World Powers to Iran: Keep Building Nukes

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Ominously, various Western reports say that the P5+1, while probably aiming to demand that Iran remove its stockpile of 20-percent-enriched uranium from the country, is now prepared—unlike in the past—to allow it to keep its 3-percent-enriched stockpile. Ephraim Kam, deputy head of Israel’s Institute for National Security Studies, notes that the latter stockpile already has enough uranium for three to four nuclear bombs. And if removing that stockpile as well

is not insisted upon, it will not stop Iran from striving toward a nuclear weapon…. [Such] a deal would provide legitimacy to Iran’s nuclear enrichment program. Even if it is recognized as civilian in nature and is placed under more stringent supervision, it will not be possible to sufficiently oversee Iran’s nuclear-related activity.

The upshot is that the winner of the first “round” is Iran. Even if the reports—and there are many of them—on leniency toward its 3-percent stockpile turn out to be wrong, Iran gains time. May 23 is only a little more than five weeks from July—when the EU’s intensified sanctions on Iranian oil are supposed to start. It is all too easy to picture Iran introducing “proposals” on May 23 that Ashton and others will delightedly find “constructive”—while agreeing to schedule another convocation for, say, about July 1, and also agreeing to put off the ramped-up sanctions while such exciting “progress” is being made.

Meanwhile, of course, Iran could keep its centrifuges spinning while remaining immune—unless Israel were to go very much against the “consensus”—from any military attack.

Where’s the Obama administration in all this? Reports that quote Ashton’s and Jalili’s upbeat assessments of Saturday’s meeting also quote more guarded reactions by U.S. officials. One such official, for instance, told the New York Times that “dialogue is not sufficient for any sanction relief…. There must be an urgent effort and concrete steps…. We believe there is a conducive atmosphere, but we need to test it…the window for diplomacy is closing.”

The problem here is that if Washington is really skeptical and serious as those words seem to imply, it’s hard to square with teaming up with the Europeans, Russians, and Chinese. If such an invincible faith in multilateral diplomacy could, on a kind reading, be ascribed to an invincible naiveté, it could also be ascribed to a tacit collusion with Iran on stalling tactics—stalling tactics aimed at what is still perceived as the real “danger,” Israeli military action, while the world strides blindly down another deadly path of appeasement.

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  • Fred Dawes

    Listen to inforwars the countdown is now the war maybe a third world war, check out Lindsey Williams and not the Globalists bankers who only want you dead,dead,dead,, Back up the people inside IRAN Who want freedom and not the Evil of totally insane Puppet Racists muslims.
    "Its the bankers who want war", By the way keep out of the Middle East its evil and that is a fact. see Rome, and it will take us all down to hell and that dark evil place is all a cruel place of evil odors.

    • WildJew

      It's the bankers who want war. You mean the Jews? Isn't inforwars managed by a bunch of crackpots and Jew-haters?

      • Fred Dawes

        Only 20 percent of all bankers are jews most a white guys who want you poor and under state control, so stop your globalist BS, OPEN YOUR EYES MONKEY.

  • Goemon

    Alex jones is a crypto-globalist muslim on a stealth jihad. He’s in charge of the illuminati and is a 34th degree freemason. Do not trust him!

    • Fred Dawes

      Why do you love the globalist racists white banker; who are not jews or monkey muslims, Alex Jones is real not a muslim or will he do the will of the banker boys. Open your eyes to facts.

    • aspacia

      Alex Jones is totally nuts and anyone who believes him is too. I listened to him once 10 or 15 years ago and when he rambled on about certain "fakes" and said that he had seen heaven, I switched channels.

      Goemon, Galileo and other Illuminati scientists simply formed the group in rebellion against the Church.

  • Roger

    The 'Neville Chamberlain' theory of foreign relations has worked so well in the past.
    No wonder they're dragging it out yet again.

    • WildJew

      It's what I've been thinking. Why does this remind me of Munich 1938 all over again? Do leftists never learn the harsh lesson of history?

      • Stephen_Brady

        Nope. Leftists believe in the "perfectibility" of the human race. It ain't gonna happen …

        • Roger

          They also thought they could trust Ted Kennedy's driving.

          • Stephen_Brady

            Why, that was an accident, Roger. Ted told us it was, and he could be trusted, right?

          • Roger

            Of course, and it's just an accident that progressive marxist systems fail every single time.

          • Stephen_Brady

            And they're always so apologetic when their systems fail. Unfortunately for those who are subject their Marxist systems, it either takes a complete economic/political failure, or a war, to to take out those systems.

