Obama, Iran and the 1939 Syndrome

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On Tuesday EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton announced that the group of six global powers—permanent UN Security Council members the U.S., Britain, France, China, and Russia plus Germany—were resuming nuclear talks with Iran at an unspecified time and place.

She announced it just as Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu was in Washington trying to convince the U.S. leadership that neither diplomacy nor sanctions were coming anywhere near stopping Iran’s push to nuclear weapons.

Ashton had earlier—on February 14—received a proposal for talks from Iran’s nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili. On Tuesday she said, “Today I have replied to Dr. Jalili’s letter….” What opportune timing.

And what a further blow to Israel.

Typical headlines have been saying Netanyahu told President Obama on Monday that Israel hasn’t yet taken a decision on attacking Iran. Yet, as described here and here, an “unnamed American intelligence official” has conveyed a different impression to Israel’s Channel 2 news.

Channel 2 reported on Monday night that the official said, “U.S. intelligence services believe that, in principle, Israel has already made the decision to bomb Iran.” According to Channel 2, the official warned that such an attack would entail thousands of casualties and spark a regional war or even World War III—in short, an all-out catastrophe. An official Israeli source dismissed these statements as “scare-mongering and psychological warfare.”

Just as there is a dissonance between the mainstream version—which says Israel hasn’t yet decided—and this apparent desperate attempt to bypass the Israeli leadership and scare its population silly via its most popular news channel, there is a dissonance between Obama’s words this week and what we read elsewhere.

In his AIPAC speech on Sunday: “I firmly believe that an opportunity still remains for diplomacy—backed by pressure—to succeed.”

And in Tuesday night’s news conference: “[Iran] understand[s] that the world community means business. To resolve this issue will require Iran to come to the table and discuss…how to prove to the international community that the intentions of their nuclear program are peaceful.”

Meanwhile IAEA chief Yukiya Amano says Iran has “tripled” its monthly production of 20-percent-enriched uranium since the IAEA’s previous report in November. That was the report that was seen as dramatically confirming Israel’s insistence over the years that Iran had never stopped working on the bomb.

Amano also expressed serious concern about the IAEA being denied, again, access to Parchin—the site where Iran has “built a large containment chamber” to “conduct high-explosives tests” that the IAEA considers “strong indicators” of nuclear-weapons development. That was according to November’s report. What’s going on in the chamber now? No one knows.

No wonder administration officials are so worried Israel will attack and trying to scare the Israeli people out of their wits about what will happen if it does. Seemingly it would make more sense for the administration—and the Western world as a whole—to get seriously scared about Parchin and drop the hang-up with Israel.

On Tuesday it was reported that Iran now says it will let the IAEA into Parchin—at an unspecified date. Even if that transpires, it will obviously be after Iran has had enough time to “clean” the site.

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  • Larry

    Nice that there is finally a head of the IAEA that is prepared to call it like it is on Iran.

    The fact that the last head was a MB stooge didn't help things at all.

  • truebearing

    Speaking of 1939….the world hasn't seen leadership this bad since then, but it is worse now because the US used to stand for goodness and justice. With Obama as president, the US can't play its customary role, so the world marches blindly towards Armageddon on an inexorable date with destiny….while Obama continues to flash his deranged, Jack-O-Lantern grin. What is he grinning about?

    • mike

      Israel's stupidity … LOL

      • Zionista

        hey mike – you should be so stupid – chances are the parts of the computer you're proving your ignorance with were created in Israel.

      • BS77

        Is this all you can come up with? This is "Mike's stupidity."

      • truebearing

        Little Mikey, what did Israel do that was stupid, trust Obama? if you don't have anything more intelligent or substantive than that, why bother? Grow up.

  • treetop

    I just don't get this "1939" thing. 1939, Germany had occupied the Rheinland and the Saar, its "ancestral homelands" and the world appeased. Ring a bell? 1939, Germany laid claim to its "ancestral homeland" in Czechoslavia and Poland with a "right of return" into the Reich and the world looked the other way. Ring a bell?

