E-Tracking Saudi Women

Saudi men are now receiving automatic text messages from the government whenever their wives exit the country.  It is part of a new program to electronically track women and ensure that they don’t leave the country without permission from their male “guardians”.  The response from liberal feminists in the West?  Silence.

Saudi Arabia constitutes one of the most oppressive regimes in modern day history.  It is known for its notorious human rights violations such as public beheadings, its extreme persecution of religious minorities, and its policies of gender apartheid, all of which are based on its stringent interpretation of Islamic law, or Sharia.

Already, the law requires that women be covered from head to toe in burkas when in public, that unrelated men and women cannot mingle, and that a woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man’s.  In divorce, child custody goes automatically to the man.  Inheritance laws favor sons over daughters.  The list goes on and on.  In short, women are treated as little more than chattel.

But this isn’t enough for the Saudi government.  So, recently, it implemented a practice whereby a male “guardian” is notified with a text message every time his wife or daughter leaves the country.

It has always been the case in Saudi Arabia that women, all of whom are referred to as “dependents”, (along with children and foreign workers employed by individuals), must obtain written permission from a male relative or other male guardian before being able to work, attend university, obtain necessary medical procedures or leave the country.

In 2010, the Ministry of the Interior implemented several initiatives to “update” the “efficiency” of the guardianship program, making it easier for guardians to authorize a dependent’s departure by, for example, allowing men to fill out permission forms online rather than producing the paperwork in person.

Additionally, men had the choice of opting into a program whereby they would be notified whenever their “dependents” crossed the country’s borders.

But in recent weeks, this notification program has been changed to automatically send text messages to men even when they did not sign up for the program.  Thus, all male guardians in Saudi Arabia now receive a text message when their wives or daughters cross the border, even if he happens to be travelling alongside her.

The change in policy was prompted by an incident where a 28-year-old woman used falsified documents to escape Saudi Arabia.  Reportedly, she had converted from Islam to Christianity, a capital offense under Sharia law.  She fled to Sweden, presumably to evade punishment.  Subsequently, the Saudi government made SMS notification official policy rather than elective.

One husband, who had been notified of his wife’s border crossing as he accompanied her, was alarmed by the notification.  He alerted al-Sharif, a women’s rights activist, of the new policy.

Al-Sharif became famous, or infamous, depending on one’s viewpoint, when she uploaded a YouTube video of herself defying the government’s prohibition on women’s driving.  Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that prohibits women from driving.  Last year, numerous Saudi women, who defied this ban, including Al-Sharif, were arrested and jailed.  Al-Sharif was subsequently released on bail, so long as she promised not to drive again or speak to the media.

Upon learning about the government’s e-tracking of women, she sent out tweets with the news, which were met with outrage from both men and women in Saudi Arabia.  Reply tweets made proclamations like, “[H]ello Taliban, here with some tips from the Saudi e-government” and “[W]hy don’t we just install a microchip into our women to track them around?”

Instead of making the guardianship system hi-tech, Saudi Arabia should be phasing it out.

It’s ironic that one of the richest, most technologically advanced countries in the world is using technology to ensure that its human rights, morality, and treatment of women does not progress past that of the 7th century.  The more advanced technology gets, the more backward and controlling of women becomes Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, feminists in the West, especially in America, don’t realize how good they have it.

There are constant cries of “sexism” or accusations of male patriarchy every time a man compliments a women’s legs (“objectifies” her),  or an older boss innocuously puts his hand on an employee’s shoulder (“sexually harasses” her), or a man provides his wife with an opportunity to be a stay-at-home mother (“devalues” her).

Some men are afraid to open doors for women or pay for them on dates out of fear of “insulting” today’s “emancipated” women.  And supervisors may go overboard in censoring the workplace out of fear of being slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Yes, feminists in the West have made themselves clear:  treat them like men or they don’t consider themselves equal.

Yet, women in Saudi Arabia are legally infantilized by the guardianship system in Saudi Arabia and treated as less than second class citizens in most of the Islamic world.  Real human rights for women just plain do not exist under Sharia law.

It is true that the Sharia does not directly address text messages or driving.  However, the humiliation, excessive control of women, their subjugation and general deprivation of freedom as manifested in policies such as airport e-monitoring, certainly derive from the gender inequality based in Islamic law.

Yet, the technological advancement used to tighten control of women even further produces not a peep from the Gloria Steinem’s of the West.  Though Saudi feminists are outraged, when it comes to true sexism based in Islamist ideology and culture, liberal feminists in the West are, as usual, silent.  Mum’s the word.

Editor’s note: To get the whole story on why leftist feminists turn a blind eye to the vicious persecution of Muslim women under Islamic gender apartheid, read Dr. Jamie Glazov’s critically acclaimed book, United in Hate: The Left’s Romance With Tyranny and Terror.

  • Rianna Richards

    This is why I love living in the United States of America. I love freedom.

  • kafir4life

    muslims treat their bomb factories like garbage!!


    allahu snackbar!!

