Comparing the Toulouse Killer to Israel

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On Thursday, French police in Toulouse managed to corner and kill a serial-killer/terrorist who had murdered seven people over the past two weeks and wounded others, some gravely. The seven dead included three off-duty French soldiers and, on Monday, four French Jewish civilians—including three young children—at a Jewish school in Toulouse.

The killer is Mohammed Merah, a 24-year-old Frenchman of Algerian origin who claims to be an Al-Qaeda member. Merah had been in Pakistan and Afghanistan. In Afghanistan in 2007 he was arrested for bomb making, but escaped months later in a large-scale Taliban jailbreak.

As for his recent attacks, he told police negotiators they were motivated by the French army’s involvement in Afghanistan and by a desire to avenge the deaths of Palestinian children.

In that regard Merah’s words were remarkably similar to those of EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton on Monday, the day of the school massacre. Speaking to a conference in Brussels called “Engaging Youth—Palestinian Refugees” that was sponsored by the Belgian government and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, she said:

when we think of what happened in Toulouse today, when we remember what happened in Norway a year ago, when we know what is happening in Syria, when we see what is happening in Gaza and in different parts of the world—we remember young people and children who lose their lives.

These words—clearly connoting that children in Gaza are brutally murdered by Israeli forces—sparked enraged responses in Israel, including from the prime minister, foreign minister, and opposition leader. On Tuesday, Ashton’s office issued a purported “clarification.” It stated that she had “referred to tragedies taking the lives of children around the world and drew no parallel whatsoever between the circumstances of the Toulouse attack and the situation in Gaza.”

The problem, though, is that Ashton’s statement clearly did draw that parallel, and her “clarification” is a weak and unconvincing denial rather than a genuine retraction. Israeli officials reportedly—with justice—see it that way and remain “unwilling to forgive” her remarks. As Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had put it, “What gets me especially incensed is the comparison between the targeted slaughter of children and the surgical, defensive activities of the Israel Defense Forces that are meant to hit terrorists who use children for human shields.”

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  • Fred Dawes

    The mass murder in this world must be laid at the door step of the people who allowed millions of muslims to move inside counties and who are setting up islam right in front of us all.

    • vsts4


  • kongMing

    Just like the Nazis, a pervasive criminal culture brings to a head international Islamic jihad. Is all this because we won’t deny Jews have a right to exist on the West Bank too:

    Nasrallah wanting Jews to stay in the Middle East because he thinks it will be easier to kill them all in one closer location.

    al-Qaeda recently killing a 6 year old in a bombing, repeatedly targeting school buses in Iraq to start a civil war, and recruiting child soldiers who commit their first murder on tape.

    Assad’s abducting children, running torture chambers at full capacity and having their bodies shipped back to show to their families.

  • maturin20

    Yeah, Gaza really put the stank on Israel. All of Bibi's talk about "surgical, defensive activities", hah! There's some newspeak for you, Daniel Greenfield. So clever to draw a parallel between a fine-edged scalpel cutting out a tumor, presumably wielded by a Johns Hopkins graduate, and a bomb launched from an airplane into a crowded city block. Your defensiveness is your undoing here, Bibi. Real statesmen, staunch in the authority, don't bother to get incensed about some trumped-up bureaucrat whose position holds no power or influence.

    • stern

      What an immature rant, but then that's we expect from immaturin20. Obviously, this cretin has no idea that the IDF has the world's best civilian-to-combatant casualty rate in the world, responsible for far fewer civilian injuries and deaths in proportion to combatant casualties than any other military in the world. Obviously, this cretin doesn't give a damn for the fact that the people Israel targets with its precision missiles, have first chosen to launch rockets from or immerse themselves in those "crowded city block(s)". Obviously this cretin is just that. A cretin.

      • maturin20

        The IDF certainly gets more practice than most of the world's militaries. This accumulation and comparison of military statistics makes me giggle. Soon we'll be arguing over whether WHIP or ERA is a better measure of a starting pitcher's greatness. It certainly helps your casualty rate when you get to collect the statistics.

