The Burgas Attack: Iran’s Terror War Against Israel

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Wednesday’s suicide bombing of an Israeli tour bus in Burgas, Bulgaria killed five Israelis and a Bulgarian tour guide, as well as the bomber himself. Over thirty Israelis were also injured, three of them seriously.

The bomber had a fake driver’s license of the state of Michigan. On Thursday evening Bulgarian media named him as Mehdi Ghezali, a Swedish citizen who was in the Guantanamo detainment camp from 2002 to 2004 and whose freedom was basically secured by the Swedish authorities. Sweden, however, denied the report’s accuracy.

Video footage from the day of the bombing shows that the perpetrator, with long hair, shorts, sneakers, a baseball cap, and a backpack, clearly intended to look like something other than a suicide bomber.

On the other hand, the Israeli daily Haaretz reports that “airport security cameras captured the suspect roaming the airport for at least one hour.” If so, it’s hardly to airport security’s credit that their suspicions weren’t even aroused enough to question him—if they were watching at all.

But Iran—to which Israel’s prime minister, defense minister, and foreign minister publicly assigned ultimate responsibility for the attack—has been trying for months to mass-murder Israelis in less-efficient countries like Thailand, India, Georgia, Kenya, and others. This time the attempt “succeeded”: “Body parts were strewn across the ground, mangled metal hung from the bus’s ripped roof and black smoke billowed over the airport.”

Israel prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu said: “All signs point to Iran…. This is [part of] a global Iranian terror onslaught and Israel will react firmly to it.” In a press conference Thursday evening he added “that Israel and world security agencies have caught Hizbullah and Iranian operatives in [numerous] countries, after attacks, planning terror attacks and laying the infrastructure to wage their war of terror.”

Defense Minister Ehud Barak stated: “The immediate executors [of Wednesday’s attack] are Hizbullah operatives, who of course have constant Iranian sponsorship.” Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman also said he had conclusive information implicating Hizbullah and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps.

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    • Jerry

      You are the liar Jamal. Muslims know nothing but hate and only live to destroy. Islam is the most vile ideology on the planet. One in which people are commanded to kill the innocent, to enslave others and to slaughter children. May the world soon awake to the truth, and the Christians and Jews no longer live in fear.

    • Choi


    • Ricky Michael

      Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them. Know that God is with the righteous. Quran 9:123

      Believers, take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends. They are friends with one another. Whoever of you seeks their friendship shall become one of their number. God does not guide the wrong-doers. Quran 5:51

      Jamal, it's hard to believe what you say about peace when I can read this in your book. Those who attack the infidels and kill them, keep the teachings of the book correctly. You need to wake up to the truth.

    • Nakba1948

      Oh, c'mon, this poster has to be somebody's sockpuppet. Horowtiz? Spencer? You under there? If there really is a "Jamal" (weren't you once "Jamil," incidentally?), I grant you that it's possible this was an Israeli false flag attack (see the Lavon Affair or the USS Liberty incident). But your "evidence" comes from an op-ed…an opinion piece, in other words. You're jumping to irrational, speculative conclusions just as the Zionists posting on here have. What's more, you should regard the media from wherever you live with more scrutiny. There's no such thing as truly objective journalism these days.

      • Foolster41

        Ha! Jamal is publishing an unfounded conspiricy theory attack on Jews, so it must be really secretly… a Jew? Ha!



        In this holy month of Ramadan, I wish you and yours – ETERNAL NAKBA!

        I wish you and yours
        – Failure
        – Defeat
        – Nakba
        – Workplace accidents
        – Jihad Interruptus

        You wish to divert attention from your jihadi terrorist attacks, but you will always fail due to THE INTERNET.

        – 9/11
        – 1993 bombing of the WTC
        – bombing of USS Cole
        – Mumbai India massacre
        – Londons 7/7/05 bombing
        – Pan Am 103
        – Assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy
        – Beslan school massacre
        – honor killing
        – stoning women to death for "family honor"

        Happy Eternal Nakba!

    • Iron Yank

      Notice Jamal how the cowards of radical Islam have to kill teenagers or children because when these pigs go up against the western military the usually come out on the short end of the stick. Israel will soon mop the floor with your type & I will enjoy watching it on the evening news

      • Mensch Keymelon

        Actually Mujahidin are fearless in the field when facing enemies…not sitting in a darkened air conditioned room 8,000 miles away "bravely" joy sticking a drone and bombing women, children, and old men…oh, yeah, and maybe hitting that one bag guy or two. Yeah, that takes a steely eye and lots of guts.

