The Real Reason the NAACP Went to the UN

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One can only say that if in the past 100 years, fewer blacks were disenfranchised than in the past 12 months, all the claims about Jim Crow laws disenfranchising blacks must have been wildly exaggerated. But, of course, this, too, is absurd.

As South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley pointed out, one needs a photo ID in order to obtain Sudafed. One therefore might as well argue that blacks and other minorities are disproportionately denied the right to purchase Sudafed because a photo ID is required. The counter argument that there is no comparison between the two because there is no constitutional right to Sudafed completely misses the point. The Sudafed example does not argue constitutionality; it argues against the claim that great numbers of people will not vote if a photo ID is necessary. If few members of racial minorities have been prevented from getting a cold pill because of the need for a photo ID, it stands to reason that the need for a photo ID won’t prevent blacks and others from voting.

The truth is that it insults the intelligence of blacks and Hispanics to claim that getting an official photo ID is too laborious, too demanding,and ultimately disenfranchising.

So, why is the NAACP going to the U.N.?

Because the wonderful fact of American life is that most American civil liberties and civil rights organizations have little reason for their continued existence. The NAACP, therefore, has to justify its existence. Which it does by manufacturing crises (and hopefully garnering media attention). Without major eruptions of racism, its raison d’etre disappears — along with its funding.

That is the real reason something as utterly innocuous as requiring a person to show a photo in order to vote is taken to the United Nations. It gets attention and makes supporters of the NAACP think their money is being used for the greatest electoral rights battle in a hundred years.

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  • Russ P.

    What a perfect name for the President of the NAACP, Ben Jealous!

  • Gunner57

    The real reason was just released last Fiday with Obama's new exective Order.

  • Gunner57

    If this election is close they will go to the UN to declare our election void. Panetta has already said a few weeks ago that Conress would have to defer to the deployment of our troops to the UN with which Obama will gladly comply with under to "power" he just expanded unto himself last Friday with his new EO.

    Scary. Beware.

  • maturin20

    You are defending poll tax and national ID cards, therefore you are on the wrong side of freedom and an enemy of the Constitution. How on Earth are you a conservative? And why, why in this day and age are some Jews still trying to tell the Black community how to run the NAACP and thwart their international lobby? What is it to you? How does it pick your pocket? You also believe that the state should dictate whether a man who takes the Oath of Office has a right to believe in the Bible or the Koran. How are you a Conservative? You believe in Establishment of Religion! You are a radical even by contrast to the Magna Carta. Let alone, the irony of Jews telling Muslims they have to swear on Christian Bibles. Now you are a white guy telling black guys how to run their Lobby. Ridiculous!!!

    • mrbean

      Yassah, dah blue debils wants tah prohibits dah dead, dah felons, an dah illegals fum voting early an offen jus so dah black messiah Barak Obama no gets tah be the two-time Prez . Weez gonna hab dah black pantha bruthas ats dah poles wit honkay bats tah wup sum cracka A$$ ifun dey wants dem pictchaw IDs. Yassah.. yonowatahmsayin….(smacking lips rapidly… metttt….mettttt…..mettttt….mettttt)

      • maturin20

        You make a good case for Israel there.

        • Ghostwriter

          maturin20,both you and mrbean are idiots! mrbean for his continuing reliance on "Amos n' Andy" for his comments and maturin20 for attacking Jews even when the article or the comments didn't mention them.

          • maturin20

            OK, and what about the Jew who wrote the article dictating to the NAACP how to run itself? The article has been recycling itself now since 1995. Since 1995, when Abe Foxman was trying to pillory Ben Chavis, and JDL were helping the FBI try to assassinate Louis Farrakhan. You act like people don't actually read the dung these guys write. This article isn't original. Ben Jealous is just the face of the day. Jewish supremacists had the sense to lay off of Myrlie Evers-Williams because white supremacists had murdered her husband, and the irony would just be too blatant, but for just over 15 years now, an Israel Firster has written this article in some shape or form trying to exercise final cut over NAACP policy.

          • intrcptr2

            Prager is not dictating anything, he is rather arguing that the NAACP should no longer exist; fine line I realize, just thought I'd point it out, since you missed it.

          • maturin20

            AIPAC and the ZOA shouldn't exist anymore either. But they do. And if some black guy like Cornel West or Michael Eric Dyson said that AIPAC should shut down, Alan Dershowitz would be right there calling him a nazi and yelling SHAME SHAME SHAME and calling him an obscure author.

          • intrcptr2

            straw man

          • maturin20

            Right. I suggest you scroll back through the featured stories.

      • DeShawn

        You're a racist.

        • intrcptr2

          Pot, meet kettle.

    • pagegl

      Requiring photo ID is not a poll tax, nor is it a national Id card since the individual states are requiring them. If getting proof you are eligible to vote is an imposition it would follow that voting is an imposition. If the people who oppose photo ID truly were interested in making sure minorities are not disenfrancised, they could help the minority members with transportation to state offices to get the photo ID. Instead the only time they are really interested in helping minorities with transpotation is when they are shuttling them to a voting precinct to get their vote. And possibly to more than one precinct, you know the ol' vote early and vote often routine.