    Where Iran fits in here remains a mystery.

    • stern

      How you can fail to see the obvious comparison is the true mystery.

      In 1939, the world sacrificed Czechoslovakia for "peace in our time". Today, that same world is perfectly willing to sacrifice Israel. The comparison goes further – just as Hitler was not satisfied with his "conquest" of the Sudetenland, the Iranians will not be satisfied with a conquest of Israel (chas vasholem!!!). Once again, the Jews are the canary in the coal mine, and if idiots like you refuse to see the warning signs, you will only yourselves to blame for the inevitable destruction that comes your way.

      • treetop

        How one can compare 39' s Germany, the then most potent military power on the globe with 2012 Iran, a third world cantraption barelya capable of defending itself remains a mystery. How one can compare 39's Czechoslovakia, a military negible, without noteworty airforce or armour with 2012 Israel, a nuclear power with a larger airforce and more armour than Germany or France also remains a mystery.

        • stern

          If what you say is true, then perhaps Iran should be a bit more careful about prodding the hornet's nest.

          However, what you are doing here is trying to find an exact comparison between the parties, which is not what the article intended. The article was drawing a parallel between the appeasement of Neville Chamberlain and that of Obama; that's the similarity that your bigotry blinds you to.

          Then again, why on earth am I trying to reason with the unreasonable?

        • http://callofthepatriot.blogspot.com HermitLion

          You have no numbers to back up your claims, only beliefs, which makes for a great comparison with 39's Germany, which didn't possess the capability to produce quality armor until AFTER they were handed Czechoslovakia, and its more advanced manufacturing facilities, by appeasers such as yourself.

          The short sighted are always sure everything is just peachy – as long as the head's in the ground and the bottoms are up in the air.

    • WildJew

      Honik's statement, "Hence a COLLUSION (emphasis mine)—tacit or not—of common interests emerges between the West and Iran of creating a pretense of diplomatic activity and thereby curbing Israel’s options," reminds me of a passage from Daniel Gordis' book, "Saving Israel."

      Gordis wrote: "The creation of the Jewish state, the first major positive turn in years, heralded, Jews hope, an end to what had been one of the worst centuries in all of Jewish history. They knew virtually the entire word had conspired either to annihilate the Jews or to permit their annihilation, all the while pretending to be aghast. After all, FDR had closed the shores of the United States to Jewish refugees, as had Canada, and the United States had failed to allocate even one bombing mission to the railroad tracks leading to Auschwitz. The British for their own internal reasons, had also prevented Jews who were fleeing Hitler from entering Palestine…" (pages 15-16)

      Islam is at war with Israel. It's goal is the annihilation of Israel. What is worse, the largely Christian West appears to be colluding (conspiring) with Islam in its objective.

    • jacob

      HOLD IT ! ! !
      And the rotten country FRANCE was and still is, failed to send just one division to dislodge the
      German Army from the Ruhr, whose staff was scared shitless from obeying HITLER's calculated
      gambling that the French were not going to do a damned thing about, innaction which convinced
      the German army and people that HITLER was the MAN…
      Yes, J' ACCUSE France of being the main "Raison d'etre" of WWII….

      And now we have in this country a carbon copy (no pun intended) of NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN/EDOUARD
      DALADIER, but for different reasons altogether

    • HoR_Emperor

      Oh look, its yet another anti-Semitic Isreal-hater. They really crawl out of the woodwork on these threads.

    • Choi

      The situation IS the same ,with the actual circumstances being REAL, Not a historical"novel"with Iran "starring " as Nazi Germany and the Muslim Brotherhood as Imperial Japan.

    • SpiritOf1683

      You don't know much about history, do you? Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia and Ruthenia, which made up Czechoslovakia in 1938 had NEVER been part of Germany before. And as for 'its ancestral lands in Poland' these were lands which Prussia gained in 1772 and 1815 following the partitions of Poland – hardly ancestral, as if they'd been German for 1,000 years or more.

