ACLU Killed Connecticut Forcible Institutionalization Law That Might Have Prevented Killings

While we’re having that whole conversation about wadding up the Bill of Rights and throwing it into the trash, why don’t we have a brief conversation about what might have actually prevented the shooting by dealing with the mental illness of the shooter.

Let’s talk ACLU instead of NRA.

Connecticut is one of only SIX states in the U.S. that doesn’t have a type of “assisted outpatient treatment” (AOT) law (sometimes referred to as “involuntary outpatient treatment”). There’s no one standard for these types of laws, but (roughly speaking) these are laws that allow for people with mental illness to be forcibly treated BEFORE they commit a serious crime.

Whereas previous legal standards held that the mentally ill cannot be institutionalized or medicated until they harm someone or themselves, or until they express an immediate intent to do so, AOT laws (again, roughly speaking) allow for preventative institutionalization or forced medication

AOT laws vary state-by-state, and often bear the name of a person murdered by an untreated mentally ill person (“Kendra’s Law” in New York, “Laura’s Law” in California, etc.).

Earlier this year, Connecticut considered passing an AOT law (and a weak one, at that), and it failed, due to protests from “civil liberties” groups.

But thankfully the ACLU won and over two dozen children were murdered. And there will be of course no cries that the ACLU, rather than the NRA, should be held accountable for a dangerous lunatic being on the loose.

  • Loretta

    Mental Illness is the ugly cousin in the room, ignored and overlooked. Yet, this very ignored little gnome causes horrendous carnage in many forms… Killing people physically, killing their family members ability to have a LIFE is a more widespread effect. The fact of government throwing money researching, funding inane things, the mental health of citizens is ignored. BTW is it covered in Obamacare? I bet not. No Doctors left.

    • Roger

      You bet not? Why not look into it instead of assuming?

      • boomacboom

        I bet not as well. We’ve all looked way to far into obamacare. It’s ugly and deceptive and evil…just like its namesake. Why don’t YOU look into it? But, then you’d have to start thinking for yourself.

  • slider96

    Man what a ridiculous argument . Greenfield , you really got a thing for Obama dont you . What a bizarre mind !

    • Matthew

      Well, in terms of ridiculous, policies such as the one above ARE, unless you are mentally ill and want to be free to kill others.

    • Rebas Thgil

      Daniel didn't mention obama once in the article. It was about the ACLU. Please tell us what you believe to be the connection between obama and the ACLU here that has made you so jumpy. The only thing that appears to be bizarre is the mind of a slider who thinks that obama has to be dragged into this. He isn't that noteworthy, unless you are trying to draw a parallel based upon massive failure to deliver what is in the real best interest of the public.

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      That's what we call paranoia. Is your dosage being monitored?

    • Viet Vet

      Obummer wasn't mentioned, but slider knows that Obummer's ideology and the ACLU's is one and the same. The ACLU was founded by communist Roger Baldwin, who famously said: "communism, of course, is the goal."

    • JohhnyDee

      Typical libtard. Not once did he mention or refer to your Lord, Obuma.

    • Not a Liberal Idiot

      Excellent Rebas. Slider, your nothing but another delusional liberal with nothing but nonsense to spew. I would like to have seen what you would have said if one of the children killed was one of yours.

    • Dennis

      I did know that liberals could make a sentence! Without including something as stupid as O'Booboo's name in the conversation.. O'Booboo is a disaster, since he was in the womb for three months before the College Free Lay got married, therefore he was a 1/3 bastard!

  • slider96

    Be carefull you dont consume yourself with hate ….Greenfield . Your stomach may not take 4 more years with out deleterious physiological consequences . We've all seen it before ….people consumed with hate usually destroy themselves .

    • Agkcrbs

      Always funny to see haters yelling about other people's hatred.

      • Viet Vet

        Yep, haters gotta hate. The left is good at hating. If you're not a fellow commie, they hate with every bit of hate they can muster.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      My stomach just let me have all the greasy and sugary Chanukah food in half of the city. Obama doesn't have a shot of competing with latkes covered in duck sauce.

