Report from the Rocket Zone

By Thursday night Israel was well into its second war against the Gaza terror statelet since Israel’s ill-considered “disengagement” from Gaza in 2005, a move widely hailed at the time as ushering in a new era of peace.

The year leading up to the first Gaza war, 2008, saw over a thousand rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza. In 2009 and 2010, the years after that war, the attacks declined steeply; then they began to rise again and this year, 2012, had reached about 800 before Israel, on Wednesday, finally started to fight back again.

Israel launched the campaign on Wednesday afternoon with two major, successful hits: a lethal aerial strike on Ahmad Jabari, head of Hamas’s military wing and the most senior Hamas figure in the Strip, known especially to Israelis for masterminding the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit; and a series of strikes against Hamas’s Iranian-made long-range Fajr missiles, considered strategic because of their ability to hit the Tel Aviv area in central Israel.

Since then southern Israel has been enveloped in rocket firings from Gaza. On Thursday morning three people were killed in the town of Kiryat Malachi, 18 miles from Gaza, when a rocket made a direct hit on a building there. In my city, Beersheva, 25 miles from Gaza, the attacks have been so frequent that this article is literally being written in intervals between air-raid sirens. So far the city’s Iron Dome battery has intercepted most of the rockets and no serious injuries have been reported.

Israel was further stunned on Thursday night when, for the first time ever, rockets from Gaza hit the greater Tel Aviv area, indicating that the air force had not managed to destroy all the Fajrs and signaling a strategic escalation on Hamas’s part. Israel, for its part, had hit over 200 targets in Gaza including terror hubs and arms caches.

On Thursday morning the Israeli air force dropped leaflets on Gaza warning civilians to stay out of the line of fire. That meant the war’s moral asymmetry was absolute, with one side doing its utmost to avoid civilian casualties and the other, Hamas and other Gaza terror groups like Islamic Jihad, launching hundreds of projectiles meant to kill, injure, and terrorize as many civilians as possible.

That did not, however, prevent Mohammed Kamel Amr—foreign minister of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood regime, in power since July—from asking U.S. secretary of state Hillary Clinton for “immediate U.S. intervention to stop the Israeli aggression.” And the spokesman for Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president, Mohamed Morsi, had still stronger words, saying Morsi had been “follow[ing] the Israeli brutal assault.”

As opposed to words, Egypt’s actions so far have been relatively mild. On Wednesday, immediately after the hostilities began, Egypt’s ambassador to Israel was recalled. On Thursday it was announced that Egypt’s prime minister Hesham Kandil—far less significant than Morsi—would be paying Gaza a solidarity visit on Friday.

In other words, despite the Muslim Brotherhood regime’s radical hostility to Israel, it is probably in no shape at this point to make more than symbolic gestures in Hamas’s defense, with Egypt not far from economic collapse and desperately dependent on U.S. aid. In other regards, too, the regional situation gives Israel a window for action, with both Syria and its Lebanon-based ally, Hizballah, enmeshed in trying to put down the Syrian rebellion.

After a day of aerial and tank fire at the Strip, it was reported by Thursday evening that Israel was calling up 30,000 reserve soldiers, making a ground invasion of the Strip likely. Israel’s goals probably do not include toppling Hamas, since Israel does not want to either reoccupy Gaza or install the Palestinian Authority there, but certainly do include regaining its deterrence by hitting Hamas hard, and restoring normal life to the people of southern Israel.

Although reactions from Washington and London have so far been supportive, it is hard to be optimistic that the West will keep backing Israel when Palestinian casualties start flashing across TV screens. It will be a shame, since one cannot imagine a more just war than one between, on the one hand, a country simply seeking to live in peace, and on the other, savage terror organizations trying to destroy it.

It’s to be hoped that, however much flak is flying Israel’s way, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak will stay the course.

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  • Mladen Andrijasevic

    Here's one more report from the Rocket Zone
    Be'er Sheva under Grad attack

    • Roger

      And now there are reports that rockets have been fired toward Jerusalem.

