More Obama Leaks to Sabotage Israel?

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On Sunday the Washington Post published an article that seems to further validate those who believe the Obama administration is running a campaign of leaks aimed at stopping Israel from attacking Iran.

Called “U.S. intelligence gains in Iran seen as boost to confidence,” the article cites “officials” saying that “expanded intelligence collection has reinforced the view within the White House that it will have early warning of any move by Iran to assemble a nuclear bomb….”

Authors Joby Warrick and Greg Miller mention a “covert campaign by the CIA and other agencies to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program” and quote a “senior U.S. official” who claims “there is confidence that we would see activity indicating that a decision [to build a nuclear bomb] had been made.”

The article does include some qualifications, mentioning officials who “conceded that aspects of Iran’s nuclear decision-making remain opaque” as well as “the chastening experience of Iraq.” But its main thrust is that “Israeli officials [who] have pushed for a more aggressive response” are jumping the gun, with “White House officials contend[ing] that…it would take Iran at least a year to [build a nuclear weapon] if it were to launch a crash program now.”

Here it should be noted that this sanguinity clashes with statements just a month ago by IAEA chief Yukiya Amano, who warned that Iran had tripled its production of higher-enriched uranium since November and was again denying the IAEA access to Parchin—a site where Iran had done tests that the IAEA considered “strong indicators” of developing a bomb.

Meanwhile, also on Sunday, the New York Times ran a piece suggesting that Washington is somewhat closer to Israeli perceptions. Regarding the new round of negotiations the P5 + 1 countries are supposed to launch with Iran on Friday, David E. Sanger and Steven Erlanger cite “American and European diplomats” who say the “Obama administration and its European allies plan to…demand…the immediate closing and ultimate dismantling of Iran’s deep-underground Fordo enrichment facility,” which Israel has emphasized as a particularly troubling development.

According to Sanger and Erlanger, Obama and the Europeans are also “calling for a halt in the production of uranium fuel that is considered just a few steps from bomb grade, and the shipment of existing stockpiles of that fuel out of the country….”

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  • Gamaliel

    What's wierd about this is that there is intelligence that not only does Iran have the bomb but that it already has bought the means to deliver it from China. It's also obvious that Iran has decided to build more bombs so if the U.S. doesn't know this already than when will it ever know? In addition Panetta has argued that we are incapable of destroying Iran's nuclear program and all we can do is postpone it a little. Russia has made many threats about what would happen if Iran were attacked and is likely to intervene so the U.S. is very unlikely to do anything to stop Iran.

  • Amused

    I say we put you in charge Gamaliel , since you are "in the know " more so than Mossad , CIA , NSA …everyone !
    And the author of this article after citing more or less opposing reports from two NEWSPAPERS ,suggests that the Administration [ Obama especially, and in a personal way ] is "sabataging Israel " . I guess between YOU , the author Hornick , and those two newspapers , why in the hell do we need a State Department , the Pentagon , CIA ,sanctions or anyone else for that matter to determine what the foreign policy towards Iran will be in any given developing circumstances ? No ? we'll even tell the Israelis what they should be doing .
    Looks like the "run up to war " is coming from the private sector eh ?

    • Bobloblaw

      The CIA and NSA cant be trusted. They are completely politicized. As for the Mossad, we have one former chief who says Iran isnt working on a nuclear bomb. That Mossad EX-chief isnt privy to current intelligence data.

      • Amused

        Foreign policy strategy is not made on the street , in the newsrags , nor on FPM . Given such a dispaly of expertise , people here should realize that what you hear is nothing more than what you are meant to hear .
        If there's gonna be ANOTHER run up to war , Americans better hope that the CIA is a bit more competent , and the Administration ALOT better advised, and strategic considerations a bit better thought out , than the last one .
        Neither FPM's authors nor anyone elses , are privy to the raw intelligence . Though everyones a great "second-guessing arm-chair general " .
        Since Israel will be bearing the brunt of any military action whether initaited by the US or by Israel itself ,all you geniuses would be better served listening to what Israel's Generals are saying . They know better the reality on the ground , since they will be in the midst of any conflict , and not 5000 miles away in the cheering section .

  • Amused

    Alfred E. Newman is alive and well – What ? Me Worry ?

