Obama’s Ominous Stance on Israel’s Territorial Security

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In this election year President Obama has been quiet about the Palestinian issue. Rough treatment of Israel has continued, but mainly on the Iranian front—with a drumbeat of hollow promises as Iran keeps making nuclear progress, a series of security leaks harmful to Israel, disparaging remarks about Israel’s military capabilities from top administration officials, and now Obama’s refusal to meet Netanyahu in New York while being more than willing to meet with Egypt’s Morsi.

It should not be forgotten, though, that not long ago Obama was engaging in harsh confrontations with Israel over the Palestinian issue. Particularly, on May 19, 2011, he let loose a bombshell.

Blindsiding Netanyahu just as he was on his way to Washington, Obama called for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, but decreed in advance what their outcome would be: “two states…based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps…with permanent Palestinian borders with Israel, Jordan, and Egypt….” Obama further specified that the Palestinian state would be “contiguous.”

With these statements he broke with previous U.S. policy on the issue, which had left the matter of borders up to the parties themselves. And he caused shockwaves in Israel and the pro-Israeli community by outlining a security nightmare for the Jewish state.

That was particularly clear from Obama’s stipulation of a Palestinian border with Jordan—which meant no Israeli presence in the Jordan Valley even though all previous Israeli security doctrine had posited such a presence as indispensable to Israel’s defensibility from infiltrations and attack from the east.

As for “contiguity,” it was code for a demand Yasser Arafat had raised in negotiations for a land link of some kind between the two parts of the Palestinian state, the West Bank and Gaza—thereby bifurcating what would be left of Israel, an intolerable situation suffered by no country on the globe, let alone a tiny, non-Arab, non-Muslim one in the heart of the Middle East.

Israel, having already withdrawn from Gaza, now suffers regular rocket fire from that direction; a look at a map shows its even more radical vulnerability from West Bank terrain. Even primitive Qassam rockets would suffice to hit parts of Israel’s coastal plain, Ben-Gurion National Airport, and Jerusalem. Katyusha rockets would suffice to reach Tel Aviv, Netanya, and Nazareth. Withdrawal from the Jordan Valley would create a vastly longer, more meandering border—incomparably harder to police and ideal for terrorist infiltrations.

It is true that Obama, in his May 19, 2011 speech, said the Palestinian state would be “nonmilitarized.” It is not hard to imagine, given the infeasibility of enforcing such a provision along with the anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic hatred already being systematically inculcated in both the West Bank and Gaza, how long such a commitment would hold up. It is hardly encouraging that, despite detailed security provisions in Israel’s 1979 peace treaty with Egypt, the Sinai Peninsula is now a hothouse of anti-Israeli terror.

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  • crackerjack

    Obama's "stance" on Israel's occupied territories has always been the official stance of the USA and also the stance of England, France, Russia, China, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Turkey, Nigeria, Sweden……..to make it short; – The stance of the whole international community apart from, what a suprise….Israel.

    So why is Obama singled out here?

    • Dr. John

      Middle East expert: The positions Obama took on May 19, 2011 "constitute a major departure from long-standing U.S. policy."

    • SHmuel HaLevi

      Without respect at all… Soetoro-Obama is a mortal enemy of the US and Israel.
      Who are you people to determine the fate of the Jewish National Homeland?
      The fact that bestial entities from Europe invaded, massacred, and exiled our people and redistributed our Land does not make one bit of difference. NO FOREIGNER has any right to determine new and convenient limits to what is ours for thousands of years. The murderous trash from Islam are the latest usurpers under the wings of items like you and what you represent.
      The same folk you are akin with invaded America and slaughtered or rounded up into "Indian reservations", millions of those that owned the land. Why don't you people assure that the 484 reservations still "managed" by the US Department of the Interior B. of "Indian Affairs", Washington, DC, stop your massive criminal persecutions at home? Restore the Land to its legitimate owners.
      Add over 180 tribe families in California even without any land at all.
      Insolence, abuse, aggression direct or by proxy against the Jewish people in Eretz Israel from the inheritors to the Roman Empire murderers will not prevail. You shall be utterly defeated.
      And… The Vatican MUST return to Israel the Temple artifacts the Romans stole and are said to be "stored" in there. NOW!


        Barry Sotero. Barack Hussein Obama. Dog eater. Husband of an America hater. Disciple of a "reverend" who hates America, from the pulpit, friend of hard core leftists like Bill Ayers (who dedicated a book to the assassin of Bobby Kennedy).

        Sirhan Sirhan dedication backfires on Bill Ayers 36 years later http://www.zombietime.com/zomblog/?p=1626

        • https://www.facebook.com/diane.diggs.5 Diane Diggs

          Asinine post!!

