Iraq Joins Iran’s Axis

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First, some blame President Obama for withdrawing U.S. forces from Iraq too early and enabling such outcomes as the current airlift to Syria. But, while keeping the U.S. forces there longer may have delayed the moment of truth, it is doubtful that doing so could have achieved any eventual outcome that would have justified sacrificing additional American lives.

Though Obama himself has wrought much harm in the Middle East, the seeds of an Iran-allied Iraq were planted well before his term, as already understood at the time by a knowledgeable, realistic Middle Easterner like Abdullah. In this cruel region, removing an evil like Saddam Hussein’s vicious Sunni regime can mean clearing the path for a possibly even greater geopolitical evil like Maliki’s Shiite regime.

Second, and by the same token, the growth and consolidation of the Shiite crescent does not necessarily mean Assad’s downfall is desirable. In the Syrian imbroglio—in something of a mirror image of the situation in Iraq ca. 2003-2004—the demise of Assad’s vicious Alawite regime could mean clearing the path for the Sunni radicals now increasingly prominent in the forces arrayed against him. The regime’s fall would also—while undoubtedly a blow to Iran’s alliance—weaken the alliance less now that it also includes Iraq.

Which leads, finally, to the fact that the only place where Iran’s axis can be dealt a decisive blow is Iran itself. With a nuclear-armed Shiite crescent now just over the horizon, any rational Western statecraft would not just be considering but planning that step.

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  • Rifleman

    It only took obama 4 years to undo everything Bush accomplished in 8, and put us back three steps from where we started. Afghanistan to the taliban, Iraq to the mad mullahs, and all the countries he his administration was instrumental in handing over to the muslim brotherhood. If hussein has his way the mad mullahs will have nukes, and already, muslim brotherhood run Egypt is talking of developing them.

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    Forgetting for the moment that Bush screwed up badly in the ME, the continuing obsession of some to wail about the links between Bashar Assad and anyone else is misplaced and unbalanced. The reason for this is simple, Bashar is done. It doesn't matter what Russia says or does. It doesn't matter what Iran or Iraq says or does. What really matters is what Turkey and Saudi Arabia say and do. And they say Bashar must go. So, go he will. Period. It is not a mistake that Hamas is turning to Egypt instead of Iran. Or that Hezbollah is distancing itself from Iran. They know what time it is and they know that Saudi money and Turkish power cannot be trumped.
    That fool Obama will still find a way to screw up Syria for us, he's good at that. But, to say Bush accomplished anything in the ME is a clear departure from reality. Those conflicts were doomed from the beginning because the objectives were vague, the plans sucked, the fight was poorly executed and nobody had any idea what the endgame was. They still don't. One of my favorite blunders is the hugely expensive and completely counterproductive policy to rebuild and pay for anything our troops damage or destroy in combat. I think that speaks for itself and proves that America has no idea whether it is fighting or at peace, building up some friends or defeating an enemy.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      The problem is waiting for enough destruction before the rebuilding begins. The USA has the means and leadership to build anything we want superior to any other culture or nation. But when we compromise, this is obviously not going to lead to the optimal result.

      See Japan and Germany today and how they became so productive. Also see the Japanese constitution for how to handle the politics. See how the political left makes this virtually impossible ever since the hippie movement discovered how to manipulate the media.

    • PaulRevereNow

      Who knows, if Saddam Hussein had remained in power, he might have started a war with Iran, and these two countries might have destroyed one another. Bush's gamble on taking out Saddam; though well-intentioned and seemingly necessary at the time, resulted in a poorly handled occupation/peace(blame Paul Bremer for that), that eventually backfired on the West. But had Iraq and Iran destroyed one another, the world would be a lot better off today. That very well could have occurred, because Iran won the Iran-Iraq war, in the 1980's.

  • chowching259

    Blessed will be the names of Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad if they hugged and shook hands. Both are skilled traders who can exchange oil for weapons, Israel needs oil and Iran needs nuclear warheads. The signing of a non-aggression pact will insure that their friendship will be everlasting.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Sure. Pass that over here please, I could use some of that.

  • Jim

    An Army Colonel suspended for teaching anti Islam course turns around and and begins legal proceedings against top general who he claims is hiding the truth about Islam.

    How many army men are angry about the Generals who Kow Tow to the administration over it's the Islamic fantasy.?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Good question. I have wondered that about the military and the police agencies. I don't expect to find many answers there as it's politically difficult for them to communicate that anger. I would think a lot more than most realize and that is one good thing; most people who experience Islam and its effects can see it as plainly as we can.

  • SAM000

    49 Millions U$D per day or 18 Billions U$D per year, this is what you the American tax payers offer to IRAQ for their Military and Police trainings.

    With your Money, Iraq executes the innocents and declares itself the Iran's and HEZBOLLAH and Syria Allie.

    Not only Obama has offered IRAQ to the Mullahs of IRAN who are USA enemy, he pays them 18 Billions of U$D to stay enemy!