      Animals, they are nothing more than animals.

      • IsraelFirster

        Maybe one of those rockets will take out either the Dome of the Rock or the Al Aqsa mosque.

        • KarshiKhanabad

          Wouldn’t that be neat! Those rockets are only fired in the general direction of Jerusalem.
          Just to watch that golden invaders’ dome go KABLOOIE!! Sweet!

          • Roger

            Israel needs to figure a way that only lets the rockets land when they're aimed at arab neighborhoods. Let them kill each other, as long as decent people don't suffer. And there are so many muslim places in Israel.

    • Florida Girl

      My computer has been in for repair, just got it back last night and saw your posting. Can't tell you how enlightening it was and my heart goes out to all of Israel. Conservatives in U.S. are doing what we can to support Israel and will always pray for her people.

  • Chezwick

    This will be tit for tat unless and until Israel re-occupies Gaza…and then all hell will break loose. It's a no-win situation.

    If Israel keeps its response proportional, the conflict remains low-intensity but continues indefinitely…and Gaza, because of its primitiveness, is much better able to endure a state of constant insecurity than Israel. How long before Israelis tire of living in perpetual fear of the next rocket attack and decide to emigrate, which is the Palestinian goal all long (pushing the Jews into the Sea).

    If Israel re-occupies the strip, she galvanizes the entire world against her (with the exception of American conservatives)…and catalyzes the inexorable movement towards a reconstituted Caliphate in the Turko-Arab world. A major war is then in the offing, a war that will make Yom Kippur look like child's play. Imagine the combined might of the Arab world…and then add the arsenal of Turkey and perhaps Iran. Imagine the tens of thousands of missiles available to the Muslim side today that were not available in '73…..missiles that can be fired from afar. Even the most sophisticated anti-missile defense would be overwhelmed.

    The sh*t's getting ready to hit the fan….and it has nothing to do with the tension de jour. It's part and parcel of a 1400 year tradition called Jihad….and though we might see a momentary resolution of this current round, the fight won't end until one side or the other is entirely vanquished.


      If a WMD hits Israel, Mecca will cease to exist.

      No Hajj ever again.

      Think about it Islamofascist and socialist SAVAGES.

    • NorthwoodsCynic

      Regarding "proportional response": As far as the Arab terrorists are concerned, one Israeli (Gilad Shalit) is worth more than 1000 Arabs. (That was the swap ratio.) Therefore, for every rocket/mortar shell that flies out of Gaza into Israel, the Israelis should send 1000 back. That would be a proportional response! And if "the world" doesn't like it, well, too bad.

    • Larry

      What do you call "proportional"?

      Under military doctrine and the Laws of War "proportional" refers not to the size of the hammer, but to the nature of the target.

      If they attack military targets, you attack military targets, if they attack infrastructure, you attack infrastructure.

      If the randomly attack civilian targets………..

      So a proportional response from Israel, under the Laws of War, could include lining up every gun and launcher in the IDF along the eastern border of Gaza and starting a rolling barrage beginning at the border and ending at the beach that reduces the entire place to bouncing gravel.

      The Israelis aren't going to do that, but they are making a disproportionate response by attempting to reduce civilian casualties as much as possible.

      My personal opinion is that they should take back the territory, but not the population. The population can get shoved south of the Suez so that the Eqyptians can deal with the poisonous cesspit they created between 1948 and 1967. It's their problem, the created it, let them own it.

      • Chezwick


        I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you regarding the take-over of Gaza, but in terms of the expulsion of its residents, I'm sure you're aware that deliberate displacement of native populations in time of war is considered a war-crime by international law. Israel would be branded an international outlaw and what remaining support for her that still exists around the world today would evaporate overnight.

        Imagine the scene of two million displaced refugees, over half of them women and children, stuck in the Sinai desert, enduring all manner of hardship, the Egyptians doing everything in their power to prolong and enhance their suffering, just for effect.

        I'm not drawing this picture out of humanitarian sensibilities…I'm drawing it to shed light on the extent to which Israel would bring down the world upon its head.