      • george

        excellent post !!!!

    • Ghostwriter

      You're as big a creep as Schlomotion is,crakerjack.

    • Omar

      crackerjack, first of all, England is not a country. England is an internal division of the country known as the United Kingdom (also called Britain). The UK has four internal divisions: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. By calling the whole UK "England", you are offending Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Read Matt Rosenberg's articles on About.com for the truth about the UK and its internal divisions: http://geography.about.com/od/politicalgeography/… and http://geography.about.com/od/politicalgeography/
      Also, The current administration has appeased the radical leftist and Islamists regimes for almost four years now.

    • Caleb Whymark

      Please read UN Resolutiojn 242. (Printed in English & French) Israel is entitled to new safe borders. Obama has not proposed return to pre 1973 or 1976 borders. No. Obama proposed the 1948 cease fire lines where portions of Israel were occupied by Arab states. The 1948 cease fire lines can not be defended. This has never been the US position.

  • cruiser navy 67

    The death of an ally to the United States, the death of a nation, the death of the deepest friendship America has ever known, all by one man OBAMA the muslim.

  • WildJew

    It is inconceivable that anyone who supports Israel supports a Muslim-enemy state inside Israel, dedicated to Israel's destruction. Why Governor Romney muscled language (into our national party platform last August) calling for the establishment of such an entity is beyond me.

    Quoting Buzzfeed:

    "The draft platform, written by the Romney campaign and committee aides states, "We envision two democratic states," which drew fire from several members of the platform committee.

    Three separate amendments to the draft platform were offered and shot down after Sen. Jim Talent, a Romney surrogate who is tasked with ensuring the platform document is in line with Romney's policy proposals, objected to each.

    Minnesota delegate Kevin Erickson offered two of the amendments, which would have removed the line, replacing it with tough language on terrorism.

    Erickson said he didn't want to pressure the Israeli government by specifying the conditions of an ultimate peace.

    Foreign Policy Magazine wrote: "The overwhelming majority of Republicans don't support the creation of another terror state like the ones that have since been created in southern Lebanon and Gaza," declared South Carolina delegate Randy Page.

    Obama I can understand. We know Obama loathes Israel but why Romney?

    • LibertarianToo

      Let's decide that it means two democratic states -Israel and Jordan. :)

      • WildJew

        You are right but that is not what the Palestinian Authority claims they want. They claim they want a state inside Israel. Truth be known, there isn't any difference between Fatah's aims and Hamas' aims; only tactical differences.


          The Paleswinian Authority can rule its home in HELL.

    • https://www.facebook.com/diane.diggs.5 Diane Diggs

      I'm always reading right-wing posts that state that Pres Obama "has thrown Israel under the bus". Your posting that Pres Obama loathes Israel comes from… where? Is it an assumption, also popular among some right-wingers, that our President is a muslim? Pres Obama simply refuses to be pushed into war. B. Netanyahu would like the United States to attack Iran. He knows that Israel, on its own, can not attack Iran. I have every confidence in Pres Obama's preference for sanctions and diplomacy, rather than a rush to war.

  • Mike

    We are getting into a zone of the people who know and study the Bible and the ones that don't. THE LAND BELONGS TO ISRAEL. God gave the land to Israel. "I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you" What our political leaders think they know about Israel is disgusting. Israel is a friend and should be supported by the U.S. and every christian in the world. If we go against Israel I truly believe we will receive the wrath of God on this.

  • Schlomotion

    Mr. Hornik's article reads like the preamble to a fatwa.

    The reason?

    "Obama called for [..] 'two states…based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps…with permanent Palestinian borders with Israel, Jordan, and Egypt….' Obama further specified that the Palestinian state would be 'contiguous.'" In other words reasonable concessions from Israel.

    Mr. Hornik has no problem with Israel bifurcating Palestine, but every problem with Palestine bifurcating Israel. The man lacks imagination as he has apparently never seen an overpass or an underpass in his life. Nevertheless, the more important point is that Mr. Hornik is reviving the tone of Andrew Adler. Today is Yom Kippur, and the fanatics are out. Americans read carefully his prepared intonation of the crimes of our President as he works himself into a clerical scribe's lather, playing to the Yigal Amir audience.

    • Mo Schlotion

      What kind of underpants do you wear? I've never heard of overpants. Are they for painting?


        Shariamotion wears Depends.

        Happy Eternal Nakba!

    • Drakken

      There will be no two state solution, the arabs will go to war and this time I hope Israel says enough is enough and throws the rest of the savages out of the area.

