Obama Leaks Israel’s Attack Plan?

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That denial may not seem significant in itself, as the administration would hardly confirm that it was responsible for the leak, while declining to comment would be the same as an admission.

More notable, though, is that by early this week some Israeli analysts no less weighty than Ben-Yishai had taken a different tack on the Foreign Policy article.

Ehud Yaari, one of Israel’s most senior commentators on Middle Eastern affairs, scoffed in The Times of Israel that Perry’s report “simply does not make any sense” and was another of his “cloak-and-dagger patchwork stories aimed at undermining the state he intensely detests.”

Yaari asked how Azerbaijan could possibly provide Israel with airbases for striking Iran when

Iranian missiles can quite easily knock out those airbases as well as the huge Azeri BP oil terminal near Baku, which is the lifeline of the country’s economy. Tehran leaders are on record stating that they will retaliate forcefully against any state that will provide bases for an attack against it.

In another article The Times of Israel cited two Israeli security experts who similarly dismissed Perry’s claims. One, Shlomo Brom, said they were “utterly baseless. Azerbaijan is a small country that borders on Iran. It just doesn’t make sense they would help Israel attack them. It would be suicidal.”

To sum up: Perry indeed has an intense animus against Israel—having warned, for instance, against the emergence of “Jewish Hezbollah”—and it is also true that small countries like Azerbaijan generally do not want to infuriate a much more powerful, ruthless neighbor.

But even if the Foreign Policy article is basically Perry’s concoction and the administration is not behind it, it remains the case that the media has been awash with delegitimations of any Israeli action against Iran. In addition to the congressional report, the New York Times reported last month on a classified Pentagon simulation game forecasting that an Israeli attack would spark a regional conflagration and could cost hundreds of U.S. casualties; the Times has also run a series of stories claiming U.S. intelligence and even the Israeli Mossad still are unsure Iran wants to build a bomb at all.

When you combine all this with open statements by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and by Obama himself about the supposed ineffectiveness and bad consequences of an Israeli attack, the impression of an orchestrated campaign remains. That means Israel still may have to choose between putting its fate in the Obama administration’s hands or going into action very much by itself.

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  • maz hess

    israel are telling these kind of stories to keep the oil price artificially high.

    • Chris C

      How do high gas process help Israel at all?

      • Brain

        Israel does produce oil after all. How do you not realize that?

        • http://callofthepatriot.blogspot.com HermitLion

          I hope you were being sarcastic, but if not…

          Fact #1: Israel does not produce oil.
          Fact #2: Israeli citizens pays twice for oil than Americans.
          Fact #3: Israel has given, willingly, oil wells in the Sinai peninsula, to Egypt, in return for a piece of paper that's worth less than a door mat.

    • mrbean

      As Yoda would say; "Full with it you are!"

    • http://callofthepatriot.blogspot.com HermitLion

      Did you soak your brain in acid, or put it in the oven first? Because I can't tell from the sheer mass of cognitive distortion that you've just showed here.

    • HoR_Emperor

      Oh look, a story on Isreal and an anti-Semite crawls out of the woodwork.

  • David M

    I speak Azeri (but not Azerbaijani citizen) and am aware of developments in that part of the world. Azerbaijan is a weak and small country and has Iran as its worst enemy even worse than Armenia and Russia. Azerbaijan has discovered many plots against American and Israeli entities and citizens staged by Iran. It is difficult to imagine that Azerbaijan gives a reason to Iran (a terrorist, barbaric and violent regime) to commit more plots in Azerbaijan. The article is an action by an anti-Israel B. Hussein Obama and Mark Perry and therefore weakening Azerbaijan and Israel and supporting Iran.

    • SAM000

      I'm Azarbaijanian from Iran side, we talk the same language and we have the same culture, we are a sole body separated on 2 parts by STALIN on 1925.

      Azerbaijan had reduced the diplomatic presence of the Mullahs regime at Bakou (the capital of Azerbaijan), because the Mullahs of Iran try to create an Azari Hezbollah in Azarbaijan.

      The Azari police had arrested several Islamist who wanted to Bomb the US and Israel embassies.

      Azerbaijan do not want Iranian Islamic interference in Azerbaijan.

      The Mullahs of Iran invested too much money in Azerbaijan to create a sympathy towards Islamic education.