        There is a tendency among many here at FPM to advocate MAXIMUM solutions, repercussions be damned. It's easy to do when one sits on the outside looking in. I pity the men and women at the apex of power in Israel who have to make these decisions and live with the consequences, consequences that will have profound bearing on the survival of the Jewish State and its seven million souls.

        Having said all that, I acknowledge that every other possible course of action has its own set of pitfalls.

        • Drakken

          The west are the only ones adhering to so called international norms and and anything that gets folks hurt are considered war crimes by the left and jihadist. Our hands are tied at every turn to our detriment while our enemies laugh at us and openly flaunt our weakness. Enough is enough and it is time to bring back the total war concept. Push Gaza into the sea and have no mercy and give no quarter to those who would never return the favor anyway.

        • Mary Sue

          the people all belong in either Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, or Egypt anyway. Let them deal with those.

          • Chezwick

            Mary Sue, I respectfully disagree.

            The Arab/Muslim side is constantly trying to de-legitimize the Jewish presence in Israel….and our side seems to resort to the same method, claiming the Arabs were late comers, etc. Fact is, they've lived there for generations and many even have Ottoman-era property deeds.

            I despise the Pals for their pathologically murderous, death-cult culture, but I refuse to play the game that they don't exist as a people.

          • Mary Sue

            They exist as human beings, but there is no such thing as a "Palestinian". These guys are Arabs, period. They can live in any Arab country. They are themselves a creation of the 1967 war, when the surrounding Arab countries told them to get out of Israel (to avoid getting killed during the war) and promised they'd all be let back in once Egypt, Syria, Jordan, etc were done wiping out all the Jews.

            The problem now isn't really one of who got there first, anyway. The problem is that the Palestinians are run by a bunch of thugs that have been indoctrinating the common palestinian into the cult of Jihad. They CANNOT live side-by-side with the Jews for the simple reason that they won't stop trying to kill them all. That is why they should be sent to live in the surrounding countries–for the Jews' own safety.

          • Chezwick

            "They CANNOT live side-by-side with the Jews for the simple reason that they won't stop killing them."

            There is no getting around the truthfulness of this statement of yours. But mass expulsion would have a very, very high price for Israel….probable war and certain international isolation.

            I suppose the main alternative would be to create conditions where it becomes very difficult for the Pals to kill Jews, such as the fence on the West Bank that has dramatically reduced the number of terror attacks. Doing so would of course entail re-occupying Gaza…which would itself risk regional war, but wouldn't precipitate the kind of international opprobrium that mass expulsion would.

            As for your first paragraph, I've heard the argument many times….and I reject it. First of all, it was the '48 war of Independence when the Arabs exhorted the Muslim inhabitants of Israel to flee, not the '67 war. Secondly, even if the inhabitants of the West Bank and Gaza historically thought of themselves as "Arabs", there is no denying that over the last 50 years or so, they have developed a Palestinian national consciousness. The impediment to Palestinian nation-hood is not that they don't exist as a "people", it's that they embrace a fanatical death-cult of Jihad, which makes them unsuitable for co-existence.

            I don't discount the possibility that in the final analysis, you and Larry might be right. But my guts tell me that mass expulsion is extreme, a policy of last resort, and one that might – instead of solving Israel's security problems – exacerbate them.

          • Mary Sue

            ok i got a bit mixed up but they did promise them that they'd win in 67 and let them back in.

            Mass expulsion, while fraught with difficulty and truly a last resort, may indeed yet be necessary. The fact that the collection of idiots at the UN likely won't like it, doesn't change that fact.

            Historically the Arabs themselves are not indigenous. They are descendants of invaders from Arabia.

        • Larry

          My heart bleeds for them, it truly does /sarc off.

          The problem is that you aren't dealing with rational players when you're dealing with arabs, and muslims in particular, so that anything remotely nuanced goes right over their heads.