        • Kufar Dawg

          They were very fearless when they beheaded various unarmed, bound, captive civilians as well (e.g.
          Daniel Pearl). Slitting the throats of innocent babies in Israel is also very brave and fearless. Tool.

        • Roger

          And how brave were the militants that hacked off Daniel Pearl's head?

        • Drakken

          Yeah tell me all about your jihadist friends, they die really tired, so go hump your goat Hadji. I'll tell you what I feel every time I shoot one of those goat humping savages, a little recoil.

        • Mike Villano

          Even though there's no shortage of men in among Palestinians they still never hesitated to strap bombs onto their own children for the express and "blessed" purpose of murdering Jews.
          Multiply that by the number of countries where non-Muslims suffer at the hands of Muslims around the world each and every day where Mos have power or share borders.
          Sticking knives into the throats of stewardesses is really brave too.
          Cutting off the head of Daniel Pearl and stoning women who commit adultery is really brave too.

          If you clowns weren't so infatuated with boys like Arafat was, you wouldn't be so afraid of looking at women or allowing them to show their faces.
          What pathetic things!


          Jihad Nakbamelon,

          Yeah, placing a bomb on a passenger plan takes "guts'
          Stoning women to death
          Putting on Burqas to hide and running away from American soldiers is "brave"
          Killing children in Toulouse France is "brave"

    • Drakken

      You muslims won't be happy until us Infidels give you that Crusade you so richly deserve!

      • Mensch Keymelon

        You sound like a Chickenhawk.

        • Kufar Dawg

          LOL. Maroon.

        • Drakken

          Come try me hadji, I'll be your huckleberry.


          You sound like a FAKE "anti-war" socialist.

    • Ghostwriter

      Once again,idiots like JAMAL and Nakba1948 seem to think we're dumb. Much of the available evidence says it could be Iran,no surprise. The psychotic mullahs and their acolytes want to spread terror and misery wherever they can. But then,those like JAMAL and Nakba1948 would celebrate the murders of innocent Jews just like their beloved Palestinians celebrated 9/11 and the deaths of innocent Americans.

      • Mensch Keymelon

        I think they are all out to get you because they hate your way of life…right? Not that you are occupying their land and invading more each day, why, that would be too coincidental wouldn't it? I mean, really?

        • Roger

          Jews visiting in Europe where muslims say Jews belong and you still defend the suicide attack?

          • patriothere

            The attacker was white european. Deal with that.

          • Choi

            The ATTACKER was a Muslim Jihadi named Mehdi Ghazali!
            And your SN is a FALSE FLAG as you are NOT an American Patriot.

          • Roger

            You're right he's not.
            He lost his temper and admitted it once.

            6 minutes ago @ – Protests to greet Ahma… · 1 reply · 0 points
            "I'm like jesus, I'm gonna chase you money changers out of the temple and out of town and of course out of this forum. Me and ohsoquiet and a few other REAL AMERICANS who are being PAID to be here like you Israeli PR men. I'm here to chase you filth out."

            He's an iranian centric muslim paid hack.

          • Ewm

            Color irrelevant. Muslim, very relevant

        • Drakken

          Can't wait until untill you goat loving savages really piss us off.


          Moronmelon, If you are against occupation, get out of North America and go back to your ancestral home in Eurabia.

        • aspacia

          unmensch, they attack us and target innocent civilians. Muslims murder more Muslims than any Western or Israeli entity has. You can't militarily win, so Muslims attack babes, children and unarmed civilians. unmensch, Muslims are the cowards, and the cowards cheer when infidels are massacred.



      For the Holy month of Ramadan, I extend my wish for you and your family for


      P.S. Since when is a pig named mohammed a Zionist?

    • Mike Villano

      What's with you clowns who can't open your mouths without spewing lies and Jew-hatred??
      You owe the Jews more medical and scientific innovation than your pathetic backward culture will ever create.
      Ingrates on steroids is what far too many of you are.
      And when the Jews left GAZA they had to uproot 9000 residents who employed 12000 Palestinians that accounted for 10 percent of the total economic output of GAZA.

      The Jews had to be uprooted forcibly because the resident Jew-hating animals who only look like people would have murdered them if Israel had left them behind.
      Upon inheriting the green house and plumbing infrastructure left behind, the Palestinians simply destroyed it all because it was "of the Jews."
      What an insanely backward culture and religion.
      Jew-hatred, hatred of Christians and hatred of the West are completely embedded in the rotten corrupt core of both.