    • Ghostwriter

      And typically,you bash Israel and Jews in your posts,Slugmotion.

    • Omar

      Schlomotion, "Palestine" is not a country nor an ethnic group. Palestine (which is a Latin name, not Arabic) is the name of the Holy Land region. The so-called "Palestinians" are an invented people (Check Newt Gingrich's interview for the truth). In fact, anyone who lives in the former Palestine Mandate (Israel, Gaza, the West Bank and Jordan) is a Palestinian, regardless of characteristics. The Israelis and Jordanians are Palestinians. That's the reality. Also, no one in Israel idolizes the extremist Yigal Amir. Amir was condemned by the Israeli population and the Jewish community for assassinating Rabin. Compare Rabin's death with that of Anwar Sadat's and you would know the difference. Sadat's assassin was cheered on by the radical Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood. That's the difference.

      • Schlomotion

        Whatever you want to call Jews, and whatever you want to call Palestinians, the fact remains that two groups of living human beings are competing for the same territory. There is no academic argument that makes the actual living beings vaporize.

        Mr. Hornik is repeating the common pattern of intoning the list of alleged betrayals by a head of state until someone else disposes of him and then a distancing statement is issued. Mansonian politics.

        • Omar

          I don't get your logic, Schlomotion. Palestine is a geographical region, not an ethnic group.

          • Schlomotion

            That's all mumbo-jumbo. There are 2,568,555 non-Jews and 524,000 Jews who want to live on the same land at the same time. There is no geographic appeal that will conveniently eliminate those people.

  • Stern

    schlomotion's sole purpose in posting here is to provoke. this is the reason for ridiculous statements like the ones above. You cannot debate this pig, you cannot argue with him, because whenever you disprove one of his allegations, he simply changes the subject and finds something else to provoke you with.

    Best policy with this hate-filled poster is to IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE. Do not feed the troll and it will shrivel and die.

    • Zionista

      true – the thing that calls itself shmo is a pathetic, irrelevant nobody with no life. If it weren't for this site it would have nothing to do. Like signs in zoos say "don't feed the animals" don't encourage this troll


      With all due respect, Shariamotion does provide a valuable service. He is a sparring partner. A War Game opponent.

      You don't get stronger listening to those you agree with. But fighting the enemy.

      Happy Eternal Nakba!

      • Stern

        But it's a battle you can never win because this troll keeps changing the rules. I don't hold with censorship, so I do not flag his posts. But I cringe every time I see somebody here try to engage him in another losing battle. It really, truly is not worth it.

    • PaulRevereNow

      You are correct; its a waste of time. Just laugh at his posts.

  • Fred R.

    Thank you SHmuel. Your reasoning and understanding of history is accurate. The persecutors of Jews on Jewish land have no right to complain about the rebirth of Israel.

    Fred R.

  • Atlas_Collins

    On the one hand, I think that Israel should just annex all the land they presently hold and deport all the troublemakers there who have a problem with it. On the other hand, it is not the responsibility of the United States nor the obligation of American taxpayers to protect and defend the borders of a foreign nation.


      American AFTER-TAX payers, and people all over the world, are paying $100 per barrel for oil.

      Paying extortion money to OPEC doesn't the world no good.

      • Atlas_Collins

        Oil is a commodity sold on the worldwide market. In fact, most of the oil consumed in the US comes from Canada. If we were serious, we could embargo the arab subhuman scum and let them try to feed their teeming hordes of feral tribespeople with their oil — but that won't happen due to the moneyed interests that actually control everything.

        • Kufar Dawg

          The problem being the rest of the world, especially Europe (excepting the UK) is nearly entirely dependent on islamofascist oil.

    • Stern

      How many American soldiers fight on Israel's borders? How much of America's "aid" to Israel has to be spent in America, creating American jobs? In contrast, what value does America get in return for the aid it provides to Egypt and the Palestinians, to name just two?

      Israel delivers just about the best value for money for every American dollar it receives.

      (Hint: You'll find some answers here: http://frontpagemag.com/2011/david-meir-levi/u-s-

      • Atlas_Collins

        The fact is that America's military presence in the middle east serves special interests that are NOT in the best interests of the American People. One of those special interests is the interests of a foreign nation called Israel.

        • Kufar Dawg

          A foreign nation that just happens to be the only non-islamofascist state in the Mid-East and N. Africa.

    • Ghostwriter

      Atlas_Collins,have the Israelis screamed "Death to America" every five minutes. No,they haven't. The Palestinians do that every SINGLE day.

