Afghanistan at Home

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Last week I was able to observe some of the top police brass doing what they do and it struck me how similar Community Policing is to Counterinsurgency. Both are methods used to control violence in fragmented multicultural areas by building trust and winning over tribal leaders in the hopes of lowering their group’s participation in crime and terrorism while getting them to cooperate with the local forces and act as informants on the bad guys.

In Afghanistan it may be a matter of navigating the Pashtuns, Hazaras and Tajiks, and their various families, while in Brooklynbad, Al-Minneapolis or Londonistan it’s Somalis, Turks and Lebanese, but it’s still much the same game. The big brass, in coordination with local activists who claim to represent the community leadership, unveil a new strategy which involves lots of face time, aid and respect for the assorted cultures involved. The boys in blue or khaki fall in line, but know that it mostly comes down to having enough boots on the ground and hoping that the locals are afraid enough not to try anything big.

We can of course withdraw from Afghanistan, send up the choppers in whirls of dust, ship the gear back home and trim down the military. And some of those ex-soldiers will go into local police forces and security companies where they will be doing the same thing they did back in Afghanistan, but with less firepower and more discretion, because while the people on the ground may be Pakistanis, Somalis or Iraqis, they have the right papers and are officially Americans or Europeans.

Withdrawing from Baghdad or Kabul is a snap compared to withdrawing from London or Los Angeles and even small towns are on the line. 3,000 Somalis showed up in Lewiston, Maine, pop. 36,000. Now Lewiston has nearly double the violent crime rate of the state average. In the Finnish town of Lieksa, it’s the same story. Or in Shelbyville, Alabama. There are Little Mogadishus all over which share the problems of the big Mogadishu. The bigger they get, the bigger the problems get.

There was always a thin line between community policing and counterinsurgency, but the rise of domestic Muslim violence has nearly eliminated the line as the insurgency comes home. In Afghanistan soldiers look for IEDs, while back in London or New York their law enforcement colleagues search for bombs in cars and bus stations. Angry bearded mobs shake their fists and threaten death in London and Jalalabad. And uniformed men visit mosques, take off their shoes and discuss working together with the local leaders on stopping the violence.

The war has already come home and the only real tactic on tap is cultural sensitivity. Display enough of it and you’ll win over the locals and if you win over the locals, they’ll help you stop the violence. And along the way the eyes of the law have to be closed to some of their nastier habits, like beating their wives and killing their daughters. If they turn violent when a Koran is burned, then everything possible has to be done to prevent anyone from ever torching one or drawing an offensive cartoon or doing anything else to light the fuse.

The failure in Afghanistan is predictive of the failures in Europe and America, and vice versa, all the glowing visions of girls going to school and a participatory society giving way to tribal enclaves, violent explosions and blood feuds. The drug dealers pass by the mosque and the corner grocery, while the suicide bomber and the rapist have their atrocities sanctified by the black book of the Koran.

Despite all the best efforts and the fortunes plowed into the project, integration never seems to take off, though there are plenty of spokesmen for it. The violence never goes away, no matter how much outreach takes place or how many young men and community leaders are bribed with aid money. And the clock always seems to keep moving relentlessly to the midnight hour when the masks come off, the bombs go off and the cities burn.

In Afghanistan we discovered that three cups of tea don’t work, but they also don’t work in London or New York. There are plenty of cordial meetings and some tips do come in. A Taliban attack in Helmand province, a suicide bombing on the A train to Far Rockaway, are headed off. And the brass smile and exchange handshakes because it’s working. But then next week three unreported attacks shake their faith. And the leaders they had three cups of tea with have a higher price this time because violence has become their asset, letting them take in money and support from both sides, while acting as intermediaries between the brass and the bombers.

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  • Alexander Gofen

    What a brilliant article! Thank you Mr. Greenfield. You are so correct writing:

    "The Clash of Civilizations has made far more Westerners doubt their way of life, than it has made Muslims doubt theirs."

    Just a decade ago even crazy lefts would not dare to doubt that America is an exclusively Judeo-Christian nation, which is our national identity. Nowadays both left-wing and some right-wing openly negate our Judeo-Christian heritage!