    • Ewm

      Why is it that we always see Muslim replies in uneducated bad english and in uppercase.( I just checked out the link and as usual it is anti Semitic garbage with no real facts, just the sort of garbage journalism we expect from the Muslim world actually.)
      The world would be such a better place without the moral corruption and distorted worldview of Islam.

      If all the 1.6 billion Muslims were to disappear from the planet tomorrow, what effect would it have? None. the Islamic world has no education no science to offer only a vile obscene outdated and dangerous ideology.

      • Kufar Dawg

        I think the effect would be a LOT less violence and persecution of non-muslimes in the world.

    • RUI

      It's called "Caps Lock" and you should find it on the let end side of your keyboard, about half-way down that side (usually right next to the key "A".

      You're welcome.

    • Foolster41

      No, it is vile racists and jew-haters like you who are destroying are planet. Please check into your nearest mental hospital. hatred is a disease that is dangerous.

  • Shein Ariely

    Jihad bells,jihad bells
    Jihad over all
    Oh what a fun the infidels
    To convert is our mighty role.
    Jihad bells, Jihad bells
    Terror everywhere
    Oh-we made all blinds
    From Bombay to L.A.
    Jihad bells, Jihad bells
    Jihad over all
    All the Budists, Crsitians, Jews and Hindu
    Their time will come, they should know.
    Jihad bells, Jihad bells
    Jihad over all
    But- if you resist
    The terror for ever will persist,
    Your life will be in risk
    Until the Kalifat the entire world will lead
    Jihad Bells!

    Watch " Marry Christmas from Bethlehem"
    Everyone has the right to defend himself against terror except Israel.
    Obama excluded Israel from the international antiterrorist conference.
    (Persecuting, chasing and killing Jews is a 2000 years norm, that for they should not in included in anti terror protection)
    Watch "ONLY ISRAEL"

    • aspacia

      Glick's sarcasm is priceless.

  • Amused

    Jamal , you wouldn't know truth if it fell out of a tree and hit you on the head . You say "peace" out of one side of your mouth , then LIES and HATRED out of the other .
    And you close your staement with WHAT ??? A BLESSING ?????????

    YOU are like most muslims ….you murder then blame your victims .

    Israeli Leaders said they " WILL SETTLE ACCOUNTS " ….and they will . They will huntdown the MUSLIM MURDERERS WHO COMMITED THIS BARBARIC ACT and give them JUSTICE .

    "Blessings " from muslims are in truth A CURSE .Not to mention a BLASPHEMY .

    • Amused

      GFY asssshole .

      • Amused

        BTW, Falcon you jerkoff , did you notice how you spelled idiocy ? Were you born like this , or did mama drop you off the diaper table onto your head ?

        • ★FINCH★

          HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!! Falcon sucks butt-syrup!

        • Amused

          lolololo…you truly are a f—ng IDIOT ! And I thought you were acting ……buy yourself a dictionary you moron …lolol…my spelling errors are typos , I dont use spellcheck , but YOU spell idiocy – I-D-O-I-C-Y ?? Why dont you try pronouncing it …….be carefull not to dribble on yourself .
          lolol…and I'm sure you meant "good lord " rather than what you typed – god lord …..and you criticize my spelling ? you dumb arse .

          • Falcon likes semen

            Gay falcon has a difficult time with the keyboard when he's whackin it to Michelle obamas picture

          • Roger

            Do your other profiles happen to have the word 'hero' in them?

          • Amused

            LOL…that must be it ….a sticky keyboard eh falcon ? Gues I didn't have to tell you to GFY . lol….you been doing it all along ……jerkoff .

          • Roger

            Do you happen to wrap both hands around your bong by any chance?

          • pepperhawk

            Jamal, you lie and you are taught to lie. So who would believe anything you have to say?

          • Roger

            Excuse me, why do you think I'm Jamal?

          • Falcon likes semen

            Jamal Roger is giving gayfalcon his daily prostate exam. Don't interupt them, he might get his arm stuck.

          • roger sucks falcon

            And then the scumbag loser 'falcon' deletes his post where he spells it wrong. Truly the worst kind of dirtbag, egomaniac out there.

            And then his little butt-buddy 'Roger' flies in out of nowhere to defend him. That has got to be one of the most douchebag moves I've seen. Double and triple down on stupidity…nice work, keyboard queens.



      • Roger

        Are you sure you're not a 'hero' profile in disguise?

        He sounds that stupid too.