          They only understand MAXIMUM solutions, and until you ram those MAXIMUM solutions down their throats they will continue on the merry little way. And when your enemy is intent on genocide, and the MB, of which HAMAS is the Gaza military wing, has made it quite clear, time and time again, that that is their intention, you can't pussy foot around with them. You HAVE to ram a MAXIMUM solution down their throat, and probably reinforce it every few years to make it continue to stick.

          • Chezwick

            There is a reason that in the 45 years that Israel has occupied the West Bank and Gaza, successive Israeli governments, both dovish and hawkish, have never moved to expel the Arab residents of these regions. Though doing so may be emotionally gratifying, it could very well be detrimental to Israel's survival prospects.

            I reiterate, mass displacement of civilian populations is a war-crime according to the Geneva Convention. Should Israel engage in such an endeavor, there is every likelihood that the world (including the USA) would impose an economic and diplomatic boycott on Israel. This would have a very destructive impact on Israel's economy, facilitating the emigration of many Israeli Jews, which in turn would demographically dilute the Jewish population of Israel proper, perhaps sufficiently to endanger the entire Zionist enterprise. For what happens if or when the Arabs, the Bedouins, and the Druze of Israel outnumber the Jews? Can she remain a democracy in such circumstance?

            Furthermore, say Israel engages in a policy of mass expulsion,…what is to prevent the Pals from setting up a state-within-a-state in Sinai and begin resuming regular rocket and mortar attacks from there? Should Israel then attack Egypt and occupy the Sinai again? Should she then expel the residents of Sinai too? Where does it end?

          • Larry

            That provision of the Geneva Convention was aimed purely and squarely at Israel. Have you noticed that no where else do you have 60+ year old "refugee" camps and 4th and 5th generation "refugees".

            What about all the Jews that Israel took in from communities that were over 2,000 years old? What about the Hindu Punjabis driven out of the "Land of the Pure"? What about the several million Germans, Poles, etc? The Armenians and the Circassians and the Greeks and the Turks?

            As a so called "palestinian refugee" you can't get citizenship in any other arab nation, even though for many of those who were cleared out of the way to create a Jew only killing zone in 1948 they had lived in the area less than a generation and still had close relatives in Syria and Egypt.

            Israel is damned if it does and damned if it doesn't, the Israelis might as well opt for survival rather than continue to leave themselves exposed to continual attacks by people desiring their genocide.

          • Chezwick

            It's not an unreasonable argument you've presented. As I've previously acknowledged, there is no alternative that doesn't have its own pitfalls. But while the world turned a blind eye to the examples of population displacement you cited, it surely will hold Israel to a different standard….and a steep price would be exacted, probably including a boycott of trade, which would be the death-knell for the Israeli economy.

            I personally feel that managing the problem within Gaza is preferable to dramatically escalating it by transferring it to Egypt….so I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. One thing is certain, we both have Israel's best interests at heart.

          • Larry

            As for the Sinai, the Egyptians got that back as part of a peace deal, a peace deal that 60% of Egyptians want to abrogate. Israel has taken it twice, and given it back twice, and on both occasions it has eventually come back to bite them.
            Traditionally the border of Egypt in that area has been somewhere close to where the Canal is, so as far as I'm concerned Israel might as well shove the whole kit and caboodle back south of the Canal, and then set up a no go zone about 30km wide on their side of it. Then watch how long the rest of the world tolerates it's shipping being in a HAMAS firing range.

          • Drakken

            The problem is Cheswick, us westerners are the only ones that adhere to the Geneva Conventions, our enemies never have and never will so the whole argument is academic. The only thing arabs/muslims understand and respect is the mailed fist and always keep them under your boot. You will never ever have peace with these muslims savages unless you give them peace of the grave, they would do no less to any of us if given the means.

          • Paul

            The main problem is Islam. It may manifest itself differently in different places and times but in the end it is a political ideology bent on taking over the world. You can only fight to stop that. Unless there is some major reformation to the totalitarian ideology this battle will continue forever. You can’t treat this with kid gloves. Israel may be inhabited and run by the hated jews but in their way of thinking all land once conquered by islam remains muslim and must be returned. Spain is still considered muslim territory that needs to be regained. Israel and the rest of the world has only one answer to this and that is either fight or die, and this can only get bloody.