      • Rebas Thgil

        Live to write another day in good health…….

    • DB1954x

      slider96, I’ve long and often noticed how you libs manage to slip false or unproven premises into your rhetoric. Don’t think for a minute that we don’t know how that game is played. With every accusation you leftists make, you engage in the well-known psychological defense of projection, and the projection of your hatred onto others is precisely the trick by which the Nazis convinced so many Germans that they were the ‘victims’ of Jewish Germans. Malignant narcissism knows no particular political party or agenda. Don’t forget it.

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      Paranoia AND projection. You must be a barrel of laughs at the group therapy sessions.

    • theoriginaldonald

      and yet you and your fellow libs froth at the mention of SARAH PALIN!

    • Dennis

      Another person too far to the left to be any use the Union.

  • slider96

    BTW there are estimated to be about 45 million homless in the US , 11 million of which suffer varying degrees of mental illness . This kid would not have been institutionalized .Nor would he have been considered dangerous . However after the gun practice , the mother enabled an irrational act which turned muderous . What a red herring your argument is .

    • Jsch

      45 Million? 1 out of 6 people in the US lives outside…not even close…BTW….most homeless are mentally ill…with addiction problems….

      • Viet Vet

        LOL..Jsch…the left has been putting out that ridiculous number for 50 years, and they are too stupid to do the math. Of course the low-information voters probably eat it up. A more reasonable number they put out, but still way high is 5 million. A study, reported in USA Today, found that 700,000 people in the U.S. were homeless. However that is counting all the people who in a given year were homeless in any part of the year.. It is misleadingly high because people move in and out of homelessness. They may be homeless for some part of the year, but not the whole year.

      • slider96

        My mistake , that 45 million figure was not for homeless , but for Americans suffering from various forms of mental illness .. sorry my mistake .

    • winddancer

      You're a dumbass what about the man that went to a school in China the same say and STABBED menu of the children. Did his parents "enable" him by teaching him how to use a knife? Get a real argument. If he'd been able to have been admitted for treatment or institutionalization he wouldn't have had any opportunity to get to this level. Apparently he needed to be in an institution. The gun didn't shoot itself and law abiding citizens with legal license to carry guns don't go on shooting massacres, that'd left to the evil, crazy, criminal, gangs, dealers, etc..who do so illegally and don't care what the laws are.

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      95.7% of statistics are pulled out of a unicorn's backside.

    • JamesJ

      I told you a billion, trillion times not to exaggerate!

    • Dennis

      I see, then every person that takes multiple lives of people he/she doesn't know is just misunderstood? And the mother is the fault, not the weapon.. That is the reason we defend the 2nd Amendment so much, so that you can be stupid using the 1st Amendment.. How do you plan to explain McVeigh's and co-conspirator, Terry Nichols in blowing up the Murrah Building in Oklahoma.. You think his mother taught him? NO, it was the Federal Government, mostly shielding the FBI in the murder of Waco Church that got him angry. You don't have to be crazy, although you have no restraint about morals

  • mthomewa

    They started defunding mental health long before Bush or Obama. It has just continued on with nothing being done to make any changes! I have worked in the health system for a little over 40 years & in that time I have seen the mental health system progress and then digress due to budget cuts from both Federal and state levels. We are going to have to take a serious look at our mental health system, what is causing the increase in patients, and what we can do to remedy the entire situation with the best interests of all in mind. Somewhere along the line we, as a society, as a country, have gone horribly wrong. We need to fix our mess.

    • Rebas Thgil

      The first place to start in fixing the mess is to enable folks to rapidly respond to any individual who manifests their inner problem on a moments notice. When seconds count, the cops are only minutes away. Save lives by allowing the school staff the proper tools to stop the maniac. Israel is smart enough to do it. We are apparently too stupid to do so despite our history with Virginia Tech and Columbine.