        • stern

          Oh for heaven's sake. Once again, with absolutely no rational argument to make, you simply make things up. Compare the IDF with any NATO army active in Afghanistan and Iraq. Compare the IDF with Syria's army, for G-d's sake.

          Actually, once again, I find myself wondering why I try to correct you. You have proven once again that you need no help in making yourself look like a complete and total idiot.

          • kentatwater

            Stern, you don't have to worry about this smirking hyena any longer.

            Management has banned it.

          • trickyblain

            Nice. Gotta love censorship as a tool to avoid seeing other opinions.

          • kentatwater

            You keep using that word, censorship. I don't think it means what you think it means.


          • trickyblain

            I used it once. Didn't watch your YouTube vid, but pretty sure "censorship" means "the result of 'censoring.'" Which Webster's defines as:
            "to examine in order to suppress or delete anything considered objectionable <censor the news>; also : to suppress or delete as objectionable <censor out indecent passages>
            The station censored her speech before broadcasting it.
            His report was heavily censored."

          • kentatwater

            I used it once. Didn't watch your YouTube vid…

            You didn't watch the video, so you didn't get the joke.

            From wiktionary:

            1. The use of state or group power to control freedom of expression, such as passing laws to prevent media from being published or propagated.

            When Front Page Magazine becomes the Republic of Front Page Magazine, maybe you'll have a point. Censorship is the denial of the right to speak, not the denial of the privilege to be heard.

          • trickyblain

            Webster's may have a bit more pull than "wiktionary" in most circles, but okay.

            One of FPM's redeeming qualities has always "allowing" folks with diverse policitcal views to express opinions. I think it goes back to DH's Berkeley days.

            I guess I'm just not a fan of running to site mods and getting other posters banned because you don't like what they are saying. Reeks of thin-skinned cowardess.

          • kentatwater

            but okay

            Concession accepted.

            One of FPM's redeeming qualities has always "allowing" folks with diverse policitcal views to express opinions. I think it goes back to DH's Berkeley days.

            On the contrary. Berkeley is a desert, when it comes to diversity of opinion. DH has snapped out of that. That's why diversity of opinion is allowed here.

            It's amusing that you think maturin20's flushing was due to the opinions he expressed. Such is not the case. He's apparently posted his overwrought justifications for his own bigotry for years, here. What happened today, was he went well beyond the threshold of decency. It's an analog of the mythical "War on Women" trope, writ small. The leftist gasbags claim there is a WoW staged by conservatives, but they can't help but treat and address women as subhuman things. Maturin20 did that, and got smacked down.

          • trickyblain

            I didn't concede — merely noted that you are free to make up definitions as you see fit. As a professional, I'd never take a definition from "wiktionary" to my boss to justify my use of a word. Webster's? Yes. Censorship is not exclusive to gov't — that's why, when referring to a gov't it's called "government censorship."

            I've been posting here for years and have only seen maturn20 very recently. I didn't see the offending posts. From what I had seen, there's some things I disagree with, but he didn't seem overtly hostile or hate-filled. Again, I see ugly posts every day here and nobody runs to the FPM mods. If you overlook Mr. Bean et. al., don't pretend your tattling is based on offended morals — it's politics.

          • kentatwater

            I didn't concede — merely noted that you are free to make up definitions as you see fit

            You should have stuck with concession. I didn't "make up" anything. I went to the dictionary that is all democratic and stuff. That's what I found there. If you really think I made up the definition, look at the page history.

            Censorship is the act of denying the opportunity of expression. Refusing to enable expression is not censorship.

            I considered copying what it wrote, so you could see it, but honestly, what would be the point? Your type calibrate your thresholds of propriety and offense, depending on the subject and who the source is.

            And if you didn't see the hatefulness and hostility in his posts, you really haven't been paying attention.

