What You’re Paying for Your Child to Learn at College

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As high school seniors throughout America will be receiving acceptance letters to colleges within the next month, it would be nice for parents to meditate on what they’re getting for the $20,000 to 50,000 they’ll pay each year.

—The United States is no better than any other country, and in many areas, it’s worse than many. On the world stage, America is an imperialist country, and domestically, it mistreats its minorities and neglects its poor while discriminating against non-whites.

—There is no better and no worse in literature and the arts. The reason universities in the past taught Shakespeare, Michelangelo, and Bach rather than, let’s say, Guatemalan poets, Sri Lankan musicians and Native American storytellers, was “Eurocentrism.”

—God is at best a nonissue, and at worst a foolish and dangerous belief.

—Christianity is largely a history of inquisitions, crusades, oppression and anti-intellectualism. Islam, on the other hand, is “a religion of peace.” Therefore, criticism of Christianity is enlightened, while criticism of Islam is Islamophobia.

—Israel is a racist state, morally no different from apartheid South Africa.

—Big government is the only humane way to govern a country.

—The South votes Republican because it is still racist, and the Republican Party caters to racists.

—Mothers and fathers are interchangeable. Claims that married mothers and fathers are the parental ideal and bring unique things to a child are heterosexist and homophobic.

—Whites can be racist; non-whites cannot be (because whites have power, and the powerless cannot be racist).

—The great world and societal battles are not between good and evil, but between rich and poor and the powerful and the powerless.

 Patriotism is usually a euphemism for chauvinism.

—War is ignoble. Pacifism is noble.

—Human beings are animals. They differ from “other animals” primarily in having better brains.

—We live in a patriarchal society, which is injurious to women.

—Women are victims of men.

—Blacks are victims of whites.

—Latinos are victims of Anglos.

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  • stevefraser

    All true. Conservatives on campus could undermine this madness with humor, giving awards to various profs for different tongue in cheek achievements (e.g. "Prof most likely to be Lenin reincarnated", etc.).

  • UCSPanther

    Some of the "essays" or "academic papers" that come from the pens of isolated academic elites is quite off the wall and insane, and when exposed to the real world, their ideas get ripped to shreds.

    For instance, you have rabid feminists whose articles basically call for, in a veiled way, to treat all men as potential rapists (or worse), fools who think communism is the greatest thing on earth despite its disastrous failures, off-the-wall conspiracy theorists masquerading as academics, anti-Israel claptrap, coddling/whitewashing of Islamic fundamentalists and other hostile ideologies, rooting for enemy nations (Should be treated as sedition), and incessant blasting of western democracies as imperialist regimes, amongst other things.

  • MałyFelek

    WOW, really…I mean, REALLY?! I dont wont to humuliate You,or to brag,but: How come You Americans have to go into years of debt for this while we in Europe dont have to pay for our college education (or, not as much,than again, we pay for it by our taxes) and, at least for the moment, dont have stuff like that happening? We dont get taught that whites are evil, or that there are absolutely no objective measures in literature,or that we owe so much to f.e expoitation ect. ect. Protests are sparse and mostly concern stuff worthwile like protests against college funds being cut while, at the same time, money is wasted elsewhere. What I have read and heard about American colleges seems to me like a kind of utopian bog…Id really wish I could spend some time at an American university to see for myself (but, no time&no money)

    • Robert

      You don't need any money, the dam fools in America welcome illegal immigrants with open arms. Just walk accross the Mexican border(be careful if your not Mexican though, Mexico will throw you in jail and deport you if you survive the prison sentence). Once your in America though the sky is the limit, you will receive free everything…….schooling, food, medical care, college tuition, some states even offer reduced rates for illegals. You never saw anything like it, their immigration system is so screwed up that even if you ask for government assistance and you are illegal they can't discriminate against you and even if you get caught they will release you and you can go get lost in the system again for years. Gotta love it, I don't know how much longer it will last but for now it's here for the taking……Come on in and screw us, see you soon!

    • reader

      "Protests are sparse and mostly concern stuff worthwile like protests against college funds being cut while, at the same time, money is wasted elsewhere."

      So, you proud to be part of the mob demanding that the government takes money from everybody to subsidize your college degree?

  • mrbean

    MalyFelek is the typical European statist. He says: "we in Europe dont have to pay for our college education" Sorry, but at a 50% income tax rate in most countries, someone pays for your college indoctrination…errr .. education. By the way, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece are doing just great aren't they. When I think of all the American lives lost in two world wars, and the cold war in keeping the slaughterhouse of Europe from total self destruction I feel only contempt for the Europeanslack of appreciation. Europeans would all be slave labor in their own factories or in the USSR gulags if it were not for the Americans.

    • johnnywoods

      mrbean, I hardily concur with your assessment. When MalyFelek finally arrives here he should try to find a WWII vet who fought in France or Italy and offer to kiss his ass to thank him for his service. Of course there were also generations of American soldiers who were stationed in Europe to protect them from the Russian Bear so maybe he could thank one of them since the WWII vets are dying off at an alarming rate. I wonder what college tuition would be in Europe if we has not paid for their defense for 60+ years?