      There is at least 15,000 Azeri poor families under Iranian financial coverage.
      Azarbaijanian government are the old USSR communist party's members, Azeri Administration of President Aliev is the most corrupted, like all the communists governments, they made the close ties with the Mullahs of Iran for their own business and profits, now they reap the fruits of their ignorance.

      • http://callofthepatriot.blogspot.com HermitLion

        Thanks for sharing this with us. It is not surprising that the mullahs are trying to destroy its neighbors, like all islamic regimes.

        • SAM000

          Azar means fire, and Azarbaijan means the land of fire, the symbole of the ZARATHUSTRA is fire, this is the old religion of the Persia befor Islam, some historians say that this religion of Zarathustra dates at least 12,000 years.
          Tabriz is the Capital of the Iran side of Azarbaijan (my natal city), the oldest and biggest ATASHKADEH (Fire Temple) is in TABRIZ, it is called ATASHKADEH AZAR GOSHASB.

          Ararbaijan is the oldest part of the very ancient Persia.

          My father was the Resistance commander against the Soviet invasion after WWII, the USSR Army didn't wanted to leave Azarbaijan after 1945, our fathers resisted and pushed back the Red Army and freed our land.

          In Azarbaijan cities we have the Christian and Jews districts who were respected by all, and nobody disturbed them.
          In Urumieh, the second city of Azarbaijan, there was a city inside the city for the Jews, I remember that the women of the whole city preferred to be consulted by the Jews traditional doctors in that inner city, the Muslim women trusted the Jews traditional doctors rather than the Muslim doctors.

          The reason why USA opposes the Israeli strike is that the Mullahs regime will collapse with the first strike and Israel will be seen as the BEST and FRIEND country in the M.E., this will push USA to the second place in that region.
          Even the most radical ARAB countries in M.E. hate Iran Syria and HAMAS and HEZBOLLAH.

    • SAM000

      David, HARALESAN?

      • David M


        Thanks for information. Azerbaijan is a beautiful country with wonderful songs, dances and beautiful women but an undemocratic and corrupt government. I'm neither a citizen of Azerbaijan nor residing in Azerbaijan. YASHASIN Azerbaijan!

    • Robert

      "Iran a terrorist, barbaric and violent regime)"

      That is right. The same words and even more could be used to describe Israel.

      • SAM000

        Robert; like always you propagate and eat SH**T?!

      • http://callofthepatriot.blogspot.com HermitLion

        You can use whatever words you like to spread hate.
        You just can't prove them.

        • SAM000

          This guy is the NIAC member, NIAC is the lobbyist group of ISLAMIC IRAN in USA, he use several screen names in this forum.

  • crackerjack

    Just another stupid article concerning a war that will not happen. Israel has neither the intent nor ability to strike Iran. If if had, it would have done so long ago, without all this chatter and speculations from unnamed "officials" and "sources".

    Israel is quite content with the current war of words status-quo that distracts from its near compleat international isolation, its deteriorating occupation fiasco and lets it pose as victim under siege.

    • reader

      Occupation fiasco? Occupation of what exactly?

      • mrbean

        Crackpot Jack thinks Israel is occupying Palestinian land because he is an ignorant uninformed product of progressive education.

        • http://callofthepatriot.blogspot.com HermitLion

          Mrbean, you have mistakenly said it thinks, when thinking is not a wanted 'progressive' trait.

    • HoR_Emperor

      Anti-Semite number two…

    • Choi

      Since you're so confident of what you believe Israel can't do,YOU should back up your certitude with a little vacation to the "paradise" known as Iran and VOLUNTEER to be a Human Shield at an Iranian Atomic Bomb Factory.
      According to YOU,you be no worse off than if you were lying on a lounge chair under a palm tree sipping a frozen Pina Colada.
      Go Ahead ,"crackerjack",HAVE THE COURAGE OF YOUR CONVICTIONS.

  • Mundus

    He supports Israel's and the US' enemies, reduces our military in many ways, ties the hands of our troops on the ground, and negotiates with the Taliban, leaves the foreign service officers and assignees in Iraq with out adequate security, gives arms to Lebanon and Hezbollah, refuses to secure our borders, convinces staunch Israeli Congressional supporters to release funds to PA and Hamas, carries on a war throughout Africa about which we hardly know, supports one Islamist regime after another, including the N.sudan Islamic tyrant, does absolutely nothing about the Suez Canal situation, offends the Saudis, supports Venezuela's Chavez, the former leader of Hondurus and not the one the people voted for,and so it goes…

  • effemall

    As long as Obama exists, Israel needs to deal with the U.S. as we dealt with Pakistan. If the U.S. had shared plans with Pakistan regarding the Navy Seals outing to capture bin Laden, it would never have happened. The frightening and depressing thing is that far too few Americans realize that we have an evil monster in the White House.