      Stop the massive stupidity already and start following the Constitution. 'Shall not be infringed' means exactly that, and the legislators, judiciary and law enforcement throughout the decades who have created a system of all but totally denying our 2nd amendment right are the ones who have a good bit of the blood of these tragedies on their hands. It's well past time to get back to the land of the free, home of the brave.

      • Viet Vet

        The left is always calling for gun conrol, as if there is none, but firearms and the firearms industry is the most regulated entity in the land. There are something like 40,000 federal gun laws. Something like 70,000 words in the federal gun code. Then the states have their own gun laws. Such as Commiefornia, which has around 90,000 words in its' gun code. The best criminology study to date found that law-abiding firearms owners use their guns 2 million times each year to kill or drive off a criminal attack. That study encompassed every county in the nation over a 12 year period. It also found that where guns were most prevalent, crime was the lowest. Noteworthy is the fact that the 40 states that have enacted CCW (concealed carry) have dramatically reduced their crime rates across the board.

    • Viet Vet

      The ACLU sued back in the 60's, claiming that it was a violation of their civil rights to involuntarily institutionalize the insane. This was influenced by a couple of 60's movies (Snake Pit, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest) which "taught" people that these people weren't crazy, they were just "different" and should be left alone. Also 'crazy' psychiatrists who believed mental illness was just a reaction to the oppression of capitalism, patriarchy, etc.

      • plebis

        Quite true. I was around the day the aclu served the state, and when the state had to literally open the insane asylum and put the nuts back on the street. These were people with serious problems. Then the schools, etc. were forced to “mainstream” young crazies and the retarded in order they be “developed”.

        After allowing a few generations being instructed by “progressives” it’s little surprise the crazies are killing people.

        Obama is licking his chops for gun control. Fascists LOVE disarming the citizens.

    • Dennis

      I wish you the best, mental health is the boogieman in the closet that nobody wants to let out into the sunlight. Just being in one for a day can change a life toward the best. My brother, an alcoholic for most of his life got out of control one night. Woke up in South Elgin Mental Hospital and was so shocked that he was considered crazy that he stopped drinking that day.. Became a team leader at AA and continued until his early death at 55, probably caused by the damage done by alcohol. Keep up the work, it is one of the most important needs, more so that AIDS..

  • z

    We need to examine mental health policy and gun rights. Greenfield demonizes the ACLU and dumbs-down the conversation with a singular call for accountability/blame. This is not simple. And Greenfield is not worth listening to here.

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      No, we don't need to example peoples' right, when it comes to the matter of self-defense. The meaning of the 2nd Amendment is clear. and the courts are finally catching up with what most have known all along.

      The ACLU deserves to be demonized. It is an organization, founded with the goal of furthering the expansion of communism in the US. It is at its best when it plays its part in the theater of the absurd, like suing states for have "Choose Life" license plates, but it has done some thoroughly damnable things.

      • Viet Vet

        That is correct, the ACLU sued back in the 80's claiming that it was a violation of their civil rights to institutionalize insane people.

        • Viet Vet

          Excuse me…the 60's.

        • jvanstyn

          I was involuntarily incarcerated for 2 years in the early 60's for mental illness. I would have been better off without the Thorazine and Stelazine taking 3 years away from the formative years of my development. Life has been hard for me and I know that life would have been hard for me even without the ‘therapy’ of two years in a mental hospital and medication. That said, I knew what was best for me when I had/have my mental illness. I have now lived the majority of my life, raised a family and am retired. I am the same person that was that little boy, locked up in a mental hospital and medicated with Thorazine and Stelazine. I have the same problems now and will take them to the grave, I’m sure. I wouldn’t have it any other way because my problems are part of what makes me, me.

          Arrogant government doesn’t know best. I should have never been medicated. They medicate patients in mental hospitals for the convenience of the care givers, not the patients.

          Government might deem conservatism a mental disorder and start locking up conservatives. Conservatives, you know, also have a higher propensity to own guns. That makes them even more dangerous. – NOT! – Do you want government to have that power? The only solution for a nut with a gun is more guns, not more government power over the more vulnerable among us. I’m with the ACLU on this one.