        • PaulRevereNow

          But Israel occupied Gaza before August 2005 and didn't displace anyone.

  • Mary Sue

    Israel, Hear that? Morsi's going to Gaza.


    • Roger

      Can't you imagine bibi talking to obama later about it?
      "Ooops, that was his car? What a surprise!"
      It would make a funny spoof sitcom if Obama wasn't really president.

    • Roger

      Where is Schlo? I haven't seen him for a while.

      Did someone flush his toilet that second time finally?


        He sleeps with the fishes.

        • Roger

          I'd pretend he's missed. But I don't think I could do it with a straight face!

      • Mary Sue

        Either he's gone to some antisemitic convention, or he's standing out protesting Israel in front of some embassy or legislature, or he got banhammered.


    Israel should stay out of Gaza. Don't risk Israeli lives in booby trapped Gaza. Let the Gazans blow themselves up with their traps.

    Israel must locate the bunkers of the Hamass officials and blow them to Hell.

    It will be like Dorothy "liquidating" the Wicked Witch.

    • Mary Sue

      yeah putting boots on the ground might be risky, though at the end of the day it might be necessary anyway. I should think they should at least Dresden the hell out of it first.

      • Drakken

        I was thinking more of lines of Carthage with a Shermans March to the sea for good measure.

        • Mary Sue

          eh, that could work, too.

  • Shalom Freedman

    The big question at this moment seems to be whether Israel will choose to go into Gaza on the ground. As I understand it there are some troops near the border, and the operation could be carried out once the order given.
    My own sense however is that a ground operation is not the move to make. Or at least a conventional ground operation in which one takes territory. Is there anything more likely to bring immediate almost universal condemnation including a major worsening of already difficult ties with Egypt?
    On the other hand I do not think it is right to stop the operation now. A war of attrition should be waged against the terrorists launching rockets. This should persist for as long as necessary to so diminish the rocket fire that it is occasional sporadic even more ineffective than most of it is now.

    • PaulRevereNow

      Do you want the rockets to stop? Air strikes cannot stop the rockets by themselves; the rocket launchers are mobile. A ground invasion is necessary, I'm afraid.

      • Drakken

        Rolling artillery barrages with a nice touch of napalm would do the trick.

  • ze-ev ben jehuda

    One simple solution.Time to take back the Gaza strip kick Hamas back to Iran together with
    their own rockets and dare Iran to trow those rockets by themselves,and take on Iran.
    Israel has to strike back sooner or later,so no better time than the present.

  • flowerknife_us

    What better time to push Gaza back into Egypt that at a time when Egypt is not in a position to respond?

  • mike

    We are living in biblical times concerning Israel. Yeshua/Elohim said there will be troubled times and nation will rise up against nations but there is a silver lining and that is Israel will be saved. Sadly, there will be bloodshed. The thing to watch now is whether or not BHO tries to broker a peace deal and pushed Israel to divide the land for peace with the PA. This will be a disaster for in the book of Joel God says he will judge the nations that divide his land. Get ready! This is only the beginning.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Speak up, speak out in support of Israel and it's rightful actions of sefl defense againt the
    Jihadist juggernaut assembled to destroy all Israelis, Jews and Christians everywhere.
    Gaza once under Israeli control was expected to become a fireing platform for evil if
    given over to the Arabs, big mistake and such a mess it is should not have happened.
    Cleaning up this mess must be done as to leave no doubt in the stupidist mind that Israel
    can not be defeated and the only result of Islamist agression is their own destruction and
    hopefully the end of their curse on mankind. Pray for Jerusalem, pray for the right of
    Israel and send support as best you can……………………………………William

  • Asher

    Once again…Iran and Hamas are the aggressors…and Israel has a right to defend herself…

    • Roger

      When I read that the 100 iranian made missiles were among the first targets, I breathed a big sigh of relief.

