A Dark and Vengeful God

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At the beginning of Sweeney Todd, the chorus of his murdered victims sings, “He served a dark and a vengeful god.” In Egypt, an Islamic Sweeney butchered his wife after an argument, cut her up and sold her mutilated body as lamb chops.

Around the same time as Mohammed Sweeney was selling pieces of his wife to customers stocking up on meat before Ramadan, Egyptian voters made their own offering to the dark and vengeful god by voting for Mohammed Morsi, the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose offshoots such as Hamas and Al-Qaeda have a murder toll that beggars anything the real or fictional Sweeney could have aspired to.

Morsi’s election platform was ending the last light of freedom in Egypt by implementing full Islamic law and in a country where 84 percent believe that heretics should be killed, 82 percent believe that adulterers should be stoned and 77 percent believe that thieves should have their hands cut off, the candidate of Allah, the dark and vengeful god of Islam, was bound to win any democratic election.

As a god, Allah does not appear to be much of a lifegiver. Egypt has six times the infant mortality rate of the “Zionist Entity,” five times that of the “Great Satan” and ten times that of the Japanese infidels. Indeed the country with the world’s highest infant mortality rate is the devout home of the Taliban, Afghanistan, which has an infant mortality rate that is 50 percent higher than Rwanda.

Is Sharia law going to bring Egypt’s infant mortality rate closer to that of Japan or Afghanistan? It isn’t any good at that, but it will be good for beheading all sorts of people that the followers of the dark and vengeful god disprove of. Beginning with heretics.

Indonesia just sentenced a man to 2 years in jail for writing, “Allah doesn’t exist” on Facebook. Thanks to Western innovation, Indonesia has Facebook. But it also has blasphemy laws, because if people started doubting the dark god, they might start asking why Indonesia has an infant mortality rate that is 13 times that of neighboring Singapore.

It’s not that the Muslim world doesn’t have doctors. They just tend to be doing other things, like Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri, a surgeon and the leader of Al-Qaeda, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahar, a surgeon and co-founder of Hamas, Dr. Fathi Shaqaqi, the co-founder of Islamic Jihad, and Dr. Abdel Rantissi, a pediatrician and co-founder of Hamas, who boasted, “We will kill Jews everywhere.”

Who has the time to waste on pediatrics when you worship a dark and vengeful god who gave you a mission to kill as many infidels as possible? The only infant mortality rates they care about are the ones that they inflict.

The Taliban in North Waziristan, Pakistan have offered to allow polio vaccinations for their children only if the drone campaign against terrorists ends. This isn’t the first time that Muslim terrorists have used children as human shields, though perhaps it’s the first time that they used 161,000 children as human shields. The human shield principle depends on the Muslim knowledge that we care more about their children than they do.

Pakistan has nuclear weapons and an infant mortality rate that is higher than Haiti, the Congo, Papua and some of the poorest and most desperate places in the world, as does Egypt.

The Egyptians could have gone into this election asking themselves why an Israeli child across the border is six times more likely to survive his birth, than one of their children. Instead they went into the election asking themselves how they could see more people beheaded for questioning their dark god. If they gave any thought to evening up the difference in infant mortality rates in the 264 mile distance between Cairo and Jerusalem, it was only by invading Israel or by supporting Hamas terrorists.

That is how followers of a dark and vengeful god think. They don’t wonder how they can save the lives of their children, but how they can even the cosmic score by taking the lives of someone else’s children. They don’t think in terms of making their lives better, but their minds are fixed on the dark goal of making other people’s lives worse.

Major Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood killer, presented a slideshow explaining Jihad with the words, “We love death more than you love life.” “The Jews love life, so that is what we shall take away from them,” Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Hezbollah proclaimed. “We are going to win, because they love life and we love death.” “We love death,” Adis Medunjanin, convicted of plotting to bomb the New York City subway, screeched at a 911 operator. “You love your life! There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger!”

When you worship death, then loving life becomes a sin, a blasphemy against the god of death whose worship is death.

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  • Schlomotion

    Family Guy jumped the shark when they started pillaging showtunes for episodes. This article is no different. Sweeney Todd? What's next? Sunday in the Park with George Soros? Bibi? My CAIR Lady?