          • RedWhiteAndJew

            The only solution for a nut with a gun is more guns, not more government power over the more vulnerable among us. I’m with the ACLU on this one.

            Then you are not with the ACLU. The ACLU is happy to have your guns forcibly taken from you by government.

          • jvanstyn

            I agree that the ACLU is an evil organization and I don’t agree with them on their 2nd Amendment stance if they are for letting the government forcibly take one’s guns. But they are correct in saying that government doesn’t have the right in incarcerate someone who is just different or even troubled in some way. They didn’t even break any law.

            I like the way slider96 put it:

            slider96 says:
            December 16, 2012 at 6:23 am
            Not necessarily Rev. Paul , when a citizen displays behavior in which there is a possibilty that person may do harm to themselves or others , they can be Bahker Axted , and under very flexible rules .This actually forces and provides a mental evaluation of that persons condition . However , there is no follow up . I dont particularly care for the ACLU , nor many of their endeavors , but such an organization , in the cases of mental health are necessarry .Why ? Just think of how the Baker Act can be [and is ] abused . However , blaming the ACLU for this or any other incident of this nature is ludicrous .and smacks of an agenda other than the actual problems involved . And that is OBVIOUSLY – partisan politics .

          • RedWhiteAndJew

            There are cases where an individual is danger to himself, or to others, due to mental illness. One can cite instances of abuse all day long, but it does not eliminate the fact that some people can justifiably be institutionalized against their will. That abuse of the system can occur just means the system needs work, not the principle.

    • Dennis

      Your score says it all, you must be in the wrong blog to be so wrong. Gun Rights are not what you think they are, it is the 2nd Amendment designed by people a lot smarter that you and I. The first 10 Amendments were all that was needed. the next 17 in some cases are dead issues, like the 13th and 14th Amendments, designed after the Civil (I hate that word) WAR. They were made so the Negro slave could a citizen.. Of course they are not needed today except to give children of illegal aliens citizenship without earning that right. They won't even learn English, choosing to let the Feds design the country as theirs.. NO Amnesty for law breakers..

  • http://MarkyD.Said Rev. Tyrone Pope

    Neither coerced drugging of the mentally “disturbed” nor curtailments of 2nd Amendment rights would prevent such shootings..but such measures WOULD be unconstitutional!

    • Dennis

      I think people confused you statement.. That is why I voted UP.

  • slider96

    When you stop to consider all of the shooters with the possible exception of Columbine , were by people with varying mental problems . The availability of weapons to all of them is a common thread in these tragedies . In the 60's there wer exposes exposing the inhumane wharehousing , over drugging , and filthy conditions in many institutions , also the fact that with monitored medication many simply did not have to be there ….but no one wanted to pay for it ,and that holds true today .

    • Viet Vet

      The common thread is that the perps are all insane and the incidents all took place in "gun-free" zones.

    • Dr Phil

      You're getting your facts wrong in that first sentence there.

  • slider96

    Not necessarily Rev. Paul , when a citizen displays behavior in which there is a possibilty that person may do harm to themselves or others , they can be Bahker Axted , and under very flexible rules .This actually forces and provides a mental evaluation of that persons condition . However , there is no follow up . I dont particularly care for the ACLU , nor many of their endeavors , but such an organization , in the cases of mental health are necessarry .Why ? Just think of how the Baker Act can be [and is ] abused . However , blaming the ACLU for this or any other incident of this nature is ludicrous .and smacks of an agenda other than the actual problems involved . And that is OBVIOUSLY – partisan politics .

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      Partisan? Say it ain't so. The ACLU is partisan? Really?