      All that money and effort wasted, I hope Iran sends all their weapon output to gaza for Israel to turn it into scrap metal.

  • @USnavy1967

    This is just plan ridiculous, nuke them and send their sorry Ass's to Mohammad and the virgins.

    • Dave

      not a bad idea – but leaflet the area first so that any civilians can choose to leave and renounce their allegiance to these murdering thugs.

      • Mary Sue

        Problem is a lot of those civilians may be brainwashed enough to stay and be "martyrs'. I mean sure, warn them, that's fine, but I don't think a significant number will GTFO.

  • EthanP

    Long overdue! My major concern is that as in Lebanon and Gaza previously, no matter how this goes, the MSM will declare it an Israeli failure. As Muslims in general, and Arabs in particular live in a dream world of their own making, I expect that they will believe they have one. So this will go on and on until there is a provocation so terrible (9/11 level event) that a final response comes. This is all such a waste. But as long as the MSM and Western governments keep taking the terrorist side, this is the inevitable result.

  • Horace

    A good solution would be for israel to announce after they are through with this cleanup action, that each rocket fired at Israel hereafter will result in the border of Gaza being shrunk or pushed back one kilometer, and demolish every building within that kilometer. Keep shrinking Gaza until its gone. Provide sneakers to the Gazans to walk to Egypt, or otherwise get them out, since they will not stop rocketing Israel, therefore they will have to go to Egypt. If they see that Israel is serious about this plan, they will go (or stop rocketing) If they don't go willingly, force them out at gunpoint. Israel should also retake Sinai, since Israel is too small to survive the inevitable nuke attack otherwise.

    • Dave Schwep

      Absolutely !

    • free71

      While they're at it, Israel should just go on ahead and take Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia. All of these nasty Arabs should be given one month to vacate their lands of face nuclear vaporization. Greater Israel must be achieved in order for Christ to come back and save our poor souls.

      • Larry

        One word for you – moron.

  • Dave Schwep

    Go Israel Go – you have turned the cheek to your aggressive enemies of terror too long.
    You have the right and authority and you have the responsibility to your own people to eliminate
    all threats to your people and nation.
    Go Israel Go.

    • Hell's Gatekeeper

      Fair enough. I can't argue with that.

      Whack 'em hard, Israel!

  • Jim_C

    …And "Palestine" once again sets its "cause" back decades and prove they don't have what it takes to settle their own nation.

    • Roger

      They now have an Egypt at their backs supporting them and a president loyal to his muslim heritage.
      They didn't have a better time to try this. I'm just sad that your point is valid.

      Until their first concern is their own people, hamas doesn't deserve to rule.

      • Jim_C

        Hamas never deserved to rule. Egypt may be at their backs but I'm thinking they'll be more than happy to use their pawns.

        Are you referring to President Obama, whose support for Israel has been unwavering?

        But most importantly–how did my anti-Palestinian, pro Israel comment get a -1 on this site??

        • Drakken

          Obummers unwavering support of Israel? Are you effing kidding me? The guy is so confused as what to do that he can't make a decision. Whats the matter Jim? Your liberal leanings towards the pali savages making you shed a tear?

          • Jim_C

            “I can hardly remember a better period of support, American support and backing and cooperation and similar strategic understanding of events around us than what we have right now.”

            Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, last year

            Oops! So much for your conservadingdong talking points

          • Mary Sue

            Yeah but that's Ehud Barak talking.

          • Jim_C

            True, only a soldier, former PM and currently in charge of Israel's defense. That's all.

          • Mary Sue

            The guy that withdrew from Southern Lebanon. How's that working out for them? He tried giving the PLO everything it wanted and the PLO turned it all down. I don't know WHAT he was thinking when he was PM.

          • Gislef

            Israel not confident that Obama has their backs.

            September 12, 2012 presumably trumps last year.

