Why Would a Pro-Castro Sentiment Only Offend Cubans?

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The replacement of universal moral standards by multicultural sensitivity has permeated almost everything written about Guillen’s comments. As the Christian Science Monitor reported, “The comments might not have caused too much of a stir in many other cities. But Guillen coaches a team with a pricey new ballpark in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami, densely populated by Cuban-Americans who fervently dislike Fidel Castro. ”

It was all about the idiosyncratic “dislike” of Castro among Cuban Americans.

No mainstream report I saw spoke about how awful it is that a person living in freedom would find such a morally loathsome man as Fidel Castro worthy of being loved.

Nor is Guillen alone. Robert Redford and many other Hollywood luminaries have regularly visited Cuba and dined with Castro. Indeed, the baseball commissioner himself sat next to Castro when the Baltimore Orioles visited Havana some years ago.

Are all these people — in baseball, in Hollywood, and in politics (members of the Congressional Black Caucus were glowing in their assessments of Castro after visiting with him, while refusing to meet with black Cuban dissidents) — bad people?

No. Rather, most are decent people who have been poisoned by Leftism.

Leftism affects everyone who has drunk at its well. As I have previously noted, how else can one explain Thomas Friedman, a decent man and an identifying Jew, who nevertheless offered a classic anti-Semitic libel when he wrote that when the members of the United States Congress gave Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu a standing ovation, “That ovation was bought and paid for by the Israel lobby”?

Americans of every background should be as repulsed as Cuban Americans when a public figure announces that he loves Fidel Castro. And only when that day arrives will we be able to say that Leftism no longer dominates America’s moral life.

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  • Goemon

    IMO, they are bad people who deliberately avoided many chances they had to have learned the truth about Cuba and Castro. Why’d they refuse to meet black dissidents? Surely the truth doesn’t concern them so I wont let leftist poison be their scapegoat.

  • Manny Escobar

    I am so glad that Mr. Prager wrote this article. I said from the beginning he is a sworn enemy of the United States. Every American should be outraged. This is a despicable human being who has murdered thousands of innocent human beings and destroyed hundreds of thousands of families. This is a matter of morality. These hollywood "elites" and congressman should visit the families whose loved ones were murdered and see how they feel.

  • jacob

    If there's a word I hate is that of "celebrities"…
    If we are talking about Hollywood "celebrities" they are among the most ignorant people there are
    outside their profession and would dare any of them to polemize with me on any subject, moreover
    about CASTRO and his disciple CHAVEZ, who "celebrities" like SEAN PENN and DANNY GLOVER
    let alone STONE so admire but I'm affraid rather because of his check book…
    Now, I would love to see whether OZZIE GUILLEN would be making the millions he does (and which
    is to me plain obscene) with the MARLINS if he would be managing in CASTRO's paradise, which
    is where he justly belong….and lets see if after a while there, he would still be singing his praises…..
    I believe, if the CUBANS in Miami are worth their salt, they should pressure the MARLINS to get rid of
    Mr. GIUILLEN the sooner the better or else, boycott them, as this 5 games suspension does not even
    amount to a slap on the wrist…..

  • Brujo Blanco

    Major league baseball is a.business. Fans are customers. Customers should not be insulted.


    • johnnywoods

      You are correct Brujo, and when he and his sorry brother Raul get to Hell they will find Che waiting for them. They will not be happy to see each other.

  • wctaqiyya

    I never get tired of repeating myself on this topic. What the hell is keeping us from liberating Cuba? I think 500 cheerleaders can take power from those old commies. If a few battalions of marines just happen to be sitting a few miles offshore. I hope the dumb republicans read this, it makes a nice S. Florida talking point. Cubans in Miami, petition your elected leaders to invade Cuba. Do it right now. Actually, just send a trade delegation with live satellite TV, plant an old style Cuban flag at the airport and declare Cuba liberated. The Castro brothers would just die. You are welcome.

  • Schlomotion

    If a Jewish baseball manager expressed admiration for a Jew who took over Cuba by himself (the last Jew who tried was Meyer Lansky) and was suspended for speaking his political views, Zionists would scream "censorship" until blood foamed from their enraged eyes.

    • Ghostwriter

      Has anyone ever told you that you're a disgusting human being,Schlomotion? Your Jew bashing is getting very old. Please stop it.

    • Zionista

      your jealousy is showing again – off your meds??

  • BLJ

    Castro was pushing the Soviets to use nukes during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He is no better (and in many ways worse) than Batista was. He is a fraud, phony and a coward.

    I wish he would choke to death on one of his cigars. When he does finally take a dirt nap he will have a reservation in hell with Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Saddam etc.

  • johnnywoods

    Maybe Fidel and Soros will both die on the same day and go to Hell together. Certainly at their respective ages it won`t be too much longer.

  • Ghostwriter

    Last night,I read a column in "USA Today" by Dwayne Wickham. He wonders why Cuban-Americans are still so angry at Fidel Castro. Try the fact that he turned Cuba into a totalitarian nightmare. Also,many of them have friends or family that were locked in Cuban prisons and/or killed. Also,there's the lack of freedom in Cuba. If you have to ask the question why many Cuban-Americans hate Castro so much,you're either an idiot or a Castro lover.