  • Guest

    Be careful what you wish for. The solution is not locking the mentally ill up BEFORE they do something unless someone exhibits extreme unusual behavior on the side of sadistic-violent fascination. Otherwise many good and productive members of society would be locked up for no reason. The issue here is the media's handling of these happenings and gun control. If it was made manditory that teachers carry in the schools then this would not happen at best and worst case it would not go on prolonged. Some teacher would show up and end a situation like this quickly. Keep your personal hate issues out of your journalism. Otherwise you are nothing more than part of the problem like a loud mouthed ignorant citizen who never does anything to personally a situation.

  • Danny M. Sessums

    As a one-time Anthropology major, and thrice times college graduate, I spent all my life rising from the gutter to cultivate intelligence amongst my students. Lamentably, I now watch with disdain as the society all about me "races" into that detestable oblivion. My charges went out into a "sick" society seeking to change if for the better, only to be swallowed whole in the process! Dropping out to live in the '50s has been the only way I can cope with the idiocy that serves, not well, our current society. A time-fence barrier is the only way I've been able to escape.

  • Christian West


    Do you know what Timothy MCVeigh, Una Bomber, 9-11 murderers, London Subway, Madrid Train bombers, Tokyo Subway Sarin Nerve Gas attackers, HUNDREDS of moslem suicide bombers had in common?


    Had the Connecticut school employed an armed guard the chance Adam Lanza was dead instead of the children would be quite big.

    And, yes, ACLU is to blame for the fact that an obviously mentally deranged, potential murderers are roaming the streets instead of being locked up.

    • MorinMoss

      That didn't work for Columbine, did it?

  • Guest

    I worked on the acute wards/units of many psychiatric facilities. Please hear me. You may not believe or agree with me, but hear me at least.

    Many patients who are prescribed psychotropic medication do not take them unless supervised – including mouth, under tongue checking. They do not take the meds for various reasons. That is a WHOLE other topic.

    Suffice it to say that if it were easier to detain and commit individuals involuntarily (with transparency and all due process) most of these horrific instances of violence would cease.
    As a nation we definitely need to tighten up the way firearms are acquired. Banning of automatic weapons and large magazine clips, etc. is not going to work — and deep down you all know this.
    This is a mental health issue, mostly. Each state has unique laws and regulations that define and dictate mental health situations that may need detainment, restraint (chemical or manual). Maybe the answer is to overhaul these laws. I certainly know from experience that local, state, and federal governments have been very lax in properly funding mental health.
    Maybe if the schools had bullet-proof windows, an indoor playground, and an armed security guard we would feel safer as a nation. Even as jaded as I am to people who are convinced they are Satan or God on varying days — this escalation in these violent incidents is alarming.

    I really took an earlier commenter to heart when they wrote about how draining mental illness can be to family members. These are people like you and me, who simply want to live a peaceful life. I have seen families "take shifts" in supervising patients around the clock just so they would not do themselves harm or hurt others.

    Ultimately, as informed citizens we bear the responsibility to pressure lawmakers to tweak various laws as they relate to mental health. Will it happen soon enough in my lifetime to change the direction? No. But, we members. These are people like you and me, who simply want to live a peaceful life. I have seen families "take shifts" in supervising patients around the clock just so they would not do themselves harm or hurt others.

    Ultimately, as informed citizens we bear the responsibility to pressure lawmakers to tweak various laws as they relate to mental health. Will it happen soon enough in my lifetime to change the direction? No. But, we must think of all of the future six and seven-year-olds.
    Lastly I beg, please stop ignoring the elephant in the room!must think of all of the future six and seven-year-olds.
    Lastly I beg, please stop ignoring the elephant in the room!

  • Milt

    The "guest" who wants it mandatory for teachers to carry guns is not wise. You want to take a bunch of tightly wrapped, over worked and under paid people and have them start carrying loaded weapons? Yeah, that worked out really well at the post office.

  • Karl Quick

    Every principle and school psychologist should have a locked box in their desk with a locked revolver. They should be trained to not just rush the shooter, but shoot the shooter while rushing! They may take some bullets, but those will be his last. Is it heroic they gave their lives rushing to the rescue of the kids, but it would have been both heroic and life saving if they had a gun while doing it.