          • PaulRevereNow

            Barak is just trying to keep a semblance of civility between the US and Israel; its in Israel's best interests to do that. Don't you get that? But its a big jump from there, to saying that Obama's "support for Israel is unwavering." He's never visited Israel as President; he refuses to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital; he denied a shipment of bunker buster bombs to Israel(in June 2010); he leaked top secret info to the press, and outed Israel's plan to use Azerbaijan air fields in a strike on Iran; he insisted that Israel stop building on its own land, two years ago; and he wants Israel to return to the 1949 armistice lines. Yes, he gave Israel some money for the Iron Dome system, but if he had refused to do that, he would have betrayed entirely his anti-Israel stance. Just a few talking points you should thinkk about.

          • Jim_C

            Spin away, friend. Doesn't change facts.

          • Drakken

            What is done and said in public is completely different than what is taking place in private. So quit your wishful thinking.

    • Ghostwriter

      No,Jim_C. I don't think President Obama cares all that much about what happens to Israel. He was in a church where they said the most horrific things about Jews and especially Israel. Has the President ever condemned the suicide bombings that have taken so many lives in Israel? No,he hasn't. He doesn't really care a whole lot about the suffering of the Israelis.

  • Hell's Gatekeeper

    This Israel-Hamas love feud is just an overture. Drop an atomic bomb on Mecca and let the real (inevitable) war begin. Do it! Do it now!

  • free71

    I hope for once that Israel kills so many Palestinians that the whole world would be compelled to intervene to prevent outright genocide. Many right-wing Israelis and their braindead American cheerleaders would absolutely relish the thought of nuking all the Palestinians once and for all, so I hope and pray that Israel finally does.

    Maybe then the rest of the civilized world will be shamed by their inaction as they watch the modern-day Sparta called Israel openly massacre a captive population they detest.

    • Stern

      You WANT Israel to kill Palestinians? Who's the sick f*&ck here?

    • BS77

      free71—your IQ probably less than your shoe size. You are an idiot.

    • JacksonPearson

      It is a central tenet of Islam that God wrote every word of the Quran. In order to be the divine timeless word of God – every word of the Quran must be Moral Perfection. If just one word of the Quran is immoral imperfection – just one word of violence, murder, hate, terror, torture, inequality of women, inequality of races, sex with children, rape, slavery etc then not only is the Quran not the divine, timeless word of God but Islam is not the true religion of God but a fraudulent, bogus ideology masquerading as a religion.

      In a nutshell, Islam has been, and will always be a complete hate package of death, destruction and violence.

    • bkopicz

      Hamas fires rockets from civilian home, schools and mosques. As usually it is Israel that has tried to minimize collater damage even putting it own citizens and soldiers in harms way. If Palestinians are injured, it is Hamas`s fault and their fault alone. When a criminal (Hamas) takes hostages and those hostages are harm it is the the criminal that is held accountable. Israel`s responsibilities is to keep its citizens safe and minimize loss of its soldiers. What history teaches us it that no matter how humane Isreal acts it will be condemned becouse perverts such as youself are numerous. A definitive Israeli victory is needed such that Hamas is unable to perpetrate future acts of terrorism.


      free71, You sound like a socialist or an islamofascsit.


  • Bartemais

    Until the West gets serious about holding the Arab/Islamic states responsible for their continuous aggression against Israel, not much can be accomplished. The lack of will in the West only causes the Arab and Persian aggression to continue. The Western nations must wake up and soon.

  • Drakken

    Free, the fakestinians deserve nothing less than total anhililation, when a population of savages are raised on jihad against jews and the rest of us infidels they deserve neither mercy nor quarter. Make Gaza an example and show them what a modern day Carthage looks like.

  • LMBass

    Perhaps one of those Iranian missiles will land right on top of Mount Moriah…leveling the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque. This will allow the Israelites to build their much anticipated Third Temple atop the Temple Mount.

  • Mike in VA


  • jose

    I wonder what obama thinks about this? Confront or watch from the 'drone feed'. Say "he's a drone film watcher"!

  • Gamaliel

    This was all predicted many years ago.

