Terrorist Corpses for Peace?

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Nor does it come as any surprise that, as Ynetnews reported:

Palestinians in Ramallah [in the West Bank] welcomed the bodies of terrorists….

Some 2,000 people, including the terrorists’ family members, attended a ceremony in the Mukataa.

The ceremony was attended by Palestinian leaders, including Abbas, as well as clerics headed by Jerusalem mufti Muhammad Hussein, who held a requiem.

…The terrorists’ relatives hailed the martyrs…. They also spoke out against Israel and cried “One million martyrs march to Jerusalem.”

…The terrorists’ coffins were covered in Palestinian flags and placed in the Mukataa’s central square. The seven terrorists who carried out the Savoy Hotel attack…were given a special honor.

Nor that in Gaza, as AP reported:

Thousands spilled into [the] streets for the funeral procession [for the 12 coffins]…. Two armed men, clad in black uniforms and bandanas, kissed the forehead of a suicide bomber’s mother as the vehicle carrying his body arrived. Her 21-year-old son, Ramzi Obaied of Islamic Jihad, killed 24 Israelis in a 1996 attack in Tel Aviv.

It appears, in brief, to be one of the world’s stranger peace-fests. AP added—also not exactly surprisingly—that “Abbas gave no sign that [Israel’s] gesture would persuade him to return to talks.”

It’s not clear what motivated the Netanyahu government to take this deeply problematic step. If the point was to demonstrate that Israel is open to talks while the Palestinian side is stonewalling, seemingly—after these three years—none except a hopelessly jaundiced party could doubt that anymore, and exhuming and handing over terrorists for full-honors funerals imparts a whiff of desperation if not kookiness.

The influence of Defense Minister Ehud Barak—a hawk on Iran but an unreconstructed 1990s-style dove on the Palestinian issue—likely played a role, along with the more dovish coloration of the new coalition. So did the desire to “compensate” Abbas for the Gilad Shalit deal, which made Hamas glorious in Palestinian eyes.

But, unfortunately, even a Likud-led government sometimes leaves it to independent activists and writers to make clear that “peace” and “the Palestinians” are oxymorons as long as the latter are practicing an anti-Israeli terror cult. If only Netanyahu and his cohorts emphasized that more instead of sacrificing the nation’s dignity on the altar of an obsessive courtship of Abbas.

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  • Bamaguje

    The corpses should have been mixed with animal feed and fed to pigs, that should be the ultimate deterrent for Muslims waging Jihad against Israel.

  • StephenD

    Hand over terrorist bodies and they are honored for killing Israelis upon return. Brilliant idea! Is this the gesture expected by Israel? Did they think terrorists would NOT be considered Martyrs? I can’t imagine a just motive for this. I don’t claim to know better but on the surface it appears to have been a foolish, foolish thing to have done. Using them for fertilizer would have been too high an honor for them.

    • Dr. John

      It was probably planned a while back as part of, or an offshoot of, the Shalit deal, as Hornik mentions. The Shalit deal was defensible because Israel got something for it–the return of a kidnapped soldier who otherwise probably would have disappeared and spent his whole life in a horrible captivity. However, this return of corpses, and the attendant rhetoric by the prime minister's spokesman, Mr. Regev, is certainly distasteful.

  • Schlomotion

    "So we rolled their heads down the stairs as a peace offering." Good job, Bibi. They're sure to press your face into Valentine hearts now.

    • stern

      Once again, the hate-filled troll proves that it has nothing to say with a post that says nothing.

      • Bartimaeus

        Schlomotion's post does reveal the underlying problem of those who oppose Israel. They avoid at all costs the fact that these terrorists were engaged in wicked and evil acts of murder and were supported by Abbas, etc. Never place any responsibility for the Arab/Israeli conflict on the Arab/Palestinian's. Making the leadership of the Arab/Palestinian in anyway responsible for their condition would be to introduce the troubling problem of real justice as opposed the warped view of justice held by the left and the Islamist. I suppose we should not be surprise at the ignorance and blindness of the moral relativists of the world.

