10 Million Rupee Bounty Placed on Eric Allen Bell’s Head

Front Page contributor Eric Allen Bell now has a 10 million rupee reward on his head after The American Muslim, falsely linked him to “The Innocence of Muslims” movie.

Eric Allen Bell is a filmmaker who had nothing to do with the Nakoula film, but that did not stop The American Muslim from casting as wide a net as possible in its conspiracy theories connecting numerous completely unrelated Islam researchers to the movie. The wide net appears to have succeeded in convincing some Asian Muslims that Bell had made “Innocence of Muslims” and appears to have resulted in a 10 million rupee bounty being placed on Bell.

This incident is another example of how Muslim Islamophobia “researchers” in America function, knowingly or unknowingly, as the research arm of the Jihad,  providing Muslim terrorists with the information that they need to assemble their hit lists.

Speaking with Eric Allen Bell this afternoon, I learned that he was in contact with the FBI and local police authorities, and is taking the death threats that have come his way as a result of these false associations very seriously. Some of the threats have come from overseas, but plenty of others appear to be from Muslims in the United States leading him to be gravely concerned by the pervasive threat of domestic terrorism.

As with Salman Rushdie, as the rush by Muslim “benefactors” to offer their murder bounties for anyone involved with the film begins, the wide net risks the persecution and murder of anyone critical of Islam. With that much money on the table and this much Muslim fanaticism in the air, the danger is real and the media is contributing to the problem by hounding men like Nakoula while refusing to report on the threats against Eric Allen Bell.

The American Muslim’s wide net feeds into the grand conspiracy theories circulated by Muslim groups which easily convert them into hit lists. From the Islamist point of view the details don’t really matter, so long as all the people on the enemies list belong on the enemies list. To them Bell is as much of a target as Nakoula, as is anyone who speaks out against Islamic violence, supremacism and terror.

  • Rifleman

    What is Bell trying to do, start a new fad? I want a bounty too. I'm unknown, but I'm pretty sure I can get 'er done. 10M rupees is the bounty to beat, huh? I've got some ideas, and they won't even have to make anything up.

    Then all I need is 40 Acres in the mountains, a house on a nice defensible spot, a good thermal surveilance system covering the whole property, and the county morgue on speed dial to pick up the garbage. Come and get it goat molesters.

    • Kufar Dawg

      What will you do if the muslimes coming for you are members of U.S. law enforcement?

      • Rifleman

        Then I'm "fastened," 'cause I won't fight the law.

    • aspacia

      No you don't Rifleman, otherwise you would use your real name on this blog. The threat is too real and the authorities are not protecting the sovereigns, the taxpayer.

  • knowTheEnemy

    From the article:

    "This incident is another example of how Muslim Islamophobia “researchers” in America function, knowingly or unknowingly, as the research arm of the Jihad, providing Muslim terrorists with the information that they need to assemble their hit lists"

    Actually they are doing it knowingly, and they know what they are doing. They know it is not Eric who made 'Innocence of Muslims". But they also know that Eric is working on his own movie. They know that if they can incite Muslims into killing Eric, and some Muslim succeeds in doing this, then Eric's film will never come out and other filmmakers wouldn't dare make movies either. Why go after the filmmaker who has already been rounded up by US Govt. This is a very smart move on their part.

    • Fluff

      They know that Eric is working on his own movie? Really? Maybe they should let Eric know that. He is uninformed about this. He has consulted with many who have asked him to help with their desire to make films but he knows the risk involved and it is a fairly impossible dream. But a dream it is, to show the world the life of the man that is held as the perfect example. Makes all the violence make total sense. But no, Eric is not that foolish. Eric is not making a movie. Don't give these cretins credit, they just love to hate and will grab on to any excuse.

  • BewareofBell

    This "bounty" is a Photoshop taken off a Facebook page; follow the link, and see for yourself.

    I think TAM is correct in pointing out that it was Max Blumenthal that falsely connected Bell to the movie.

    Bell also appears to be interested in being associated with the movie from the very beginning.

    There is no excuse for threatening Bell, but he seems to crave this kind of attention, and then wants sympathy.

    Well, there is more than one way to skin a jihadi, but I don't care for Bell's hype.

    Mark my words, within three years time, EAB will be using this incident to justify his calls for violence against people.

    • Fluff

      "Bell also appears to be interested in being associated with the movie from the very beginning." REALLY? And what gave you that idea? WHY would a talented film maker want to be associated with anything so poorly done? Believe me, he has tried to distance himself from this movie but not in the spineless way the administration has. He believes that the film makers should have the right to make such a film here in America where we are supposed to have free speech. The only crime of this film is that it just stinks out loud.

