4 Questions for Anyone Who Supports a Palestinian State

1. How can a place with no elected officials be considered a state?

Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority, last won an election in 2005. His term ended in 2009. The Palestinian Legislative Council was last elected in 2006. Much of the Palestinian Authority is run by Prime Minister Salam Fayyad who has never been elected to anything.

The Palestinian Authority has refused to call elections, but found the time to put forward statehood bids. Shouldn’t there be an election before a statehood bid?


2. How can Palestine be a state if it’s actually two mutually hostile states run by two different governments?

The West Bank is governed by the Palestinian Authority. Gaza is run by Hamas. Each have their appointed politicians, militias and officials. Each is a mini-state. Despite several unity attempts, both remain divided between two mutually hostile armed camps, which are unable to agree on elections.

Shouldn’t there at least be a single Palestinian government that runs both the West Bank and Gaza as a prerequisite for statehood?


3. How can a place that is almost entirely subsidized by foreign aid qualify for statehood?

The Palestinian Authority lives off American, European and Middle Eastern aid, including aid directed through the UN and a variety of international organizations. It hardly has anything resembling an economy and its domestic businesses are monopolies controlled by Palestinian Authority leaders.

Shouldn’t the Palestinian Authority become self-sustaining before it becomes recognized as a state?


4. How can a place that has made no progress in 20 years qualify for statehood?

The Palestinian Authority has been around for nearly two decades. And two decades later it is not only struggling with the same problems of violence and corruption, but it has actually gone backward in many ways. The Palestinian Authority no longer even has elections or a united territory?

Should a place that has actually gotten worse during its period of autonomy really become a state?

  • http://twitter.com/Kenrick66 @Kenrick66

    No, to all the questions. Gaza should be bulldozed down to the last brick, preferably with as many Hamas leaders and soldiers as possible buried beneath the rubble. To ensure that they don’t rise again a la Dawn of the Dead, a couple dozen air drops of napalm ought to cook their gooses for good. All Palestinian "civilians" and 2nd and 3rd generation "refugees from nowhere should be herded into Syria or Jordan or Egypt, wherever, where they can keep company with their fellow Muslims. A guy can dream, can't he? As for the West Bank….

    • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

      We can all agree that a PA/Fatah/Hamas junta is not only a terror enclave but a genocidal one.

      But few have asked the most salient question:are they even a 'separate' people, under the required UN/legal mandate? In other words – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/09/27/another-arab-….

      And over the years several Arab notables have stated the same, therefore, even if they were as respectable as saints, they NEVER qualified for statehood!

      Case closed.

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel – http://www.adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • Ella

    Sid, you just have no answers. Because there's none. And there's no Palestinian state. And you know tin

  • zionit

    historian Moshe Siebel:

    “The Jews were decimated in the Holocaust, with millions killed by the Nazis and their allies, and no one in the free world extended a hand. Meanwhile, the PA is plied with billions of dollars in assistance, and PA chief Mahmoud Abbas is feted as a hero in world capitals.

    “Israel itself supplies the PA with millions of dollars a year and provides PA Arabs with electricity, water, jobs, and encourages the world to assist Abbas, while the Arab reaction to the Partition Plan and the establishment of Israel was to throw the Jews out of Arab countries and seize their property and money.

    “And the Jews never organized a terror campaign against Arabs during the Mandate period, unlike the Arabs, who then as well as now use terror as a tool to uproot the Jews from their rightful place here,” Siebel adds.

    “It’s similar to the PA’s declaration of the Temple Mount as a holy place in Islam that must be defended with life and limb from the ‘evil Zionists,’ even though the Temple Mount is never mentioned in the Koran,” Siebel said. “Neither is Jerusalem mentioned in their texts, and never in history did the Arabs give the city the status of a capital. But all of the sudden, because we are here, Jerusalem has become the ‘eternal capital of the Palestinian people.’

    “The UN statehood bid is just another attempt by the Arabs to push us out of our land – and our history, for that matter – and the countries that support this are once again showing their anti-Semitism and hypocrisy.”

  • JacksonPearson

    The purpose of so-called Palestinian statehood is not to create a country, but instead, to have a staging ground to do battle with, and destroy the sovereignty of Israel. If the Arab/Islamic world could, they'd without moral hesitation, commit mass genocide against every Jewish man, woman and child within Israel's borders, and the United Nations would be a cheer leader.

    A Palestinian controlled West Bank, would be a ten fold horror show as compared to Gaza. Land won by Israel should never be compromised for future battle fields against them. Arabs are insistent liars and could never be trusted in a peace for land deal. Bulldoze Gaza back to sand dunes status, and give the PLO on the West Bank a thirty day eviction notice.

    • joan cassidy

      Battle with Israel and then the world.