      • Atlas_Collins

        Yes, and I am on record here as stating that I think ALL muslims are subhuman feral animals that should be put down like rabid dogs — but it's not an either/or proposition for me since I don't give the slightest schit about Israel.

        • Kufar Dawg

          Vis-a-vis islamofascism, it might be appropriate to quote Ben Franklin:
          " We must hang together, gentlemen…else, we shall most assuredly hang separately."

  • clarespark

    Obama's "moral equivalence" view of the Arab-Israeli conflict was clearly enunciated in his second book. I quoted from it here, and also reviewed why the US dragged its feet with respect to the establishment of the Jewish state: see http://clarespark.com/2009/09/11/oil-politics-and…. "Oil politics and Obama's view of Israeli history." Think too of Philip Roth's book Operation Shylock, in which the same anti-Israel narrative is enunciated by both his Arab and his Jewish character. This is the kind of reinforcement that the liberals of the US received, and they were and are the movers and shakers.

  • Vermont Yid

    Beginning at sundown today and continuing through sundown tomorrow (Yom Kippur), I urge all my Jewish brethren who are reading this to pray to G-d asking Him to deal with Obama as He did with other enemies of Jews in biblical times. Please G-d, may it be so!

    • PaulRevereNow

      A hearty AMEN to that!

    • Nakba1948

      You're sick. Seek help. Immediately.

      • Kufar Dawg

        May your Nakba be a happy one and an eternal one.

  • Nakba1948

    Just thought the resident Islamophobes and Israel-firsters would enjoy beholding the reciprocal nature of free speech: http://www.commondreams.org/further/2012/09/25-2 The average American doesn't tolerate your outrageous racism, and they're making their voices heard.

    As for "Israel," I hope Obama grows a pair if he's elected to a second term and enforces the United States' longstanding policy of opposing the continued metastasis of illegal settlements in the West Bank. If the Zionist entity doesn't comply, put your money where your mouth is: boycott, divest, and sanction. We wouldn't fund Syria, Iran, or North Korea; why "Israel"?

    • Omar

      Nakba1948, Israel is a historic reality. So-called "Palestine" is an artificial invention. The average Westerner doesn't tolerate bigotry coming from Hamas or its allies.

    • Drakken

      I hope that Israel and west throws you sub human savages out of the west enmasse. Keep pushing us infidels with jihad, sooner or later we are going to return the favor with the Crusades.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Because Israel is the only place in the Mid-East and N. Africa where Jews, Christians, Druze and Bahais aren't being murdered/persecuted/raped by your muslime brothers w/impunity. It's the only state that features equal rights for all, rather than persecution of anyone non-muslime. STuff your Nakba up your camel's arse Abdullah.

  • watsa46

    If he gets a 2nd term, the chances are that he will attempt to force IL to give up vital interests. IL will need to resist by any means. The Demo Jews will support O against IL. Just like during WWII. Only IGNORANTS will deny the Islamophilia and anti Israel BIAS of Mr. O. He will undermine the relationship between the US and IL by all means availabe. He is really dangerous.

  • Rev. Roy Trepanier

    When Obummer wins the election (sad to say), it won't surprise me at all if he begins his acceptance speech dressed in his Muslim garb and saying "Alahu Akbar .God is great". Gotcha suckers…Welome to the United States of Islam…How's that for "Change you can believe in"…

    Rev. Roy….<><

    • https://www.facebook.com/diane.diggs.5 Diane Diggs

      No. How's that for idiocy (yours)?

  • Schlomotion

    Vermont has taken the next step in the Hornik chain. He has followed up the fatwa preamble with an exhortation to pray for the death of Barack Obama over Yom Kippur. Isn't that disgraceful?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "It is true that Obama, in his May 19, 2011 speech, said the Palestinian state would be “nonmilitarized.”

    This has been a ploy for decades by Muslims to excuse the need for militias who then perform terror operations that the state can claim were done without approval.

    If any such foolishness like this goes forward (taking Palestinians at their word), they should be treated (at best) the way Japan was treated at the end of WWII.

  • SAM000

    Court reveals Iranian operatives in charge of Obama’s Iran policy since 2009

  • ladybug58

    Is there a neutral primer where I can educate myself about Obama stance regarding Israel between now and November 6th


    Barack Hussein Obama is not a friend of Israel. Obama was raised a Muslim. His heart and mind favor the rise of radical Islam and Obama used US resources to advance radical islam in the Middle East. Could that be the reason the Fort Hood shooting is not declared a terrorist act or the murder of our embassador was attributed to a obscure video? OBAMA DOES NOT WISH TO ADMIT THAT WE ARE AT WAR WITH RADICAL ISLAM.