68 Percent of Berlin’s Criminals are Immigrants

And the majority of immigrants to Germany come from Turkey. These are troubling numbers that remind us of the real cost of Muslim immigration. And it’s not just Germany that’s reeling under the assault of Turkish Muslim immigration. In the UK, Turks have become the new mafia.

The Turkish mafia is set to become the deadliest criminal organisation operating in the UK as it bids to win a brutal battle for control of Britain’s multi-million-pound heroin market.

And this is bigger than just a few street thugs. It goes higher than that.

At the heart of the mafia is a Turkish family, who cannot be named for legal reasons, who have built a drug smuggling empire described by police as one of the biggest of its kind in Britain with interests all over Europe.

And even higher than that.

A crowd of 16,000 expatriate Turks cheered Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a vast indoor auditorium in Germany on Sunday as he told them to resist assimilation into the West.

No one really asks how much of Turkey’s economic boom is built on organized crime rings operating in Europe and laundering their money back home in Turkey.

At least the Germans are still putting up a fight.

A German-born Turkish man with a string of criminal convictions can be deported to Turkey, even though he has never lived there and only speaks broken Turkish, a court has ruled.

  • Ron Karsh

    There is a Sicilian Mafia in the US; a Jewish Mafia in the US (at least there was in the 30s); the Ukrainian (mostly Jewish) Mafia in New York; the Calabrian Mafia in Germany; the Russian Mafia in Italy (!); the Russian-Jewish Mafia in Israel; the Cuban Mafia in Florida; the Colombian Mafia in Spain

    There is Mafia all around, and they are all from an immigrant background (obviously they immigrate to expand!), and of diverse religions (Catholic, Orthodox Christian, Muslim, Jewish). And when one Mafia becomes weak, another one takes over (e.g. the Mafia in Southeastern Italy has been supplanted by the Russian Mafia).
    And JFK used the Mafia to beat up strikers. And The Sopranos was one of the most celebrated TV show in US history.

    So, what's your point?

    • John Magee

      Non of the organized crime groups you listed represent a cult that wants to take over the world. That's the point.

  • gospelbbq

    My first thought was, "I'll bet at least 68% of criminals in America are Democrats."