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    Who cares? The majority of Saudi women are very happy. They like being "property". Most Saudi women are opposed to women driving, think they should be covered up and believe that a woman without a husband is leading a worthless life. If and when they change their minds, life in Saudi Arabia will change. Not before. To those Saudi women who DON'T like the status quo, I ask: if you think the demonization of women is bad and the strict control of everything a female does, why do you not think the demonization of non-muslims is bad?

    • tanstaafl

      A lot of inbreeding in the Kingdom….

    • Mary Sue

      These women obviously are experiencing some severe Internalized Misogyny.

    • UCSPanther

      I guess you would have no problem with the FLDS cult and their treatment of women as well…

  • Spikey1

    Tagg™ (the pet tracker) needs to; change the name and tag line a bit, offer them in only black, and open their first store in Riyadh.

    From their website:
    "The Tagg™ pet tracking system allows you to track your pet’s location and activity from your computer or mobile device. You can see where your dog is or monitor his activity levels 24/7. The lightweight tracker attaches to your dog's existing collar, and is designed to be worn at all times, even while swimming."

    Perfect solution, huge new market place, second use for an existing product, etc…

  • Infidel Task Force

    We have the app for that!! Take a look!!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    I wonder, we know they would not be allowed to be stylish, probably in the form of a noose,
    not to give them any ideas but what ever it is I would hope they would debut it on the View.
    Maybe even increase the voltage, just for the show, think of the crowd draw for that.

  • JacksonPearson

    Where are all of the gals gonna come from to supply 72 virgins per guy in Allah's heaven? Will they be Arab, standard, pre-bagged homies, or with bikini's? Wondering, wondering, important questions???

    • W. C. Taqiyya

      Good questions JP. I also wonder if the wise old mullahs ponder other theological questions like, how many virgins can dance on the head of a pin? Or, who sews them back up after each? And, do the virgins get any days off? You know, the important stuff.

    • curmudgeon

      cant say where the 72 beautiful black eyed perpetual virgins will come from. i suppose if a god can create one beautiful black eyed perpetual virgin, he can create as many as are needed. however, historically, the real women who stock the harems of rich and powerful muslims are women whose husbands , fathers, brothers, etc, have been slain or enslaved by muslims, and the women are abducted and raped. since the west has decided to submit to islamic slavery, i just cant wait to see the wailing and screeching from our feminists who can find endless fault with our countries and with non-islamic men. these harridans have not been able to find any fault in islam, and are due for an eye-opening experience.

  • http://N/A Norah

    Hahaha my name is Norah am from Saudi but I never heard of things such this text when we leave. You people in United States make up things and believe in it lol.

    • JoJoJams

      Norah, it's simple, really. If you are married, just leave the country and see if your husband gets a text. It doesn't matter if you've heard of it or not, if it's new and just came out. Try it – leave the country (after getting your husbands proper permissions, of course, as is your gods commands) and see if your husband gets a text or not.

      • Mary Sue

        she doesn't even need to be married, if she's not then her dear old daddy or one of her brothers or uncles would get said text.

    • Mary Sue

      Man how can you stand to live in a country where the stereotype of "women drivers" has resulted in idiots saying you are not allowed to drive simply because you are a woman?

    • curmudgeon

      it seems that all saudis enjoy planting their forehead on the ground, with their hindquarters waving in the air, 5 times daily, to worship a god of pure evil and venerate a prophet whose specialty was all varieties of crime, including but not limited to, rape, murder, mass murder, treaty violations, theft, enslavement, and molesting little girls. if joining in the worship of a god so evil that he calls those crimes virtues, and if the veneration of an archcriminal who committed every crime imaginable pleases you, then continue to submit to enslavement and humiliation at the hands of your betters, but tell us—why does the rest of the world have to chose between joining in on the worship of pure evil, being enslaved or murdered, or fighting back against the evil that is islam? cant you and your evil men just stay in your hellhole countries where muslim criminals have already murdered the inhabitants, and leave us alone?

  • Ghostwriter

    Well,Ms. Norah. Why don't you try going abroad and see what happens then? You're going to be in for a very nasty surprise. As for the feminists not decrying this,why? It makes no real sense to me.

  • john

    that would finally give the feminists a real reason to fight if they had the manballs to

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    Another ignorant article from an ignorant woman. All the women in Saudi Arabia are called dependents? That's amazing, just like America isn't it? What, you don't like being a dependent? That's news to me. Feminists, PSTFU.

  • lisa

    I am so glad i dont live i saudi arabia ir any islamic state for that matter!

  • gus owens

    Two teen-aged Muslim girls in Mali were given 50 and 60 lashes respectively for talking to men in public.
    Now that's what I call….what do I call it? barbaric, sadistic, inhuman possibly a little insane.
    And the loud-mouthed feminists said nothing.
    The same way American blacks say nothing about the 25% slave rate in Mali or slavery being included into the new Egyptian constitution.