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A Few Words on Syrian Chemical Warfare Videos

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On December 9, 2012 @ 9:57 pm In The Point | 3 Comments


No I haven’t posted either the rabbit video or the new chemical attack video. I haven’t done it for the same reason that I didn’t run the suicide bomber auction video a while back, which turned out to be fake.

Pallywood isn’t just Pallywood, it’s Terrorwood, and both sides in the Syrian Civil War are more than capable of turning out their own propaganda videos. Material from either side, or material that is supposedly from one side but is actually posted by the other side, that is also easily fakeable, is worthless. Or rather it’s propaganda.

The Syrian Civil War is a proxy war between Islamist militias armies being fought on behalf of Sunni and Shiite oil states. All of their affiliated terrorist groups have a great deal of experience manufacturing propaganda and they have probably manufactured more fake casualties than real casualties.

A good rule of thumb in conflicts like these is to assume that claimed civilian casualties are actually a fifth of the total and enemy kills are a tenth. Civilian bombings and any extraordinary weapons of war should be assumed to be fake unless independently verified.

The thing to remember about the Syrian Civil War is that everyone is the Baghdad Minister of Information. Everyone.

The other thing to remember is that you are dealing with people who have zero compunction about digging up children to display for the camera, using human shields and suicide bombers as weapons of war. Obama’s announcement that the use of chemical weapons is a red line has given every incentive for the Sunni rebels to begin manufacturing chemical weapons attacks. And for the regime to begin accusing the rebels of doing the same thing.

Both sides in this conflict are pathologically dishonest, manipulative and amoral. Neither can be trusted or believed about anything without independent verification.

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