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    Islam is a cult of death. When not murdering in the most bestial fashion anyone not part of that cult, even babies, that element murder each other. Everywhere where that cult settles down is soon turned to a ghastly slaughter house.
    Those new "victims of peace" were murdered by a former GITMO detained beast and we will not forget that either.
    His direct controllers will be traced and will be dealt with.

  • Lan Astaslem

    I use the koran for my cat's litter box. drop dead muzzy pig

    • Chiggles

      It's a parody, stupid.

  • Boston

    Hey Jamal: Elif air ab dinikh

  • Ar'nun

    Leftists who hate Israel can rejoice; their efforts at securing the release of a Gitmo detainee and their subsequent lionizing of him allowed him to murder five Israelis in the bombing Wednesday in Burgas, Bulgarian. The bomber has been identified as Mehdi Ghezali, who was detained at Gitmo Bay in Cuba from 2002 to 2004.

  • Ain't No Dhimmi

    According to the Mayan Calendar.
    We are finishing the last cycle of The Universal Underworld.
    It is the lowest chakra level (Islam) .
    As the darkness, sickness and evil we encounter is more than our humanity can bear,
    we return to our higher selves
    (upper chakras) through Prayer.
    This darkness once it completes this cycle will bring in what is known as "The Messiah."
    It is through prayer that we break down the forces of darkness by cleaving to "G-d" through our higher selves.
    Our prayers cry out in earnest and G-d always hears our prayers.
    We are all supposed to be here at this time, so come together in prayer to counteract the forces of evil.
    That is the key.
    Srnd G-ds Light to those who sit in darkness.
    Lord, we ask you to bless our enemies by sending your Holy Spirit to lead them to repentance.
    It is as easy as that.

  • EdwinS

    Bury the terrorist – or his body parts – with a pig's carcass in the coffin. A large population of would-be suicide bombers would withdraw from the fray…
    It was an effective strategy of the US military fighting Islamists in the Phillipines at the turn of last century…

    • Paul D

      Absolutely agree and have said the same myself. Don't respect them at all. I certainly don't. Let them know that when we get you, we will kill you and feed you to the pigs. Should have done the same with osama. Don't like it, tough. I see how the libyan muslims had zero islamic respect to Qhadaffi as they did not bury him within a day, but set him up for others to disrespect. Yet the US buried Osama at sea with respect. He deserved no respect. He was a piece of islamic scum. They should have taken him back to the States and strung his pathetic body from a bridge linked to Manhattan and left him there to embarrass and enrage the scum and let them know how they will be dealt with.


        Paul D.

        The Navy Seals should have chopped off OBL's head and given it to the Skull and Bones at Yale.

        Actually I bet they already did.

  • Katharina

    I think this is a mistake to regard this attack of the Jews in Bulgaria as from Iran (although the maniacal Iranian Ayatollah’s regime is indeed very dangerous) – which is being spread by the Obama's regime. In order to deflect attention from the much more dangerous and long-term Saudi/Qatar/Obama-sponsored Muslim Brotherhood Nazi terrorism (both psychological terrorism through brainwashing Muslim intellectuals all over Arab & non-Arab oil-rich Islamic-ruled countries in Universities, & physical terrorism including by creating Hamas, Al-Qaida & Taleban since the 1980s), all over the Mid-East right now, in order to rob the oil & Arabicize the region complete Saudi-style, using their most lethal weapon, Islam. Besides, this Arabic Algerian-Swedish terrorist received his training in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, for goodness sake!

    • Kufar Dawg

      Um, Assminijihad has ALREADY indicated Hezbollah was involved. Hezbollah is an Iranian funded terrorist

  • Choi

    "Harel says the Obama administration is worried about Defense Minister Barak’s “uncharacteristic silence” lately."
    In other words,Barak's silence is freaking the LEAKERS out.

    • Stan Lee

      Israel must maintain its silence where this Obama adminstration is concerned. The present U.S. administration has seriously reduced America's fidelity to those nations that have been considered allies of America.
      Obama apologizes to America's enemies and alienates those believing they're America's friends.
      While the American people are concerned for Israel's existence, Obama & Co. is not, therefore it cannot be trusted with Israel's military secrets or plans.