        • Schlomotion

          When you say that I "oppose Israel," you are doing the same thing that the Catholic Church used to do, accusing the Franciscans of opposing Jesus simply because they criticized a bunch of ruthless tyrants wearing a bunch of gold. Criticizing the institutions that operate in the name of people and in the name of religious enclaves and deities is not identical to opposing any bona fide entity behind them. You guys like to use Israel to mean three different things: the Nation State of Israel, The Kingdom of Greater Israel, and The 12 Tribes of Israel. As long as you keep doing that, and as long as Israel has no specific size, shape, or finite definition, and as long as Israel doesn't even recognize "Israeli" as a nationality, then by definition, Israel opposes itself as a contradiction.

          • Choi

            Israel is the name of THE JEWISH PEOPLE and NATION and therefore both Ancient Israel and Modern Israel thus named.
            The Jewish People are an Ethnic Nationality with it's own God Given religion which is the root of Christianity with ,both religions being FALSELY USURPED and twisted by Islam.

          • Schlomotion

            What a load of crap.

          • stern

            And here we have it. Schlock has descended to the very pits from which he draws most of his invective. Do us all a favour, and stay there.

          • Schlomotion

            It's funny that you didn't say that to Choi. Somehow his sputterings were not a bridge too far.

          • Dr. John

            He's actually an FBI mole. They're looking for someone with nerves of steel, an unbelievable capacity to tolerate malarkey.

          • stern

            "Israel doesn't even recognize "Israeli" as a nationality"

            Huh? We're used to you writing stupid stuff, but this is beyond comprehension.

          • Schlomotion

            I didn't write it. The Israeli Interior Ministry did:

          • stern

            You find an article in Haaretz FROM 2003! and quote that as definitive proof of your idiocy?

            How then do you explain the Israeli Passport?

          • Schlomotion

            I'm sorry, I didn't realize that 2003 was a treif year for quoting anything.


            Happy Eternal Nakba Schlocky!


            LIke Islam is the "Religion of Peace"?

            Happy Nakba Schlocky!


    Terrorist corpses?

    Sounds good to me.

    Happy Nakba!

  • H&R_ Barack

    Allah is a false god of man’s making.

    Unfortunately for Muslims, and considerably more so for the rest of the world, Islam is extremely strict and uncompromising,

    Over the last 1400 years, 270 million non-believers were murdered by Muslim jihadists.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Man's making or Satanic evil? I think that it is completely evil and vile,without any redeeming
      quality and fit only fo hell……………………….William

      • H&R_ Barack

        Replying to WilliamJamesWard … (quote) Man's making or Satanic evil?

        Define your big theological difference, amigo. (smile)

        • WilliamJamesWard

          Let's see, not all men are evil though conceived in sin some strive for goodness
          and Divine approbation and relationship in life. Evil man who seeks falsity and is
          on a downward slide to perdition not wanting anything to do with the truly Divine
          take up with the old advisary, the devil or Satan as spoken of in Scripture whether
          they name the evil one or not, pursuant to their actions they embody his vile
          nature as in Allah ratbar……………………..William :)

          • H&R_ Barack

            Replying to WilliamJamesWard -Your quote: – "Let's see, not all men are evil"

            Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God."

          • WilliamJamesWard

            Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." Man was not
            created out of straw and for a straw man argument you must define your terms,
            we start with dirt and power we do not have. Falling short is inherent and dividing
            people into saved and unsaved those who fall short and know it and have sought
            out redemption have changed and are born again from above. In the end there
            will be the the harvest, division is happening and not all will be consumed in wrath.
            Saved and redeemed passes falling short, on that note I am off to Church………..
            William……………Mark 12:34 "And when Jesus saw that he answered discreetly,
            he said to him, 'Thou are not far from the kingdom of God.' And no man after that
            durst ask him any question.

          • H&R_ Barack

            Replying to WilliamJamesWard "I am off to Church……….. William" blah-blah, blah.