          • trickyblain

            I'd like to see it.
            "Your type calibrate your thresholds of propriety and offense, depending on the subject and who the source is."
            My "type"? Weak. You really have no idea what my type is. I've never complained to the mods about any poster and will not unless they were to post my personal details. And if you have not gone to the admin to complain about Mr. Bean, isn't the above statement sort of a "Pot/Kettle" thing?

          • kentatwater

            Yes, your type. You peg yourself when you laugh off the bilge that maturin20 spewed. He wrapped his antisemitism and racism up with some $10 words. He mocked and equivocated and dodged, but you, an advocate of "conciseness and directness" find it all just dandy.


            Your type is a double standard wielding hypocrite. It's censorship when you don't like it, but when David Horowitz tries to speak at a "private entity," free speech is "crap."


            Yes. Your type.

          • trickyblain

            Sorry. I thought you might be challenging. I was wrong.

            Goes back to the Berkeley thing you dismissed. I applaud DH when it comes to expressing different views here. He knows it. Anyone here who has a brain and has posted here over the years does, too. But in the case yhou cite, he's talking about 1st Amendment rights tahta are limited to gov't. I thought you and I were talking about general censorship and the ethics of blogging.

            Nice stalking though. If you want to go point-to-point on anything I said on your stalking links, let me know with your specific stalking grievances.

            Of course, no one can be sure what your point is. Can you embarrass yourself further and elaborate? Still dodging your double standards? (have you contacted the mods about Mr. Bean?)

          • kentatwater

            I thought you and I were talking about general censorship and the ethics of blogging.

            More definition and context juggling, to suit the moment. Sigh. Like I said, I know the type.

            Oh, and stalking, too? What a laugh. It really is kind of eerie how so many of you on the left use the same playbook, right down to the same labels. Pointing out someone's hypocrisy is "stalking." Heh. The links are right there. I don't expect you to own up to contradicting yourself, but anyone bothering to read this thread can follow the links and get a good laugh.

            Go to the management and complain about my "stalking." Stalking in cyberspace is really a serious problem, which you ought not make light of. I'm sure they will give your charge all the consideration it deserves.

            Can you embarrass yourself further and elaborate? Still dodging your double standards?

            IOW, "I know you are but what am I" defense. Who's embarrassed, now?

            (have you contacted the mods about Mr. Bean?)

            Go wrestle with your pet racist. If either you or Bean ever said what maturin20 (spit) said, I'd do the same.

          • stern

            Hey, immaturin20 – and you – have every right to say whatever the heck you want. And Frontpage Magazine has every right to prevent him – and you – from using this site if what you way is bigoted, hate-filled and slanderous.

          • trickyblain

            It's FPM's private property, of course. They don't even need a reason. But it should go both ways — I hadn't seen much of maturin's postings, but nothing I saw comes close to rivaling mrbean's mintrel shows or countless other examples of bigotry, hate and slander evident here day-in, day-out.

    • mrbean

      Whatever drugs you are smoking or shooting you need to stop because you are no longer just a neurotic annoyance – your postings are becoming psychotic, which are an indication of serious mental disorder. There seem to be alot of you mental ill people lately on the left.

      • maturin20

        I accept your compliment in the spirit in which it was written.

    • Tanstaafl

      Mohammed killed Jews. Muslims have been killing Jews ever since. You can't wash the blood off your hands.

      • maturin20

        The trick is cold water and a mildly astringent soap. Pay special attention to the cuticles.

        • Boston

          A defective grenade belt for a defective poster will do the trick too. It goes off prematurely, takes your hand off and the rest of you too.

          • maturin20

            Are you hawking your wares?

          • Touchstone

            Your batting average is .000 in the comedy department. I've never seen anyone make so many attempts at humor yet fail so often and so abysmally.

            Then again, as a fatuous anti-Jewish slander machine who can't back up any of his quasi-arguments, you're batting a thousand.

          • kentatwater

            Touchstone, I've been meaning to reply to one of your posts, to express my admiration for your ability to maintain your composure in the face of maturin20's deliberate provocations, and meet every one of its mockeries and straw men with reason and fact.