  • mrbean

    Muslims have chosen the rules of the game. Jews should let them know in no uncertain terms what "Never Again" means. The Muslim jihadists are motivated by the core principles of Islam with the goal of converting, killing, or subjugating all non-Muslims. Unfortunately, too many non-Muslims do not see the necessity of an offensive war with the Jihadists, or of even a defensive war at home. All of us as non-Muslims are going to have to decide to fight for our cultures, freedoms, and values or we are going to lose them. It is our killer instincts which must be harnessed if we expect to survive in a war with the Jihadists. Our weapons are only tools. It is a hard heart that kills. If our killer instincts are not clean and strong we will hesitate at the moment of truth. We will not kill. We will become dead Americans and dead Jews. And then we all will be in a world of trouble. Why? Because there are a billion Muslims and on a few million of us who will actually fight! The rest will just embrace their Dhimmi status. Do you understand?

    • Drakken

      Mr. Bean, I do agree with you and I will go further, the tipping point is being reached and when it does our western genes will come out with a very cruel vengeance and no quarter mentality. Us westerners and our high tech is enough to carry the day and if we have the will to give the muslims Carthage with a healthy dose of General Sherman and the ruthlesness of a Viking,Serb and German. The only order of the day will be no quarter.

  • patriotwork

    I am not a Jew. But I support Israel 100 percent, because I am human.

    Oil wealth buys friends, morality, and governments.

  • Amused

    In the meantime no US President including Obama has the balls to follow a BILL that was voted on ….to declare Jerusalem the capitol of Israel and move the US Embassy there .

    • Drakken

      Sooner or later that day is coming.

      • WilliamJamesWard


  • Looking4Sanity

    WOW! Dearborn, Michigan just keeps popping up, doesn't it?!? But we're ALL supposed to dismiss that enclave of depravity as if it didn't exist. Can you blame Israel for not trusting us when we've hosted a launching pad of anti Israel terrorism right here in the U.S.?

    The DECENT citizens of Michigan (and I know you're out there!) need to start policing their own! The government isn't going to do it for you. If you love your country ,as founded, you can not allow this to continue.

    • ppd000037

      The cops in Dearborn are scared to death of the rag heads so what are the normal citizens to do…All of the nations allow the muslims to migrate under the premise of tolerance but once they get a foot hold the muslims want control over everyone else. They now want infidels to be held to and accept their sharia law. We have a muslim lover in the White House now so until we fire the fool this country is doomed!

      • Looking4Sanity

        “The cops in Dearborn are scared to death of the rag heads so what are the normal citizens to do.”Dude. Just do what Americans have always done! Make them unwelcome. Run them out into the desert! Tar and feather them if you have to. Just don't sit on your @$$ and say “we've got a problem! Government please help us!”. It's your freaking neighborhood…your State. Take it back for God's sake! Don't wait for permission! You're never going to get it.

        • aspacia


          If we do, we will be arrested for vigilantism. We must support ACT for America and its petition American Laws only.

          • Looking4Sanity

            Then you've made your decision. Live with it.

          • Roger

            Aspacia has a point.

            I am waiting for the florida case to go to court. If 'stand your ground' laws are stomped on, we will be going against the law to keep stoned punks from pounding our heads into the sidewalk.

            But we have to do what we have to do.

          • Looking4Sanity

            Unjust laws have no Authority. If the police of Dearborn are not representing the people of Michigan, it is incumbent upon them to elect officers who will. Failing to do so leaves responsibility for their plight squarely in their own laps.The communities surrounding Dearborn also have a responsibility not to allow this cancer to spread to their communities. Bulwarks against Islamo-fascism must be erected and maintained.

          • Roger

            I have to stop and think about the declaration of independence at this point.

            At what point do laws become so wrong they have no authority?
            I read these hallowed words and think we've pretty much reached that point.

            "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

          • Looking4Sanity

            I'm glad that the point of my comment didn't fall on deaf ears. It is, of course, up to each individual to decide for themselves what constitutes a just law, and I am confident that those intelligent enough to understand the concept will make the right decisions.

          • WilliamJamesWard

            It may be that while our laws are in the hands of America's enemies we have no where
            to turn for redress but November will be the moment of truth about America. There is
            probably no easy way to end the problems confronting us and it could turn very
            ugly. We have many patriots who have capacity and will to uphold the Constitution,
            we shall see………………………….William

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The blow against Islam must be just that and not a National issue, Iran vs Israel, it is Israel and
    freedom against intransigent evil as exploding out of Islamic Iran and other Islamic States.
    It would be nice for Israel to eliminate Iran's Mullahs but stop gap measures will only allow
    more time for the putresence to infest what is left of the free World. No other state has the
    vision, understanding and imminent threat of destructon Israel has. Other Islamist States
    have Nuclear weapons, and they will use them once the so called strong men dictators are
    put out by the Muslim Brotherhood. If it is not time to push back now with and agenda for
    survival and removal of the World wide threat it will possibly not happen until mushroom
    clouds are floating over Israel and western cities……………………………..William

  • hammar

    jamal is just another is-lame phony. muhammed has been dead and buried in hell for some 15 centuries…now and never to heard of again till "Judgement day"…then the phony prophet will be dragged from his grave and judged by Jesus Christ..Lord and Only God. jamal knows no better. Shalom my friends.