    • Ben Lewis

      I don't think you get this at all. Yes, they do want to destroy Israel, but they have made it quite clear they want no genocide. They want it because they see it as giving up land that is rightfully ours. Imagine if during the Cold War, Russia invaded the US and conquered us. A hundred years later, they make the country of Iroqouis out of us. There would be a lot of people wanting good old America back(even though America is broken, stupid and kinda dickish).

  • Mary Sue

    Unspoken Question: What in the blue blazes do they need a Palestinian State for, when they have a gazillion other Sharia-run dictatorships to go live in that would not be any different from what they'd be doing? (yeah yeah I know, it's to destroy Israel but I mean besides that).

  • Thomas Wells

    How? By vote of the United Muslim Nations.

  • RUI

    If it is granted statehood, Paleo-stine will be the only State that has the honor of failing before even becoming a State.
    Actually, it was never meant to succeed in anything but disrupting Israel… so in that sense, great success.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    One of the most dangerous outcomes of this Arab propaganda campaign, is that it has convinced well-meaning people around the world (including some Israeli and American Jews) – that being pro-'Palestinian' means that you are for a peaceful solution that will give a people called "Palestinians" (who are not really culturally or historically separate from any other Arab group) their own country called 'Palestine' next to Israel, where they can live in peace.

    This entire belief is a deliberately conceived lie, – – that, from its inception in 1964, – – – was always intended to be used to destroy Israel.

    We cannot count on a person or government to be our friend if he also considers our enemy his friend.

    Ignoring the abundance of contrary evidence, even President George W. Bush and the entire US State Department remain some of the most powerful adherents to that false belief.

    Bush still speaks of 'occupied Palestinian land' and 'illegal Israeli settlements' from which he is determined to create the country of 'Palestine'.

    Both Condi Rice and Sec, Rice-elect undercut Israel.

  • Cristu

    The main questions are not those.
    Who cares if they have made any progress for the last 20 years, or if they are actually two different hostile "states"? Who cares? I don't care. The proper questions are how in the world you can support a "state" that does not recognize Israel and wants to exterminate all the Jews in it, and take it all over? Written down in its own chart, published in the official UN website!!!!!

  • Larry

    The muslim version of democracy

    One man, One vote, One time.

  • Ar'nun

    Of course the next step will be to welcome Palastine into the Human Rights Commission.

  • Ar'nun

    Here's another question; Will the Hamas be required to adhere to the Geneva Convention now?

    • Mary Sue

      Not likely. Not with the pack of idiots they have running the UN.

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    I'm afraid I have to agree with Cristu on this one Mr. Greenfield. Those questions of yours are irrelevant. Further, there are many nation states sitting in the U.N. who would not qualify under one or more of your criteria. Logic, to which I assume you are appealing, even though your questions aren't very logical, does not trump or shape political reality. Power does. And respectfully, weak arguments don't help at all.

  • rob

    As far as question 3 is concerned, the same can be asked about Israel's reliance on US aid in cash, arms and UN veto power for its survival.

  • LibertyMan

    Question 5) Why do you want two (West Bank & Gaza) other (socalled) Palestinian states when you have Jordon? Do you want three socalled Palestinian states?

    Question 6) When are you Pro 2nd and 3rd state-ites gonna support "Safe Return" to Christians Refugees from Bethlehem & Lebonon due to Islamic Terror groups?

    • A.Duphrane

      Whooa, so are you telling me because there are other arab states that Palestinians have no right to statehood? Could the same not be said for the Zionists? Is therenot a jewish community in every western country?
      Look at Europe as an example, you don't seem educated but look at its history. A shared ethnicity but up until 70 years ago it constantly fought between itself. It is the same anywhere in the world. It is racist to think because people have the same skin colour they are from the same culture and will share the same beliefs.
      As for the Bethlehem and Jerusalem question? The only danger in the West Bank are fanatical JEWISH settlers, who like radical Islamists believe that they are superior, and only they lay claim to the land. How can the Palestinians safely return to THEIR land if if is over populated with ignorant fundamentals?

  • charleston

    why didn't the Israeli representative to the UN say that?

  • infideltaskforce

    Greenfield makes way too much sense.

  • A. Duphrane

    The first two can easily be turned back on 'Israel'. Where would Israel be without American money? How do the secular zionists combine belief with the religiously fanatical orthodox?
    And how may I ask can a place advance when everything is being controlled by an occupying racist power? The questions are foolish, and nothing more than emotive right wing propaganda designed to make little suburban americans hate Islam and the east more. What's disgraceful is that you have the internet, a plethora of knowledge at your finger tips and yet there are still questions like these. I lament for our time, and am ashamed to even find myself on such a bigoted site