Israeli Officials Blast U.S. Iran Policy

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But if, regarding the northern border, those remain scenarios for the time being, Israel’s southern, Sinai border with Egypt erupted on Sunday night with a very real incident when as-yet-unidentified terrorists—Sinai- or Gaza-based—took over an Egyptian checkpoint and killed about 15 Egyptian border guards there.

The terrorists then drove two vehicles full-speed toward the Israeli border—where one of them blew up and the other was targeted and destroyed by the Israeli air force, thereby averting what could have been a major, devastating terror attack within Israel.

Sinai has already been a hotbed of global-jihad terror since the fall of Hosni Mubarak in February 2011, with the regime of Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi—and now, also, Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Morsi—unable or unwilling (or some combination of the two) to regain control.

With a terror incursion from Sinai taking eight Israeli lives a year ago and another attack killing an Israeli workman two months ago, Sunday night’s successful interception reflects heightened vigilance—but, while an achievement, hardly guarantees further quiet.

Netanyahu, visiting the site of the attack on Monday, said it was

clear that Israel and Egypt have a common interest in maintaining a peaceful border between them. However, when it comes to the security of Israeli citizens, it seems time and again that Israel must and can only rely on itself. No one can fulfill this role except the IDF and the security agencies of the State of Israel and we will continue in this manner.

Given the unsatisfactory talks with Panetta last week, the words conveyed a resonance going beyond the issue of the Sinai border.

The year and a half since the onset of what the West hailed as the “Arab Spring” has been a difficult time for Israel, which has to bear the brunt of regional realities produced in part by Western delusions. That pertains to Egypt, where the Obama administration helped push the moderate Mubarak from office and since then has backed the Brotherhood; and arguably to Syria, where earlier and stronger Western intervention on the rebels’ side may have helped them prevail before global jihadists began pouring into the country (though admittedly, even then, the Assad regime may have emerged as the lesser evil).

And it pertains to Iran, which has been encouraged by the rising Islamist tide and not at all deflected from its nuclear path by the West’s sanctions and talks. Whether Israel will apply the paradigm of “relying only on itself” to the Iranian issue remains to be seen, but these days it seems more a possibility than ever.

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  • Nakba1948

    Is nothing good enough for you whining ZIonists? You have the US government wrapped around your finger, with American taxpayers shoveling billions of dollars to the Apartheid State every year. The US protects Israel from rightful condemnation in the United Nations and is pressured to abet the Zionists continued ethnic cleansing in Palestinian lands. You don't like US policy towards Iran? Not bellicose enough for you? Fine, stop taking our foreign aid, get your spies and stooges out of our government, and fend for yourself. You REALLY don't recognize how arrogant and hypocritical you are, do you? Zionism is a cancer on humanity.

    • Shalom Freedman

      This is another outstanding report on the security situation of Israel by P.David Hornik. Israel has a great interest in maintaining Intelligence and Security cooperation with Egypt. Egypt also would be wise to continue with this, and not allow Terror to operate and control Sinai. As for Hizbollah its missiles will cause damage in Israel in any future encounter, but it will know a kind of devastation that will certainly limit its roof- dancing abilities for years to come. The Palestinians who receive more aid per capita than anyone in the world continue to miss opportunities and so long as their line of ‘hate- Israel first’ dominates them they will continue to wallow in their own folly and self- pity. Propaganda seems the only thing they are capable of producing.
      The U.S. is mistaken in waiting for the last moment to stop Iran. The Iranians may be ahead of that ‘last moment’ Better two minutes sooner than one minute too late. It appears now that Israel is not going to rely on the U.S. but at this point we cannot know for certain.


      EternalNakba1948, I wish you were in Syria to get a taste of some REAL Nakba – at the hands of your sand nazi buddies. With any luck you'll fall victim to some jihadi animal.

      The more your buddies kill each other, the better off the world is.

      Happy Eternal Nakba!

    • CHOI

      The CANCER on Humanity is ISLAMIC JIHAD and the FAKE "Palestinians" who the Arab/Muslim world continues to pretend to "care about" BUT DON'T!
      How about CEASING your attempts to DESTROY Israel and REALIZE it's YOUR "Brothers" who are USING YOU as PAWNS ?
      YOUR FELLOW Arabs/Muslims have and continue to be the ONLY ones responsible for any Nakba you perceive.