      • Fred Dawes

        The leftists are the Nazi.

  • kathrynfkoopman

    This blog of yours is attention grabbing and there will be many people who will be having their own reaction and opinion regarding this issue. Thus, I hope bigger problems will not occur.

  • Bamaguje

    Enough talking.
    Bomb Iran's nuclear facilities now, with targeted attacks on the tyrannical Mullahs for regime change.

    • WildJew

      Do you expect this Muslim-born president (the American people installed in the WH) to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities?

    • Fred Dawes

      Do not attack just wait the people of Iran will remove this evil government let God do his work.

  • Steve Chavez

    WHERE ARE THE WORLD'S ANTI-NUKE PROTESTERS? They are screaming "No War On Iran" but isn't it Iran's pursuit of the bomb THE REASON there is talk of war on Iran? So, logic states that you try to stop the reason there is talk of war, and that's Iran's pursuit of a bomb! NO PROTESTERS?

    Iran is already BLACKMAILING THE WORLD with its threat of closing the Straits and ending its oil exports which causes the price of oil to skyrocket just on those actions. CAN YOU IMAGINE IF THEIR BLACKMAIL IF THEY HAD NUKES?

    MY SUSPICION will be that KGB PUTIN will GIVE IRAN A NUKE to test right before an attack by Israel and/or the U.S. which would end any attack forever. I also believe CHINA GAVE NORTH KOREA NUKES to test to end any Western invasion which would have led to a unified Korea based on Western ideals. Look at the Russia's and China's veto's on any meaningful sanctions including now on Syria, Russia's trading partner.

    ISRAEL is being painted into a corner and it is just a matter of time when they attack. TOO BAD OBAMA IS GIVING AWAY ISRAEL'S PLAN AND ATTACK STRATEGY ON BEHALF OF THE COUNTRY HE LOVES MORE THAN HIS OWN: RUSSIA!!!

  • Rifleman

    The mad mullahs win any nuclear talks because they aren't negotiating in good faith.

  • babyanng

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  • BS77

    Neville Chamberlain School of Negotiating Skills….Appease Appease Appease. Procrastinate. Shrug. Form a committee. Ask the UN for advice. Appease some more…..Approve some sanctions….Shrug…etc etc

  • mrbean

    This is unfair to President Obama. He has been tough on the Iranians. They are now on triple-double probabtion just like "Bluto" and the rest of delta delta delta in Animal House.

  • Kendrick1

    This would be a good time to start pulling out of all the countries in which we have our noses and U.S. taxpayer money. Cut off the funds we give them, reinforce our defenses here at home, get busy drilling for oil and natural gas, produce more coal, and strive for more renewable energy(with no taxpayer subsidies)! To a man, all countries of the world hate us!! So I say, let them go on their own and let's take care of our own people. We are now being held hostage by the Islamists!! The following link can give you an idea of what can happen when other nations are left to their own devices!!,8599,171

  • Ghostwriter

    There are those want to believe Iran's hogwash,let me just say this. You're a fool if you do.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    If I were Bibi Netanyahu I would let every leader of the EU know up front and personal that if a nuclear
    _weapon is ever launched at Israel because of their malfeasance, the same will happen to the Capital
    of each and every EU member. If the stakes are annihilation then let it be across the board, no one_
    is exempt that aids Iran by action or omission. If the players can not be part of a real solution then
    they are part of the problem that needs to be dealt with and the stakes must be as high as they can
    get to create a resolve for action against the lunatic regime in Iran…………games must no be played.

    • Fred Dawes

      Let us all hope that old and evil game will never be played.

  • Fred Dawes

    Open your eyes see it for what it is! the global monkeys are behind all of this and want war to murder kids old people not only in that part of the world but here and that means you. Do your best to be a human being and not a tool of the supremacy monkey Globalist. in other words don't be a puppet of evil doers.

  • Youssef

    More than 200 Protestant Christians, belonging to two different communities for a long time victims of persecution, gathered yesterday in front of the Presidential Palace in Jakarta – the seat of the Head of State Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono – to demonstrate “peacefully” against the expropriation of places of worship and seek the application of laws on “religious freedom”. In particular, the faithful denounce the abuses and violations of dozens of Islamist groups, the manipulation of the law to their liking and the inertia of the state and institutions, including the same Yudhoyono, who have not taken steps or concrete measures to restore legality. A battle supported by many human rights activists and local NGOs, concerned by the continuing deterioration of the situation.

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  • Ronald Johnston

    We are getting closer and closer to Iran being made a sea of glass!!!! Israel has no choice!!!!