  • mrbean

    Walter Williams says: "Parents and taxpayers cough up billions upon billions of dollars to the nation's colleges and universities. Colleges make money whether students learn or not, whether they graduate or not, and whether they get a good job after graduating or not. Colleges and universities engage in "bait and switch," confer fraudulent degrees and engage in other practices that would bring legal sanctions if done by any other business. There is little or no oversight of the nation's over 4,000 colleges and universities that enroll over 17 million students. There are some colleges, such as Grove City College and Hillsdale College, that do a fine job of undergraduate education. Useful information about what colleges are doing what can be found in the Delaware-based Intercollegiate Studies Institute's "Choosing the Right College".

  • Spider

    As Woodrow Wilson, progressive president of Princeton University before becoming president of the United States, said in a speech in 1914, “I have often said that the use of a university is to make young gentlemen as unlike their fathers as possible.”

    This sounds like what Pol Pot did in Cambodia – turn the youth against their own parents and intellectuals by handing out Kalashnikovs and telling the pre-pubescent little darlings that they can have all the power after they Kill their own parents , teachers and doctors.

  • clarespark

    I am just as upset as Dennis Prager about the humanities curriculum, but in this blog I called attention to the lack of attention to the emotions. This blog supplements his correct assessment of the race, class, and gender emphasis in the schools today. http://clarespark.com/2012/02/27/chardon-high-sch…. I should add that there is a kernel of truth in the criticisms of America or Europe, but it is horribly one-sided as taught in current curricula. It is the collectivism that is misplaced: individuals are erased or ignored.

  • Jim_C

    Generalize much?

  • BLJ

    When I was in college back in the mid 80's I had a marketing class. The professor was making some statements about the business world that I knew were untrue. How did I know? Because I was working my way through school at a company.

    I decided to speak up and challenge him. I did so in a respectful and measured way. I could tell that I had him flustered.

    At the end of class he asked me to stay in the room. When the room cleared he proceeded to tell me that a) I did not know what I was talking about and b) that I had better not pull this again or else.

    I asked him if he had ever worked in the private sector. He stated no. I told him that he was the one who had no clue and that since I was paying my tuition I would say anything I want. I also told him that I was not afraid of him penalizing my grade for this stance.

    I ended up getting a B in the course (which I deserved) and I never took another class with him. I did see him in the halls and he always said "hello".

  • 080

    In his autobiography Andrew Breitbart described his early years with Hollywood elite types and his "college education" at Temple University. Years of emptiness and waste. He describes himself as the exact type that he later came to despise. How did he turn around? As he describes it he began to listen to Rush Limbaugh but only in order to refute him. The exact opposite happened because Andrew was not stupid. He became the activist that was so admired by those who are right.

  • JakeTobias

    Good column. I am going to show this to my niece, who will be going to college real soon. I could show this to her mother, but she would more than likely not read it. If I simply stuck it under her nose, saying, "Read this, it's real interesting," and she did, she would dismiss it as silly. "No one teaches things like that," she would say, "Who would do that? Show me where." And what would I do? Tell her to read one of those text books? Where does it say any of those things point-blank like that? My sister is a teacher.

    I don't mean to be discouraging here, but this is the way it is.

  • PDK

    Good post Dennis.

    Liberalism is immaturity and immaturity seeks acceptable illusions over tough reality at the expense of non liberals and the culture itself.

    The biggest problem illusion ever faces is a reality that will not be denied.

    Islam is a reality that will not be denied. The reality of Islam is their pursuit of superiority at the expense of other peoples liberty via a conquer, submit and enslave policy.

    As America and the entire West is now under assualt by the hostile, aggressive Islamics, the illusion of liberalism just might end our cultures, especially the great experiment in liberty with a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

    • Jim_C

      Liberalism is reason, openness, tolerance, compassion and a champion of the everyday person. It has given us the Constitution and its protections, it freed the slaves, allowed women to vote, gave us the 40 hour work week, grew the middle class, gave us clean air and water, safe food, a stable economy, and conquered the tyrants of the 20th century–almost all of this over the strenuous objections of the "conservatives" of the time.

      Conservativism's best point is a form of liberalism–economic liberalism.

      Words have meaning.

      • Ferengi

        Incorrect – liberalism is the opposite of all these things – The Constitution is a logical outworking of Christianity – not the Godless morass of moral reletivism that IS liberalism.
        Liberalism did not free slaves – Christianity did – Look up the Biography of William Wilburforce – liberalism in the form of Darwinism CAUSED slavery and the racism that was its source.
        Liberalism did not give us the middle class- that was Christianity and capitalism. Liberalism IS marxism which destroys freedom and economic opportunity.
        NO wonder why this country is so screwed up – liberals do not live in reality.

      • PDK

        Jim_C, you are so intoxicated by liberal ideology you are beyond saving. However.
        In our time, and here in America since W.Wilson and the pivotal year 1913, liberalism is immaturity, conservatism is maturity. For example conservatives gave us clean air and clean water, liberals gave us environmentalism which dissallows capitalist from pursuing their happiness, which then in turn, impoverishes the culture.
        Try to mature, the illusion you have enveloped yourself in must be destroyed if you wish to see reality.
        Good luck with your effort to mature sir.

  • fmobler

    A small correction: Humans are not animals with better brains; humans are just animals with bigger brains. "Better" does not fit into the flattened metaphysics of the left.