    • Drakken

      The day is going to come where you jihadist loving sub human scum will get a taste of what you crave. There is war on the horizon and when it comes there will be no quarter and no mercy. Gaza will fire one rocket too many and all bets will be off, I only hope that Israel takes the gloves off and pushes that den of scum and villany into the sea and calles it a day.

    • Ghostwriter

      And another sterling example of Jew hatred from Nakba1948,who excels at whining.

    • Neal N. Blowme

      You and your pals are about to meet Allah. Good riddance.

    • Indio Viejo

      Your tirade is as old as anti-semitism. Nothing is true, everything is mostly sophistry, and I am sure people here know you for what you are; an agitator. But you need to be a lot smarter to have an effect. Knowing this then you are just venting for yourself. Typical narcissist.

    • UCSPanther

      Curious. Virtually all the wars recently have benefited the Saudis and their allies way more than the Israelis.

      Now try to explain that.

  • Dr. John

    The so-called Palestinian Nakba was self-inflicted–by turning down a generous two-state solution in 1947, which the Jewish side was prepared to accept. Inside, Nakba is a good metaphor for far-reaching self-inflicted harm in the Arab (and larger Muslim) world–see the Arab Development Report, written by Arab intellectuals for the UN. So long as "Nakba" is blamed on others there will not be a centimeter of progress.

    • Dr. John

      "Inside" is supposed to be "Indeed"

    • jerry sanders

      unbelievably ignorant posts by morons that research nothing. question nothing. what fools!!!!

      • Drakken

        Coming from a liberal/progressive like you, I'll take that as a compliment.

  • Pacifist1

    U.K. Bank Accused of Laundering Money for Iranian Terrorists
    By Michael Gormley, Associated Press
    Aug 6th, 2012


    ALBANY, New York – A British bank schemed with the Iranian government to launder $250 billion from 2001 to 2007, leaving the United States financial system "vulnerable to terrorists," New York's financial regulator charged Monday.

    • SAM000

      During 2001 to 2007 TONY BLAIR as UK PM and JACK STRAW as UK FM, both from labor party were lobbying the Mullahs regime in EU and USA,
      UK convinced G.W. BUSH to invade Iraq, UK convinced G.W. BUSH to welcome Iran as 45th allied state to attack IRAQ.
      the huge stolen fortune of the Iranian Mullahs are in the UK Banks.
      UK Statesmen are known to be corrupted always by the Mullahs, Jack Straw the UK FM claiming to be a good Muslim and a Fidel FOLLOWER of KHAMENEII.
      Jack Straw was proud to have Mullah Khatami as friend.
      In a UK TV4 program Jack Straw explained that he had learned by heart the name of 12 Imams and the Islamic slogan statements, he claimed that when he was participating in the Islamic ceremonies, he was shouting the SALAVAT statement so loud that the Hezbollahies were shocked.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    While Obama and much of the press fixates on its usual obsession… setting up Jews for a second Holocaust, Islam is also hard at work laying waste to major portions of the world and preparing to impose Islamic rule over everybody and extinguishing their respective non-Islamic civilizations.

    Today It's the Gun and the Qur'an (Koran)…
    Tomorrow It Will Be Nukes and the Qur'an.

    Islam has destroyed every civilization it touched and brought misery, poverty, ignorance and war in every country that it invaded! Look at GAZA!

    "….."The land of Israel belongs to God, and He has decided to give it to the Jewish nation,
    in accordance with the covenant sealed on Mount Sinai, a covenant that no other nation
    was willing to undertake. After a long exile, we've returned home. We bear no malice toward anyone
    and seek no harm to anyone. But we will not surrender any portion of our land to foreign powers,
    and if foreigners rise up against us to destroy us, we will fight against them and,
    with God's help, we will destroy them."

    ~ Martin Wasserman

  • κατεργάζομαι

    On January 30, 2007, Senator Barack Obama introduced the -Iraq War De-escalation Act of 2007- in a speech from the floor of the U.S. Senate.

