African Refugees Say Arab Muslims More Racist than Europeans

Under liberal dogma, the world is divided between the evil European colonialist exploiters of doom and the Oppressed masses of the Third World. In the real world, things are very different.

This is Morocco, one of the few moderate Arab countries, though not for long with the victory of an Islamist party. It’s fairly tolerant by Muslim standards, which is still wildly intolerant by European standards.

“Be careful, those blacks might eat you,” a Moroccan juice seller in the little border town of Fnideq warned us. They might what? “Yes, really,” he replies. “They can do anything.”

“Arabs hate black people. And that is not from today, it is in their blood,” says Aboubakr, a young man from Senegal who is hoping eventually to cross over into Europe. He spent almost a year in Morocco’s capital Rabat before coming to this forest camp near the Spanish border and his experiences there left him feeling bitter.

“Friends of mine were attacked with a knife. Bandits target us because they know we cannot go to the police, even if we are robbed and hurt. Having no papers, we will be caught instead. Blacks have no rights here.”

American liberals like to compare the plight of Muslims to the segregation of black people in the United States, in fact it’s Muslims who practice segregation of Africans.

Aboubakr is also insulted that Moroccans “cannot believe many of us are Muslims too”. According to him, people are surprised when they see him kneeling for prayer. “They don’t think a black can be Muslim.”

The migrants are reluctant to believe that they might meet more racism in Europe than in Morocco. If they finally manage to cross the border “Black and white people are good together,” claims Aboubakr. “In Holland, there are many blacks on the national soccer team. Moroccans are just jealous.”

And that’s part of why you have a flood of African refugees to Europe, not into the Muslim world.  And here’s a little view of life for Africans in Iraq.

  • riverboatbill

    Islam is an equality hatred cult. They hat ALL infidels.

  • DeShawn

    And the jews are more racist than Europeans and Arabs combined. Just read the Talmud and you'll have no doubt.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      That explains the Civil Rights Movement

      • DeShawn

        Yeah, nice try, but you're talking to a Black man whose READ The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews (Volumes 1 and 2). I know all about your dirty little secret, about how jews were the PRIMARY force behind the African slave trade. As for teh Civil Right Movement, it was just another instance in which the jew tried to usurp power from the Black man, taking over our fight for equality like we couldn't take care of things ourselves. To this DAY, the jew PRETENDS to be the friend of the Black man but actually EXPLOITS him for his talent while keeping Black youth brainwashed by the materialism and gansta culture your promoted in your filthy media machine. You're not fooling ANYONE. I know whom my enemies are.

    • Kufar Dawg

      I had thought Israel within the last ten years has allowed for aliyah by tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian and Chinese Jews? How many black muslims are allowed citizenship rights in Soddy Barbaria again? Or anyone non-Arabic for that matter?

    • truebearing

      I have to say, DeShawn, that was a remarkably stupid and uninformed comment, even by your standards….not that you really have any that are high enough to even stub a toe on.

      • DeShawn

        Yeah, talk all the trash you want, but I'm still smarter than you ANY day of the week.

        • truebearing

          Sure you are. Your brilliance is blinding. You're the smartest racist I have encountered all week.

          Does it ever dawn on your tremendous intelligence that you are doing what you decry others doing to blacks? Or is that too complicated for you?

        • charleston


    • Tariq

      I have no idea why you got downvoted. If the people who downvoted you actually read the talmud- shame on them!! but you are saying the jews. Those ''jews'' are actually Khazars, descended from the son of Japeth- ashkenazi, not of the sons of shem. Look it up. A group of jews in africa have been proven to have a higher concentration of ''cohanan'' gene (that is associated with Moses and Aaron) than most of the rabbis in Israel combined

  • lazybones

    The only group in history that fought a war to free enslaved people is the US.

    If deshawn actually read anything instead of whining all the time about pseudo liberal history ,he'd know ;

    The oldest known written ancient Hebrew other than the Bible has emerged as laws to protect slaves, widows, orphans and foreigners.