    The only salvation of the Western civilization is to rise in a fury and to rid of every last mo-o-o-oslem which gets in sight. Every stone, every fiber of our soul must shout: There are moslems hiding behind, rid of them! Send them back to their crapistans! And first of all rid of the islamic usurper in the White House…

    The only question is whether here remain any folks in our fallen nation up to the Herculean task of cleaning these Augean Stables…

    • Bulan Sabriel

      This is a wonderful article. But the change occurred in the 1960s, not 9/11. Political Correctness, or more properly Cultural Marxism, was designed to destroy Western Civilization.
      Cultural Marxism/PC usurped Liberalism. Liberalism has become Civilizational AIDS. It subverts education, the media, high culture, and women- the propagators and defenders of civilization- leaving not a utopia, but a dying self-hating wreck to be infected, colonized, invaded and replaced. Islam is the increasingly virulent parasitic infection.

      The Clash of Civilizations did not make us doubt our civilization. This was already here. (Remember the leftist assault on Columbus in 1992?) 9/11/2001 should have been a wake up call. Instead it accelerated the process as the Grover Norquist-infected liberal Bush administration embrased CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood. For the left, Muslims and even Islamists became the oppressed to be protected and given licence to do anything. Neoconservatives with their delusions of democracy inevitably coddled Muslims and the Muslim Brotherhood, since we could not offend those we wished to empower.

      • SKIP

        The situation you describe and the Obama regime is why so many White American citizens are loading up on weapons, ammo and survival stuffs. Shortyl, our own damned government is going to become our worst enemy. The TV program JERICHO is similar to what I see coming followed shortly by Road Warrior days. Weapons and ammo are your friends, get them while it is still possible to do so.

      • LoveFreedom

        Excellent links to two excellent articles–thank you!
        —-Bill Whittle's online show, "Afterburner" (all are good) on Pajamas Media TV (PJTV), also has a great 13-minute video about PC/Cultural Marxism that was started in America by the dishonorable Frankfort School.

        —When David Horowtz filled in as guest host on a radio talk show (Rush's?) several years ago, a caller asked how could he tell if a leader of any political group was honourable or not. David unhesitatingly replied: if they are promoting the false promise of utopia–of heaven on earth—DUMP THEM! How true.

    • Alexander Gofen

      Bulan Sabrie, you are absolutely correct. The so called "political correctness" is a part of Commies' agenda revealed by Skousen already in 1960. However the rot originated even earlier… I made a comparative analysis explaining it:

      Yet it is not just the Liberalism – the Civilizational AIDS, which made us an easy prey for islam. The main factor which empowered islam and brought it fore in the 20-21 centuries is trillions of oil money:

  • truebearing

    If truth is a bitter thing to swallow, then Mr. Greenfield's piece is a flagon of bile. It's all true and there seems to be an inexorable momentum to our inevitable submission to very dark forces. Political correctness has paralyzed the minds of Europeans and Americans to the point that fear of acceptance is greater than our native survival instincts. Truly free minds would conclude that there is no other choice but to free our culture of Islam, and the Left that enables it, and then free Europe. It is a big world, and we need to accept that this will be a big fight….. or we can meekly submit and become enthralled by evil.

  • Danny

    Maybe Greenfield, Gofen and truebearing should lead the way for all of us, take a break from their typing exercises, put their money where their big pie-holes are, and start violently dispatching, to quote Gofen, "every last m-o-o-oslem which gets in sight" in our cities and towns. Then the rest of us can watch as they're paraded in front of the TV cameras in orange jumpsuits and plastic handcuffs after they're caught, just like the neo-Nazi in Norway.

    Somehow I don't think they're up to it.

    • diann

      you're talking out of both sides of your mouth here…. what's your message?? the pen is mightier than the sword… that's how these brave people are fighting.

      • truebearing

        It's easy for Danny. He isn't restrained by rationality.

    • truebearing

      Mr. Greenfield is leading. I guess you have a childish, one-dimensional concept of leadership which is limited to arming oneself and heading out for battle. According to your way of thinking, the forces opposed to slavery should have started a war before they tried to reason with slave owners. Why am I not surprised?

      You should consider what kind of follower you are, since obviously you're no leader. What leader would want you as a follower? You have no courage.

  • SRWakankar

    We often mistake Islam for Arab Islam which it is not. The Real Islam is the non-Arab Islam (ie Hindu) great tradition of non-Arab(ie again Hindu) Asia which pre-dates Arab 's Mohammedan Islam which is "for the Arab,by the Arab, of the Arab" only and beyond it, it is sheer IMPERIALISM. Arab Islam's real frame or CANVAS is Arabia only, pl don't stretch it any further.