    MORE THAN FIVE YEARS LATER: The secret to Obama's Iraq 'success?'

    Do nothing.

    Side note: If ever there was a demonstration of contrast in intellectual acumen and sagacity it is between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu – – and the professional jesters, President Barack Hussein Obama & his court fool, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

    • Raymond in DC

      None of that surprises. Put the CVs of Obama and Netanyahu side by side and tell me which one is better qualified to be Leader of the Free World. The only thing Obama has in his favor is the power of the office he holds.

  • Jerry

    Israel would be better served by striking now than after the election. By doing so Israel would be forcing Obama to assist or face the outrage of all of the Americans who support Israel. However, if Obama is re-elected the chances of him helping Israel is 0%

  • Pacifist1

    UK bank slumps after being linked to Iran terror
    The Sun‎
    Tuesday, August 7, 2012,

    A BRITISH bank accused of exposing the US to terrorists by hiding secret deals with the Iranian government has seen £6BILLION wiped from its share prices this morning.

    It is said that some of the money could have helped Iran develop its nuclear weapons programme and finance terrorist groups including Hezbollah and Hamas.


      It was the british who released the convicted bomber of Pan Am 103, on "compassionate" grounds, the "passion" for libyan oil contracts for "bp" – "british petroleum".

    • Kufar Dawg

      I hope all decent citizens of the UK immediately withdraw all funds from Standard Chartered. Hopefully the
      bank will go under and their senior execs go to prison.

  • Marty

    In the end, Israel will have to do what it can to destroy or at least blunt the iranian intent on genocide without the support let alone cooperation of the United States. Most muslims in the region will quietly cheer the event though, as hypocritical and cowardly as ever, will publically condemn the Israeli action. As long as european anti-semitism runs rampant and the current administration remains in office, Israel remains alone. The one advantage to being alone is that it is a status that enables Israel to do anything required for its survival. In the meantime, new allies are on the horizon: India daily recalls the islamic slaughter of 80 million Hindus and the coerced conversion of tens of millions more and China has begun to appreciate the islamic menace in its western provinces. In the years to follow we should witness new alliances being forged against the muslim intention to establish a global caliphate over the bodies of billions of non-muslims.

    • Kufar Dawg

      A military alliance between India, Israel and China would be fine by me — especially as long as we have an islamofascist regime in the W.H. The zero, by embracing islamofascism, is the enemy of freedom and liberty everywhere, incl. the US.


    The civilized world needs to support the opposition in Persia.

    The Persian people have been oppressed by the ayatollahs since the statanic khomeni returned to the islamic republic.

    iran will fall to the Persian people and the brutal ayatollahs will hang by the neck.

    • Kufar Dawg

      I'd like to believe that, but the fact is, aside from the USSR I can't think of one case in which a totalitarian state has been overthrown purely through the actions of its citizens.

  • Bert

    Today about 2/3 of U.S. Jews still support Obama. Leading Jewish leftists still claim that Obama is the 'best friend' that Israel ever had in the White House. This has the effect of weakening Israel's friends among the American public that supports Israel. Israel needs the backbone to finally declare that they no longer have any trust in the Obama administration – neither its competence nor its intentions. This action will cut the legs off of all those Americans who want to credit Obama with being pro Israel. Israel's leaders must go public with this realizations and not just have it reported in minor news outlets.

  • watsa46

    Is Bibi forgetting that for Muslims, life is worthless and therefore Egypt does not care how many are killed. It is all for Allah. On the other hand, until proven otherwise, Pr. O and its foreign policy advisers are at war with the US.

  • 080

    You would have to be particularly stupid not to see that in the Middle East there is only one story: American retreat and Soviet breakout. Not only now but for the past 50 years.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Simplistic explanations for the simple minded.

  • JOHN

    This nakba guy , wow ! Indoctrinated with lefty lies . So confident and sure of his ideology . Mean while back in reality , Islamic terrorist attacks world wide approach 20,000 since 9/11. the death toll from jihad in the name of islam is near 300 million – the death toll from the rise of socialism/communism 100 million + —- NAKKY BABY , are you even remotely aware of any thing ? ?