[Muslim Brotherhood founder] Hassan al-Banna had a vision: He and those who inherited his legacy were supposed to topple the existing regimes in Arab countries one after another and unite them under a singular international Islamic regime with the slogan “The Quran is our constitution.” That was his dream, which was blocked by a dam, until U.S. President Barack Obama came and breached the dam.

Egypt’s own Ahram Online reports that Egypt’s secular and liberal parties share the perception that the U.S. backed the Brotherhood candidate and helped him win, with Osama Ghazali Harb of the Democratic Front Party “claim[ing] the US was pressuring SCAF to hand over power to the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Notably, except for right-of-center Bismuth, none of the above-quoted Israeli commentators is a right-winger. But the hope that Egypt’s Islamist tide can still be contained, without a deterioration into intensified terror if not war, is hardly a divisive right-left issue.

It was, however, Israel’s trade three decades ago of the entire Sinai Peninsula for a peace treaty with Egypt—albeit carried out by Likud prime minister Menachem Begin—that launched the land-for-peace paradigm. And it was left-wingers who latched onto it with gusto, seeking to apply it hastily and enthusiastically to the Syrian and Palestinian fronts—with dire effects of drastically increased terror in the latter domain.

Today Israel is a country still undergoing a maturation process, which involves more realistically assessing the roiling, unstable surrounding entities instead of projecting dreams and hopes onto them. Obsessive talk about just which concessions would finally convert the Palestinians into paragons of peace has been replaced by worried, nonpartisan speculations about the future of Gaza, Sinai, and Egypt itself.

Israel is also a country that is mostly hoping for a new U.S. administration that would be more inclined to back the right instead of the wrong side in Middle Eastern disputes. Of course, from now till the end of this year—with the Iranian, Syrian, Egyptian, and other situations remaining very much unresolved—anything could happen.

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  • Marty

    It's at least a good thing that the muslim brotherhood considers shiites in iran and elsewhere to be heretics and therefore richly deserving of death. They hate each other at least as much as both hate Israel. Nearly half the egyptian voters actually preferred a candidate who is a corrupt leftover from the mubarak regime. Hopefully, this means that the new government will be forced to focus on feeding its population (100,000 new egyptians are added each month) and leave Israel alone for the time being. Females and coptic christians are understandably very nervous. morsi also must pay attention to what his generals are telling him (probably that they can't win a war with Israel and that a conflict would destroy what remains of the egyptian economy). Let us hope that even the muslim brotherhood retains some semblance of rational thought.

    • SAM000

      The Islamists are not able to resolve the economic and social needs of the nation, in the Islamists mind the people are the SUBJECTS under the governance of the representatives of ALLAH.
      The SUBJECTS do never protest the GOVERNANCE OF ALLAH, the PROTESTORS are judged to be the FIGHTERS against ALLAH or MOHAREB-ALLAH.
      Those fighters are purely and simply condemned to death.
      But, somewhere you are right, the Islamists can not execute the whole population under the pretext that they are ANTI-ALLAH, So, they create a war to externalize the problem. Egypt will create the war against Israel very soon.
      In Iran, khomeiny felt that the reality of the 50 Millions needs are beyond his Islamic Regime, that is why he created the war against IRAQ and now against Israel, the only reason that the Islamic Regime of Iran do not open the war against Israel is that, the Mullahs are scared to be overthrown be the Iranian Resistance if they concentrate their repression troops in a war outside of country, AS KHOMEINY SAID, "ENEMY OF ISLAM IS NOT AT WASHINGTON OR TELAVIV, ENEMY OF ISLAM IS INSIDE THE COUNTRY and his name is the MONAFEGH", this was some 30 years ago where the Islamic Regime of Khomeiny was born and it was "very popular" ( according the propaganda of the lefties of USA and EU).
      But now, 30 years after, the minimum of ms-concentration of the repression forces from the internal upraising will cost the annihilation of the ISLAMIC REGIME OF IRAN, this is why the mullahs are looking for nuclear bomb.
      Iran's Regime for his survival has concentrated all his efforts around two subjects:
      1 – eliminating the RESISTANCE ORGANIZATION called MEK (the Regime calls them Monafegh).
      2 – Nuclear BOMB.

      USA and EU are opposing the Mullahs Nuclear BOMB, USA of OBAMA has suggested the Mullahs the RESISTANCE of MEK for their Nuclear BOMB, that's why USA keeps on his terror list the name of MEK (Iranian Resistance Organization).
      USA of OBAMA is the biggest barrage against the people who want to destroy the Islamic powers.
      USA administrations have tolerated and appeased the Islamic powers till now, BUT OBAMA's administration goes beyond the current appeasements and incentives, USA of OBAMA supports actively the Islamic Powers against the people.

  • H&R_ Barack

    Obama's Egypt is Jimmy Carter's Iran!

    ..except that Jimmy Carter was a baptist……

  • Ghostwriter

    I doubt that the Muslim Brotherhood is CAPABLE of rational thought.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    When starvation starts taking lives in Egypt the Muslim mobs will attack and rob all non Islamists
    who will be the first to go in the Islamist purge which spares the military the onus and possible
    loss of American funding. The tactic of using the mob in the street gives the government a fall
    guy in order to avoid direct blame. Corruption is rampant where there is no economy. Lunacy
    is a great tool of evil masters……………………………….William

  • Schlomotion

    Isn't Israel "hostile" to its neighbors "based on its very nature and worldview?" Aren't Political Judaists saying that Israel is the Land of the Jews but that a Land of the Muslims cannot be allowed to take root anywhere near them, even where they already exist, even over on the next continent?