    • mrbean

      Observe that Obama and Alfred E. Neuman have the same ears. Hmmmm… probably related on his wigger mother's side because his father was a card carrying communist chimpout Mau Mau Muslim from Kenya.

      • Amused

        I can only imagine what you look like mr.bean , especially after all the times you got your assss kicked for your nasty racist mouth .

        • Amused

          Unless of course mr.bean you only exercise your big mouth on blogs like this , anonymous and safe from any "repercussion " ,you may encounter face to face with those you defame and denigrate . I'll bet you were one of those bathroom monitors in grade school .

  • Albert Reingewirtz

    During the Gulf war President Bush asked Israel not to respond to missiles from Saddam Hussein raining on Israel so that the US would not lose it's fragile alliance with Arab states. Today President Obama tells Israel not to strike Iran manufacture of nuclear bombs aimed at Israel. The Arab states are totally silent on the subject this time because they like Israel fear a nuclear Iran. In other words Arab states hope that Israel will take away the Iranian nuclear danger for them while Obama tells Israel to be ready to be exterminated by a nuclear Iran so that the price of oil will not go up and that his re election for President will have no additional problems while having let lose his plan to be free to do whatever he wants once elected because he will not be able to run again. This particularly applies to Israel's future disaster if Obama is re elected.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    As Obama sets up the Taliban in Afghanistan Israel is supposed to think what the Mullah President says
    and thinks are in it's interest and not his plans for extending his regime of destruction of freedom and
    economic enterprise in America. Israelis have their problems coming to decisions but the writing is on
    the wall, Iran means to do them in and waiting for outsiders who will not fry with Israel in the nuclear
    blast to change Iranian threats and growth into a nuclear power. Should the Israelis trust Obama or
    their own ability to reason the risks as they are?……………….William

  • Dispozadaburka

    Obama and his crew will make sure that Bibi won't get re-elected.

    • Choi

      Democratic Party OPERATIVES have used Israel's freedom(s) to MEDDLE in Israeli Domestic Politics.
      WHO ASSIGNED Stanley Greenberg & Co. to "intervene" in another democratic nation's internal politics?

  • Schlomotion

    It is interesting to view the stress fractures in the expression "peace talks" with regard to Israel. There are the "peace talks" with Palestinians that include colonization of their territory by Israel, and there are the "peace talks" with Iran that involve shutting down Dimona while trying to place attack planes in Azerbaijan. This notion of peace casts an aspersion on the notion of Israel being our "ally." What ally constantly refers to us pejoratively as "The West," spies on us, jeopardizes our global military strategy, and vilifies most of our leadership in a specially owned and infiltrated press? Do we exist in a state of peace with Israel? It doesn't look like it.

    • Choi

      As long as You keep using your First Amendment rights to LIE and PERVERT TRUTH,we'll use ours to CALL YOU OUT!

      • Schlomotion

        Enjoy yourself. (En-choi yourself?) Are you actually enjoying yourself? You seem high-strung and angry.

        • John_Kelly

          Schlomotion its time to take your Ritalin.

      • stern

        Choi, save your breath. As you have said, Schlockmeister is a determined Jew-hater. Engaging with it in any way simply encourages it. Best approach is to ignore it.

        • Schlomotion

          You really should not libel people. I do not hate Jews. Some Jews hate me, but that's not the same thing.

          • reader

            What a tool. In other words, "You libel me, I don't libel you, because it's not the same thing." Really?

          • Schlomotion

            In other words, "Pizza, macaroni, Entwhistle, neapolitan bongo drum manifesto."

          • John_Kelly

            Schlomotion after reading your profoundly wise comments I can only assume that you are;

            a. A heavy crack cocaine user.
            b. An escaped mental patient.
            c. A blithering idiot who is desperately seeking attention.
            d. A mindless sycophantic Obama worshiper.
            e. All of the above.

            My guess is option e.

          • Amused

            it's not libel when it's true .From yopur own erroneous statements you are ether a liar , stupid , a true jew hater , or all three .

          • Amused

            shame on you schlomo.

          • Schlomotion

            You all toss the word Jew-hater around like it's waterballoons, but do you really think anyone can like you? Do you think you are likable with all the conformity of viewpoint you demand?

