Libyan Jihadist’s Mavi Marmara Connection

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And yet the deaths of the nine—called “peace activists” by much of the media—sparked such an outcry that eventually three Israeli commissions and two international ones were set up to investigate what had happened. The more consequential of the latter two, the UN’s Palmer Commission, gave a ruling last September that was seen as basically vindicating Israel in its ongoing bitter diplomatic spat with Turkey over the incident. Still, while the Palmer Commission concluded that Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza was thoroughly legal, it blamed the commandos for using too much force—apparently believing they should have kept relying on their paintball guns instead of finally drawing their pistols to save themselves from a grisly fate.

At the time, however, Israel tried hard to convey that the commandos’ attackers were members of the IHH, a radical organization with global-jihad, including Al Qaeda, links. Belatedly, the fact that the likes of al-Harati—who doesn’t need too much dot-connecting to arrive at the Madrid train bombings—was not only on the ship but wounded in the fighting is further substantiation of the point. So, for that matter, is Hamas terror-master Ismail Haniyeh’s visit with the relatives of the Mavi Marmara casualties on Monday.

The larger point, of course, is that the West has trouble identifying the nature and agenda of actors in the Middle East. From Iran in 1979 to the Mavi Marmara to Egypt, Libya, Tunisia—and possibly Syria—at present, those claiming virtue can turn out to be much the opposite. Clearly, Assad’s fall would be a blow to Tehran’s axis. Those struggling to replace him have to be watched closely.

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  • Larry

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    Can give a discount on a some damaged by design, nature, or warfare.

  • Anamah

    Great accomplishment for this administration. The world knows now, what to expect from each one of them.

  • 11bravo

    I have another connection for you; it may not be as apparent as this one-known to only a few-you may have a slight incling so I will give you a Mark Steyn "hint".
    It starts with an I…and ends in "SLAM". Bwwaaahhhh!!!

  • Nakba1948

    Trying to whitewash the murderous actions of the IOF, I see? Zionist stormtroopers killed 10 Turkish activists in cold blood. End of story. Hell, even the puppet David Cameron called Israel out on the atrocity. The whole world has your number, you Zionist pigs, and everyone detests Israel for its genocide against the Palestinian people.

    • UCSPanther

      Still on about Turkey's failed propaganda flotilla?

      Israel got vindicated because the idiots running that boat were dumb enough to have a laptop with their mission briefing and objectives on board…

    • MixMChess

      Even the notoriously anti-Israel UN and subsequent BBC report confirmed that the Turks were well-known terrorists and Israel acted in complete self-defense. Recall they were chanting death to the Jews prior to being intercepted by Israelis. Try again :-(.

  • Ghostwriter

    And you sound like Adolf Eichmann,Nakba1948!

    • Nakba1948

      Says a regular poster on a hate site that spreads daily anti-Muslim propaganda; you guys have nothing on Der Stürmer. You folks don't understand irony too well, do you?

      • MixMChess

        Says the person whose screen name is from a fabricated incident invented to smear Jews.

  • LindaRivera


    7,000 held in Libya's new reign of fear and torture.

    UN raises concerns of torture and ill-treatment
    Many held simply because they have darker skin

    By Tom Leonard
    24th November 2011

    Thousands of people including women and children are being held illegally and tortured by rebels who helped oust Colonel Gaddafi, according to a UN report.

    Around 7,000, many of them foreigners, are behind bars in private prisons and makeshift detention centres.

    The report by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will be embarrassing for Britain and other governments which supported the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime despite concerns about who would take power in their place.

    As an example of the atrocities committed by the rebels, the report highlighted the town of Tawerga, whose inhabitants have been accused of siding with Gaddafi during the civil war.

    The UN said Tawergas are ‘reported to have been targeted in revenge killings, or taken by armed men from their homes, checkpoints and hospitals and some allegedly later abused or executed in detention’.

  • LindaRivera

    Gaddafi was reformed and cooperating fully with the US and other Western powers. Gaddafi had his picture taken many times with American, British and European leaders. Gaddafi referred to President Obama as his son. Why did US/NATO go to war against Gaddafi and Libya? Gaddafi was fighting against Al-Qaeda.

    Admiral James Stavridis, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, and the commander of the U.S. European Command told the U.S. Senate
    that Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah fighters are among the Libyan rebels
    currently receiving support from the US and its NATO allies. This was
    confirmed by one of the Libyan rebel officers, Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, who leads one of the Al-Qaeda units.
    (US Aid to Israel’s Enemies, Oct 13th, 2011, frontpagemag)

    U.S/NATO joined with Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah terrorists to wage relentless war for months. Bombing Libya back to the stone age.
    Barbaric Al Qaeda and Hezbollah who MURDER our troops in Iraq were considered desirable for placing in power in Libya. Making the world a safer place for terrorists. US/NATO have great guilt in making the world a far more dangerous place.

  • LindaRivera

    There is mostly silence about the horrors taking place against Libya's blacks.
    STOP the GENOCIDE of Blacks by the U.S. backed cruel, anti-Gaddafi Libya rebels!

    The Obama-supported rebels left in charge are now conducting a “large scale cleaning in the areas under their control with the extermination of all blacks in the capital”, according to The Independent.

    Barbaric atrocities, kidnappings and ruthless genocide of blacks in Libya by US/France/NATO backed Al-Qaeda/Hezbollah rebels has been going on for many months.

    US/NATO who have waged war for months for Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda
    who MURDER our troops in Iraq-are RESPONSIBLE for stopping the genocide.

    US/NATO are also responsible for rescuing the many terrified blacks kidnapped by the rebels, including the kidnapped black children who have been horrifically abused by the black-hater Muslim rebels.

    Blacks must have human rights!


  • LindaRivera

    The jihad boat, Marmara, carried NO aid. Jew haters believe that Jews should not defend themselves from violent Muslim attackers. They want Jews to submit to being attacked and murdered. Self defense is a human right!

  • LindaRivera

    Human rights investigations
    evidence-based, independent and rigorous investigation of human rights abuses
    Libyan rebel ethnic cleansing and lynching of black people

    Posted on July 7, 2011 by HRI Mark

    Click on the above link. Absolutely horrifying. All made possible because of the totally unprovoked, illegal US/NATO war. Shocking ongoing barbaric atrocities and genocide of Blacks by the US backed Muslim rebels has been going on for several months. Under Gaddafi, Blacks lived in safety. God help the Black people!

    "the brigade for purging slaves, black skin"
    – slogan seen painted in rebel country.

  • Joe Quinn

    You forgot to mention that al-Harati was being paid by the CIA Ooops!

    P. David Hornik is clearly a very poor (or biased, or both) researcher