    • SKIP

      NONSENSE! there is only islam and islam is sharia. It is also the very dark side of humanity.

    • Whatsinaname

      What would you call Pakistan, then? Ask any former Muslim: there is only one Islam.

  • Dispozadaburka

    New World Order needs a New World Religion funded by Saudi Arabia.

    The Muslim Day of Prayer in DC, lead by Barack Husseim Obama." where 50,000 muslim men prayed for "The Soul of America." Sept 2009) Was actually a Freemasonic rite of "surrender" to Islam.
    Barack is the name of Mohammeds White Horse, Hussein the name of the 3rd and 12th Imam who will bring in the Mahdi and O-ba-ma in Persian, means "He is with us."

    The goal of attaining or conquering, Jerusalem (before or during the galactic alignment) (Mayan calendar) Dec. 21, 2012 is the goal.
    If we move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem we have, in effect, have captured Jerusalem for Islam.

    • Whatsinaname

      Moving our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is merely acknowledging that the capital of Israel is Jerusalem, not Tel Aviv. It's about time we did that. And it's also about time we stated on the birth certificates of Americans born in Jerusalem that they were born in Jerusalem, Israel. The U.S. State Dept. has to enter the 20th and then the 21st centuries.

  • Mike

    "The war has already come home and the only real tactic on tap is cultural sensitivity. Display enough of it and you’ll win over the locals and if you win over the locals, they’ll help you stop the violence. And along the way the eyes of the law have to be closed to some of their nastier habits, like beating their wives and killing their daughters. If they turn violent when a Koran is burned, then everything possible has to be done to prevent anyone from ever torching one or drawing an offensive cartoon or doing anything else to light the fuse."

    Are you kidding me, Greenfield? There is so much wrong with this article that I don't even know where to begin.

    • zemplar

      hey mike, keep your head stuck in the ground, it clearly suits you. that way you won't see what's going on, and – here's the real kicker – you won't have to do anything about it, because it 'won't be happening'

  • Ronald Johnston

    Why do we let such a small per centage of people have such liberties? It is the same with our federal politicians! Why do we have so many guns? To stop such evil and remain free!!!!

    • trickyblain

      Don't get me wrong, I'm a gun owner and support the right to have one. But if the gov't really wanted to take your guns away they would. A .45 ACP won't do much good if you're being rolled by an M1-A1 main battle tank.

      • KarshiKhanabad

        I'm a former tanker. An armored vehicle has as many vulnerabilities as it does offensive capabilities and can survive and win battles only when combined with infantry, artillery, close air support, and other conventional systems.

        Sooner or later a tank has to be refueled, rearmed, and maintained. It cannot sustain itself in motion indefinitely. Its crew members must be fed & periodically rested. Surviving inside a buttoned-up tank for days on end is hell for those who have done it. Yes, a tank & its crew are invulnerable to small arms fire, but only under a specified set of conditions. If tanks were actually deployed against an insurrection of the citizenry, a thousand websites would pop up instantly with the heading "How to defeat a tank with simple techniques & materials you can find in your own home.".

        I too own a .45 automatic, the same type weapon I carried as a tanker. Look up "Can one handgun defeat an army?" for some ideas.

    • SKIP

      Why did the DHS order 450 million rounds of ammo for guns that are only used for killing people that belong to an acronym that has only domestic duties!!!! I posit, they are in fact for killing people, AMERICAN CITIZEN PEOPLE!

  • neel

    The self proclaimed right to police the world has some minor drawbacks.

