“Bomb England”, “Free Palestine” and “White People Die In Hell”

It’s England’s graveyard in more ways than one.

Racist graffiti in Rothesay Road graveyard was discovered by a man who was visiting his grandparents’ grave.

Clive O’Sullivan was disgusted to find graffiti including the words “Bomb England”, “Free Palestine” and “White People Die In Hell” chalked on the path between graves with roses from someone’s grave thrown over the writing and three graves destroyed.

Mr O’Sullivan said: “I went to visit my grandparents’ grave and to my disgust found obscene racist graffiti chalked on the path. One grave stone in particular had been severely damaged which was the one in front of my grandparents’, fortunately theirs was unharmed.

The denizens of the new Cool Britain have a pretty definitive point of view and they certainly are expressing it in the right place, a cemetery full of dead English people.

This is taking place in Luton which is ground zero for the war between Muslims and everyone else. Luton is 15 percent Muslims, that’s 5 times the average of the UK, and it’s a bellwether for the rest of the UK.

Here’s a little tour of the Luton Muslim experience courtesy of Stacey Dooley who discovers that just because you want to be tolerant of Muslims does not mean that Muslims want to be tolerant of you.

  • http://twitter.com/BobbyandPeg1976 @BobbyandPeg1976

    How considerae do we have to be…….

  • angus

    Not so considerate that we get to be chumped off by every toe rag in the country. I swear I hear a clock ticking somewhere.

  • Omar

    The Islamists are at it again with their extremist agenda. First of all, England is not a country. England is one of four internal divisions (Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are the other three divisions) of the United Kingdom. Calling the UK "England" is offensive to the UK's other internal divisions. Second, Palestine is not a country, nor a ethnic group. The name Palestine is Latin, not Arabic. Palestine means Philistines, who were Greek sailors with red hair (the Philistines were not Arabs). How much more can the world take with the Islamists' violent and destructive agenda of world domination. It is the job of the free world to defeat the unholy alliance of the radical left and the Islamist jihadists. The free world needs to win the battle.

  • AngryBruin

    Shariah law is headed your way. Get ready for a war. I thought Obama told us Islam is a religion of peace. The Imam in Chief has time to cavort with the Whoopi Goldberg and Pimp with a Limp but doesn't have time to meet with BiBi. This bad and only getting worse.

  • pyeatte

    All Muslims need to be repatriated to their country of origin. Islam is incompatible with free societies, and their presence is not for citizenship, but for revolution and destruction. Until Islam has a reformation, it needs to be isolated.

  • oogenhand

    The worship of Palestine can easily be a wedge issue with their Leftist friends. Ask: Is fur worse than the suffering of the Palestinian people? Moderate your speciesism! Considering racism to be worse than speciesism is itself speciesist!

  • FPF

    Graffiti in a cemetery? Is that from Zombi? Really? No wonder Resident Evil's scenes of killing zombi is so popular!!

  • zionit

    Blimey. Stacey Dooley, that is brave – we need more Stacey Dooleys willing to meet the facts, as hateful as they are, on the ground. The contempt these machette merchants have for their 'adopted' country is beastly. Muslims desecrating non-muslims graves is a favourite past time, especially Jewish graves. Surely UK should follow France's lead and ban Muslim protest marches. Who knows what they're packing under their 'look at me I'm not naked' tanks. Watch out for Nov. 5. I got a random email the other day wanting some million people to march on parliament on V for vendetta day.

    Good on you Stacey, and God bless you.

    • fiona

      You would want to watch the whole thing. She ends up pandering. She doesn't get it at all. Its pretty pathetic considering all the information she sees first hand. Her conclusion seems to me to be deep down its a religion of peace you just have to get past the outer Jihad. But this is very typical of the western mindset – we are willingly ignorant. Don't confuse me with facts my mind is already made up. I also think there is a lot of pride mixed up in there as well. We are so accepting of people, we don't judge anyone, we are so opening minded Am n't I wonderful blah blah blah. I know as I suffered from it myself.

      • zionit

        oh, obviously a disappointing dot dot dot on her sudden rush of well founded indignation into a floundering post modern guilt trip.