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    Let Netanyahu and Ehud Barak see that their outrageous policy of rewarding terrorism, including trading 1000 murderers for Shalit, is responsible for this madness. What did it get them? How many Jews have to die before Ehud Barak feels vindicated for his "being cheated" out of his "rightful" title of Messiah? Bibi, I hope for the rest of your life all you hear are the sounds of sirens and rockets and the cries of the children of Sderot. Maybe then you will think twice about advocating restraint and freeing these savages!

  • BS77

    No country would sit by idly as thousands of rockets and mortar shells were fired into their populated areas without responding. These Hamas thugs are playing with fire and they will get burned. Trouble is, Hamas fires their rockets from schools and apartment building roofs…counter strikes then cause civilian casualties. Typical for these Hamas bugs.

  • Asher

    I understand Hamas is firing rockets from schools and civilian populations….Wow that is really cowardly isn't it! So much for bravery on their part…they could care less about innocent people, even showing videos of prior destruction, and saying its happening now…Israel has restrained themselves for long enough…Its about survival now….

  • bluffcreek1967

    Aawwwww, aren't the Palestinian Muslims just a wonderful group of people?! They're always so willing to show how 'peaceful' their humble, tolerant religion is.

  • LindaRivera

    Israeli leaders surrender of Gaza to Islam was suicidal. It was LAND in exchange FOR WAR.
    NO ONE can make peace with Muslims! It is always LAND in exchange for WAR!


    Not one more inch of Free World Jewish Land to Islam. Not now! Not ever!

    Not one more dollar, shekel, euro or British pound to Gaza/PLO/Palestinian Authority Muslim terrorist Occupation Forces! Or to any Muslim country or organization!

  • LindaRivera


    We stand with Israel. We stand with the Jewish people!

    Just how many times have HUGE Muslim crowds in Muslim countries screamed out “Death to America”. “Death to Israel” ? They have screamed this out many, many times. Muslim countries that we give many billions of our tax dollars to.


    Long live America! Long Live Israel ! LONG LIVE the FREE WORLD!

  • LindaRivera

    Israel is constantly attacked with venomous lies and propaganda. TINY Israel, surrounded by hostile, infidel-hater Muslim countries is now under military attack. The video below is to dispel dirty Islamic and Leftist propaganda and lies about Gaza:

    The REAL Gaza The Media Will Never Show You – Gaza Exposed

    “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”. George Orwell

  • JacksonPearson

    Forget about tanks. Send in he large D-9 bulldozers and level Gaza back to sand dunes. Hamas are savages and don't belong in any part of a civilized world.

  • Tel Aviv Report

    The Manichean rhetorics of the author aside, it was only a question of time until Hamas had developed its short-range rockets sufficiently to reach the Tel Aviv agglomeration. Israel knew this was going to happen sooner or later and no amount of counter-strikes will roll back Hamas' military capabilities as Israel also fully well knows. So why not abstain from any ground offensive which won't improve Israel's security situation, but runs the danger of losing international support very quickly?

    In fact, Tel Aviv becoming a target may play into the hands of Netanyahu and the hawks in the long-term. Now that the war has reached the doorstep of Israel's most individualistic and hedonistic heart, it will harden attitudes and put the doves into the defensive. Israel is now the frontier society again as which it started and people know they cannot opt out of this any longer.

  • Mary Sue

    I had to laugh my ass at a news crawl headline "Morsi visit fails to halt attacks". Um, of course it failed to do so, because that's not what it was designed to do!

  • Mladen Andrijasevic

    The BBC World’s reporting today has reached surreal bias. The headline was “Israel’s Gaza violence”
    Imagine attacks by V1 and V2 rockets pounding London (late 1944, see V1 and V2 exhibited in the Imperial War Museum) and the RAF bombing German cities while the BBC reports “ Britain’s Germany violence”

    Here is how it feels to be at the target end of the 700 rockets launched into Israel from Gaza in 4 days .

    Be'er Sheva under Grad attack

    • bkopicz

      England a once proud country has surrounded to Islamist.

      • bkopicz

        Typo: surrendered
        PS: also England has a long history of antisemitism