  • SRWakankar

    My subject is Islam, not Arab Islam.
    Islam is like a train, nobody knows from where it is coming; the Arabs boarded it in the 7th century, they don't know the earlier "stations".For them, they don't exist.This is the reason for their typical worldview.For them, world begins with Mohammed and his preachings.Before it, everything is dark."Light" came in 7th century only.This is Arab Islam.
    But the great ancient tradition of non-Arab(ie Hindu) Islam of non-Arab(Hindu) Asia is far older than this and no less in any sense.It starts with the Holy Vedas and its language is Sanskrit-the ancient classical language of the East,not Arabic.This is Hindu Islam, ie my Islam.AfPak is its land of birth, but due to Medieval anti-Indian Arab/Muslim Imperialism, this whole area became converted to Arab Islam and Hindu Islam disappeared totally from this region.Pakistan is a fallout of this legacy, it is a product of terrorism and violence against Hindus.All people in this area are 'rebel Hindus, they are ferociously anti-Hindu,because they are ex-Hindu.Hindu is the word for "resistance" against Medieval Arab/Muslim Imperialism". Hindu India fiercely resisted Islamic invasions and survived the attacks and bloodshed in spite of tyrannical Muslim rule which lasted for centuries.Hindu India's story is a saga of wonder where in spite of total military/political collapse, a nation and a people survived.Today, whole world is fighting this eternal Hindu War which has been termed as War on Terror.Hindu India is fighting this war for last 1500 years.There is nothing NEW for Hindus in this.They have great experience of this for centuries.
    Why India did not become Muslim?
    Because Hindus have already been on the path of Islam (in Hinduism called DHARMA), they were and are,Muslim since quite long before the Arabs became Muslim. Hindu Islam which precedes and pre-dates Arab Islam is the "Real Islam".It is tolerant, non-violent non-Jihadi, non-hating, democratic,non-supremacist, and most of all not anti-West at all. It exists with the West and its values with perfect harmony and peace.Hindu Islam has no civilizational clash with the West or anybody. That is why it is the Real and most Authentic One.Arab Islam is "for the Arab, by the Arab, of the Arab".

    • Choi

      WHAT in the H are you talking about,"Hindu Islam"?
      Hindu is the Indian Sub-Continent's largest religion.
      It has it's unique theology and holidays.
      Islamic CONQUERORS,The Mughals, forced millions of Hindus into CONVERTING(by the sword) and set up their own Indian(including today's Pakistan and Bengledesh)ISLAMIC ":Caliphate,"the Mughal Empire".
      Western parts of India ,such as Hyderbad and present-day Pakistan ,were heavily Islamic and in 1947 the British gave up its Indian Empire and Partitioned Colonial India into India and Pakistan,with those Muslims desiring to live in a Muslim MAJORITY country ,relocated to Pakistan.
      Millions of Muslims remained in the New India and to this day cause VIOLENCE.
      By the way,most Pakistanis with the last name of Sheikh are descended from FORCED CONVERTS to Islam.

  • RonCarnine

    One of the problems (and its a big one) with integration of Muslim immigrants into the US is that they cannot and do not have the ability to "protect and defend" as well as obey, the Constitution of the United States. George Washington wrote a letter to a Hebrew Congregation at the end of the Revolutionary War commending them as "good citizens". A good citizen according to Washington, was a citizen who obeys and supports the Constitution and who allows others to practice their religion w/o interference or persecution. Since Muslims can't do this, they never can be considered good citizens and should not be allowed to immigrate into this country. Sharia Law is not at all compatible with the laws and Constitution of this nation. Another problem we have is the belief that if we pour enough money into the Muslim community is that they will be peaceful. But that has already been tried and it failed. Turn back the pages of history to the presidential administration of Thomas Jefferson. Our country had been paying the Barbary Coast to leave our shipping alone. When the so called Barbary Pirates (should be spelled Muslim) took a military ship and help over 300 men prisoner and demanded ransom to release them, Jefferson said enough. Military force was used and the men were released. Jefferson's example shows us the only option that is successful and that is military force. So, no more Muslim immigration and no more large payments. It is the only thing that will work.

    • kendrick1

      Right! We have all the "friends" we can afford to buy!!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Immigration is created by the left to destroy Western cultures and create a subservient society without
    personal dignity, National pride and clear lines of identity, in short social engineering with total change
    destroying today while eradicating the past for a utopian future of total control……….Mass deportation
    is the only answer to this problem, the price of doing nothing, complete chaos and a very bloody

  • dave White

    Very good article. Is it prophecy, early history or still headlines?

  • HorseHead

    Articles like this bring out and help justify the existence of paranoid, fear mongering, tin foil hat wearing people. Don't feed the trolls.

  • Martial Arts

    Why a lot of people are trying to compete from each other and so as the countries? They keep on envying and keep on having war….

  • SKIP

    3000 Somalis didn't just SHOW UP! they were brought there by CHRISTIAN and CATHOLIC charity organizations for MONEY, our TAXPAYER MONEY! Go check out and read stuff that will really upset you.