Peter Beinart, Zionist Pioneer

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But as Jonathan Tobin points out, that exquisite distinction might be lost on others. Such as British actress and writer Emma Thompson, who recently along with thirty-six other leading lights of the English theater demanded that Israel’s Habima Theater Company be excluded from a dramatic festival in London next month. The reason? Habima—Tel Aviv-based and, like most of Israel’s artistic community, not exactly right-wing—has refused to boycott the Samarian town of Ariel (pop. 18,000). As Tobin puts it, “The slippery slope from Beinart’s version of Zionism to Thompson’s anti-Zionism couldn’t be clearer.”

Indeed, once boycott Zionism is in the air, who knows where it might lead? It turns out that “Israel’s embassy in Cairo has been operating out of a temporary residence for the past seven months because …every time the Israeli embassy finds a new embassy building, the owners then refuse to sell or rent the property after finding out who the buyer is.” When such, let’s say, nonfriends of Israel find out that even Zionists (sorry, but there are people out there who call all Jews Zionists) are now boycotting Israel—oh yes, only part of it, not all of it—it doesn’t exactly dampen their ardor.

And there are other ironies here. Egypt is a country toward which Israel acted as the sage Beinart would approve: it signed a peace treaty with it and tore down all the settlements it had built in the Sinai, the territory that Israel captured from Egypt in the 1967 Six-Day War. Three decades later, with the Muslim Brotherhood a few inches from taking power, Egypt is not exactly a friendly country toward Israel. And then there’s Gaza, another place where Israel acted according to the precepts of boycott Zionism, tearing down all its settlements and leaving it in 2005—since which time it has become a virulent jihadist enclave firing over eight thousand rockets at Israel, already necessitating one full-scale war of a kind that never had to be fought in Gaza while Israel was “occupying” it.

But Beinart is impressed by none of this, and prescribes the same medicine for Judea and Samaria. And if the large majority of Israelis now regard such medicine as a suicide pill, Beinart—in the name, of course, of democracy—wants to force them to take it; he wants to boycott Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria out of existence. It would, at least, make Peter Beinart’s life even easier—no more “settlement” products on shelves to even expend the mental effort to boycott, no more embarrassment about his distant brethren who, squeezed inside indefensible borders and likely in a crossfire of rockets, would at least have a Beinart-approved democracy.

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  • Ra'anana

    to much exposure for this lout, Peter BeinArafat, he ain't worth the time to respond., annul him!

  • montlasky

    The man is misguided . Yet he seems to appeal to NEWSWEEK who just purchased his "The Daily Beast" operation. This obviously shows that NEWSWEEK is now becoming an anti Israel rag and anti Semitic.
    So Beinart mixes in high journalistic company and adds his 2Cents worth to the …."enablers of anti Semitism"
    It's time NEWSWEEK started printing articles by Gilad Atzmon. They have already prepared the way by startng to associate with the likes of Beinart.



      Peter Beinart and his ik are beyond misguided;

      Beinart chose to acquiesce to a false narrative created by Israel enemy. I heard him speak.

      Many of Beinart's assertions are unfounded and running against factual evidence. The Beinart screeds produce as exude Orwellian-ism, New-speaks. In short the BeinArafat, "Beinartians", are nothing short of delusional, sick.

      Read here:

  • Schlomotion

    I have read many Zionist works where the authors lament the dwindling of Jewish populations in as far flung places as Cuba, Turkey, Libya, Broward County Florida, Curacao, Warsaw, Romania, Bahrain, and of all places, Calcutta! They all have this same pathetic tone like these are the last Siberian Tigers, Panda Bears, or Angolan Fruit Bats. Give me a break. Now I have to feel bad that Egyptians 6500 miles away won't sell an embassy building to Israelis because they know Israelis will use it to launch Mossad attacks. This, I suppose directly forces Israelis into extinction too? I am supposed to shake Peter Beinart by the lapels and force him to buy overpriced cottage cheese?

    • Ghostwriter

      Somehow,I'm not shocked at your disgusting post,Schlomotion. You have all the decency of Heinrich Himmler,which is very little.

      • Schlomotion

        Shhhh. Don't speak too critically. It might cause a die-off.

  • Raymond in DC

    Aside from giving aid and comfort to Israel's enemies, Beinart's BDS-lite will only result in throwing more Palestinians out of work, as thousands are employed by Israeli-owned businesses over the Green Line, or market their produce through Israeli firms.

  • maria

    Israel is only democracy in ME. His army by prominent military specialists consider as the most moral. Israel's Palestinians night dream that they can be deprived by Israel's citizenship. Israel's fault is its existence for Muslim world and Leftists. That is. It is OK for Leftists that 100000 Christians are killing each year by Muslims. It is OK for them that there is no Churches or Temples for non Muslims in Saudi Arabia and Jews can not go there at all. It is OK for those villains-Leftists what ever nationality or religion they are that Muslims women are Muslims men property and in name of honor killing their own fathers or brothers rape Muslim's women and kill them in all Muslims countries. Shame of you all Leftists/socialists …but they have no shame or morality.