61 Million Americans Voted for Obama, 47 Million Americans are on Food Stamps

The fascinating question would be to what extent these two sets of numbers overlap. What percentage of the Obama vote came from people on public assistance?

As a number of blogs have already noted, these figures, like the Petraeus resignation, were held back until after the election. They are probably part of a large list of figures that weren’t ready to be released until after the election. And we’re going to be seeing more and more of those over the next few weeks.

While the report is ordinarily released at either the end of the month, or no later than the first or second day of the following month, the Obama administration waited until November 9, a full three days after the election to announce the number of Americans currently receiving food stamps.

After seeing the data, it is not surprising why the administration delayed the report…

By the end of August 2012 (the most recent data), there were 47.1 million Americans on food stamps, a new all-time record high.

Another 420,947 Americans were added to the food stamp rolls from the previous month of July, representing the largest monthly increase in a year.

That’s almost half-a-million people in one month. In a recovery? You betcha. If we recover anymore, we’ll all be on food stamps.

What’s fascinating though is that food stamp use is now approaching the scale where that base alone can win elections.

  • Mirjam

    Wow, that's sick control!

  • http://whatdirectdemocracymightbe.wordpress.com/ Daryl Davis

    Food stamps represent only one among a whole slate of entitlements for those who vote Democrat. How many Democratic voters defraud Medicare or Medicaid? How many able bodied Americans collect SSI Disability? There was no great cover-up here: It's all so open and so shameless.

    America, in order to be a moral nation, ought to institute a substantial minimum wage for those willing to work and sunset all existing welfare programs; such that, should the people still desire to retain them, they must commit themselves to it by ballot yearly — yearly forsaking future generations in order to comfort their own.

    • OomYaaqub

      I agree except for one tiny detail. Where are the jobs?

      • http://whatdirectdemocracymightbe.wordpress.com/ Daryl Davis

        We're in a deep economic/demographic hole now, thanks to the decades-old tax-based transfer of money and capital from productive, working citizens to unproductive, dependent ones — who then exacerbate the downward cycle by bringing children into poverty and creating more government dependency. We must stop the transfer to begin bringing the jobs back. They won't come back in one fell swoop. The moral way is rarely the quick and painless way.

    • erica

      8,753,935 On Disability

    • Chouse

      Check you status…………..if you are trying to point fingers at race……….the majority are WHITE and that has always been and will never change.

  • Tom

    I have never been LESS PROUD OF MY COUNTRY UNTIL NOVEMBER 7, 2012.



  • riverboatbill

    We need "Gun Stamps".

  • Clare

    Seems a bunch of empty chairs voted for Barry also. Barry had a heads up in advance so he could say "when I become President" with confidence months before he became, uh, president. http://www.ObamaVoterFraud.org

  • Clare
  • flowerknife_us

    It seems 14 Million hope to receive Food Stamps. It only costs a job.

  • JayR

    Mr Greenfield has used an accurate number for those on food stamps. He also would have you believe that 46 million of 61 million voters are on food stamps and do not earn a living but instead are enjoying handouts and represent the core of Democratic voters. That is hardly the case…. you must read /view multiple news sources to consider yourself an informed citizen. And a good writer will present a balanced, well-researched and well-referenced article. Fanning the flames of fanaticism does not help anyone. I am tired of hard-working Americans being torn apart when we all want the same things. The wealthy will have you believe otherwise.

    From CNBC – Tues 9/4/12
    "There were fewer than 31 million people on food stamps as recently as November 2008, but an aggressive effort from President Obama's administration has helped build participation, with the total increasing by 44 percent since the president took office in January 2009…. the expansion is a key achievement of the Obama administration, as participants only stay on it an average of nine months and circulate $1.73 back into the economy for each food stamp dollar spent.

    The National Employment Law Project found that 58 percent of all jobs created over the past two years paid $13.83 an hour or less while just 22 percent were in the "mid-wage" class of $13.84 to $21.13 an hour, even though that group lost 60 percent of the jobs during the recession."

    We know more jobs, and better jobs, need to be created. That is the President's plan and there needs to be bipartisanship to accomplish this. Is it fair that the wealthy contribute their fair share? Absolutely! Is it fair to have benefits? Damn right! People do not want handouts, they want jobs – jobs pay better than what you recieve on handouts. Do not attacj those receiving food stamps or unemployed. Demand that super-rich business owners do their part and that bankers do not receive obscene bonuses on top of obscene salaries. That is the crime. Do not let extremist Republicans divide working class Americans.

  • Justmontz

    There aren't enough rich people to pay for all the entitlements in this country. A fair assessment my foot! You haven't made any mention of falling wages, disenginius unemployment figures or the withholding of information from the American people by this administration until after the election! Are you Obama in disguise? Americans deserve freedom which includes freedom from things such as theft of resources by an overreaching government, reverse racism, and religious persecution. Your twisting of obviously abysmal economic conditions in America is offensive! How stupid do you think we are?? The stock market dropped almost 400 points when Obama was reelected busineses and freemarket citizens know they are under attack.

  • cuteness

    It is hard to believe once again the misrepresentation and the dishonesty of the Obama Team act like the one again… You voted for failure if you voted for Obama…. He does not know what he is doing and if he does… You should be scared as hell!!!!!!

  • Real American

    Pravda is right. ( Pravda is a Russian news paper, in case you have never heard of it) . You Obama supporters who blindly voted him back into office after all his lies, are norant Of how misserable is is to live in a socialistic country. You dummies have turned our beloved country into a communist dictatorship. Our country is ruined. Obama is now our dictator and by executive orders can do anything he desires to destroy our constitutional freedoms. The Kremlin hs won. As predicted by Nikita Khrushchev years ago, We have been defeated from within. According to Pravda You ignorant Obama supporters did this. You are all a bunch of free loading traitors. Enjoy the pain. You have doomed all of our our children to a life of slavery as well as yourselves. Read your history.

  • Nicolas Edwards

    Daniel Greenfield The majority of government assistance goes to red states in the south. Are you implying that republicans in the south have their votes bought with government assistance.