77 Percent of Egyptians Favor Ending Camp David Treaty with Israel

And more good news from that survey that proves democracy is the solution to Islamic radicalization…

Three years ago, 41 % of Egyptians said they wanted their country to acquire a nuclear bomb. Now, 87% of Egyptians said they “would be happy” if Egypt acquired the bomb.

Even though Shi’ite Muslims are viewed unfavorably by Egypt’s Sunni Muslims (68% according this poll), 62% of Egyptians said that “Iran and its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, are friends of Egypt,” despite Iran’s hard-line Shi’ite affiliation.  In addition, 65% expressed a desire to restore diplomatic relations with Iran, and 61% supported the Iranian nuclear program.

A dramatic change in the Egyptian population’s view of Israel was also prominent in the results of the poll. Just three years ago, less than 25 percent of Egyptians favored breaking Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel. Now, 77 percent agreed that “The peace treaty with Israel is no longer useful and should be dissolved.”

Although Cairo’s ambassador to Israel told Israel’s president last week that Egypt is committed to the peace treaty, Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have ratcheted up their anti-Israel rhetoric to unprecedented degrees. Both have spoken against the peace treaty.

So yes, Egypt is on a pathway to becoming a Sunni Iran. Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood constantly charge opponents with betraying the Jan 25 Revolution, which they have endowed with the overtones of an Islamic revolution, and Egyptians, never moderate or friendly to Israel, are turning in a warlike direction.

The Arab Spring may have doomed any hope for freedom in the Middle East and made a regional war, whether between Israel and its newly Islamist neighbors, or between Sunni and Shiite Islamists over Syria, inevitable.

  • Larry

    Part of the Camp David treaty was Egypt getting the Sinai back. Seeing as the Egyptians want to abrogate the treaty it only seems fair that Israel gets back what it gave up – the Sinai, with all that lovely oil, natural gas and those holiday resorts.

    • A 22 Year Old Man

      I like the way you think, sir.

    • Mary Sue

      Indeed! I guess Morsi didn't really want all that stuff anyway! LOL.

      It's like several eras in history are repeating themselves…

    • HermitLion

      Damn it, Larry, you beat me to it! :)

      Israel can sure use that land, to turn it habitable, civilized, and even hospitable – not to mention the natural reserves of oil.

      By all means, take back your worthless piece of paper, and give Israel back the land they've bled for.

  • victor

    This time reminds me of Egypt in 1965/66/67, when Nasser was doing the same enciting against Israel, with obvious results, however, If a war is desired by the Arabs, and it looks like they are on the way, Israel should use every possible force at its disposal to destroy the Arabs, occupy and annex lands and never give it up under any conditions. They have to know once and for all that this will be for keeps, because once the Arabs get Nuclear weapons, it will be a different ball game, for the whole world, not just for the region.

    • geoffreybritain

      Israel needs to new doctrine, that any nuclear attack upon it, will result in the nuclear destruction of Mecca and every other Islamic 'holy' site.

      • Mary Sue

        Yeah! So, instead of the terrorists holding their own children hostage, it'll be "What do you care about more? Dead jews, or an intact Kabbah?"