Washington Backs Islamists as Sinai and Gaza Explode

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The Los Angeles Times reports that the Obama administration is “deeply concerned” by the Egyptian military regime’s having seized powers so as to prevent a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the country.

Pentagon press secretary George Little said that “We…urge the [military] to relinquish power to civilian-elected authorities….” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said that “We are particularly concerned by decisions that appear to prolong the military’s hold on power.”

As the report notes, the military regime’s move is aimed at preventing the Brotherhood’s presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi—if he has indeed been elected—from “declaring war without the agreement of the ruling generals.”

In other words, it’s a move aimed at preventing an Egyptian attack on Israel, the total collapse of Israeli-Egyptian peace, and a drastic regional destabilization.

The generals are not acting against the Islamists because they’re wonderful people who love Israel and the West. They are, however, sane pragmatists who do not want Egypt, with its severe economic problems, to be dragged into a ruinous conflict.

And for their efforts, the generals have the Obama administration up in arms and crying foul.

How differently the situation is viewed in Israel is revealed by, for instance, veteran military analyst Alex Fishman, who wrote: “This is no longer the same Egypt. It is no longer the same border, the peace treaty is dying, and we better start to change our way of thinking.”

Fishman was referring to how much the situation has already deteriorated since the fall of Hosni Mubarak—hailed at the time by the likes of Obama and Thomas Friedman—in February last year. He was also referring to a military flare-up over the past few days that has seen scores of rockets fired into Israel from Gaza.

The flare-up began, however, south of Gaza on Monday when terrorists—Gaza-based but of Al Qaeda provenance—tried to breach the fence Israel has been building along its southern, Sinai border with Egypt to keep out terrorists, smugglers, and illegal labor migrants.

And it is since Mubarak’s fall that the situation in Sinai has gone to seed as this tract of land—which figured in the 1979 Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty as a peacekeeping buffer zone—has been taken over by both Bedouin and international-terror gangs, sometimes working in tandem, as the central regime in Cairo has its hands full trying to quell anarchy closer to home.

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  • Larry

    As soon as the Egyptians breach the treaty Israeli armor should be heading for the Canal. And then shove the Egyptian created cess pit that is Gaza and the bandit Bedouins across the Canal and tell them to stay there.

    Then set up a five mile wide no go zone between the north bank of the Canal and a nice fence and mine field, and drop mortar and artillery on anything that moves in it.

    • muchiboy

      Then,when all is said and done,repatriate the Arab Palestinian diaspora to Palestine,their homeland and birthright.Alternatively/simultaneously,repatriate the Jewish Diaspora and their descendants to their respective homelands e.g.Europe,Russia, Ethiopia,N.America,etc.Then get on with reintegrating Palestinians,Arab and Jewish,in Israel/Palestine.muchiboy

      • Snorbak

        "repatriate the Arab Palestinian diaspora to Palestine,their homeland and birthright" east of the Jordan River into Jordan where they belong.
        Think of it as "East Palestine" a homeland created for the Arabs.


        Since Eurabia loves paleswinians so much, give paleswinians land in Europe, Russia.

        Eurabia will benefit from paleswinian culture – rape, honor killing, suicide bombings, transport bombings, sharia.

        • WilliamJamesWard

          Starting to look like America's East coast…….ala Obama or is it ala ratbar Obama………William

      • Choi

        There is only one place Palestinian Arabs can be repatriated to:
        Saudi Arabia and Yemen,ie. The Arabian Peninsula.
        Oh,and the Jews ARE REPATRIATED in their Ancient Homeland.

      • Drakken

        Silly libtard, time to push Gaza into the sea and call it a day, the muslims will NEVER give the Israelis peace unless it is peace of the grave.

  • http://www.freeshophoster.de endless

    In Germany we say: "Recht bleibt Recht, auch wenn 1.000 Leute dagegen sind – und Unrecht bleibt Unrecht, auch wenn 1.000 Leute dafür sind !"
    It should be the rulers think it !

    • StephenD

      Right is right even if a 1,000 people are against it and wrong is wrong even if 1,00 people are for it.

      Well said.

    • max67

      In Germany Hitler was elected democratically, so was it OK?
      All the process of exterminating the Jews and the other unwanted was legal according to the German law. So was it OK?
      You may want to read Tomas Aquinas “natural law”.

      • LibertyLover

        You need to read "endless" quote again. He answered you rhetorical question before you asked it.