            Matthew 6:1 "Take heed that ye do not your righteousness before men, to be seen of them: else ye have no reward with your Father who is in heaven. "

            Check your Phylactery, WJW. ~ It appears a bit too tight.
            It is constricting sound Biblical hermeneutics.

            My ORIGINAL POINT: (that you shuck & Jived)

            Replying to WilliamJamesWard -Your quote: – "Let's see, not all men are evil" "


            Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God."
            – – – –

            Acts 23"3 "Then Paul said to him, "God is going to strike you, you whitewashed wall!
            Do you sit to try me according to the Law, and in violation of the Law order me to be struck?"

          • WilliamJamesWard

            Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of
            God.", of course this is true as true as those who repent and
            are under grace by faith and saved are no longer in and evil state but
            redeemed, can you not understand that, is that so far out. Is not Jesus
            Christ a man and all that seek him wish to emulat and be like, a man
            but not evil." Let's see, not all men are evil" RIGHT if they consciously
            leave the dark side and step into God's light and try to live according to
            the Word. This is basic Christian truth. Comment is limited and just that
            comment but sometimes misunerstood. White washed wall, blah-blah,
            blah, you think I was not going out the door to Church and would use this
            forum for self aggrandizement…………If I could lose reward with my Father
            in heaven it would not be for commenting on what I am actually doing.
            I think you are using this forum in and abusing manner, shuck & jived????
            You have wasted my time……………………William

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            No, he doesn't.
            You have been shown by many people that Jesus existed, including the work Pilot did as Governor of Egypt to found the Coptic Church.

            You are just so blinded by your hatred and bigotry.

            Poor Wee, still the little man.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            Can you prove Pilot lied in Egypt?

            The only thing you have debunked is that you'll use any intelligence in coming to your hate filled bigoted positions. Is it the need to reach muslim friendly positions on everything?

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            Again you simply take the muslim friendly position and reject anything you don't care for.

            Again, there are records in the coptic church which started under Roman control of Egypt. And you ignore it.

            You're just blinded by your hatred and bigotry, a small little man.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            Are you going to claim scientology now?

            Come on, there are no contemporary Roman records showing you exist, so by your own standards you aren't real.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            Still no proof huh?

            And that's not contemporary Roman documentation of birth.
            Way, way less than we have of the life and teachings of Christ.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            If you were born why don't you have Roman contemporary records?

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            And Christ was a Jew, not a Roman citizen, so why would they have bothered?

            Pilot was there and he was a convert.
            So, who's the dummy?

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            So, you can't debunk that Pilate was one of the founders of the Egyptian Coptic church.

            He was a convert and was in a position to have an informed decision.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            You are stuck on straw man arguments today.

            You can't get around the judge that allowed the Jews to put to death a non-citizen of Rome was a later convert. That he worked to further that religion and is a patron saint of that church to this day.

            L Ron? I don't care about him why do you? Did you dream about him peeing in his pants and letting you watch or something?


          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            Of course it's a straw man argument.

            You lose every time so you want to distract from that.

            It must be hard sitting at your work terminal struggling to make your quota for the day.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            No, that's not why you lose.

            And the delusions are on you 'big guy' (hahahahahahaha) you are just such a wee man.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            Oh look, you're pretending to be clever. In your mind that's probably a huge leap.

            So, why do you think a Christian would be carrying a sharia loving corpse? Did you find that in your Bible readings?

            Too much mountain dew at lunch, you really need to get that under control.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            Still can't get around Pilate's work in Egypt?

            Still using straw man arguments to distract from that?

            It's not working.

            Are you going to start talking about urine again?

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            His work as Governor perhaps.
            But his work founding the church sure did.

            Do you pretend that your breathing has no connection with your claims of being real?

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            You're pretty sure you make up stuff now, and it's not even for any religion.

            Sharia friendly, but that's a life style for the barbaric.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            Why do you project the hate of your lifestyle on my religion?

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            Says the little urine boy.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            You are a coward, don't blame me.
            And my comment was for you personally, I didn't leave it up because it didn't further the debate in this thread.

