Jerusalem and Jews Under Attack

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This week on FP Raymond Ibrahim published a short but powerful report on a Tunisian church coming under threats and abuse from Islamists. “Church members,” Ibrahim notes,

are described [in Al Quds] as “living in a state of terror…. Salafis covered the cross of the church with garbage bags, telling the church members that they do not wish to see the vision of the Cross anywhere in the Islamic state of Tunisia.”

Ibrahim also points out that Tunisia has long been considered one of the most “secular” and “liberal” Arab countries—while now “its very few churches are not tolerated, and their crucifixes abhorred…. More evidence of the true nature of the ‘Arab Spring.’”

But it is not only minority groups in the region, like Christians in Tunisia and elsewhere, who suffer from this sort of abuse, and by no means only Salafi elements who perpetrate it. Jews are a majority in Israel, and they grant full citizenship to non-Jews in the country including those in East Jerusalem (who mostly decline it). But it doesn’t necessarily help.

A recent Jerusalem Post editorial lamented a difficult situation on the Mount of Olives—the mountain ridge in East Jerusalem that has served as a Jewish cemetery for over three thousand years. In an incident late last month,

a young bridegroom wished to say a short prayer at his mother’s grave on [the] Mount of Olives…. He was driven up by his friend Dror Klein.

As they neared their destination, a bucket of white paint crashed into the front windshield, obscuring Dror’s view. A hail of stones followed.

In minutes some 30 to 40 young Arabs surrounded the vehicle, rocking it menacingly and hurling large rocks, cement blocks and broken pavement fragments at the two.

The bridegroom was dragged out of the car, a boulder was smashed on his head and he was beaten up to the sounds of Alahu Akhbar (God is great). Dror somehow managed to maneuver his Hyundai directly at the attackers. As they momentarily scurried, the bridegroom and his resourceful driver got away by the skin of their teeth.

The two—who felt that they were threatened with death and started reciting a Jewish prayer for that situation—got out with what the police defined as “light injuries.”

But as the editorial notes, the incident was by no means unusual:

An Arab boys’ school is positioned directly alongside the road leading to the…cemetery. The majority of incidents originate there. The attackers are generally teenagers and they often prepare ambushes well in advance. The fact that they had paint at the ready, along with arsenals of heavy rocks, betokens unquestionable premeditation.

And violent attacks on the road to the cemetery aren’t the only problem:

Predations occur daily. Headstones are hammered and graves daubed with paint and tar, smeared with human feces, covered in garbage and debris and defaced with hate inscriptions. Even the numerous graves of some of the most famous Jews throughout the generations aren’t spared this deliberate despoilment.

The editorial concludes by asking angrily why, given this state of affairs, a police station promised by the Israeli authorities is still to be set up on the Mount. The Post, of course, is right—though it is not easy to accept that, even in the heart of the Jewish state, a Jewish cemetery should need round-the-clock police protection.

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  • Indioviejo

    The legitimacy of Jewish Jerusalem does not add up with a Muslim claim based on the dream of a "night trip" by a notoriously delusional Mahamed. Therefore to Muslims fantasy is reality and they conveniently project thenselves into any historical, arqueological or anthropological narrative that serves their purpose. It protects their inferiority complex from open exposure, so they think.

  • Marty

    islam has no legitimate claim on Jerusalem or anywhere else for that matter. arab muslims occupied Jerusalem after islam burst out of arabia in the middle of the seventh century and began its brutal conquest of the rest of the world. For the next fourteen centuries muslims made life as miserable for Jews as they possibly could and are still doing so whenever they have the opportunity. muslims take full advantage of the freedom that Israel guarantees all people under its jurisdiction. Not that they have ever revealed any gratitude and not that they ever will. muslims are corrupted and made miserable by a death cult founded by a genocidal sociopath. Their culture is only one of poverty and institutionalized violence. A democracy with a Jewish majority is completely alien to them and they cannot tolerate it. It is such people that the American government is telling Israel to give concessions to in order to achieve a lasting peace.

  • Dr. John

    Bravo Marty!

  • Marty

    Thank you.

  • KKKK

    to one and all, islam is jsut doign what it always has been doing sicne the Death Cult was born in the 7th Century Arabia. it has been claimign what belongs to others, from holy sites like Jerusalem to their inventions, suhc as chess. it has been hating Jews since the day Mo mrudered 800-950 Jewish men and boys in the massacre we all know. they've bene hating Christians and persecutign them since the day Mo declared them to be "infideals" worthy of death [Quran 9.5, 19]

  • Bert

    And just where is the craven self-debased Netanyahu government? The main problem is NOT the Arab enemy. Rather it is the morally rotten Jewish leadership that makes up the Jewish establishments in both Israel and the U.S.


      Here in the USSA, the rotten is 498 "Christians" in govt, and 38 Jews in govt here.
      People need to take responsibility for their OWN people before throwing stones at other people/s

    • aspacia


      The Muslims instigated the violence, not Jews. It is the vast Muslim majority ME that refuses to absorb its brethren, unlike Israel that absorbed its 650,000 brethren driven from Arab lands.

  • Brujo Blanco

    One thing that has happened is Jews have been killed with rocks. Israel authorities have used deadly force in these situations to protect people from being killed. Then the Israel authorities arendenounced by the international community accusing them of killing children for throwing stones.

  • Raymond in DC

    I lived in Jerusalem for a while in the 1970s, wandering outside "Jewish" areas from time to time, but never experienced any such behavior. The reason? After Israel's 1967 victory Jews asserted their rights in Jerusalem and defended them. Even after the surprise attack of 1973, Israel emerged victorious, if chastised. Still, no one messed with Israel's security forces.

    What's happened since is that Israeli leaders, under decades of pressure from outside, have come to doubt the righteousness of their cause. They believe "restraint is strength" and don't want to exacerbate troubles. So they let local Arabs have virtual free reign without fear of serious retribution. It's now the Jews that are deterred, not their enemies. Such weakness only invites aggression.

    Israeli leaders have also forgotten a basic principle: If one doesn't assert and defend his claims, those claims are de facto ceded to other claimants. It's not just that the Arabs are working to "take back" Jerusalem. It's that Israel isn't defending it.

  • Ronald Johnston

    This racist terrorist president of ours, osama obama, has to be held responsible for all the terror visited upon Israel for the last 3+ years!!!!

  • Disgusted

    That Arab boys' school should have been demolished already, and teachers and students all imprisoned. All Arabs in that neighborhood should be evicted, and that's that. But no, Israel authorities coddle them and kiss their asses. Why in the world would anyone want to make aliyah to such a stupid, cowardly place, one that refuses to protect its Jewish citizens, expels them by the thousands from their homes villages and farms, all to soothe the hearts and win over the minds of genocidal maniacs sworn to their extermination, and gives the land and buildings over to the crazed killers to turn into launching sites for unceasing rocket barrages? Total insanity! Meshuggah!

  • Jakareh

    Muslims should be kicked out from every civilized country, including Israel.

    • Lady_Dr

      AGREED! And at the same time we should drill, drill, drill so we can stop buying their oil. It the market for their oil drys up soon they will be be back to the way we found them: riding camels and killing each other (instead of us – thank goodness).

  • Dr. John

    To Disgusted, the reason one should want to make aliyah is to make one's contribution and help Israel be stronger. Let us not hasten to denounce Israel's fortitude. It makes mistakes and shows weakness, but the ongoing security challenges it faces are like no others. On the other hand, its various security forces work diligently, inside and outside of Israel, all the time and mostly do great work, and that is why terrorism has been kept to a minimum in recent years.