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10 Million Rupee Bounty Placed on Eric Allen Bell’s Head

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On September 20, 2012 @ 7:14 pm In The Point | 26 Comments

Front Page contributor Eric Allen Bell now has a 10 million rupee reward on his head after The American Muslim, falsely linked him to “The Innocence of Muslims” movie.

Eric Allen Bell is a filmmaker who had nothing to do with the Nakoula film, but that did not stop The American Muslim from casting as wide a net as possible in its conspiracy theories connecting numerous completely unrelated Islam researchers to the movie. The wide net appears to have succeeded in convincing some Asian Muslims that Bell had made “Innocence of Muslims” and appears to have resulted in a 10 million rupee bounty being placed on Bell.

This incident is another example of how Muslim Islamophobia “researchers” in America function, knowingly or unknowingly, as the research arm of the Jihad,  providing Muslim terrorists with the information that they need to assemble their hit lists.

Speaking with Eric Allen Bell this afternoon, I learned that he was in contact with the FBI and local police authorities, and is taking the death threats that have come his way as a result of these false associations very seriously. Some of the threats have come from overseas, but plenty of others appear to be from Muslims in the United States leading him to be gravely concerned by the pervasive threat of domestic terrorism.

As with Salman Rushdie, as the rush by Muslim “benefactors” to offer their murder bounties for anyone involved with the film begins, the wide net risks the persecution and murder of anyone critical of Islam. With that much money on the table and this much Muslim fanaticism in the air, the danger is real and the media is contributing to the problem by hounding men like Nakoula while refusing to report on the threats against Eric Allen Bell.

The American Muslim’s wide net feeds into the grand conspiracy theories circulated by Muslim groups which easily convert them into hit lists. From the Islamist point of view the details don’t really matter, so long as all the people on the enemies list belong on the enemies list. To them Bell is as much of a target as Nakoula, as is anyone who speaks out against Islamic violence, supremacism and terror.

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