            Something you don't care about.

            And you sit at your work terminal after a weekend off and start working towards your quota of troll propaganda. You are such a small little man.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            If you walked up to me, I'd be shocked an invertebrate was upright.

            And would you be hiding under a burka?

            And you're still a hate filled troll. Where did you go, on haj?

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            So, you're into urine fetishes?


            And you still go to work, sit down at your work terminal and struggle daily to meet your quota for hate.

            Are you going to pretend you aren't muslim friendly at this late date? As if that would work.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            You sit at your work terminal struggling to meet your quota of hate and this is all you can do?

            You mention urine. You keep inviting me over.
            I don't get into peeing on other men. And frankly, I don't think you're a man. A real man wouldn't' call himself 'wee'.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            So, you're into urine filled pants on men?


          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            You're the one into urine.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            Read your own comments loser.

            And no, you aren't going to get any shows from me. You might want to beg your two muslim guy friends in Iowa. But does your office allow that for their paid hacks?

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            Don't want your little secret getting out huh?

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            Do you muslim friendly types sit around thinking of what infidel men would do in your 'urine' games?

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            So now we know what you do like to watch and sit dreaming about at work.

            No wonder there are gaps in your comments.

            Drinking extra water just in case?

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            Sure, mr troll boy.

            You sure are cranky when you get back under your bridge from a liquid lunch.

            There are meetings that can help with that.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            Yes, and since you posted it, can you show I'm wrong?

            I didn't think so.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            So muslim of you.

            Do you have the new and improved suicide belts too?

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            It would fit the muslim way of sneaking, and using subterfuge to attack enemies.

            Heck, dont' you hear stories about this from your two muslim guy friends in Iowa?

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            Oh my, you want to sneak up on my and dream of me and urine?

            This is just revolting. You muslim friendly men just don't get our culture, do you?

            I was even wondering if the new computer virus in Iran was keeping you from posting last week.

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            So, you take one sentence and pretend it wasn't sarcasm.

            How muslim friendly in tactic.

            And you just keep sitting at your work terminal posting, struggling to make your quota for today.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            You're the expert on the koran, you and your muslim 'guys' you know in Iowa.

            Why don't you show me where it's not?

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            You are many things, but a Bible expert? Not.

            You don't even claim to own one.
            You can't show where the teachings of Christ lead to any of the things you attack Christianity for, and that makes you just another sad hack at a paid terminal trolling, struggling to make your quota for the day.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            See, bigotry on parade.

          • patriothere

            Why is that during that period they had busts of roman officials and the works of roman and greek intellecntuals yet there is neither a bust nor preserved works of this jewish rebel who rocked the roman and jewish establishments? I think turning water into wine would have made it in the roman records. Coming back from the dead would be noteworthy as well. Sounds like just a made up god from a bunch of jews trying to subvert the Roman empire.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            He wasn't a rebel.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      You keep saying that. You, the result of intelligent design.

      And yet you are so ungrateful that you refuse to admit it. With your opposable thumbs and brain full of remarkable design features that can't be replicated in science.

      You are explained in Romans 1, and won't admit it. Your hate and bigotry blind you.

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

        What makes you real?

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

          You have been debunked millions of times.
          You simply aren't real.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            Almost as lame as yours.

            And you're not worth the effort.
            Isn't it almost time for your office to go out for another liquid lunch?

            You trolls are so predictable.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            Why do you put so much effort into attacking my religion?

            You should realize by now you're a failure even if you try to spread it around.
            Sitting at your work terminal, trying…. struggling to meet your quota of hate propaganda. Is there a cleric in your office to keep the vitriol focused?

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            As you sit behind your work terminal struggling to make you quota.

            Did you get suspended last week because you were floundering?

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            Sure, suspended.
            Your'e probably just glad they let you back this week.

            If you had to settle for real work it would have been tough bottling up the hate all day long.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            Oh my, says the urine man.