    • Vermont Yid

      "Evil monster" is one of the best descripions of Obama I've ever read.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Can and "evil monster" be a sociopathic, self loving, back stabing, bat rastid, I think so……….William

  • Dispozadaburka

    You aint seen nothin yet.
    Our news outlets say that Bibi is a shoe-in but actually after he publicly embarrassed Obama on national television the chances of him getting re-elected will be slim to none. That supposedly unplanned oversite of filming the president and Sarkozy calling Bibi "a liar" and Obama saying
    "How do think I feel having to deal with him, everyday."
    is just a preliminary step.
    They just have to wait until election time to spring Bibi's weakness publicly so his opponent will win.
    The Devil is in the details.

    • 4Christ

      Bibi is doing a good job! What about him embarrassing Obama? Obama needs to BE embarrassed about something! He never seems to be embarrassed about denying Yahweh-(till he;s campaigning}- killing babies and denying Israel!

      I'm an American Christian and I said it!

  • Dispozadaburka

    He will look like a "liar" to the world.
    And Obama, of course, will look like a "hero."
    Once Bibi's opponent wins,
    then Obama can push more easily to establish the 1967 borders
    and build a new embassy in Jerusalem.
    within the 2012-2016 timeframe.
    As Bill Clinton said."Obama needs 4 more years to complete his goals,"
    But remember, he has already "surrendered" us to Islam. Muslim Day of Prayer Sept 2009.

  • Steve Chavez

    CAN YOU IMAGINE THE BEDTIME STORIES/NATIONAL SECURITY SECRETS BARACK IS TELLING MICHELLE? She's the one who is running the country and is more radical than her husband! She scolds him to be more radical and not to give in even to his advisers and even more so to the Republicans which I'm sure she has numerous other racist names for them.

    BOTH THEIR CONSTANT SMILES ARE FAKE so I made up this phrase just for them: "BEWARE OF THE PERSON WITH THE NEVER-ENDING SMILE FOR WHEN YOU TURN YOUR BACK, THEY SHOW THEIR FANGED TEETH!" Everyone knows a person like this and if you really get to know them, they are actually not so happy and smiley. THEY ACTUALLY HAVE A MENTAL PROBLEM!!!

    • Vermont Yid

      I'll tell you who has the "mental problem." It's my fellow Jews who were stupid enough to vote for that azzhole.

    • Choi

      And the Obama pop-up ads all over the internet are nauseating.
      That's what his money buys:In everyone's face all the time.
      There's one with Michelle pictured that says "Tell Barack you're in",and a button to click that says "Are You In?" ,that if one clicks they will be wisked off to Obamaworld,aka,his campaign.

  • Schlomotion

    The nerve of Obama to stand before AIPAC and say that the US-Israeli alliance is sacrosanct! He stole all those Jewish votes and all that Jewish money, falsely promising to give the Israeli Lobby everything we ask for. Now we see the real Obama. When we line up to promise him money and power if he gives us a kickback, he is only lying. Obama is not a good President for Israel. We need to bribe a President who will really stick by his promises to send money and weapons to Israel, one who will look the other way when we expand settlements, one who will not interfere in our right to attack other countries in preemptive strikes, one who will ethically cleanse the Muslims out of the United States. We need Rick Perry!

    • reader

      That's your best post ever, the schlomo-maturin troll. Honest embrace of alynskyite tactics and Jew bating on behalf of Obama. If only such moronic Jews as the "Amused" understood how genuine and mutual this embrace is.

      • Schlomotion

        That would only be true if you were "the establishment." You are not "the establishment." You are its courtesans, exchequers, and soothsayers.

        • reader

          Well, see this is not as good. This is jibberish now. You should try to limit yourself to one post a day not to overheat your inadequate brain.

          • Schlomotion

            Alinsky's tactics are supposedly against "the establishment." Of course you cannot even spell "Alinsky" so I assume you just heard it over talk radio. It would be hard to miss if the book cover had just been staring you in the face.

