300,000 Votes Still Uncounted in Ohio

Obama won Ohio by around 100,000 votes. How many of those votes were genuine remains an open question. And 300,000 votes still remain uncounted.

According to the Secretary of State, there are 204,927 uncounted provisional ballots and 119,535 absentee ballots, for a total of 324,462 ballots.  That is roughly three times Obama’s 107,259-vote winning margin.

So this year, if the number of outstanding ballots is greater than Obama’s victory margin, it is at least theoretically possible that the Ohio results could change.  A look at the location of those outstanding ballots, however, suggests the outcome will stay the same.

The largest number of outstanding ballots, about 60,000, is in Cuyahoga County, which Obama won by 69 percent to 30 percent.  Another 49,000 ballots are out in Franklin County, which went for Obama 60 percent to 38 percent. In Hamilton County, which Obama won by 52 percent to 47 percent, there are about 25,000 outstanding ballots.

  • Mary Sue

    This is what I don't get. Calling a state before all the votes are counted. I mean, seriously? Do candidates really not know how this works? The show's not over til the fat lady sings.

  • BeckyC

    Why bother to count them? If they do, turnout will be >100% of registered voters. Maybe they are all ballots held "in reserve."

  • BLJ

    Should we be surprised? Putin and Chavez would both be proud of how their man Obama "won" this election. We need a French Revolution in this country.

    • Jerry Hardin

      We don't need a French Revolution. We need the Good 'Ol Boys of the South to rise again.

      • dave

        the good old rasict boys will never rise

  • erica

    I'm sure supports of both sides have cheats but democrats are experts at vote fraud ,manipulation and barely legal vote grabbing tactics.
    They started practicing it around the time of the Civil War when the party was close to destruction for their support of slavery, and the party split in two – both claiming slavery was their right .

    Example of democratic manipulation ;

    A former INS official who attended meetings with Rahm Emanuel when Emanuel was a White House aide says the hard-charging Democrat relaxed rules to naturalize even criminal immigrants and secure their votes for President Clinton ahead of the 1996 presidential election for Citizenship USA, a project run out of then-Vice President Al Gore’s office.

    “Rahm was doing it under the guise of Al Gore’s Reinventing Government program,” said the official, who helped direct INS security policy. “He was definitely the point man and was past his neck in the scandal at INS.”
    “They had immigration ceremonies at stadiums with DNC (Democratic National Committee) staff registering them as voters right there,” he added.

    At one Chicago ceremony held inside Soldier Field, some 11,000 new citizens were sworn in.

    Another former INS official, William Carroll, said Emanuel “took midnight trips to INS headquarters to meet with (Commissioner) Doris Meissner about Citizenship USA.”

  • Tanstaafl jw

    Surprise, surprise, surprise!

  • pammy

    Count the dog-gone votes!

  • riverboatbill

    Dead men voting.