      Germany was allowed to rearm in the 1930s, breaking the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, without a whimper from our supine politicians, who ignored his antisemitic and warmongering rantings in Mein Kampf, with catastrophic consequences. Of course, you want Iran to get nukes because you and your sort want the Iranians to finish off the 'job' that Hitler started over 70 years ago.

  • mike

    The West is scared of the consequences of a conflict between Israel and Iran, namely the sky rocketing of oil prices during their fragile economic recovery. Otherwise, military action would've been taken a long time ago!!

  • montlasky

    The Iranians are past masters of "the stall" as has been proven time and again. Talks? What talks?
    Iran's motive: give us more time to finish our bomb building as the talks will go on indefinitely and if Israel decides to bomb the Iranian facilities "whilst we are talking" the world will cry out "What can you expect from Israel and the Jews?"….. just duplicity and perfidy. Clever Iranians! Will the world fall for their lies and stalling again? The world will do so at it's peril. The final decision is in Israel's hands.

  • rrrebelll

    Everybody knows that "negotiations" with Iran are useless. Just like in 1938, the Western powers in order to avoid a small war a year later they got a into a big one. Although, Israel is not Poland and no two situations are the same, the fecklessness of the Western countries especially, the present leadership in the USA is even worse. Had not been an election year, what direction Obama's mohammedan sympathies would take US politics?

  • jacob


    Thanks for deleting my comment…
    Perhaps my allusion to our President being a carbon copy of NEVILLE CHANBERLAIN and EDOUARD DALADIER is what promted you to do it ?/

    BURGER KING with you, sir …..

  • David

    It is in God's plan that all nations will turn against the Jews…to better destroy these nations. Casting diplomatic birdseed around to appease the look-good nations while ignoring and minimizing Israel's security situation is just another way God is using through Godless enemies of His beloved people the Jews, to reach the end He is planning for the destruction of all the Jew-hating nations of the world. (as Truebearing mentionned in a previous comment).
    "I will bless all those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse." (Genesis 12:3)
    Pray for and uphold Hannukah's children…their glorious deliverance by Christ the Peacemaker is at hand and according to promise.

  • Nabka1948

    The author of the article is right. We are back in 1939. The Zionist entity is about to plunge the world into again based on their desire for Lebensraum. The rabid dog Netanyahu is in the US today twisting the arm of every corrupt politician in Washington that his Israel-first acolytes have paid for. What a disgusting state of affairs. No war for Israel!

    • UCSPanther

      They'll do it alone, emerge victorious and idiots like you will wail and gnash your teeth as the Jewish State once again prevails and gets vindicated.

    • HoR_Emperor

      And yet another anti-Semitic Isreal-hater. What vile creatures. Crawl back into your hole, hateful cretin.

      • stern

        Ah yes, this is one of our more reliable cretins, so smart it can't even spell its own moniker correctly.

    • Choi


      Not only are you a Jew-HATING POS TROLL, you misspelled your name ,which is fitting ,as there really was NO Nakba in 1948, just Arabs being told by their leaders to get out of the way of the INVADING Arab Armies whose goal was the DESTRUCTION of the RE-BORN ISRAEL, at birth.
      The 23 State Arab League and the 56 nation OIC COULD HAVE WELCOMED their "brothers and sisters",but CHOSE NOT TO and with the exception of EASTERN PALESTINE/JORDAN ,to this moment ,still have NOT.
      GET YOUR HEAD AROUND THIS: What do you think happens to the Arabs of Israel,The West Bank,and Gaza if Israel is ATTACKED?

  • ronin

    I just wonder which retard nation planted this evil regime in Iran in 1979.