      Please stop trying to make a point based on your reading comprehension problems; at no point did Prager tell the NAACP how to run their organization, he just pointed out how stupid it is to go whining to the UN and backed it up with various pieces of supporting eveidence. Your dislike for Jews really has warped your ability to parse sentences and determine the meaning of them. Just because a Jew writes an opinion piece about a black organization does not infer any shred of evidence that the Jews are trying to run that organization.

      • maturin20

        Is the photo ID free? If not, then it is a poll tax. Is the ID not part of the national ID infrastructure? The face does not go into the national database? There is no RFID chip in it? I find that hard to believe. You need one just to turn the ignition in your car.

        Of course Prager is telling the NAACP how to run its organization and what they may or may not bring before the UN. This is part of a now 40 year tradition of Israel Firsters trying to control access to the UN.

        • Rifleman

          What poll tax, maturin? State ID's are free to the indigent in states that require ID to vote. You must be talking about the numerous ‘poll taxes’ on the exercise of my 2nd Amendment rights. Go get 'em!

          I can see how Prager's pocket is picked by the naacp going to the un in an attempt to subvert the integrity of US elections, but how does your support of voter fraud put you on the side of freedom and the Constitution, maturin?

          • maturin20

            You presume. First, you presume that all the people being forced to carry an ID in order to vote are indigent. Secondly, you presume that I am not an avid supporter of the 2nd Amendment with a concealed carry license who loves to blow holes in things. Thirdly, you presume that not carrying a photo ID constitutes voter fraud. These same people do live in a residence and do receive an annual census form. It is the census form that is checked by ward upon entry to the poll. Fourthly, you presume that the US electoral process is not already compromised by voter fraud where districts are omitted, results are fudged in the press, and ballot boxes are stolen. Lastly, you presume Prager wants an America Firster for a President.

          • Rifleman

            Lol, you’re making a lot of presumptions about what I presume. The first, isn’t my presumption, it’s the left’s argument, including the naacp. Second, I don’t care if you do or don’t support the 2nd amendment, and it doesn’t matter. It’s still a fee to exercise an explicit constitutional right, and a real infringement, not an imaginary one. The third, makes no sense, and is irrelevant anyway. What is relevant is that ID is simple, common, easy, and makes voter fraud much more difficult. Fourth, wrong again, and also irrelevant, because we can and should be going after all forms of election fraud. Last, and that makes you 0 for 5, whether or not Prager wants an America Firster for a president is irrelevant to the discussion on voter fraud and the naacp.

          • maturin20

            I am glad you agree that all the points you brought up are irrelevant, or that only you may use them. The interesting and most false one to me is the one that says "ID is simple, common, easy, and makes voter fraud much more difficult." So is shooting people point blank in the head. You have given a rotten justification for having to show your papers in order to use the United States.

        • hajida

          If it's really a poll tax, it's much much better than the abortion tax that Obamacare supports! Nonetheless the national ID is a bad idea and your fear is reasonable.

          If you don't mind that foreigners to vote for their own interests and some corrupted politicians' progressive agenda in US, then consider re-educate yourself of sovereignty of a nation and democracy in our Constitution.

          Any organization that doesn't know how to run itself needs to seek help from the outside or else suffers self-destruction.

        • intrcptr2

          Just to be clear, do you think demanding ID to vote is unconstitutional or not?

          • maturin20

            I think that demanding people purchase and carry a state issued ID card to the polling place in order to vote is unconstitutional, especially whereas it is intended to throw an obstacle before members of one party in particular.

    • nirutam

      You have Jews on your brain. Look out, there's another Jew – we're everywhere. Boo!

      • maturin20

        Did I miss something? Is this site really run by Chinese people on behalf of Ecuadorians?

  • Dennis X

    I agree with picture ID, however the repubicans are attempting to bar as people from voting as possible to " win at all cost" To now limit the time for voting by mail, to demand that out of state students now must obtain a picture ID from the state where they are attending school, to limit the type of picture ID and not to make some arrangement for older people. Because the more americans that vote the less the repubicans chance of winning.

    • Rifleman

      If that were true, the left wouldn't be fighting so hard to protect their election fraud rackets.

      • Dennis X

        It's true.

  • flyingtiger

    I voted today in Chicago and I had to show a photo ID. I always had. I do not mind and do not understand what the issue is.
    The NAACP has completed their mission when BHO was elected. They have no other purpose and should be disbanded. their time has past.

  • johnnywoods

    Since Eric Holder has "thrown a monkey wrench into the works" of Texas voter Id Law, I plan to show my driver`s lic. anyway just to spite that bastard. Our primary has been postponed because of his antics and I do not appreciate that.

  • Saltire

    The United Nations should be renamed "The New League of Nations", since the UN is on the same path as the old League of Nations.

    In my opinion, it is time for the U.S. to withdraw from the UN. It is as useless as tits on a boar hog. It is ineffective and inefficient. The UN seems unabashedly interested in removing all sense of sovereignty from all its member nations.