      • Fluff

        And Eric's calls for violence against people? What are you smoking? It's obviously not doing you any good.

        • BewareofBell

          You didn't see Eric proposing nuking Mecca?

      • BewareofBell

        Eric Allen Bell is NOT a "talented film maker". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQYlfP0_hs0

        "WHY would a talented film maker want to be associated with anything so poorly done?"

        That's easy to answer: because he likes the attention. It's all about him. He is an actor playing a role. He is a genius at inserting himself where he doesn't belong. He is a STRANGE bedfellow.

        IMHO EAB is a glib a**h*ole. But he doesn't deserve to be killed.

        • aspacia

          I thought it was well done and along the lines of Morrison's poetry, which I enjoyed.

    • Kufar Dawg

      A lie a day is the prophet's way!

      • BewareofBell

        With all due respect to the superb Daniel Greenfield, this post is a lie. This "bounty" is a false alarm.

        Let others think what they want, Eric is a demagogue in the making.

        He doesn't deserve to be killed, but he does need to grow up, and stop trying to be a "star". Sick and tired of that stuff.

        • aspacia

          That is why he lost everything to pursue this FACT. Get real. He turned down his backers when he changed his tune on the mosque, and I mean everything, plus he and his family have endured death threats.

          You are really silly.

          • BewareofBell

            Everything except weight,

  • Verne Strickland

    My gosh . . . ten million rupees? That's got to be more than twenty dollars US!

    • Kufar Dawg

      No, it's something like 187,000 US dollars Ahmed. Nice try at diminishing the importance of the fact that a muslime has initiated a death fatwah on someone, for no other reason than they're critical of islam. Did satan urinate in your ear last night?

      • petrossa

        Well, still, as bounties go not really a fortune. And if you have the make list of each and every fatwa ever pronounced by any borderline literate imam whatever they are called you have your work cut out.

        If Saudi arabia puts out a fatwa on my head i'd be worried. If a random village idiot from a mudpit in Pakistan does it less so.

        Is that 10 million in escrow? Does he have a bankers guarantee?
        It's good the FBI follow up on these things but to go all hysterical is another thing. If everybody ever wished to death by a hatebeard would die now half of the non-islamic world would drop dead instantly.

  • David

    I have to question the veracity of this bounty, I mean, there a lot more zeros than are required for 10 million. In fact, the number on that poster is 1 QUADRILLION. Or maybe 10 TRILLION, if the last 2 zeros are for cents. Huh? I don’t understand this. And is there any independent confirmation of this?

    I’ve read the threats by many Muslims on Eric’s page, so it seems like this very well could be real, but I don’t understand how come there are 15 zeros on that poster.

    • BewareofBell

      Thanks for that, David.

      • David

        Larry, is that you?

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    • livingengine

      This is interesting to me. Could you please elaborate on this? Is this a method to make things go "viral"?

      Thank you.

  • livingengine

    No one has commented? Hmm. Well then, allow me. There is no truth to the bounty. It is not corroborated by anything, anywhere. Ghulam Ahmad Bilour, Iran’s Federal Minister for
    Railways has issued a $100,000 bounty on the maker of “Innocence of
    Muslims”, without ever mentioning Eric Allen Bell, at all.


    I am unable to find any mention of Eric Allen Bell either in the
    main article, or the talk section of Wikipedia’s “Reactions to Innocence
    of Muslims”


    When Eric was told the bounty might not be real, he gave a
    completely incoherent explanation, saying, in essence that the bounty
    was a publicity stunt by the jihadists, and the number of zeros is

    The only one exploiting this “bounty” is Eric Allen Bell.

    Even more to the point, he said publicly discussing the validity
    of the bounty was aiding the “enemy”. This is cult leader talk.


    If the bounty is not taken seriously by the jihadists, and is only
    a publicity stunt, as he seems to be saying here, then why is he the
    only one exploiting it?

  • livingengine

    I would like to thank Daniel Greenfield, and Front Page Magazine for giving Eric the rope to hang himself with.

    Eric used the bounty in his appeals for money.

    The entire time Eric was in the Counter Jihad Movement he was begging for money. However, Eric Allen Bell drives a luxury car, and lives in Beverly Hills.

    I do not begrudge him this, I do resent his trying to get the CJM to pay for his Hollywood life style.

    Eric Allen Bell is a con man, a phony guru, and a fraud. I think this bounty goes a long towards proving that.