4th Arab Spring Country Now Attacking US Embassies

After Libya, Egypt and Yemen, there is now a 4th Arab Spring country where US embassies and consulates are under siege. The winner is Tunisia, where the overthrow of an American ally led to the rise of the extremist Al-Nahda Party which claims to be the Sixth Caliphate and vows to wage a holy war against Jerusalem.

About 50 protesters burned American flags outside the U.S. Embassy in Tunisia’s capital as part of widespread anger across the Muslim world about a film ridiculing Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. A small number of women wearing the Islamic niqab, or full-face veil, were among the crowd Wednesday.

Anti-American rioting spread yesterday to Tunisia, where police used tear gas to stop hundreds of protesters from storming the United States Embassy in protest over a film mocking the prophet Mohammed.

The throngs of demonstrators, who carried the white and black banners of militant Salifist Muslims, had been protesting peacefully in Tunis for hours when about 300 started to break through the gates.

If Salafists are known for anything, besides trying to bring back crucifixion, it’s peacefully protesting things and by peaceful protests, the media means shouting homicidal death threats before unexpectedly trying to act on them.

But clearly we are witnessing the wages of Obama’s brilliant global outreach to Muslims paying full dividends. With the Arab Spring, he helped topple most of America’s allies and now Muslims love us more than ever. Just ask them.

“Obama, we are all Osama!” some of the demonstrators chanted, referring to American President Barack Obama and Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden who was killed by US commandos in May 2011.

  • Matt

    Like most things it actually works in Obama's favor, he seeks to disengage the US, that is his whole foreign policy. The problem is as long as the US is dependent on Mid East oil they are required to be engaged. Leading from behind, lower profile, so it actually works in his favor, close embassies. it is a positive development for Obama. Regardless of who runs a country in the Mid East all US embassies are bases, forts, but if you want a reason to downgrade US presence abroad, it is perfect. If the majority of people in a democratic country don't want the presence of another in their country, whats the solution. Leave or downgrade.

    It is a lot easier for a dictator to crush such events than a democratic elected government which goes against the will of the people. The US is unpopular in all Mid East countries. What Gates people don't have to like us but they have to deal with us because we are there, it is true. This is no different to when Clinton said they had no role in the assassinations in Iran so after the UK embassy was raided, looking for the substation. It is different to 1979 because the governments are intact and not being challenged yet. You have secular Egyptians throwing objects at the Secretary of States convoy, you have people protesting at the embassy. And you have an Islamic government walking a fine line.

    Even at the time Egyptians that the US stopped backing Mubarak for their own reasons, you handed the country and put Mubarak in cage. The perception was that he US was serving it's own interest. People in Syria think the US is supporting Assad, Yemen was cosmetic, Bahrain was keep lower key the repression. Jordan has tried not to get on the WH radar so he does not end up like Mubarak. And the truth of Benghazi was the R2P was passed and Qaddafi was within minutes of entering Benghazi before Sarkozy stopped him, once inside Benghazi air strikes would have been not possible.

    Mubarak fueled anti-US feeling to make himself relevant, me or terror. Similar reason Assad said there would be no Arab Spring in Syria. Syrians hate the US and west more than him, because he has festered that hate. But the thing is you cannot keep people under the thumb forever one day they will shake it off. The dictators that they US back are their to protect US interests, mainly energy security.

    And this is no different to Iraq, liberators become occupiers and hated. So what you lost a few people, instead of 4000 and it only cost 1 billion dollar not a trillion. All this hoo haa over one man, Marines, two warships when the US has left 8 million people to the fate of a holocaust. You have to place it all in perspective. So I personally have little sympathy. Then using the Arab Spring and the change in Egypt to threaten Israel, make peace or Panetta said that. It does not matter if you like Netanyahu or not we are talking about 8 million people.

    The R2P is not about race, religion it is about humanity, it is not about agenda's or what happens after. Obama in my opinion thinks US foreign policy caused 9/11 that was what the reset and Cairo speech was about, the whole policy of using the UN and leading from behind. Maybe so, maybe not but change is not going to happen overnight for decades of one policy. That sort of reset will take decades. The whole freedom agenda is basically what Bin Laden wanted, he wanted armed struggle to achieve it, he want the removal of the dictators an royals, not democracy, but Islamist controlled governments. And even under Bush he tried to usher in reforms that would lead to democratic elections and the will of the people. Why because supporting the current system leads to attacks inside the US.

    The only sure thing is you cannot keep people under dictatorships and emergency laws forever, one day it will crumble.

    Instead of using Viktor the arms caches were thrown open, don't go into Tripoli where the bulk of the equipment was for the elite units, you go into Tripoli, intervene early while the Rebels had the momentum, waited and waited, until everyone is armed. Libya looks like Somalia to a degree, Sinai is messed up and al-Qaida has taken part of Mali. What is happening arms control to the FSA, the deal for Mubarak used in Yemen. And everyone knew that the Jihadist would from Afghanistan, Pakistan from Somalia and Yemen to north Africa. Before the Arab Spring even happened. So once again little sympathy. The thing was it was leading from behind, then the great hero that freed the Libyans, great success, better model than Iraq. Which means whatever it is instead of the UK or France owning it the US does.

    The same decision Reagan had to make, escalate or withdraw, if the Marines get killed or US strikes inflame a civil war against the Libyan government. Which is why the Ambassador did not have Marines in the first place. Remember just like in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Yemen false HUMINT one mob get the US to kill their enemies.

    Someone was making the decisions on Libya and calling the shots and the same person may make even more mistakes. And that is were the responsibility lies, just as it does with the failed Afghan mission. Libya may turn into Iraq yet. Once again little sympathy, what sort of people leave 8 million to a holocaust, and is smug about, that is true evil. I think it is a disgrace, I think the US is a disgrace.

  • http://barry.keeling@virgin.net sea trout

    what a load of rubbish you seam to try to help people but whote do you get a slap in the face.