            The site's management took note of one of its particularly egregious posts, and banned the troll. No doubt, doing so will only feed its hate and paranoia, but at least we will no longer need to read about it.

          • Touchstone

            Thanks for the kind words. I'm not sure why I indulged that troll to the extent I did. Usually I can resist the temptation.

    • hajid

      If you insist on your twisted logic is true, why not volunteer yourself as a human shield and die for Hamas or Al Queda and show you really belive what you belive.

    • mah29001

      And guess who agrees with you, neo-Nazis and white supremacists agree with you, you dummy.

    • 1 1 1 1

      "maturin20" …. an unimportant antisemite obsessed with Jews.

  • UCSPanther

    This lunatic should be strung up, but knowing the EU, they probably will give him a cushy cell and let him out in 21 years…

    • Snorbak

      True, but it would be much more economical in both cost & effort to apply 20c worth of lead poison……he wont be missed.

    • Atikva

      First, he was not a lunatic, only a plain, devoted killer helping Al Qaida to install the world muslim caliphate. Second, he killed himself (for a change) and is now getting his reward. That's all one could hope for after the death of these beautiful children.

  • rachaelamb

    Israeli army does not murder children. Children die when they are used as human shields by terrorists. In contrast,to the Palestinians and their fiendish supporters who bomb pizza parlors full of children and teenagers,or bomb schoolbuses,or take elementary school children hostage,and then murder them in coldblood,or fire rockets at kindergartens and playgrounds,or shoot pregnant mothers and their small daughters at point blank range,or break into Jewish families homes in the middle of the night,and stab infants to death in their cribs,and hold down toddlers and strangle them.

    • Dr. John

      Indeed, every single one of those is a documented instance, and there are many more. The catalog of "Palestinian" crimes is a horrific catalog of barbarity and lack of humanity.

      • davarino

        This is why I believe Israel should go it alone because right now they are slowly being bled to death by treacherous "allies". The "allies" are looking the other way when ever monsterous acts are committed by the "palesten….made up ethnicity", but zero in on the slightest infraction of Israel during self defense.

        • mjazz

          You can say it: Palesteins.

    • Ron Nelson

      It is disgusting how none of this is never mentioned. Most of the supporters of these islamist mad dogs would be put do death because of their cultural permissive behavior. Useful idiots.

  • guest

    Israeli leaders have gone to France over and over and practically commanded the French Jews to leave from there. There has been a response, some French Jews ahve bought "emergency" back-up flats in Israel (especially in Netanya) but too many have stayed. There is clearly no future for Jews in Europe, many are now leaving from Hungary as they government is fascistoid and has adopted a nationalistic, anti-democratic new Constitution.

    • BS77

      seems like there is no future for Christians in Europe either….watch as the leftist dominated idiot bureaucracies of Europe collapse under their immigration agendas.

  • Amused

    WTF …..shoot the S.O.B. There's no doubt as to his guilt …he admitted the acts of cold blooded murder and regrets he couldn't have killed more . Why are the French so hell bent on taking him alive ?

    • Dr. John

      To pump him for info on other terrorists.

    • aspacia

      The French do not have capital punishment, and are forced by law, similar to the USA, make an arrest. Remember the Rodney King case? How about the numerous other cases that cost cities millions.

    • pagegl

      If the French police killed him I bet there's a fair to middlin' chance that the various Muslim enclaves in Paris will erupt in riots for the perceived inappropriate act taken against the scumbag.

    • Zionista

      it won't be a problem that this muslim sack of pus has assumed room temperature – some goons from his family are in custody and they're already squealing like pigs

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    While we are "comparing" lets list a few but by far not all items of reference regarding the EU:
    This only in the list affecting Jews.
    Roman and Greek invasions
    Expulsion from Kent, England. (Recently several bodies of Jews dumped into a well have been found).
    The 1492 expulsion from Spain.
    Inquisition/auto de fe
    Crusaders massacres
    Ottoman Empire invasion
    British occupation. (thousands of refugees from Nazi Europe were either attacked or refused entry and eventually murdered.)
    It is simply mystifying that murderous beasts such as those have the nerve to again proceed to advance plans to destroy our people using stigmas and constructions they have been using in cycles for thousands of years.
    Armenian genocide
    European genocide in Africa
    Slave trade from Africa

    It is high time for us to change gears with that garbage. Those people must be prevented entry here and any further assaults against us responded to harshly.
    Enough is enough!