    The five lines of ancient Hebrew were painted onto a clay pot about 3,000 years ago.
    Archaeologists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem discovered the inscription-covered clay slab in 2008 while excavating the site of a ancient city known to have existed in 10 BC, Khirbet Qeiyafa, which lies 25 kilometres south-west of Jerusalem.
    Professor of Protestant theology at the University of Münster, Dr. Reinhard Achenbach's final interpretation ;
    "The language seems to be ancient Hebrew, but it is closely related to other west-semitic Canaanite languages."
    The tablet's significance lay in its instructions to take care of the disadvantaged of ancient Israeli society.
    In the second and third lines which read: Give rights to slaves and to widows.
    Give rights to orphans and foreigners.
    Protect the rights of the poor and protect the rights of minors.

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    DeShawn is an angry black guy who blames all his failings on racism. Your meaningless, bitter life, DeShawn, is because you have chosen that. Enjoy!

    • DeShawn

      Wrong, I'm a successful scientist, I don't have anything to complain about for myself. I place blame on the jews running the media and finances who exploit the black community while keep us subjegated. THAT'S who I blame.

      • truebearing

        You're a successful scientist, eh? What kind of scientist? A social scientist, perhaps? A Sociologist?

        You sure can't write worth a damn, and how is it that someone who claims to be so smart is getting exploited all of the time? Has it ocurred to you that you might just be a paranoid racist with delusions of grandeur?

      • charleston


        Blacks who do not live among white/Jews and are not exploited are more successful than black who live among whites and Jews?

        Where dat?


  • truebearing

    Blacks hate whites because some practiced slavery but seem eager to be recruited into Islam by Arabs who enslaved them for far longer and in far worse conditions. I don't believe there was any emancipation of blacks by Arabs of conscience, either. Needless to say, it makes no sense unless you factor in the brainwashing done by those who enslaved them ideologically, the Left. It seems blacks are most loyal to their worst tormentors.

  • maher

    The arabo-islamic world is a huge cess-pool. It’s overflowing here. Same obscurantism, same predators.
    Don't take this for you DeShawn, you are just an idiot.

  • PaulRevereNow

    If you want an Arab to behave a certain way; you have to stand up to them, use force, or outmanuever them. Verbal persuasion, is, for the most part, useless. Most Arabs are like children; and the lowest common denominator governs their behavior, many times, in any given situation.

  • Michael Woodbridge

    This is a pity! We Europeans need to become more racist than any other race or nation. Only by doing so will we be able to fight back against that which is destroying us.

  • Karim

    There is a political propaganda trying to turn Black poeple against arabs. I am Arab and I love my Black brothers. Because we are from the same continent, and we both suffered from colonisation.
    They are trying to make black poeple forget that all north african arab countries have black citizens living in piece with all the other ethnies of each country. Sudan is an arab country and black at the same time. They divided it to take control of its resources.
    So why turn blacks against arabs? Because even with the active lobbyism of Israel in Western countries, only 9 countries voted against a palestinian observing member at the united nations. They want to turn blacks against arabs. They hope to make them part of the same crimes that they did with black poeple dduring colonialism. Separating families by artificial borders. They want african countries to vote against the legitim rights of palestine that is suffering now from the same aggressions colonizers did to all africans not only black.

    • Nina

      Karim yes you love your black brothers as long as they don't marry your sisters. You are in complete denial. According to the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR), Black African immigrants to Egypt often face physical violence and verbal abuse at the hands of the general public and law enforcement officials. refugee from Sudan are especially targeted, with racial slurs like "oonga boonga" and "samara" (meaning "black") constituting the most typical insults. The EIPR attributes the violence and abuse to both a lack of government efforts at disseminating information, raising awareness and dispelling myths with regard to the economic contributions made by the newcomers, and stereotyping on the part of the Egyptian media. Black women are also targets of sexual harassment. The day Arabs stop denying this fact and do something about it is the day they will truly be liberated!

    • Nina

      I can't believe you mentioned Sudan. The Arab League and the Organisation of the Islamic Conference have repeatedly refused to censure totalitarian regimes like Sudan for killing their own black African citizens, even when the victims are Muslims. The Sudanese Arabs killed thousands of Black Muslims for their resources and for ethnic cleansing and NO other Arab country stepped in to stop this atrocity but the same Arab League has much to say about the wrongs Israel and the US commit. I do NOT condone what is being done to the Palestinians but the Arab community needs to stop the same racism they claim to be victims of.

