Still the Least Racist Country in the World

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In light of the tragic killing of black teenager Trayvon Martin — and the manufactured hysteria surrounding it — one thing needs to be stated as clearly and as often as possible: The United States is the least racist and least xenophobic country in the world. Foreigners of every race, ethnicity, and religion know this. Most Americans suspect this. Most black Americans and the entire left deny this.

Black Africans know this. That is why so many seek to live in the United States. Decades ago, the number of black Africans who had immigrated to the United States had already surpassed the number of black Africans who were forcibly shipped to America as slaves.

And members of other races and nationalities know this. Even Muslim and Arab writers have noted that nowhere in the Arab or larger Muslim world does an Arab or any other Muslim have the individual rights, liberty, and dignity that a Muslim living in America has. As for Latinos and Asians, vast numbers of them from El Salvador to Korea regard America as the land of opportunity.

And when any of these people come here – from anywhere, speaking any language, looking like a member of any race — they are accepted as Americans the moment they identify as such. He or she will be regarded as fully American. This is not true elsewhere. A third-generation Turkish-German, whose German is indistinguishable from the German spoken by an indigenous German, will still be regarded by most Germans as a Turk. The same holds true elsewhere in Europe.

On the other hand, a first-generation Turkish American, who speaks English with a heavy Turkish accent, but who identifies as American, will be regarded every bit as American as anyone else.

As is often the case, a foreigner pointed this out most clearly. On a visit to America in February, The president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, said:

“The other day, I was in a small company — and there were Asians, Koreans, Middle Easterners, some other people.

And they had been in America for, like, two, three, four years. And they talk American. They look American. Body language is American. I’m sure they already think American. Go to Korea and become Korean in one or two years’ time. Good luck with that. That’s what’s so special about this country.”

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  • jeffrey Rose

    South Africans elected Nelson Mandela more than a decade before Americans elected Obama. The ANC was communist, like our impostor-in-chief. Blacks in S.A. are worse off than before Mandela was elected. Whites have been slaughtered. Less safe for Jews too.

    • aspacia

      Are you attempting to refute Prager's claim? If so, you have not.

    • Jimi Belton

      Mr. Mandala`s rule was not with a trace of racialism….In fact he was loved by most white people, and the ones that i am friends with dearly love Mandela….The Whites of S.A….But he is gone in retirement, and times over there are not so good….

  • Chezwick

    And yet, our universities indoctrinate our children with the false narrative that America is an "institutionally" racist country. Hell, the only institutional racism I'm aware of in America that still exists is the racial quotas that favor minorities….quotas more prevalent in the universities themselves than anywhere else.

    • Ken

      you hit the nail on the head there, Chez!! You should see how bad it is here in California!!

    • johnnywoods

      Hey Chez, Don`t forget the whole Democrap party.

  • aspacia

    Much of what Prager claims is true, albeit the following:

    "On the other hand, a first-generation Turkish American, who speaks English with a heavy Turkish accent, but who identifies as American, will be regarded every bit as American as anyone else."

    There is much resentment against those who enter the USA with little to no English and do not try to assimilate. Many Muslims refuse to assimilate. This is a major problem.

  • Mickey Oberman

    The USA should stop patting itself on its own back before it breaks its arm.

    Take a good close look at your northern neighbour, Canada.
    No, we are not perfect but we have far, far less xenophobia, discrimination, racial profiling and ghettoization than the USA. And where such practices do exist serious efforts are made to rectify those problems.
    There are over 170 languages spoken and accepted here as are their practitioners.
    We encourage immigrants to retain all those heritages, religions and customs that do not conflict with Canadian laws and Canada's democracy. We do not try to force them to dissolve into a "melting pot".
    And yet, we are true and faithful to our friends the world over without insisting that our ways are best and they must adopt them.

    America, blowing your own horn endears you to no one. You are a country that has done and is capable of doing much good in our troubled world. But your perpetual self aggrandizement does you no credit and serves only to defeat you good intentions.

    • Dennis x

      Thank you, love T-Town , hope to travel more in the north west. Canada is closer to what amerikkka says it is. Would love to retirer there.

    • ajnn

      the reality in canada is a bit less idyllic than described by mickey. canada has many of the same black / white problems related to inner city decay and violence that the us has.

      • intrcptr2

        Yeah, and it wasn't so long ago that the French tried taking their pucks and going home. Pretty closerun things, as I remember.

    • johnnywoods

      Hey Mickey, The "melting pot" is what made this country great in the first place. Sorry about you Canucks.

    • Serafino

      It is funny, Mickey, how every time I see a Canadian family traveling in the U.S., they are in a US-made car or an RV. Your country has fallen into the hands of socialists, and your population, stripped of its right to defend themselves with firearms, have been reduced to helpless victims. Nothing to be proud of.

  • babyanng

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    • johnnywoods

      Go play in traffic you idiot!