          • LibertyMan

            If you are not a Jew hater… why do you take a so-called group called "palestians", who happen to be Iraqis, Jordanians and Eqyptians and say they have claim over the soveriegn nation of Israel? Why do you go so far?

            Why do you want to give land to a group who's prime directive is to wipe Jews and Christians off the face of the planet? What moral reasoning do you have to say that land lost in an attempted genocide of a people group moral belongs to an agrressor? (By an unrepented aggressor at that.)

            How can a one not think Schlomotion is a Jew Hater? What alternative group can he fit into?

        • mlcblog

          They cannot resist being shunned. They have to go away.

    • Anonymous

      Israel still exists, and we Jews still exist: ergo, you lost again today, bastard.

      • Choi

        Simple and Elegant

      • Schlomotion

        If only continued existence were an accomplishment.

    • ajnn

      "in a specially owned and infiltrated press". racist jew hatred.

  • Bob

    ISRAEL has nuclear weapons folks, don't think they will not use them to protect the land, that YAHWEH has given ISRAEL back in 1948. The history of the IDF, has more successful military raids on their side then the U.S.A. I not scared for ISRAEL, I'm terrified for the U.S.A. because of the clown in the White House; the muslim in sheep's clothing running this Barnum and Bailey act…he wants to get rid of 80% of the U.S. nukes to make the world more peaceful, give me break!

  • Steve Chavez

    American Jews: "It's okay. Obama's still our man. We're Democrats and were born Democrats first and Jews second. The current Israeli leadership is the problem not Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, or the Arab Spring. The CIA, NSA, and every government agency should stop Israeli aggression and over-reaction to rocket attacks! Hillary is doing such a fine job too. We support Soros, Boycott Divestment Sanctions, the International Solidarity Movement, and any Israeli peace group that seeks to reign in Israeli warmongers!

    Where's Obama's collection plate?"

    • Choi

      Only some,the "progressives", feel that way,Steve.
      The Democrats are going to keep the con job going,but more and more Jewish-Americans are seeing the light.
      NO Political Party should command Generational Loyalty,as times and Parties change,and it is high time the Jewish Democrats STOP voting for FDR and their grandparent's Democratic Precinct Captain.

  • Brujo Blanco

    I agree with Choi. Obama is also a lying Jew hater. He would let every Jew in the would be killed if there was a political advantage. Israel is a soverign country and the USA should treat them as such. If Israel does nothing there will be a Holacaust like the world has never seen before. Israel will defend itself if necessary. If they do so I hope the “Jews” prevail. If they win we win.

  • Babyann

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    • tagalog

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      I'm like the guy in the short story who sold his soul to Satan for eternal life, who forgot to bargain for eternal youth and good health as well.

  • KKKK

    so whats new? stooge-in-chief hates Israel, hates America, has for ever so long that its remarkable that he got into the WH and has been ruining our country from the start. o well, November is coming up.

  • steven L

    The only meaningful option is an ultimatum.
    Iran will not give up. Even the so called moderate factions want the nukes.

  • Susan Poore

    Iran is hellbent on the destruction of not only the Jews but the great satan that is the USA. You are all fools if you think Iran can be reasoned with. They will attack even though the consequences for themselves will be destruction because of their religious belief that out on the ensuing chaos of a nuclear war their savior , the Mahdi will come and bring peace to the world, mean while destructions and devastation for the rest of the world is just collateral damage. Iran needs to be disarmed before we get to this unthinkable situation. But no, let Obama and the other western allies think just like Neville chamberlain of ww2 pronounce peace in our time, he was deluded too!!

  • formationrx

    bibi sux obama sux and israel is a boil on the ass of the world

  • Chezwick-the-Mac

    This issue far transcends Iran. If we let them proceed, the proliferation genie is out of the bottle in a way that would make AQ Khan's head spin. Everybody and their mother will be joining the club….even non-state actors. It'll be the wild West.

    • Son-of-Chezwick

      That is, the Wild West….with mushroom clouds.

  • SoCalMike

    Obama and the State Department brass are Jew hating POS.
    It's a nauseating joke watching pro media liars pretend otherwise.