    • JoJoJams

      **sigh** No matter the metaphor used, the gist of this article is true. though I do have to admit I liked your "My CAIR Lady". Chuckled on that one. ;-)

  • Banastre tarleton

    True enough …the history of mankind is the EVOLUTION of religion from the pagan , polytheistic Gods of the ancient Hittites , the war loving atavistic gods of the vikings and the human sacrifice of the bloodthirsty Aztecs ;But it was the ancient Hebrews that made the moral quantum leap forward with their creation of ethical monotheism
    Islam is part of the Abrahamic faith that is suffering ''arrested development '' …it is the petrified , frozen faith of the desert that has failed to evolve , change with the times and grow up ….it is indeed a primitive medieval religion for a primitive frame of mind that no ''normal '' person could ever take serious
    I strongly suspect , but cannot prove , that all religions are make believe , but a person's religion speaks volumes about their world view , character and frame of mind

    • BS77

      IT is said somewhere that the closer you get to God (The Spirit, the Universe, the Ultimate Reality etc etc), the further from religion you go.

    • Atlas_Collins

      "But it was the ancient Hebrews that made the moral quantum leap forward with their creation of ethical monotheism … "

      No it wasn't. The thieving jews stole the idea from Anknaten the heretic Pharoah.

      • Ghostwriter

        Has anybody told you that you're just as bad as Schlomotion?

      • http://israel-thrives.blogspot.com/ Mike L

        Spoken like a true Nazi.

      • Banastre tarleton

        what a dummy

    • Bamaguje

      Contrary to what you think, monotheism is not an improvement on polytheism.
      On the contrary the reverse is the case.
      Polytheism is defined by religious tolerance that accomodates diverse spiritual traditions enabling people with different beliefs to live harmoniously together.

      Contrast that with the 'only-my religion-is-right' 'yours-is-evil' doctrinal intolerance that defines monotheism.
      Consequently, over several centuries Abrahamic monotheists – Christians, Jews, Muslims – have historically killed a thousand times more people in the names of their false gods (Allah, Yahweh) than all polytheists religions combined.

      For the Jews, the massacres are documented in Old testament; while Medieval Europe showed the ugly side of Christianity.
      Christians and Jews have long since evolved past such barbarism, but Muslims clearly haven't. Hence the global Islamist menace that is an existential threat to human civilization.

      • RonL

        Temujin, the Chingis Khan of the Mongols was a polytheist. Tengri ruled heaven, but was not the only deity there.
        The Aztecs come to mind.
        The Iroquois exterminated their kin the Attawandaron, Erie. when none were Christian. Ditto the L

      • Banastre tarleton

        The Vikings were polytheists …were they gentle tolerant fellows ?

  • Sage on the Stage

    Great article, Daniel. The truth…and plenty of it.

  • StephenD

    In the end, they will get what they want. Death is a funny Angel like that. If you want him to visit he won't turn you down. I think that if most of the Middle East was eventually turned into glass and the biggest concern was where the next meal or sip of water is coming from we'd all be better off. Instead of looking to terrorize other humans they would have to concentrate on feeding themselves. Maybe we could scratch out a reprieve of sorts for a generation or two. Hey, they want death…let them have it.

    • Sage on the Stage

      Energy independence from the OPEC nations, from the western perspective, would make us better off, without the enormous casualty lists, and other deleterious effects of a nuclear war. But, somehow….the violence will come first, before any hoped for energy independence, I think.

    • Indioviejo

      These are my sentiments exactly, in order to have peace from that quarter, we need to destroy them and their will to agression and conquest.

  • Pkorman

    The Torah, on the other hand, presents a clear relationship between behavior and consequence. Its rules apply to the the individual, family, community, and nation. Follow the rules or ignore them, the ripples, or consequences extend for generations. One has to wonder if there has been true debate as to the rules and consequences contained in the Quran.

  • Marty

    This is more evidence that the West is the Best. That is what I've been telling my students: 1. there is evil in the world and evil always wants to destroy good; 2. islam is evil and wants to destroy western civilization – its culture, science, emphasis on individual rights, and the natural right to simply be left alone by religious fanatics and genocidal sociopaths. jihad is obligatory on muslims – they are compelled to kill anything that does not conform to their blighted totalitarian ideology. communism, fascism, islam is really all the same – each is a monster that is incapable of reform or moderation and must therefore be eliminated to the extent possible. We should not have to share the same planet with those creatures who see violence as the first and only option to further their sick viewpoint. islam has been at war with the West for 14 centuries. It is time to counterattack.

    • rubiconcrest

      Keep it up Marty! Your students are lucky to have a straight talker.

    • randy

      I see u left out the “evil”christians that slaughtered the natives as they stole north america. Christians are scum.

      • Lan Astaslem

        go take a hot steaming dump in your koran

      • Drakken

        The fact us white Europeans brought you the 21st century and all that you enjoy, your welcome ingrate.

