‘Peace Now’ Faults Israel For Palestinians’ Genocidal Urges

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That Americans for Peace Now could not bring itself simply to condemn a call for genocide of Jews and leave it at that, is actually what one would expect.

The parent-organization, Israel’s Peace Now, was established in the spring of 1978 about nine months after Israel had, for the first time in its history, elected a right-of-center government. As Kenneth Levin noted in an article exposing Peace Now’s intellectual and moral corruption, the group launched its political life by criticizing Prime Minister Menachem Begin for purportedly “not moving fast enough or being forthcoming enough” in his negotiations with Egypt. Since then Peace Now has always held the Israeli side responsible whenever its panacea of “peace” receded in bloodshed.

As Levin observes, it was “under the banner of Peace Now” that Israel embarked on the disastrous Oslo process in the early 1990s. By the mid-1990s, with the corpses from terror attacks already piling up, the group kept loudly demanding “peace now” in rallies attended by tens of thousands in Tel Aviv. And it kept demanding “peace now”—of Israel—even in the next decade when the terror attacks of what was called the Second Intifada reached even more horrific proportions.

The difference, though, was that by then Peace Now could no longer organize mass rallies and was rapidly shrinking in membership. Today, with the bulk of the Israeli population sobered by two decades of suicide bombings and rocket attacks, Peace Now is reduced mainly to harassing Israelis who live in Judea and Samaria. It petitions the left-leaning (until recently) Supreme Court to declare some of their communities illegal, and releases annual reports on Israeli construction in those areas that relate to it as a criminal enterprise.

Part of the corruption of Peace Now is its making of “peace” into an ideology. Peace can be a conclusion; that is, one could legitimately maintain at a particular time that one of Israel’s neighbors (or at least its leadership) was ready to lay down the hatchet. (Even then, experience has shown—with Egypt a dramatic recent case—that such situations are temporary.)

But according to the Peace Now ideology, peace is always, prima facie, available; Peace Now said so in 1978, it says so today, and it will say so ten or twenty years from now no matter what the mere reality on the ground. Given the premise, then, the only logical inference is that the failure to pluck this shining apple of peace is Israel’s, and always Israel’s.

Hence Peace Now, and its U.S. affiliate, is not capable of reacting appropriately to an outrage like Mufti Muhammad Hussein’s officially televised call to genocide. No sooner had President and CEO DeLee seemingly done so than she turned it into an opportunity to sternly warn “both sides,” the jihadist Palestinian Authority and democratic Israel. It’s yet another shameful display by a deplorable organization.

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  • eric

    this is not the truth everybody knows than everything have been settled by the us and isareli gov

    • BS77

      Your grammar makes your statement incomprehensible. Get an education.

  • Ron Carnine

    Eric, your someone unclear statement is nonsense. "Everybody know than (sic) everything have been settled by the us and isareli gov" just plain isn't true. Not "everybody knows" but you don't know the truth. Put the Palestinian nonsense away and look at a true accounting of history. Israel has tried again and again to find a way to peace. In fact, one time not only did they bend too far backward they threw the baby out with the bath water and made an offer that would have led to their destruction and the Palestinians still refused the offer. The Palestinians don't want peace. They want Israel's destruction. That is why there is not peace in the Middle East. Lay the blame where it truly belongs, with the Palestinians.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    "Peace Now" propaganda directed against Israel by leftists. The leftist mindset is
    arrogant enough to believe Islam will embrace their ideology when democracy
    and freedom for Jews in Israel is destroyed. All the PLO or Hamas has to give
    to the equation is the peace of the grave for Jews. No clear thinking and truthful
    person is fooled by these lunatics………………………………………….William

  • Marty

    Useful idiots at work again. Be of good cheer. I spoke to an audience of around 100 people a couple of weeks ago and its members were mostly in agreement that islamic states are ideologically violent and many of them are genocidal. The "arab spring" is an excellent case in point: egyptian muslims are busy terrorizing christians and burning churches and syrian armed forces are slaughtering their own citizens. It's only a matter of time before someone decides to blame the Jews and Israel for all of the upheaval.

  • kkkk

    "that the enlightened world thinks should be Jurdenerin" you could not have put it better. the whole world thinks Jeruslame belongs to the MOOSELMs when in reality Islam has no connection to Jeruslame-it is not mentioned ONCE in the quran-and only claims it because they know it is sacred to Judaism and Christianity. all MOOSELMS do it takeover what belongs to others and claim it as "heirs."

  • BS77

    Leftist liberalism is a mental disorder (Michael Savage)

  • mburu

    "Incendiary statements about Palestinians by Israeli rabbis are rare….bla bla bla"….oh, please give me a break! …..try attending services by top Rabbi Ovadia Yosef…..you will get the raw hatred rabbis preach about non-Jews……but the zionist media suppresses such inconvenient things………….

  • P. David Hornik

    Yes, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef has sometimes made unfortunate statements about non-Jews–as well as about women and about non-Orthodox Jews. His statements have been heavily denounced and were never on national TV. But why use the human brain's capacity to make distinctions when you can spew venom about the "Zionist media" and the like.