  • dave

    I was up til 3 last night watching sky news, I saw the blasts happen live, and since then 'nothing' has happened. It is very strange and maybe there is more going on. They had an ex SAS serviceman on air saying that they would only use blasts to get into a building, the idea of setting off a blast as a decoy wasn't something the SAS would do, but hey this is France which is not exactly renowned for its muscle and the whole situation seems to be completely bizarre. The only thing I can think is that there are many more people involved and about to blow themselves up and the French are trying to keep it quiet.
    Anyway in terms of blaming Jews and servicemen for getting themselves murdered, at some point, the postmodern liberal world have to accept that 'We are all Israel now' and that Islam is here, and happening in Europe, irrespective of anything Israel does or whatever our foreign policy is. At what point will they move the argument on and accept this reality, as they have been in denial for too long now.

    • Dr. John

      Maybe they can get a sequel to Dog Day Afternoon out of this?

  • Elliott Alhadeff

    Hopefully, at some point, there will be enough "foreign" Jews in Israel who will bring some measure of reality to the rest and expose the illigitimacy of Palestinian occupation of Judea/Sumaria and refuse to allow it to be Judenrein. Who will rise to support them when they do and to their defense when they become targets of terror because they said – no one deserves to die merely because of their beliefs and faith?

    • maturin20

      Avigdor Lieberman can't do it alone.

  • Dispozadaburka

    Does anyone remember when Obama spent TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS of our TAX MONEY
    to bring 20,000 Palestinians here to the US because they were "victims" of Israel?
    Guess we know who he favors.

    • maturin20

      Only a thousand bucks per person? Must have flown Southwest.

      • Stephen_Brady

        As usual, you purposely fail to get the point ..

  • MikeWood

    If you want to get some profound insights into what is going on in Europe, and has been going on for the past 40 years or so, read Bat Yeor "Europe, Globalisation, and the Coming Universal Caliphate". Using hundreds of detailed references to conferences, agendas, official statements, career paths, policies etc with respect to the Euro-Arab Dialogue, the Council of Europe, the European Commission, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation etc, she demonstrates conclusively that Europe has signed a pact with the devil. It has, unbeknown to nearly all Europeans, set up links with the Arab world which allow mass muslim immigration

  • MikeWood

    Part 2:
    pro-Arab and anti-Israeli foreign policies; special provision for muslim immigrants and the discouragement of integration; controls on free speech with respect to Islam, the list goes on. But what it amounts to in summary is a selling of Europe and her peoples to Arabs and Islam, it is a doctrine of appeasement towards islamic terrorism and an attempt to develop a relationship with the Arab/Muslim world on the basis of submission to its demands. It is completely sickening and the statement by Mrs Ashton comes as no surprise when you realise that she sits astride the colossal pile of pooh known as the EU!

  • Mike

    Europe has always been a continent of silly people who love tyranny and subjugation. Thats why my ancestors fled to the North American Continent.

    • randy

      As north america was being stolen from the native americans.

      • MikeWood

        Bang on cue, eh Randy? Got any other ideas in that little list of yours? How many ideas are there in your list? 4 or 5 or a bit less than that?

        • HermitLion

          I think he uses a program that tells him when to shoot that line into the air. I'm beginning to think it's just a silly joke.

      • Zionista


      • pagegl

        The American Indians were origianally from Asia, so, they were colonists also. There is also some evidence that small groups of Europeans may have settled the New World before the Asians crossed the Bering strait. Some of that evidence incudes European DNA markers in Indians that should not have them. So, please stop being a common, mouth-breathing twit with your native American rants, there is no such thing, the continent was originally human free.

