200,000 Gather in Tahrir Square to Challenge Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood

The 200,000 figure is up there with the anti-Mubarak protests for sheer size testifying to how the political winds are blowing away from Morsi. The Muslim Brotherhood still has formidable numbers, but it stands alone with some of the Islamists, other Islamists have turned on it.

The calls are now for Morsi to leave and the analogies to Mubarak undermine the hijacking of the Egyptian Revolution that Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have turned into their entire moral and political basis for power.

The rise of a second Egyptian revolution discredits the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi as the sole proprietors of the Jan 25 Revolution.

Morsi had moved too fast after orchestrating a war in Gaza. Crafting a ceasefire for a war he had begun was his way of seizing power while avoiding losing American support the way that Mubarak had. It was a clever enough move and the State Department is still covering for Morsi, but in Tahrir Square the tide appears to be turning. It is likely that Morsi did not count on this level of opposition or the willingness of some of the same activists and soccer hooligans to get back in the game so soon.

Morsi offered a compromise limiting his unlimited power to only sovereign issues, bur at the same time his spokesman said that there would be no amendments to the decree, making this compromise useless. Despite reports that the compromise was accepted by the judiciary, it is fairly clear that the judiciary has actually rejected it.

The EU is talking aid cuts, but the IMF loan is on track. Either way Morsi no longer looks like a stable leader for a new Egypt and that is going to hurt his consolidation efforts.

The Gaza strategy that Morsi used to secure Obama’s support has been turned against him with protesters asserting, probably rightly, that Morsi’s power grab was approved by Washington. With the Muslim world being the Muslim world, this has been linked to an American and Jewish conspiracy. One popular version of that has Morsi agreeing to take over Gaza in exchange for American backing. It’s nonsense, but CIA conspiracy theories and anti-Semitism are a necessary ingredient in every uprising here.

Meanwhile El Baradei, the man whom Obama actually wanted to take over and form a coalition with the Muslim Brotherhood, had this to offer.

ElBaradei justified numerous resignations from the Constituent Assembly, especially by liberals and Christians, saying, “We all fear that the Muslim Brotherhood will pass a document with Islamist undertones that marginalizes the rights of women and religious minorities.”

“Who sits in this group? One person who wants to ban music because it’s allegedly against Sharia law; another who denies the Holocaust; another who openly condemns democracy,” he continued.

  • Cat K

    When is a middle eastern Muslim ( el baredei) lying? When his lips are moving.

  • JCS

    O must be looking at Morsi's power grab and trying to come up with a way that he can do the same thing here.
    Certainly there will be no mainstream media opposition.