3/4 of Bad British Doctors are 3rd Worlders

Gov Health Care is a supply and demand problem. More medical staff is needed to cope with more demand. That leads to rationing and importing third world doctors. Both measures kill more patients leading to government health care becoming government death.

In the UK, the problem appears to largely come down to doctors from the third world killing patients with their incompetence.

Three quarters of doctors struck off the medical register this year were trained abroad. Doctors trained overseas are five times more likely to be struck off than those trained in the UK.

On the list of the top 5 countries that you don’t want your doctor to be from, three countries, Egypt, Iraq and Pakistan are Muslim, and a fourth, Nigeria, has a 49 percent Muslim population.

The countries that you do want doctors from are Hong Kong, the United States, Slovakia Iran and New Zealand.

And in still more good news, some of these foreign doctors don’t actually speak that exotic language known as English.

Under the current system, British hospitals and medical agencies which hire doctors are not allowed to test the language skills of those from EU countries to seek if staff will be able to communicate safely.

Until now, Britain has interpreted EU law as meaning that doctors who qualify in any of the 27 countries must be free to work elsewhere, without restriction.

The coalition has promised to change the law, so that doctors will have to prove they can speak English before they get work here, but the changes are bogged down in discussions in Brussels.

Fortunately this should not matter because why would doctors need to be able to communicate with patients?

  • JacksonPearson

    That's exactly what Obama-Care will bring to the United States, that will be working hand-and-hand with his death panels. Thanks libs! /Sarkmark

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Already here, at least in New York, but will spread and get worse.

      • JacksonPearson

        So far (knock on wood), by my own choice, I have a good group of doctors.
        But I don't like what's lurking around the corner.

  • Mary Sue

    The one thing that has helped Canada avoid disasters such as this is its stringent requirements for doctors. I know a person who was trained in the former soviet Union as a doctor but if he wanted to be a doctor in Canada, he'd have to go through medical school in Canada first. Canada doesn't let just anybody be doctors.

  • Snow White

    Our medical schools have replaced white male doctors with females and foreign students. In my opinion, most women doctors suck. they are more interested in their appearance,and bonding with their babies and young children than in taking care of patients, yet 60% of the people in our medical schools are female. We bring foreign students here from third world countries to train them to go home and treat their own people and the majority fo them stay here. We are now affirmative actioning the less than most qualifed into positions they can't handle. Anyone who need affirmative action to get into med school does not have sense enough to be a doctor. We are shutting out the real achievers to put also rans in charge of everything at our own peril. I won't go to a foreign or female doctor. I can diagnose my own ailments and get my drugs on line. All I need is a medical book and Physician Desk reference (PDR).

    • sebyandrew

      If I wanted to discredit the article I wd. write something like the above.

    • AnOrdinaryMan

      I believe female American physicians are generally very competent; however, with many foreign physicians, male and female, its pot luck. A number of years ago, trying to save money, I went to a dental clinic, run by a local hospital. I was assigned a female dentist from Pakistan. She was extremely rude and unprofessional, and her methods deviated quite a bit from American dentists. She took particular delight in shoving me back down on the chair every time I picked my head up to see what she was doing. After she shoved me a second time, I told her, in no uncertain terms, not to shove me again. She hadn't yet begun to work on my teeth, when she tried to shove me again. At that, I got up and announced that the session was over, got my things together, and as I was leaving, told her where she could go. But I learned my lesson; I never went to another dental clinic; they're not worth it.

    • Logan

      You are entitled to your opinion even if it is off the wall. Female doctors are just as good if not better than male doctors. I'll take my female doctors over your male & third world doctors any day. You might want to look at stuffing your archaic, misogynist BS where the sun don't shine. It might smarten you up a bit……..uh, on second thought, it probably won't.

  • Thomas Wells

    Under Obamacareless, they will be called : "Treatment Providers. You will not like the treatments they will provide.

  • jleinf

    Sweet, so lets do the American healthcare math. Retiring doctors+ over utilization+ 30 million new patients+the current doctor shortage+ massive new government regulations/BS+increased physician overhead+declining reimbusement+ ZERO tort reform+the government death panels+monitary mandates that punish/imprison doctors for noncompliance=Rationing. Follow?

  • Anonymous

    Precisely the same thing is happening in Canada — it just doesn't get reported. Where I live (in Canada) there is a huge shortage of GPs. And where do they go to get doctors? Of course, to Third World countries. The so-called conservatives are falling over backwards to ensure Third World "doctors" don't (oh the horror!) wind up driving cabs. So they bend over backwards to get them credentialized. In the city where I live you can enter your postal code, and there's a list of those "doctors" in your area which are willing to accept new patients. Guess what? 11 of the 14 doctors list Arabic as there "language". (There was a clinic a couple years ago which had hygiene problems — they were refusing to use alcohol as a disinfectant. There have been other horrific disasters (patients injured, etc) and the "doctors" in question simply re-locate).

    • Mary Sue

      good lord that's extremist of them. Islam says you can't DRINK alcohol, says nothing about using it as a disinfectant!

  • http://NoahDavidSimon.blogspot.com NoahDavidSimon

    does this include doctors from the background and were trained in the UK?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      No it doesn't.

  • http://NoahDavidSimon.blogspot.com NoahDavidSimon

    that makes sense. my father for example in the United States had a Pakistani doctor operate on him after a major automobile accident and he's in great shape. I remember hearing the doctor's name was going to be doctor Zohan, and I said is he Israeli?, and my mother said no… and I won't deny I was scared. We basically gave the permission to a Pakistani to take a knife to my father and slit him open and tie his intestines. My father is ok now, so while I realize that the third world doctors are not up to level… I've had experience with this too in Mexico with an American working in Mexico who we had to pay off with money, so that I could get onto an airline after 911. Actually the doctor was nice to accept the money… if that sounds odd… welcome to the third world. We paid the doctor to say I had been administered Haldol… because the Mexicans thought the Jews committed 911 and arrested me on the airplane and didn't want to be sued for falsely arresting me.

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