      • trickyblain

        Indians (as they prefer to be called) never claimed "ownership" of the land, so it couldn't have been "stolen" from them.

  • Marty

    The good news is that one more murderous sociopath is dead. He will surely be celebrated as a martyr and hero in much of the islamic world and perhaps have a street or two named after him. He'll also be envied by would-be martyrs for immediately enjoying the pleasures of the islamic paradise after going down in a blaze of glory. What this episode reveals is that the islamic culture as much as the religion has come to stay in western europe. merah could be the tip of the martyrdom iceberg. He will have his imitators in france and elsewhere. europe has been invaded literally by hordes of barbarians. When this occurred previously 1500 years ago, western civilization collapsed and took a millenium to recover. We will be fortunate to ever recover from islam.

  • mrbean

    Rebenge is a dish best served cold and anonymously. There are alot of Mosques in France with clerics and imams who preach Jihadism and killing of the Jews. Maybe several fatal…. ahhhemmm….accidents as a culling of the rodents excercise are in order? As Jean Luc Picard would say; "Engage, make it so!"

    • maturin20

      He usually delivered each clause as a separate imperative. "Engage." and "Make it so."

  • ApolloSpeaks

    I hope that this beast is enjoying his eternal reward of 72 hags in darkest hell.

    • Elliott Alhadeff

      It is said that after the first five they are ready to go back to their regular habit of paying for the pros

  • maria

    maturin20 is despicable lier. But he is Muslim and it speaks itself. Muslims decreed by Koran to lie and decept infidel to promote Islam. It is form of Jihad too, stealth Jihad. Those barbarians are still live in 7 centrury in dessert. Only Muslims are killing proposely kids and the same time crying that they are victims. We, Westerns are too naive to trust them in anything. To avoid catastrophy we must stop Islamic immigration. No Muslim in our country. We, Westerns are not immigrating to their filthy countries, let them not come to our, which built by our ansectors. They always come to already bloom, prosperous one to use it. They are supremasists and probably not capable to create and build some positive. What they delightfuly can is murder of infidels. It does not matter for them is it baby of 6month or or pregnant woman, or… They use their own childern as a live shield and later blame Israel for it. Is it any decency in their world? No.

    • maturin20

      Your sentence structure is delightful.

      • JoJoJams

        it's not too bad for her 2nd language. I've seen much worse by native-born Americans, who can't construct a coherent sentence if their life depended on it, despite 12 years of schooling here in the states. I wouldn't expect you to know that, though, since you've only recently infested this site. So, I'll give you a pass on your lack of maturity.

        • maturin20

          It reminds me of How the Irish Became White. Arabs and Latinos frequently look similar, as in the case of Jose Padilla. One can see Maria trying to become white on the backs of Muslims.

          • Zionista

            as if a klansman like you gives a rat's behind about muslims – or anyone not aryan – you're not fooling anyone lil matty

          • kentatwater

            Be on the lookout for this parasite, under a different name, Zionista. It just got itself banned, for being even more piggish than its usual piggish self.

            If a noob appears, ranting about the suppression of free speech by Jews, or foaming at the mouth about feminine hygiene products, we'll know who it really is. :)

  • maria

    Blood of Jewish children on Catherine Ashton arms. She and alike collaborate with Islamic terrorists. They are in Muslims oil payroll. Their collaboration make it possible cold blood Jews murder in India, in Israel, in Argentine. But they are guilty as collaborators in 9/11 3,000 civilians murder by Islamists, in London subway blast, etc. They are accomplices of Islamic terrorists and they I hope will be indicted in new "Nurnberg" process.
    UN is Islamic terrorists supporter and it is exists on our tax money. Disgrace!!!

  • maturin20

    As awful as this shooting of a father and his sons was, prominent Jews were quick to capitalize. Hasbaras quickly moved, even before the facts were known, to turn this into a media jihad against Muslims. Ya'akov Katz immediately began saying the sky is falling and trying to herd a mass exodus to Israel:

    • stern

      "media jihad" … ah, aren't we clever. We know that we cannot defend the Muslim penchant for shedding the blood of others, so we use their words to try to taint the dastardly Jooos. Too bad we're onto you, imaturin.