    Consequences: My, how I miss the good old days when the gene pool was self cleaning!

  • Nicolas Wilcoxon

    It is practical and analytical dealing. I' always like to read such kind of content as it increase my experience. Whatever, psychological sector is important for any country that seem to me. Thanks for the head up!


    This guy wants to throw the BILL OF RIGHTS in the trash and we're suppose to take him seriously. Freedom is a great thing but it's not always a pretty thing. Police states are very safe but who wants to live without their freedom??? You can't persecute peoplefor crime they might do, if we go down that path, where does it end??? The answer is to prosecute criminals to the fullest extent instead of going after the inoccent citizen.

  • guest

    Couldn't you use a decent picture of Adam Lanza? With those eyes looking so demonic, it looks photoshopped.

  • creating a blog

    Hi just wanted to give you a quick heads
    up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same outcome.

  • acidpop5

    first, there is no way predict whether that law or one like it could have prevented this tragedy. Mental illness by itself is rarely taken on by the ACLU. You have to be diagnosed and a criminal to be afforded legal rights. The reason these laws all have different requirements is the failure of any real scientific or diagnostic contributions by the ADA who have somehow established opinion into expert medical opinion that is mostly decided by the possible net profit they could gain should they attest to it. Forced treatment takes that opinion and denies the liberty, future, and basic human rights on a diagnosis the APA can't even agree on. They use medications that they can't attribute any actual benefits to outside of the 85 billion dollar net profit. These medications are not approved most of the time for this usage and they are dangerous and cause permanent side effects. Personally, I would like to see some actual medicine before I start dehumanizing people for monetary gain.

  • Dee

    Why do so many Christians uncritically support psychiatry, psychology, and the mental "health" profession when it is evident that many of them view devout Christian faith and obedience as a sure fire sign of "mental illness???" Before I give any example, let the honest Christian reader versed in the Bible take a break for a minute to determine how that could be the case for themselves: it really isn't that hard to figure out. Have none of them ever heard unbelievers say that "Christianity itself is a mental illness" and other similar comments????? I even remember during my old public elementary school class that my teacher told us that if anyone truly believed they were possessed by demons, they should be put in a straight jacket and involuntarily committed!!! Demonic possession is a biblical doctrine!!! You either believe the Lord Jesus Christ or you believe men!!! Which is it???? Jesus Christ in His Word revels that demon possessed people need salvation, fasting, and prayer to get better — not psychiatry!!!! The reasoning and actions behind psychiatry are most at home with the children of the dark, not the children of the light — Christians!!!

    • Dee

      Many psychiatrists/psychologists are very biased and antagonistic toward Christianity — especially the fundamentalists — and could secretly find ways to harass them. Because it is not a science, and there exists is no real way to tell the real cases of insanity from the fake, and there is also no due process for the involuntarily committed, this would be far easier than most people would dare to realize. It seems so many lack discernment here and will defend evil, even attacking the brave few who would dare question this antichristian tower of psycho-babble!!! It is esteemed some sacred cow (idol) that no one better dare touch! To their shame, I include many professing Christians in this category!!!! I am far more sympathetic to the professed unbeliever who loves it!!! I feel Satan truly does not want this stronghold exposed and that is why he works vehemently to defend it, and even uses professing, nominal Christians to do this. This has been a devastating trojan horse upon Christianity!!! It goes almost entirely unnoticed and uncommented on! I would not be shocked if this industry is used later on to directly persecute Bible-believing Christians, once this nation and even the entire world has slipped into further depravity than even now.

      • Dee

        Many, many people working in the psychiatric profession are atheists — NOT Christians!!!! A simple internet search will prove this for those who want a source. By their beliefs and fruits you can know them!!!! I am sure some of them (including the ones who claim Christianity) would diagnose me as a "paranoid schizophrenic" for having this view. I do not buy the "chemical imbalance in the brain" theories for insanity. I believe many who are deceived by this are probably not saved either. If Jesus Christ and the Prophet Jeremiah had been around today, there is little doubt in my mind psychiatry would have been used against them, and most people (including so-called "Christians") would be too rebellious and unbelieving to see it, and would aggressively defend the actions of the evil doers under the sinful cloak of "mental heath" and "safety," rather than suffer for the truth.