  • BS77

    The Egyptians must want to be SLAVES of this hideous Dark Age ideology……it is misery they must want.

    • BS77

      Mubarak will be remembered as a good leader of Egypt….if the fanatics take over, Egypt will go into decline and be another Iraq or Syria…sad to see.

  • Linda Rivera

    Egypt by implementing full Islamic law and in a country where 84 percent believe that heretics should be killed, 82 percent believe that adulterers should be stoned and 77 percent believe that thieves should have their hands cut off, the candidate of Allah, the dark and vengeful god of Islam, was bound to win.

    Excellent article by Daniel Greenfield!
    Our biggest concern is that many millions of MERCILESS death god murder worshipers have been DELIBERATELY imported into our countries. Britain's Labor Party government wanted to change British culture to what is called 'multicultural' even though there is only ONE culture that is promoted: ISLAM. It should be called Islamcultural.

    Unelected EU representatives have made many agreements with Muslim countries to take in massive numbers of Muslims and change Europe into an Islamic Europe dominated by Islam. These evil EU leaders and UK leaders have created HELL ON EARTH for Europeans and Brits. In accordance with the Koran war book, Muslims wage daily jihad, including rape jihad, across Europe and Britain. The daily jihad is considered ACCEPTABLE by EVIL EU and British leaders.

    What is not considered acceptable is to protest against Islamic sharia law and/or tell the truth about Islam. These Free World HEROES are persecuted and prosecuted and sometimes jailed by European and British leaders.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      You are absolutely correct Linda………………William

    • Drakken

      The native Euros are only take so much before all hell breaks loose and the Balkans on steroids will visit every city in Europe.

  • http://www.maghrebchristians.com Youssef

    In my trip to Algeria God is transforming the nation by bringing some freedom to Christianity to people by allowing them to have Churches under the protestant federation. The impact is being made within the Berbers, families will accept Christianity and making it their own personal faith, also within the Arab Algerian community there has been changes, for example a guy who I met wanting to become a jihadist and ended up accepting Christ because of the teaching of Jesus by saying, “Love your enemies”, but there has always been friction with the Arabs and Berbers

    Read more: http://www.maghrebchristians.com/2012/06/22/berbe


  • geula

    Beautifully written article, containing many quotable gems, even as the passion sometimes threatens the blessedly implacable discourse. It might be impractical to fight such a dark god. Or worse, it would intellectually legitimize the annihilation of entire thus misguided people. Some of the comments above show how direct the conclusion can be. We can neither say that all of Islam is evil, only point at its dark, primitive side. Second best , it seems, is fighting the actual writings of the Quran, an unredeemed, uncriticized book, unassailable on account the fear put in our hearts by the physical and legal threats. Geert Wilders pursued this path, at his own peril and misery. Western scholars have eviscerated the Hebrew and Christian Bibles. They call things by their names. That which would be barbaric if applied today – as it is applied in the time-frozen Islamic world – is analized in historic context. The West needs more of that, as elemental, factual instruction, from a young age, and most of all, the courage to make it stick. The courage we don't seem to have.

  • Catharos

    Allah is a dirty xshixtter and Mohammed his maim molest and murder prophet. (If he actually existed there is zero proof).

    • randy

      The pediphile catholic church has molesters

    • Ghostwriter

      randy,you sound like a broken record. Not only that,it's a bad song you sing as well.

  • Jim

    Begin a careful rewriting of the Koran with only the most delicate of modifications. Ease it in with out fanfare

  • Obama Fodder

    If planet Earth ever needed an enema, Egypt is definitely one of the places where the doctor could stick the hose.

    • randy

      And north america needs an enema of christians

      • HermitLion

        And randy just needs a plain old enema.

  • Drakken

    The goofy leftist/liberal/progressives are going to get a very rude awaking when it comes to the islamist of N Africa,and the midlle and far east. When they are done burning their countries to the ground they will come here in droves to do the same.

  • Joseph Auclair

    Actually, Christianity is pretty dark and vengeful, too, taken straight.

    But most of us take it as diluted by going on three centuries of pluralism, enlightenment, and separation of church and state.

    And besides, the liberals hijacked the Christian God and did their best to put him on the side of justice, mercy, and humanity, first with open or concealed universalism and Unitarianism and later with agnosticism and even atheism, right in the pulpit.

    They're trying to do the same with morality, nowadays, what with liberating sex, and all, with about the same degree of success.