    • ajnn

      huh ?

      "prominant jews were quit to capitalize…to turn this into a media jihad against muslims"

      'capitalize' – racist jew-hatred on show here.

    • mah29001

      Jew-hater. A Jew-hater like you is quick to capitalize on spreading hate.

  • Roger

    the BBC is running a story that a French sniper took this guy out.

  • 080

    What most closely resermbles the Toulouse killer is the Aum Shin Rikyo of Japand. Some years agol the cult leader of this group decided that the elimination of the human race is needed so that the cult members could constitute a new race of pure human beings. To effect this goal the cult members released sarin gas in the Japanese trains killing some. Japan quickly arrested the cult leader and some members. They then proceeded to hang them. They had the right idea.

  • Ghostwriter

    It's a shame the guillotine is no longer used in France. It would have been most appropriate for this monster.

    • UCSPanther

      *snap* *SHLING!* *Plop! PlopPlop!*

      That would be fitting…

  • History

    The video of this event MUST BE POSTED AND BROADCAST. Don't let this be forgotten like the Daniel Pearl beheading. Let the images stay in history. Any 'ethical" or "philosophical" excuse will be aiding and abetting the NEXT massacre.

  • denis

    These killings are the case of another Muslim jihadist stoked by the craziness of some radical imam teaching hatred for the Jews and anything in the west world. What is not heard is the outrage of the French Politicians of another Muslim going on a killing spree.

  • John

    The bastard got what he deserved. He is now getting his justice.. Hope it is uncomfortable.

  • Terry

    The statements of adolph ashton merely prove that Jews can't trust europeans. Sure there are many europeans who aren't antisemitic, but so was the case in respect of pre WW2 Germans. Ultimately, it isn't even the case that we can't trust them. We shouldn't trust anyone but ourselves.

    And we should be exacting a very high price for every Jew hurt or killed. Israel knows who the terrorist leaders are, and often where they are. Let any attack on Jews be answered with 10 terrorist leaders losing their lives for every Jew. They don't have to be implicit in a particular crime. If they are Jew haters, they should be targets.

    Jewish life should not be cheap. Am Yisroel Chai.

    • kentatwater

      Let any attack on Jews be answered with 10 terrorist leaders losing their lives for every Jew.

      If they are Jew haters, they should be targets.

      That's sick. If Israel were to start patterning its conduct on the behavior of i's would-be destroyers, they will no longer be fighting for justice or peace.

      Ain't gonna happen m.

  • maghrebchristians

    Tunisia’s National Constituent Assembly (NCA) has begun the process of drafting the country’s new constitution, and consequently different political movements have lobbied tirelessly to influence the composition of the new constitution.


  • Fred

    Europe is doomed as the Muslims will take it over if they haven't already. I would advise all the Jewish People to leave asap for Israel. Then the Muslims will finish the job on the European "liberals". Shame they let these monsters into the country but they probably prefer this type of slow suicide anyway. Goodby Europe.

  • muchiboy

    "Muslim ethos that produces all too many like him, centering on perceived victimhood along with anti-Semitic and anti-Western hatred, remains. A situation made even worse when Westerners not only are too cowardly to counter that ethos but confirm and encourage it."
    "Perceived victimhood" sounds all too much like denial.Given the recent history of colonialism and occupation of Arabs,as well as Zionist occupation and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people,you(the people of the Holocaust,the Diaspora) above all should know better,having a history like no other of racism and Antisemitism.