          • reader

            You must be bragging about reading Alinsky. Here's the news – it does not increase your brain capacity. Just the opposite.

          • Schlomotion

            I am. Man, that four seconds that I read his work, I felt so liberated. It was like planets and solar systems where soaring through my mind. In the first of those four seconds I formulated my worldview.

          • reader

            …whatever gets you through the night – in addition to spewing hate on the internet that is.

          • Schlomotion

            1989 called. They want their invective back. Royalty check payable to: David C. Friedman and Abraham Foxman for the expression "spewing hate."

          • neils60

            Schmoe, Are you describing the liberation that you felt/feel when you take your LSD?

          • Schlomotion

            You know, I haven't tried that yet. It just sort of comes naturally.

    • stern

      Schlockmeister is an anti-Semitic troll of the worst kind. Not only is he quite pathetic, but he goes on and on and on and on and on.

      Best approach is not to engage in any way.

    • HoR_Emperor

      And number three…

    • Ghostwriter

      I'll say it again so you can understand it. Iran is ruled by Islamic fanatics who want their religion forced on everyone else. Israel is a peaceful nation that wants to defend itself against those who want to destroy it. President Obama is living in a dream world that believes that the Palestinians want to live in peace with the Israelis when they don't. Netanyahu is living in the real world and wants to defend his nation AGAINST those who want to destroy it. People like you,Schlomotion. Are we clear now?

      • Choi

        One little point: Obama is not in dreamworld. He knows everything he's doing ,why,and how it fits into his and their agenda.

        • WilliamJamesWard

          Obama is doing everything he can to destroy Israel as long as it does not get in his way of
          destroying the Presidency, American Government and America as a Nation by bringing
          down it's economy and institutions still intact in spite of leftist subversion………..William

  • mrbean

    And a weelk later the clandestine Muslim in the white house endorses the anti semitic Muslim Brotherhood taking over Egypt

  • neils60

    One can better understand Bibi's reticence in conveying his plans regarding Iran to this administration following a review of this article. Add to that Obama foreign military advisor, Zbigniew Brzezenski's statement on MESSNBC, that if Israel were to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, we, the USA, should shoot down the Israeli jets taking part in the attack. (9/21/09). One other troubling aspect to those remarks, none of the "Morning Joe" crew offered a contrary viewpoint to this Jimmy Carter protege's threatening language.

    • Choi

      Actually,Carter was this POS' protege
      .Zbigniew Brzezenski was instrumental in Carter's mid-wifing the Islamic Republic of Iran after SHAFTING THE SHAH,OUR ALLY.

  • Marty

    At least we can count on this administration to do exactly what adversely impacts the national security and welfare of the United States and Israel. I was in Israel last month and was impressed by the wall to wall contempt for the current American foreign policy, a contempt only emulated by the American people. No one doubts any longer that Israel is on its own. Even though most Israelis still oppose a strike on iranian nuclear installations, no one has a better idea. They understandably take the prospect of second Holocaust seriously. And why shouldn't they? The iranian leadership is dedicated to Israel's destruction. It needs to reap what it wants to sow.

  • 11bravo

    And Bibi can sink an Obama re-election by hitting Iran. All he has to say is Obama abandoned the Jews in their time of need-play the never forget the holucost card…and Obama goes away, and Bibi is re-elected as Obama clears out his desk.
    Game over!

  • http://callofthepatriot.blogspot.com HermitLion

    This act makes the US administration a clear-cut ENEMY of Israel.
    Imagine if during the cold-war, Israel were to sabotage American operations against the Russian missiles in Cuba, for example. Would any American call it an ally?

    Even if a military action is misguided, sabotaging it this way is not the act of a friendly nation. It is the act of a nation that's 100% willing to throw a weak ally to the dogs, in return for a little more time of 'peace' with the muslim world.

    Outrageous, really, but the Obama creature and his cadre know they have no reason to fear betraying Israel. So much for the imaginary power of the 'Jewish vote' in D.C.

