Why Publicize What Arabs Say in Arabic?

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At the annual American Jewish Press Association (AJPA) Conference, held recently in Philadelphia, a newsworthy session was held with Chemi Shalev, the newly appointed US correspondent for the English language edition of HaAretz.

Working with foreign journalists in Jerusalem for the past 25 years, the significance of HaAretz reaches beyond its scope as a daily newspaper in Israel.

The HaAretz English edition, sold in Israel together with the International Herald Tribune, is the paper of record for reporters who cover complexities of Middle East issues.

Therefore, the opportunity for AJPA to hear Shalev’s insights into Middle East reporting policies was significant.

After hearing Shalev’s insightful analysis of current Israeli politics and the current state of Israeli-Arab negotiations, our news agency posed a question to Shalev:

Why does HaAretz not report what the Palestinian Authority communicates to their people in their language, on the PBC TV, the PBC radio, Palestinian Authority newspapers and the Palestinian Authority schools?

After all, over the past few weeks, PBC TV has conducted daily features that promote the armed struggle to liberate all of Palestine, praise for those who martyr themselves while murdering Jews, transforming Israeli cities into Arab cities, and worse.

And then there are the new school books of the PA, which indoctrinate the next generation to liberate all of Palestine by the force of arms, while the theme of PA education remains the “right of return” to Arab villages from 1948 within the green line which no longer exist.

15 years ago, access to PBC TV and to PA school books was difficult.

Our agency would dispatch messengers to the heart of Ramallah or Gaza to buy DVDs of PBC telecasts or purchase new PA school books and then commission translations of both.

Today, all a journalist has to do to view PBC TV is to peruse the PMW or MEMRI web sites, or to do what our agency does: we paid a technician 125 shekels to adjust our TV to gain access to PBC TV.

Today, all a reporter has to do to see the new PA school books is to buy the PA school books which are sold on Salach A Din Street in Jerusalem. And the PA school books can now be seen online.

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  • Lady_Dr

    HaAretz leans so far left it seems their brains have fallen out. Is it any wonder that the left is so strong in Israel? Is it any wonder that foreign journalist don't know the truth (of course they also don't want to know because most of them are in agreement)?
    Is it any wonder Fox TV is hated? And Fox isn't even that fair and balanced (they are head and shoulders above the rest though – even Hilary Clinton has admitted they treated her better than the networks in 2008). But at least they TRY to be fair and balanced, the left never does.

    The left is guided by an emotional immaturity which would embarrass most 14 year girls.

    • Larry

      Well said. I had someone say to me the other day that Fox is a far right network.

      I then pointed out to him that that was because most other media is so far to the left that they would regard Stalin's right testicle as far right.

      After a short history lesson he conceded. It's not that all the left wingers out there are stupid, it's just that far too many of them are simply ignorant, and organizations like Haaretz work very hard to keep them that way.

      • Moodi

        Ha'ARetz is basically the outlet or the folks that have foisted the oh-so-low Oslo process upon us in Israel.
        I never bought an issue of this paper and I refuse to defile my residence by bringing home such an impure piece of crap.

  • Schlomotion

    Mr. Bedein raises an amusing point. When you censor, you cannot also exaggerate what the other party says. Only by reporting what the other party says can your magnify it into a hysterical crisis. Censorship and hype are opposites. Hasbara needs to alternate censorship and hype effectively in order to be successful. Of course it cannot, because facts and outlets for facts abound.

  • Ghostwriter

    Another typical,anti-Jewish,fact-free rant from Schlockmotion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.villano.71 Mike Villano

    It's not just the Israeli media who silence themselves but the American and European media too.
    This cookie-cutter mentally-conformed mindset of the media will be crammed down everyone's throat under pain of false accusation of hatred or "Islamophobia" if you dare disagree with them.
    For media liars (and they are liars. Lies of omission are lies too) it's far easier to spread lies and smear honest decent people than to tell the truth about those who seek to murder and mass murder.
    They did it during Vietnam and throughout the Cold War so their current willingness to help the enemy by hiding what they say in their own language is just a continuation of their sordid but well established tradition of treason, appeasement and sell out.
    What was the first thing Obama did upon entering office??
    He leaked the military Manual of Enhanced Interrogation. He not only told them HOW we interrogate but far more importantly he told them what we would not do.
    And the Left in general and the media supported this because they don't feel right in their skin if they aren't selling out free people to murders and mass murders.
    For the media and the Left, the enemy is not Islamic Jihad. No no!
    Jihadis are just "misunderstood victims of Western imperialism" and "economic inequality."
    The real enemy is the Republicans.