    "Now that it turns out the Toulouse killer shares Ashton’s perception that Palestinian children are wantonly murdered by Israel, her words emerge in an even grimmer light."
    Surprising and perhaps,disappointingly,as it may seem,most liberals are reasonable people,not unlike most conservatives.For the most part,regardless of our political views on Zionism ,we do not believe that the IDF targets innocent children,whereas,we recognize the mostly indescriminate nature of terrorism or the targeting of Palestinian suicide bombers.However,given that,we also recognize the immense and overwhelming fire power and superiority of the IDF,and,whereas the desparity between the forces is meaningful and significant,it is worthy of both comment and critical analysis.The IDF have been critizised in the past for being over zealous in war,a legitimate criticism,given the mass destruction of infrastructure on grossly inferior and mostly defenseless opponents.While Jews may with some honor and good conscience reasonably believe their forces do not target children they ,on the other hand,ignore or rationalize the large numbers of children they do kill.Again,like it or not,rationalize it till the cows come home,the IDF kills large numbers of Palestinian children(comparatively).Jews,Israelis and Zionists are not innocent bystanders here.They do kill Palestinian children.Those they do not kill they deny them their homeland and birth right.And as much as you do not like it,and lobby against it,we have the right to accuse you and bring you to account for your crimes and sins.It is our job and obligation to keep the fire to your feet.muchiboy

    • mjazz

      What you said should have read:
      The IDF have been criticized in the past because they have been portrayed as overzealous in war.

      • muchiboy

        "The IDF have been criticized in the past because they have been portrayed as overzealous in war."

        We can argue till the cows come home that the Israeli response was disproportionate,but for my part,given that the view was widely held by reasonable and moral parties,the criticism served its puropse.If the Israelis chose to ignore the criticism,it only demonstrated the arrogence of the occupier and the moral immaturity of this Zionist state.And what can you expect from a people who have not ruled their own state for two thousand years,even though they have helped governed others.In my opinion,and for what it's worth,(and you don't have to tell me,I know what you think) ,the status of Israel should be on par with the likes of other human rights abusing and violating countries like Sudan and Zimbabwe or past regiemes like Apartheid South Africa and racist Rhodesia,though I consider these states,who were not guilty of ethnic cleansing, a step above Zionist Israel.Western countries are partially to blame in carrrying on normal diplomatic ,economic and cultural relations with Israel.They should,as friends of that country,impliment at least partial,e.g.cultural,sport boycotts/sanctions.Any policy must be crafted carefully,with agreed upon and livable safeguards and guardians,to avoid a Zimbabwe like ending.Like it or not,Israel is a gem in the ME region,much like Rhodesia was a gem in Africa.muchiboy

        • mjazz

          Even black South Africans disagree with calling Israel an apartheid state.

          • muchiboy

            "Even black South Africans disagree with calling Israel an apartheid state. "
            Yes,there are subtleties in my argument that may be a stretch and require a sympathetic hearing.Firstly,the early and latter de facto ethnic cleansings of Palestinians gave and still give the Jews a majority in what was and could still be,an Arab majority Palestine.Without this act or outcome,the essential nature of the Jewish state would have been threatened/compromised upon it's very re-creation.There would have been less need for an existential threat to the state from without as the Palestinian Arab/Christian would still have a homeland and birth right.In Apartheid South Africa and racial Rhodesia the barriers that kept the races/groups apart were legislative in nature,including petty laws determining where groups lived,worked,schooled,etc. In Zionist (read a special case of Apartheid) Israel there is less need for such petty laws governing every area of Palestinian life as Jews are not threatened from within by a majority non-Jewish population.In Zionist Israel the problematic Arab majority are behind walls and fences beyond Israeli borders,borders that deprive the Palestinian people of their homeland and birth right,to the advantage of the Diaspora.Borders that were created from a majority of European Diaspora occupying Palestine.muchiboy

          • mjazz

            If the arabs had accepted the partition plan of 1948, the palestinians would have had a state.

  • muchiboy

    ",we have the right to accuse you and bring you to account for your crimes and sins.It is our job and obligation to keep the fire to your feet.muchiboy "
    We failed to do this for the Diaspora,either because of our Antisemitism or fear of a potent enemy,Nazism."Never Again" should be a mantra for all humanity,not just the Jews.muchiboy

  • Stephen_Brady

    Anyone here notice that the guy resembles Obama? Just asking …