    • Choi

      Not Nation
      One. man.
      Jimmy-Boy Carter
      The nation showed its feelings by ELECTING REAGAN

  • Marty

    It's really 1939 with nuclear weapons. The germans succeeded in destroying most Jewish communities in Europe, assisted happily by most of the populations also destined for annhilation. The iranian mullahs can barely contain their excitement at the prospect of millions of Israel arabs and Jews dying at their pedophilic hands. Israel made the right decision in 1967 by not waiting until an attack came from the genocidal sociopaths on its borders. Many Israelis will probably perish because of the government's concern with avoiding civilian casualties in iran jst as Israeli soldiers attempted with much success to avoid islamic holy places in Jerusalem and elsewhere. of course, no one will thank them for this. Instead, cowardly leaders in our own and other countries will condemn an attack that could save much of the world from disaster.

  • Ghostwriter

    What idiots like treetop and Nakba1948 don't understand is that we're dealing with religious fanatics who want to kill Jews. First,they destroy Israel,then the United States. Sadly,these two are so wrapped up in their anti-semitic fantasies that they can't see the reality before them. What makes them think they'll be spared because of their Jew hatred?

  • Matamoros

    A slave bows to his masters. Hussein O bowed to his Saudi masters in Mecca. Hussein will NEVER allow his Mohammedan brethren to sustain any serious blow to their plans of jihad and global domination. Bin Laden? Don't bore me. We knew that bin Laden was no longer any kind of serious "player" and was, thus, easily expendable and his killing would give Hussein the cover he needed in an election year. Hussein's hatred both for the United States and for Israel have been superlatively evident in his every word and action. Every word off his teleprompter is a lie.

  • Wesley69

    This President can say all he wants about being a friend of Israel, but will he have Israel's back if it goes after the Iranian nuclear sites???? Doubtful. Obama is this century's Neville Chamberlain. Obama says he doesn't bluff. Let his actions speak for him.

    Obama entertains the idea of cutting our nuclear arsenel by 80%. He feels the US should unilaterally set the example to the rest of the world for wiping out nuclear weapons.
    Obama is willing to share missile defense secrets with the Russians.
    Obama leaves Iraq leaving no US presence to counter Iranian influence.
    Obama wants to negotiate with the Taliban in order to stablize Afghanistan after we withdraw on time.
    Obama's non-support of Mubarak brings down a 30 year old ally in Egypt.
    Obama's demand that Israel negotiate on the basis of the 1949 Armistice Lines with the Palestinians, who refuse to even recognize Israel's right to exist. That means turning East Jerusalem over to the Palestinians.
    Obama tries to make friends with Dictator Chavez of Venezuela, but when the Honduran Supreme Court and National Congress removedtheir increasingly dictatorial president, the administration refused to recognize this change.

  • arish sahani

    West knows nothing about the islam or iran or muslim mind set. Look at india now divided and more then 500 hindu convert to islam who are now killers and want to destroy the world.
    People in pakistan bangladesh just live to die and kill while same hindus in india have a different goals.
    Want to change muslim first stop Iran and Saudis

    • SpiritOf1683

      The West used to know about Islam at one time, but that was 100 or more years ago, as the private papers of John Quincy Adams from 1829 and the writings of the likes of Sir Frederick Muir testifies. But 50 years of political correctness, self-loathing, and branding as bigots and racists anyone who dares tell the truth about Islam, is slowly but surely killing us.

  • http://www.madisdead.blogspot.com Mladen Andrijasevic

    On May 7, 1940 Leo Amery spoke in the Commons, attacking Neville Chamberlain's government, quoting Oliver Cromwell: "You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!"

    On May 10, 1940, Winston Churchill became Prime Minister.

    There is nobody to play Leo Amery's role today. But it is obvious that Netanyahu is destined to play Churchill's role and become the leader of the Free World,

  • KKKK

    obama reminds me of nevile chamberlian in 1935, who signed the Anglo-German Naval Agreement NEVER to go to war again. but several eyars alter, there was war-a terrible terrible war. so much for paper agreements.