2 out of 3 News Polls Call Debate for Ryan

How much credibility you assign to these things varies. CNN’s poll of registered voters seems to be the most credible and it shows Ryan winning by a limited margin. CBS’s poll is more dubious and shows Biden broadly winning. CNBC’s webpoll is the most dubious of all and shows Ryan with a sizable lead.

I suspect the actual results will come down to emotional attitudes. This was a clash of personalities more than politics.

First up CNN with the more credible results.

Followed by CBS.

This is is listed as a poll of uncommitted voters… in Danville, Kentucky. Kentucky is not exactly a swing state. It’s solidly red. I’m sure the Obama team will find it useful to note that Biden’s jackassery might play well there, but it’s about as useful as… Biden.

Finally CNBC.

Overall it would seem that Ryan played better with informed voters. Certainly Biden won few fans outside the faithful, but his goal was to energize dispirited liberals, especially Chris Matthews, and in this he no doubt succeeded. And his antics will make Obama’s rudeness seem more toned down by comparison.

  • http://www.doctor-bob.biz Robert B. Sklaroff, M.D.

    Someone should fact-check Biden, particularly regarding Benghazi-Gate; as per Congressional testimony, the White House was forewarned.

    It would seem that Biden’s smirk will now assume its place alongside Gore’s sighs, within the annals of these national debates.

    It is amazing that Biden seemingly forgot the lesson that BHO supposedly had learned: “Beware the split-screen!”

  • http://www.facebook.com/edward.cline.77 Edward Cline

    I've made this observation before: The MSM is for all practical purposes an adjunct of the DNC, willing to fabricate news with the hope of discouraging anyone opposed to Obama, the Democrats, and their policies, to bother voting next month. To judge by the way the New York Times and Washington Post and other liberal rags are reporting it, Biden, the White House's court jester, wiped the floor with Ryan.