      • ich will nicht bleiben

        Please, learn some reading comprehension before you get on your righteous indignation wagon. Knee jerk reactions without thought are the cancer that is killing society.

  • oldtimer

    If Israel should give Gaza and Jerusalem to the muslims, than should the US give California and Texas back to Mexico?

    • muchiboy

      You don't have to "give" Gaza or Jerusalem to anybody,you just have to acknowledge that Palestinians belong to/in Palestine,which happens to include all the territory within Israel's borders,too.You need to overcome the Jewish pathology of land greed.You need to apply the Golden Rule to your collective thinking and actions.muchiboy

      • Alvaro

        Why this obsession with Israel? Do you fight for Russia to return Eastern Prussia and all the other lost territories to Germany? Should Russia give up Karelia and return it to Finland? How much have you fought for their right to return?

        • Schlomotion

          Why this obsession with clouding the present day issue with facts from the distant past?

          • Alvaro

            What muchiboy, the Hamas and their friends are complaining and whining about happened back in 1948, at a time when Germans were driven from their homes in Eastern Europe and not rarely murdered in cold blood.

            If Germans had responded in the same despicable way as the Arabs, they would have flat out refused to integrate the refugees, put them in refugee camps and kept whining for many decades, and demanding their right to return.

            Not to mention, there was a mere 750.000 Arab refugees from "Palestine", while the number of Germans was some 15.000.000. That should make it 20 times as bad, right?

      • Snorbak

        "Jewish pathology of land greed"….do you just make this crap up as you go?
        Yeah real greedy, they ended up with less than 20% of the former Palestine whilst the Arabs got over 80%.
        If Israel really is "Palestine" as you say, would you agree that so too is Jordan, given that Jordan was also created out of the Palestine mandate.
        Funny how Jerusalem, Judea & Samaria are Jewish/ Hebrew names, not Arabic.
        What is "The Golden Rule" of which you speak"?

        • Schlomotion

          That's funny. So if an Israeli tried to steal my car and only got away with the fender, he'd be whining that he did me a favor and let me keep most of it. Plus, he'd be willing to sell me back the paint off the fender in exchange for the rest of the car.

          • Snorbak

            Its a poor analogy at best, however it would be a more acurate representation if you said;

            So if an Arab was given a car destined to be given to me & only left me with the engine, he'd be whining that he should have the whole car, however, he'd be willing to allow me to sit in the car providing I give him the engine & pay rent for the privledge.

          • Schlomotion

            Destined, eh?

          • Snorbak

            Ab so bloody lutly,
            Refer to the original purpose of the Palestine mandate. Actually look at the broader mandates system as a whole & the states created from it;
            Syria/ Lebanon: Muslim/ Arab
            Iraq: Muslim/ Arab
            Jordan: Muslim/ Arab (created out of the Palestine Mandate)
            Israel: Jewish
            Wheres your cries for the "Palestinian" Arabs of Jordan to be allowed self determination?
            With regard to one of your other posts; "Why this obsession with clouding the present day issue with facts from the distant past?"
            The present issue is, the Israelies won the Arabs lost & Israel is here to stay, accept it.

          • Schlomotion

            Last time I checked, the Jordanians were not dropping white phosphorus on their Arabs and bulldozing their homes.

          • Snorbak

            & the last time I checked, the Jordanians did not have rockets & mortars being launched into civilian population centres on a daily basis from pissed off Jews!, nor do they have individuals & groups infiltrating their territory for the pupose of killing their citizans.
            With regard to the Arab homes, if their being built illegaly, then down they come as has also been the case when Jewish homes that have been built illegaly.
            With regard to the wPh, I dont recall the IAF using such weapons in response to a terror cell, however I do recall Arabs using a AT weapon against a school bus!

          • Schlomotion

            When an Israeli home is built illegally, it means in violation of their signature to the Oslo Accord, a global agreement.

            When a Palestinian home is built illegally, it means in violation of Israel's dubious claim to control all construction licensing, even for territory outside Israel.

          • Drakken

            Cry me an effing river sand ape, you muzzys get what you deserved, if you and your kind fired a rocket the proper response is a MOAB.


        moroniboy, If you are sincerely against "occupation", pack up your crap and LEAVE Native American North America.

        Which Eurabian cesspool will benefit from your repatriation?

    • Indioviejo

      How about the Turks giving back "Turkey"?

