10 Shocking Photos from Hamas’ War on Israel


  • BS77

    Hamas is playing with fire and will be burned…. Hamas is 100% responsible for all civilian casualties and all damage…in Gaza and Israel. .

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    This is so sad. I can't believe this is allowed to continue. The Israeli government does not want to end this slaughter — just keep it at "acceptable" levels. The US has told Netanyahu: okay to fight back but only to De-Escalate! This is coming to the US: believe it!

    • victor

      Oh, we believe you that it is coming to the U.S., that is why it is better that Israel finish them off, all of them without exception. Since they love death so much, we are obliged to serve them a major dose of it. May they rot in hell for the agony they are creating to civilized society.

    • Reese

      ISRAEL FALSELY BLAMED IN THE MEDIA: Hamas (all Islamic Supremacists) uses kids, women and elderly as human shields.. Hamas uses schools, mosques, hospitals, and shelters as launching bases for their rockets so when Israel fires back, the children, women, elderly are killed. Israel tries not to hurt them but they have no choice but to stop the bombs raining down on hem. America's & Europe's media buys the lies & perpetuates them…Europe & America should be going over w/ fighter jets to help Israel hold back (squash) the tide of Islamic Supremacism that's coming for us too. The Islamists are masters at manipulating the western media by staging fake videos & fabricating fake data regarding their casualties to emphasize on kids, women, elderly because they know how to play the psychology war. Islam is not a religion. It is a military, economic, social, political, totalitarian oppressive murderous system parading as a religion that's written goal is to force eveyone to SUBMIT to Islam or else they get raped, tortured, and killed. http://www.thereligionofpeace.com

  • Roger

    Yes, so sad that PP thinks that Israel wants this slaughter. Are you stupid, blind, or just really don't care to look at the truth. Hamas has been attacking Israel for months with rocket fire. Iran and others have been supplying their Muslim brothers with more advanced rockets and weapons. Israel has been responding with limited self defense. Remember that it was Israel that surrendered Gaza in the hope of peace only to have Gaza turned into a base for attacking Israel.

  • Thomas Wells

    How do you think Americans would react if an islamic pirate ship off the coast fired rockets into cites in the USA?

    • avante296

      I would think then Obama would apologize to everyone on the ship and the whole pirate community for the Pirate of Caribbean movie (or something else). Then we would put the movie producer to jail…

      • Ar'nun

        Actually Obama would probably apologize for civilians getting in the way of their rockets and causing them to explode. Then he would supply them with better ones like he did in Libya.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          And a few billion for "green energy".

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Islamist criminal conduct seems to go on forever with no real outrage being expressed by
    so called civlised Nations. Many Americans stand with the Israelis and know the truth of
    the situation they are in, surrounded by beasts without moral conscience and hell bent on
    destruction. I hope this abhorent culture of death and destruction will be eliminated from
    Earth before it can destroy the peace of another generation…….Israel can do it………William

  • North Carolina

    I stand with Israel

  • StandWithIsrael

    Here's the Middle East in a nutshell…If the radical Muslims would put down their guns, there would be peace. If the Israelis would put down their guns, there would be no Israel.

  • Ovadyah

    The sewer shelter in which the family is hiding is the Israeli government's insulting gesture to the 1800 families whiom they have forcibly remeoved from their well established homes, farms and businesses in Gush Katif, Gaza (Aug. 2005) – the very same area from which much of these onslaughts are now driven by the beneficiaries – Israel's enemies.

  • vince

    Mr. Greenfield,
    Your 10th photo isn't "shocking."

    Anyone supporting their troops is honorable. On any side the fight.


    • Ar'nun

      I think he was trying to wrap it up with a positive note.

  • Omar kahlid

    This is a taste of what is in store for America. With a muzlim president who backs every action the islamists want to take, there is no place for us. He will sign the UN treaty against weapons, (Constitution places treaties above all other laws if I recall my Con Law correctly), and allow UN troops to access the records and murder any American refusing to turn their weapons in. I believe that Americans do not realize the Satan they elected. This man is a beautiful liar. He lives Taqia as if he was taught by moohammed himself. If we can make it through new years I will be surprised. The match has been lit.

  • Ar'nun

    God bless these people. I pray God will send a new Judge and end this conflict once an for all.

    • mike