  • maria

    BHO is selling out not only Israel but US as well. Israel destiny is US destiny and all western civilization destiny. Stand with Israel as at stake our kids life. Islam is merciless political doctrine to dominate in World, to build world Caliphate and kill non-Muslims. There is more than 1000000 (1 MLN) death on Islamists hand.
    BHO and accomplices in WH promote it. BHO is one term pres and only it can survey us.
    But I think he prepares to unleash civil war to use black panters and mobs if Rep candidate will be close to win election. In that case BHO will activate decree of extraordinary situation and seize unlimited Power over ALL country. He recently signed without any pomp (unusual for him, so he wanted it to be unnoticed) that decree which give him dictatorship when HE decide it is time.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Under only one circumstance should Israel trust America as and ally, Obama is gone and his criminal
    administration disbanded and under investigation by a Justice Department that follows the law and
    finds out how they scammed trillions of dollars from the tax payers. It may take some time before
    there is rehabilitation in American Government, a ground up purging of Marxist and Socialist
    influence throughout society is all important and the forum of public thought must air the
    depredations of our society and subversion of the Constitution by the Democratic Party and
    Leftist Republicans………………………………….William

  • Wesley69

    Obama has made a foreign policy accessment. With huge Muslim populations in Egypt, Turkey, Iraq and Iran, he feels being on the side of Israel is a losing proposition. He feels that being on the side of Islam will be better for the US and his own reputation in the world.

    First, there's oil. His green revolution isn't going so well. Second, there's keeping the terrorists under control. Being on the side of the Islamists terrorists may leave the US alone for a while. Third, Israel is a stone tied to the US's neck and it limits our influence in the Mideast. Fourth, his upbring and life experiences show that he has more in common with Islamists and Communists than with the Israelis or Jews.

    Problem is most Americans don't agree with his ideas about Israel. They are tired of his policies of appeasement and apology. We need to do ourselves and Israel a favor and put Obama into retirement.

  • Onar Kahlid

    I do not understand any one being confused. Obama is a muslim. He supports muslims even against USA's interests. He will be re-elected. he will bring down the US by destroying the currency and involving us in wars we have no business being in. read your Good Book people. It is all there for the looking.

  • Redwood509

    I doubt if he has the plans. sadly, since 1956 the Israelis know that any promise made by a U.S president is worthless. They were betrayed on numerous occasions and know that Americans cannot be trusted with classified information, mainly because they talk too much and because a Fifth Column is well entrenched in every level of government. Well concealed, disguised and undercover, they operate for principals, ideology or simply for money. Anyone who counts on Americans to keep a secret, will be disappointed. Therefore, I doubt if Israel shared its plans with the U.S,simply because, there is no one they can trust.

  • Redwood509

    Would any reader here trust a certified Communist with your National security plans? At least when Nixon was President, there was less fear that he will tell the Soviets about any plans, nor during the time of Ronald Reagan, even though his nasty-to bit anti-Semites underlings, orchestrated a strong rebuke for the Osirak Nuclear reacrotr, Iraq, bombing, later, the two faced administration, sent a polite letter of thanks to Ambassador Ivri (formerly chief of the IAF during the 1981 take out), for doing the job. Anyone who understands how U,S foreign policy functions knows that the State Department and the CIA is infested with anti-Israeli, Arabist bakshish takers, guilty half baked, brainwashed Americans, notorious free loading Lefties, who cannot be trusted, with domestic security, not to mention Israeli security. (Aldrich Ames, Hansen, the Cuban agent..the cobbler of the phony Iran nuclear plans, during Bush last year, a team of fraudster inside State/CIA….to name a few…)

  • Dave

    Look at the Tapestry that appears behind obummer in some of his speeches in the past. They are of muslim embroidering,he was born,raised,an schooled as a muslim.He is a serpent amongst us, make no mistake about it.

  • Steve

    This is wrong, wrong, wrong, lsrael`s annilation is being threatened night and day! What would all of you do if you were in there shoes just sit back? Besides it is none of our business anyway unless we are for helping lsrael! l cannot believe the obama lovers can`t see that he is out to destroy America! Open your eyes, for Pete`s sake! He is an admitted Muslim and he has a long plan to make our country totally Muslim! lt was picked up on aramic radio in lsrael that the hand he kissed is who sent him on the mission. Besides lran is gunning for us just as well!

  • Robert McGhee

    obummer is at again…..

  • Isaura B. Sedillo

    I love Azerbaijan and am very supportive of the Aliyev administration. However, a seed of corruption has been in power lower than Aliyev for decades. The finance minister, Samir Sharifov, practices corruption and is helped by the Obama administration. He carries out Obama’s agenda in Azerbaijan in exchange for money from the Agency for International Development (AID). When you control the finance system, you can basically do whatever you want with the money. He needs to go.