    • RoguePatriot6

      "The liberals hijacked the Christian God"? Well, I have to agree with you or agree with you half way. They hijacked Him alright, they just try to rally support from the churches who cave in to their PC agenda or help them legitimize their Godless polices, "gay marriage, abortion, gender based abortion…etc". If they had it their way they would lable the bible banned for "hate speech". For the most part their God seems to be Hollywood. It teaches them all of the morality they will ever seem to need.
      When Biden credited Hollywood for their support of the LBGT agenda and it's advancement, he was right in more ways than I think most Americans will ever realize.
      The only time liberals ever seem to care about God is when they twist scriptures out of context and try to trap people with them. Any other time, you hear them mock, blaspheme and hurl vile insults at those who really do believe in Him.

  • Ghostwriter

    And Muslims continue to wonder why many in America hate their religion? I think it has something to do with how they've been acting towards us is what might be the reason.

  • bob evers

    daniel…you are an eloquent writer. incredible.
    i slow down when i read your things.
    flat out powerful. great going…

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Why should we worry about a religion of evil that wants to destroy our culture and every aspect
    of our History, how can this be, the evidence is there in spades, the blood flows every day from
    the cursed Islamist villiany. Something much more puzzeling than how millions of Egyptians can
    vote for the vile and evil God Allah and insist on a future of butchery, slavery and pain and that
    puzzle is how one man, and avowed Christian and President of The United States could call
    Islam a religion of peace. How can Americans vote in a President who was raised as a Muslim?
    Why are Americans now acting like lemmings and caught up in the turmoil of disorder with
    idiots in high places in government arm in arm with enemies of America and our lives. I think
    evil has moved forward strongly and is attempting to turn our Earth into Hell and each and
    every person must decide light or darkness, right or wrong, good or evil, the Bible tells us so.

  • Guest

    All this analysis of Islam is missing the point. From a descriptive perspective, the Sultan gets it just right. But even he misses the point. The atavistic cruelty of Islam has as its goal peace and trust between people. If you know that you will die if you adulterate your married life, you will be careful in your behavior. If you know that you will lose a limb by stealing bread for your family, you will find another way to feed them.

    Each society finds ways to maintain its stability. Americans believe that all views can be spoken of, so that internal pressures do not build to the boiling point because of unresolved conflicts. The British believed at some point in their history that courtesy – leaving things unsaid – left more room for peace. Each family has evolved its own method for maintaining peace even if that includes divorce or separate bedrooms for each person. Even infant mortality in primitive, dirt-poor societies prevents too many mouths to feed and thus increasing poverty to the breaking point of famine. Every violent act serves peace, even as it is meant only to eliminate opposition.

    I prefer trust as a mechanism for producing peace, but it is a delicate mechanism since it requires all sides to integrate their views with all others.

    • HermitLion

      That was a fine piece of taqiyya right there. Please, give yourself a cookie, and then peacefully choke on it.

      • Guest

        I am searching for underlying mechanisms. Cognition is a rough process and its processes are not logical. That is why two rational people can come to different conclusions. Without arguing with you just allow me to refer to the work of Tversky and Kahaneman. Perhaps you would find Kahaneman's "Thinking, Fast and Slow" instructive.

        • HermitLion

          Your assumption that islam has peace as its goal is false, and thus all your other ruminations are null and void as well.
          You might not have left this piece of wasteful verbosity here on purpose, but it's still toilet material.
          Perhaps you would find a good flushing of your brain instructive.

          • Guest

            Look, HermitLion, the essence of my understanding here has nothing to do with Islam per se. Everyone seeks peace because, among other reasons, it uses less glucose than war and is less risky. Where Islam comes into this is that their process of obtaining peace is sought through the destruction of people who disagree with them. Other presumptive systems use different mechanisms, such as sarcasm, drugs, dependency, codependency, etc. I simply did not have the space or perhaps the ability to better explain my point. For this I thank you, in spite of your expletives, since I prefer being clear to being murky.

  • dougjmiller

    Islam is not a religion. Islam is a radical political ideology that uses monotheism to justify territorial expansion, mass murder, slavery, ethnic cleansing, forced conversion, torture, oppression, stealing, drug dealing and sexual depravity. Islamic extremists lust for world domination and to terminate Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confuscism, Judaism and Atheism. The good people and the decent nations of the world must defeat the forces of radical Islam, if we want to preserve civilization

  • stevefraser

    Check out Ken Wilber's "Up From Eden" for a nice discussion of the evolution of religion within a cultural context. Many of his other books also address the evolution of religion and spiritual consciousness.

  • Deerknocker

    OK. When do they blow up the Sphinx? I mean aren't all those mummies and pyramids and temple ruins just really offensive to Allah?