About That “Rabbi Supports Islamization” Story

The “Top Rabbi Supports Islamization of Europe” story is making the rounds in a number of places. So let’s begin with a few things.

1. The source of the story is Yediot Ahoronot, an Israeli tabloid tilted to the left which is not known for high levels of integrity, but is known for running crowd-pleasing anti-religious stories.

2. Rabbi Baruch Efrati is not a top Rabbi. Based on his picture he looks to be in his twenties or thirties. He is certainly not even the chief Rabbi of Efrat, a town of only 7,000 people. He appears to be the head of the Zayit Raanan synagogue and one of many local religious schools.

3. Rabbi Baruch Efrati’s views on Islam have trended somewhat oddly politically correct in the past. For example when he suggested, extremely dubiously, that Jews should pray in a mosque, rather than at home. He has claimed on a number of occasions that Islam is a basically moral religion, aside from its propensity for violence.

4. There appears to be a history of Rabbi Efrati giving unnecessarily controversial and inappropriate responses to questions, occasionally then highlighted in places such as Yediot Ahoronot. It’s hard not to suspect that this is his way of getting attention that would otherwise never come his way.

5. Efrat, despite being considered a settlement by the left, has a liberal fringe and it has Rabbis with a propensity for saying absolutely crazy things. Locals may be able to explain what happened to Rabbi Riskin, a formerly credible New York Rabbi who moved there. Or the antics of Rabbi Froman in nearby Tekoa who signed an agreement with Hamas.

6. There is a fringe in the settlements that believes that people can be achieved by reaching out to Islam on a religious level. This is a foolish and doomed dhimmi project.

  • Fabio Juliano

    Jews for Islam makes as much sense as Jews for Hitler. Someone needs to point out to this youthful rabbi that Muslims, in cooperation with talking rocks, eventually intend to exterminate every Jew in order to bring on their glorious judgment day.

    • Lala Uso

      You know that Hadiths you quoted about Muslim killing Jews, I deem it as Forgery because it was invented by some Christian convert to Islam in the 9th century as a reaction to a kingdom consisting of Turkic tribes known as the Khazars who converted to "Judaism". Another reason why there are too many anti-Jewish literature attributed to Muhammad is because The Arab-Muslim empire were waging war against Persia that time and most Jewish people were allied to Persia. Because of this, those Muslims who used to be "ex-christian" invented this anti-Jewish hadiths and attribute the sayings to Muhammad, which ironically many fundamentalist muslim believe it is infallible. The truth of the matter is that Islam is a Crypto-Jewish Religion with an Arab twist. Jewish and Arabs use to form alliance in the 7th century in conquering Jerusalem. It was later on regarding the war against Persia and the Khazar empire that the attitude of Arab towards their Jewish brother begin to Change. And it was during the 9th century, the biography of Muhammad and all the hadith corpus were manufactured refering to jews as traitors, evil ones, anti-christ…

  • Ken Pasano

    Somehow, I don't see Islam as being an engine for bringing Tikkun Olam to the planet, especially when so many Muslim leaders in the ME threaten a second round for "the final solution." Am Yisrael Chai!!!

  • testificari

    I'm sorry but I can't help but wish if someone is going to be be blown up etc because of his moral assistance, let it be him or someone like him. He is aiding an enemy of his people and all people decent people.

  • Mary Sue

    Ok so he's not as whack as the original article said but still, that guy, young idiot. He should shave off his beard in shame.

  • carlo

    I am sorry but I don't aggree with anyone of you. I think normal muslim people are at least as decent as us
    I just think that people are given a bad image about islam.
    the world always needs an enemy and today muslims are considered to be that enemy so weapon dealers
    can make there sales so drugdealers can sell there drugs so the attention for economic fail can be drawn away from people's mindes.
    When you have a muslim friend like I do you will understand that these people's are like us
    They are decent hardworking people's with interests like us, friends that you can depend on when you are in need

    • Mary Sue

      Carlo, carlo, carlo. Is your Muslim friend in any way associated with the Muslim Brotherhood?

      If so, he's not actually your friend.

  • carlo

    please get to know people before you make a judgement about them.
    Don't speak about a religion you don't know anything about accept of what you watch on television or read in newspapers.
    The islam is so much more than terrorists or headscarfs

  • Guest

    Carlo is probably a muslim pretending here to be a non-muslim – or he knows next to nothing about islam. Non-muslims who have taken the pain to read islamic texts and understand the contents of these texts, who have studied history and learnt from the past acts of muslims and who have also experienced muslim atrocities at first hand can not all be wrong. islam is not a religion but simply a political doctrine – a brutal one at that

  • admin

    The Rabbi clearly suffers from some form of mental disease and should be seeing a psychiatrist.

    Not only does he seem clueless that the holocaust was a complete inspiration Hitler had from Islamic ideology, but he is also completely unaware that it is exactly the Islamization of Europe and the infiltration of Muslims everywhere that is turning European politicians into confused dhimwits and anti-semitists.

    Europe was not anti-semitic pre-1970 before France forced the Euro-Arab collaboration on all the European nations. It was that agreement that allowed Muslims to spread their propaganda all across Europe and the U.S. of zionist conspiracy theories.

  • admin

    He looks more like a Muslim than a Rabbi to me….

  • Sabido Robles

    Jews really do deserve to be rounded up and burned by the millions!

    • Karl

      You don’t burn us, we burn YOU