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  • Bud McFarlan

    Victoria Nuland is going to love breast feeding her fellow Muslim male co workers in the State Department.

    • Choi

      after they groom her and all that means

  • StephenD

    I pity the foolish nation that would raise its hand against Israel. I pity the suffering of the innocent victims on all sides of this. But for their idiot rulers they could have had a great friend in Israel. They could have shared and prospered side by side. Instead, they look on Israel through jealous lens and are blinded to their own destruction that awaits them.

  • Alvaro

    This is history repeating itself – when the EU pushed Turkey's generals, traditionally friendly towards the West, into submission, Turkey took a leap towards the year 700.

    Now Egypt will without a doubt join them.

    This isn't just ignorance. It can't be. For some reason they want radicalization. They can't all be in the pockets of Saudi-Arabia, but it sure looks like it.

    • JoJoJams

      It's their "religion". They've been told they are "the best of peoples/nations", but one look around the world shows what absolute hell-holes any "islamic republic of blah blah" is, what little they create – illiteracy rampant and ignorance abounds – and their psyche can't take it. So, they blame everyone else for the crap that is actually a result of their cult – and long for the "golden age" of islam….Which was when they expanded by the sword, took 1/3 of Christiandom, and nearly took Europe, and ruled spain for 400 years, not to mention Northern Africa, and India. In short, the "radicalization" truly is just a return to "jihad" per their holy books. It's NOT "radical" it IS islam!!

    • Indioviejo

      The "Sotto Voce" consensus is that everybody wants the 3rd WW to heat up. Perhaps we need to get it on. Every so often we need a horrendous blowout in order to feel exhausted and tired for a few peaceable years. I believe this is part of the human condition.

  • Bud MFarlan

    Victoria Nuland doesn't recognize Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel.

  • http://www.maghrebchristians.com Youssef

    In my recent travel to the nation of Algeria where it has a rich history of Christianity, the movement of Christianity has being moving powerfully within the nation. Algeria a predominated Islamic country, practises Islamic teaching within the society, but what has brought about the conversion into Christianity today?

    Read more: http://www.maghrebchristians.com/2012/06/21/alger



      Islamofascists are at war with EVERYONE. Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Bahaiis, Zoroastrians AND fellow Muslims (sunni vs. shiite).

  • effemall

    They will hit Holder with Contempt of Congress but more important, we need to hit Obama with Contempt of America. His aiding and abetting the enemy knows no bounds. To impeach him will not be enough. He needs to be prosecuted for Treason.

    • eddie henley

      obummer will not stop until he helps his muslim buddies take control of the United /States

  • Schlomotion

    Language lesson:

    "Sinai and Gaza explode."


    Oh, man! My soda just exploded.
    That zit on her back finally exploded.
    I opened the closet door, and papers exploded onto the floor.

    • Choi

      The world would be a better place if Gaza literally did explode while certain TROLLS were visiting "In Solidarity".

      • Schlomotion

        I always knew you supported terrorism.

        • Indioviejo

          How is killing the enemy, terrorism?

          • Schlomotion

            Your question implies that there can be no such thing as terrorism. Nobody kills their friends.

          • Drakken

            Hey slowmotion, the muslims are not our friends dummy, but you go ahead and keep wishing sand ape.

  • Choi

    Israel,the only Democracy in the Middle East does NOT have a "regime",Israel has an Elected Parliamentary Democratic Government.
    I'm surprised that Hornik would make that mistatement.

    • Dr. John

      It looks like a typo for "region's"–regions are usu. referred to as having dynamics.

  • VLParker

    Stop this “Islamist” nonsense. Islam is Islam is Islam.

  • Eamonn Gavin

    I STAND WITH ISRAEL. Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland. (I am a Catholic.)


    The palies can relocate to Montana & rewrite history. When Americans refuse to accept their false claims to land & rights, the palies can send missiles to the surrounding states, or strap bombs to their women & children to blow up innocent Americans. There are currently 56 countries with a muslim majority; the palies can live in any one of them & practice their worship of the pedophile, wife-beating, polygamist mohamad. There are 5000 convicted muslim terrorists in Israeli prisons, at a cost of $250,000 p/terrorist/year; I say free them all, put them on a boat in the sea & let their brethren rescue them, or not; Israel doesn't need them.

  • BS77

    whatever you are talking about….. total gibberish….

  • JoJoJams

    SPAM ALERT!! (and total "new age" gibberish)

  • mlcblog

    seriously whacked