  • Annika

    As an immigrant to this great U.S. of A, I totally agree with article. I came from France barely speaking English in 1979, Americans never belittled my accent, never told me to return to Paris, never treated me as a lesser person because I was an outsider – instead they welcomed me with open arms, ever willing to remember how their ancestors were foreigners themselves.
    In comparison, the French still make fun of their president (Sarkozy) because his father was from Hungary and his mother was half Greek… All “whites” mind you… but not French Whites… Xenophobia at its prime.
    God Bless America

    • Serafino

      Thank you so much for your heartfelt post. As a first-generation immigrant, I can relate to your experience. This wonderful country of ours opens its arms to millions of people every year. If they could all extend the basic courtesy of learning the language of the land and respect its laws, that would be the best way to thank the U.S. for its kindness and generosity. Unfortunately, a lot of the newcomers refuse to learn English and manage to find various loopholes to drain this country of its resources. Yes, the melting pot has made us strong, but we have to make sure that it remains just that – a melting pot – and not a dumping ground for the rejects of the world. Americans are very patient and are not quick to shut the doors to new immigrants, but if this abuse continues, our quality of life will be lost forever.

  • Schlomotion

    I think that the statement "most blacks either cannot or refuse to believe that the vast majority of whites are no longer racist" is a gross exaggeration.

    • intrcptr2

      I thought "most" was a bit too much as well. Sadly, though, it is only an exaggeration, but not a gross one.

  • ziontruth

    Institutional racism has not been a problem in America for about 50 years. Marxist treason dominating the education centers and media outlets has been America's problem for over 50 years.

    McCarthy was right.

  • topeka

    Dennis fails to consider the New America of the regressive Left.

    The Left has encouraged ignorance, stupidity, and hatred of our nation's greatness and exceptionalism; and created exaggerated falsehoods about our culture's sins. (And invented sins where to fill in the blanks). Now, you cannot address any topic with anyone not self-educated or home schooled without spending three hours reversing the "re-edumacation."

    Into this, mix millions of illegal migrants; and a large number of legal migrants; who hate this country, hate its values, and hate its traditions – and want to substitute their barbaric so-late-stone-age beliefs for our oh-so-delicate notions of civilization.

    … I have no doubt Dennis can fill a hall of people who love America, who came here for America, and who want to live in America. Know some, God love 'em Hoo-rah!

    In real-life, I'd like to see enough people who believe in America to count 'em on one hand. … at a govt office, in the grocery store, any where? any time?

    I have seen many halls full of people who love the country – they are old. And I have seen many halls full of people who hate this country – they are not old.

    Unless we can reach the young – and snap them out of their soma-induced madness – the demographics are against us, and the only questions will concern whether we fall as easily as the Soviets or go into the night with violence.

    Just sayin…

    • Chezwick

      Good stuff amigo…all of it dead on.

  • Ghostwriter

    I've often wanted to write a story about two teenagers,a black girl and a white boy. The black girl has a crush on her white classmate but he doesn't know this. He considers her a friend,nothing more,nothing less. She's had a crush on him since elementary school. I haven't thought about a plot for these two characters yet. I've had a hard time thinking of one.

  • intrcptr2

    My friend Yulia just naturalized two weeks ago; she is from Byelorus, and only came here 10 years ago in her 30s.
    Nearly every time we meet, we and her husband chat about the direction of our country. Just today she related a joke she made, which her doctor utterly failed to catch.

    He had asked her what she thought about the passage of ObamaCare last year. She said she finally felt at home. I got it, the doctor didn't; because I study history and he doesn't know the first thing about the USSR and socialism.

    She told me she was weeping at her swearing-in ceremony when they played a welcome to America video from Pres. Obama.
    It is sad commentary that Americans are begging the government to strip the liberties which the Communists had to take at gunpoint.

  • bright knight


    a) referring to the Turks in Germany:
    unfortunately I must correct Dennis Prager: in Germany the Turks definde themselves as Turks, even in the 3rd generation; born in Gemany, with German citizenship they define themselves as "proud Turks". The Turkish Prime Minister, Erdogan (the Adolf Hitler from the Bosporus) visits Germany on a regular basis to give a speach to his Turks and to remind them, that they are Turks. BTW: this applies to all Muslims. They don't integrate themselves, much less assimilate (Erdogan said in a speach in Cologne to "his Turkish Community", that assimilation is a crime against humanity)

    b) in regard to black Americans
    we haven't had a problem with racism in the USA until Obama became president. Since then he's dividing the Black and the White folks – divide and conquer. And the black Americans have forgotten, that the Democrats are the party of the KKK, which has been replaced by the new Black Panthers (other skin color, other vicitims, same stupid mindset). They also need to remember, which party did more for the rights of the black people (a hint: it was not the Democrats). The Democrats want to keep the black people on the plantation, keep them stupid
    and poor and depending ion the government and you have reliable voters. Modern slavery!

  • mrbean

    American negroes lay false claims to victimology demand monies from the productive white people of the world. Recall, it was negroes who sold negroes to slavers in the first place. However, that aside, every negro living in the Western Hemisphere would not statistically exist at all anywhere had their ancestors not been brought from Africa. The average life expectancy today of negroes in the west is in the upper 60's to the lower 70's and in Africa and in all African countries between 31 years of age with a high average of 42 years in South Africa. This is really what Africa run by negroes is like almost everywhere in Africa.

  • levi

    Castro's Cuba now resembles apartheid South Africa and the Jim Crow South!

  • Ghostwriter

    Here's something amazing. On Wikipedia,there are lists of naturalized citizens of different nations. Guess what country had the most? The United States of America with over two thousand names. Other nations haven't come close. If that doesn't show how great this country is,I don't know what will.

  • Darwin

    Very good piece, though I suspect Australia could give the US a run for its money.