            I live in reality. I work in reality, and not at a work terminal struggling to make any quotas.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            What company pays you to sit spewing propaganda?

            Some work allows internet access between customers.
            You just happen to work where customers aren't an issue and you can spread all the hate your fingers and keyboard can handle.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            So in other words you sit at your work terminal and don't take breaks at all for customers.

            What government agency do you work for?

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            Still won't admit you're a muslim friendly civil servant paid to sit at a work terminal normal business hours?

  • Flowerknife_us

    Celebrating the scraps of ones worthless life is a sad site to see. Better that Israel be free of them. Let those who worship death revel in its remains. May the World see clear their Prayers!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    On a clear day one can see that Israel is putting out it's trash and the corpses are probably
    being sent to where they can be burned in fitting company…………………..Wllliam

  • Hank Rearden

    Hard to understand what Netanyahu is thinking. Arab countries are run for the benefit of the leaders not the followers. So courting Palestinian leadership can never lead anywhere. Rejection and terrorism are extremely good gigs – they pay very well without a lot of work. Arafat is an excellent example. Israel should just "cool it." It should take a 500 years' view. Negotitations incite terrorism because the syllogism is that terrorism will generate concessions. What has to happen is that the Arab / Islam community writ large and the Palestinian community in detail has to accept Israel as a fact. They have to adjust to Israel's existence. That will take time. Radical Islam is on a roll and thinks this is 700 CE again. "Yesterday we destroyed the Soviet Union, tomorrow we will take over the world." That is the subtext. Israel has to demonstrate its permanence not its flexibility.

  • rachaelamb

    The Palestinians are just like the nazis all over again in my opinion, in the way they make heroes and martyrs out of the coldblooded murderers of defenseless Jewish women and children. And what is so depressing and so infuriating is that the same hypocritcal world that sheds crocodile tears over the first Holocaust. Apparently would stand by, and do absolutely nothing, once again if God forbid another Holocaust took place. In fact,it's even worse because so many actually support genocide against Jews by the terrorists who openly proclaim their real goal is to destroy Israel, and commit another Holocaust against all the Jewish people living there.

  • Jakareh

    Incomprehensibly stupid. This is like throwing bits of rotten tuna in shark-infested waters. It won't satisfy the monsters, just excite them. At the most, dead Muslim terrorists should be given the Eichmann treatment: cremation and disposal at sea. Or, if I had my way, I'd deal with them like General Pershing dealt with the Moros in the Philippines, which was to make them share their grave with a pig, which would prevent them from entering Muslim heaven and getting their 72 virgins. For the record, the Moro rebellion died down pretty quickly once word got out.

  • mrbean

    Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war. Muck the Fuzzlims! It is time to kill 'em all, wrap 'em in their prayer rugs and put 'em all in piles, burn 'em all using pork grease for a starter, and let Allah sort 'em out. Crispy critters will never come back for rematches!

    • Drakken

      That day is coming sooner than anyone realizes and when we of the west take off the gloves and gives these muzzy savages the total war they deserve in spades they will be singing a very different tune at our feet. There is an old saying that goes, a muslim is either at your feet or at your throat, always keep the savages at your feet.

  • patriothere

    You can call them terrorists. But some will call them freedom fighters.

    • Drakken

      I call them muslim jihadist. The only good muzzy jihadist is a dead muzzy jihadist.

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

        My, still the small little man blinded by hatred and bigotry.

        So muslim in outlook. I really doubt that's any coincidence.
        Such a small little man.


      Yeah. Your boys are "freedom fighters".

      They fight AGAINST freedom – and FOR SLAVERY.

      Eternal Nakba for mohammed!

    • rachaelamb

      Your post is a perfect example of how the people who support the Palestinians are on the side of evil in this conflict. No one with a shred of morality,or human decency would call terrorists who slit the throats of infants, or blow up elderly Holocaust survivors freedom fighters.

  • Barney

    talks without preconditions ?
    does that mean that the Palestinian Jews are no longer demanding that their claim to statehood be conceded in advance ?

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