        • Dee

          I have done a little research on the topic of whether psychiatry and Christianity are compatible, and I believe they are NOT. I am disgusted so many professing Christians fail to honestly question this. I feel there is no where near enough being done about this poisonous leaven among those professing the Lord Jesus Christ! I also include psychiatry and involuntary commitment here, not just psychology, as most of the warning articles written by Christian ministries online do not properly condemn these former two, but focus primarily against psychology. Many of these articles are good, but they simply do not go far enough! The safest way to combat this system is to reject it wholesale!!! Just like so-called "Christian" Contemporary Music!

          • Dee

            I believe people who are not insane at all could be committed "as a danger to self or others" because of a purposeful distortion and/or even an out-and-out lie against their devoutly held Christian beliefs. The article "Christian loses suit over 'gay' Jesus case"
            (Read more at "") points in that direction for the truly discerning with eyes to see and hears to hear who is willing to connect the dots. Michael Marcavage was lucky he encountered mental "health" workers who either weren't totally biased or were secretly too afraid to do anything to him. God must have had mercy on him there. I put this comment here for those who believe "we should all lock up the crazies" without discrimination or recourse. You just might be consenting to evil!!!! Be careful who you are really serving!!!!! Oh, and for those of them claiming to love America and freedom, their words betray their hypocrisy!!!! If it is suspected "the crazies" have committed a crime or have made death threats, put them in jail!!! At least there they will be given a trial and not tortured by things like electro-shock "therapy," mind-altering drugs that can actually create insanity (by default), etc.

            I pray that the LORD will help those few who are trying to bring this evil to the light!!! I believe psychiatry has always been a corrupt tree from its foundation and its root — therefore it does not and cannot produce a good fruit!!!! I believe Christians should definitely avoid it and go to God, the church, or even elsewhere for help!!!! I am NOT a Pentecostal or Charismatic either!!! I am just a Bible-believing Christian who actually cares and has the nerve to say it online!!! I am so sick of the lies and compromise among those who should know better!!! I am appalled more Christians, especially men in the ministry, do not take this stand!!! The end must be near!!!!

  • Socialist Worker

    If these are mental health issues why are these people found sane at the time of the crime, sane for trial and sane enough for punishment. Sanity is a legal not medical term. For one to have committed a crime one must be able to understand the consequences of their actions. For one to be tried one must be able to understand that they are accused of a crime and the rudimentary function of the court. For one to be punished one must be able to understand that they are being punished. Either these people must be getting very poor legal advice, the legal system is not functioning properly, or their mental illness has nothing to do with their crime.

  • Dr. Card Carrying Member ACLU

    Wow !!!
    I am immediately faced with grave discomfort reading this logically unsound argument blasting the ACLU and targeting their efforts to promote civil liberties as a non-for-profit organization devoted to upholding civil rights & if you have heard of the Bill of Rights, it’s the first Ten Amendments of The United States Constitution. That said, well to be blunt, it is an absurdity that you are not ashamed to be authoring such a ludicrous online option, lacking any sufficient evidence, criticizing the ACLU for their efforts in promoting civil liberties and civil rights. Following such an unprecedented tragedy at Sandy Hook…. ehh okay,
    I am speechless, I think the only conclusion that can warrant such a laughable post is that your mental status was comrpromised, possibly due to your inability to understand exactly what you are stating above.

    Was your account hacked? This is very concerning to read. But your suggesting that ACLU is in any way shape or form accountable, on a legal or moral level is laugh at loud funny. Are you serious with this or is it a joke?

    It is just asinine to suggest there exists BLAME in this tragic event. Like this is an absolute absurdity. I hope your account was hacked because it’s sickening what I have gathered here.

    Everything is open to interpretation, so they say…