  • RUI

    Jamal: There's no takers for the muslim-obama kool aid in here. Try elsewhere, maybe the huffington post or MSNBC. You always chose the most contrieved conspiracy theories – history for loosers – to disguise your failings; it's always someone else's fault, because to admit that it's people like the ones you defend that are actually commiting the atrocities is shameful and too much to bear. Oh actually no, it's more like a reason to be proud for you, isn't it?
    No other group of people has given more and contributed more to Humanity's elevation than the Jewish people: breakthroughs in science, medicine, astrophysics, mathematics, etc, etc are out there benefiting all who need. What did muslims ever do for mankind, other than razing civilizations to the ground and stacking an impressive mountain of corpses? Anyone?

    • aspacia

      losers, not loosers

  • RUI

    P.S.: your "peace" and "greetings" are not welcome. You point to an op-ed as proof of this? Of course you do. Did you even read it? The author of this schlock refers the Argentinian massacre as there beeing no proof of Iran's involvement. Of course he fails to fundament this (I'd like to see him try!) and brushes over it as if it was too good to verify. Hey, the author does define himself as a progressive.
    Other baloney: "Mossad specializes in large scale killing". Wow! This Mossad must be amazing, all encompassing and all reaching, like a criminal Bond-esque organization… except it isn't true. Like the story about the Lybian prime minister assassination, which favored the US and Israel? Did it? If by favoring the US it means it favored the Obama junta (which was trying to clear the path of the Muslim Brootherwhood), then yes it favored the US. But Israel? Is it any safer with another neighbour in the hands of Wahabbies?
    Do you even read what you write, or do you just bang your head on the keyboard when you're praying to the pagan moon godess and can't be bothered to look up at the screen?

  • Western Spirit

    We can only hope Israel will eliminate the nuclear bomb threat from Iran. As long as Obama is president this country will unilaterally destroy its means of even self defense so no threat from us.

    Israel destroyed Saddam's bomb threat and we were thankful for it, and Israel will get a bad press no matter what it does, so bombs away.

  • Ronald Johnston

    osama obama is the tool of the evil islam ideology!!!!!

  • UCSPanther

    If Mossad is reading this, my advice is don't get mad, get even.

  • Alex

    Choi that is a great point you make. Obama need not know when Israel strikes. For you Muslims out there, just remember this before you refer to Judaism as a gutter religion, and Christianity as Idolatrous. Jews believe that when you die heaven is made up of closeness to God. The more righteous you were during your lifetime, the closer your seat to God's eternal presence and love is. For Christians, heaven has streets paved with gold, and mansions and one continues to serve the Lord. For Mustlims, you have 72 fresh virgins on a daily basis.


    • Alex

      That shows you which religion is the gutter religion. All the Arabs can think of his going up to 72 virgins That is the mind of that pedophile, Mohammad, the so-call prophet. He attacked, killed and vilified the Jews, because they ridiculed the hateful prophet who could not even get the time periods right in the Koran as to when different prophets lived. For example, Mohammad laughingly states in the Koran that the prophet Zacharia was the Virgin Mary's protector. The only problem with that is Zacharia lived 500 years before Mary. No wonder the Jews laughed at him with regard to his claim of receiving the word of God. What else would you expect from a phony who was illerate and sat in Churches and Synagogues and got everything mixed up as to when different biblical events occurred.

  • Alex

    Moham-mad (mad he was) and Islam are the Devil's immitation of the true faith of Abraham. Islam from the very beginning sought to usurp the Holy Land, the Jews' birthright and did falsely claim that it was Ismael who Abraham took to sacrifice on the Mount. False, false, false. That is your so-called faith, false You believe in death, not life. On all of your flags you see the sword. The word of God states that those that live by the sword shall surely die by the sword. The days of your conquests have come to an end, because God has put back a hearts of flesh in the chests of the Jews of Israel. They stand ready to fight you, and expose your false doctrine and lie. Jerusalem is Israel's center of centers, not yours and not yours for the taking any longer.