  • Isias mafia

    I have lived in Kuwait, Iraq and Saudia Arabia, and in North America. Arabs are the most racist countries i have ever seen. It is completely accepted to call a black person ‘abd’ meaning slave, or to be nicer they call you ‘khal’ meaning servant.

    Arabs love to come to North America and cry about racism when it happens to them here, but they can care less back in their homelands where they treat Africans, East Indians and Filipino (who are usually their maids) like they are subhuman. As a child i remember adults would call me racist slurs all the time that i did not even realize it was wrong until i came to North America.

    • Sheikha

      I’m a female from Qatar and I can understand where you’re coming from and I do agree that there is still racism going on. I do apologise on their behalf and I’d advise for you not to generalise and try to interact with the Arabs that aren’t racist. I have many international friends whom are black, Asian, and European. My parents always welcome them and never make them feel uncomfortable. Instead of talking about the majority, try to see the positive side of it and interact with those that don’t degrade other nationalities.

      • Isias mafia

        First thank you for your concern.

        But i have to say i disagree so strongly with what you said.
        Obviously not every single person living in an Arab country is racist, so while I appreciate you telling about how good your parents are (which i don’t doubt that they are), that is really irrelevant.

        I have spent over 15 years living in Arab countries and my comment is not a generalization, but the reality of society there that you even agreed with but far too many people ignore. In fact, you even said that this was how the ‘majority’ of people there behave. So I’m confused why you think it’s a generalization?

        As for the comment about how i should interact with Arabs that are not racist, you really should not make this about those have to deal with this, but instead focus your comments on your people to change. And the only way to do that is to first acknowledge that this is happening (and not argue about generalizations or tell someone that they should find better friends) and that it needs to STOP.

      • Kolovrat

        Please do not follow the same feel guilty path as the UK did, their own people are now abused and mistreated by the immigrants, and their culture is soon to be wiped out. I lived in Dubai for quite a while and I praise the Sheikhs for supporting and keeping the traditions of their people. If someone does not like it they can leave back to Africa, or wherever the hell they crawled up from. When a guest enters your house treat them like kings yes, if they decide to use your house and your hospitality and say your culture is wrong, the culture of your forefathers and your tribe, I say kick the out of your house, if they resist kill them.

        • Gloria

          Then we have to do the same with the muslims in America:kick their asses if they don’t want to adapt and follow our rules!

      • here

        she will get u kill trust no one

      • Muslim_Always

        As salam alaikum sister Sheikha,

        Thank you for admitting that your people are the most racist in the world. Your apology is not needed for it does nothing. The same way Abu Dharr r.a had to lie down and allow Bilal r.a to cross over him for his racist remark so to one day there will be the law of Qisas applied on perhaps your children and your children’s children. After we have fought for compensation we are coming for the neck of the pale skinned Arabs.

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      The sad thing is many Arab occupied countries were originally African lets be real here. They are much of a stranger in these lands as I am in America. My Father took a trip to Mali and when he went there the Arabs who are occupying only a small portion of the country, feel like they have reason to keep slaves and Bogart an historical African country.

      As angry and upsetting our longstanding history has been with them, (yes including Arab slavery) we have no one to blame but ourselves. Europeans would never have allowed them to drive them out neither the Asians, but the foolish brethren that take up the sword against their own people would.

      We have given up our ties for a foolish moon god and a raper of men (Muhammad) that looks at the African man and the world over as objects, we should be pissed for our stupidity in believing in both Islam and Christianity. We existed before them, and if we do not get back to our natural way of thinking we won’t be here much longer. They have been making their bed in even West Africa of late.

      • here

        why did yall blame us white people when it was the Muslims that stole your gold the muslims to pay for their holy war with

    • mom_of_four

      You just made the point for me that I was getting ready to make…that Qur’aan and hadith (and therefore Islam) leave no room for discrimination on any basis other than piety. The fact that there are people calling themselves Muslim, who practice this unIslamic behavior, does not change the fact that Islam equalizes everyone. The failure is not in the way of life, the failure is in the way people are living it! And, btw, a short lesson in geography- Morocco is not an “Arab country”, it is in Africa.

  • Walter O. Neal

    Of course, after the brutal Portuguese, it was Arabs who profited early from the slave trade.

    • joseph

      it was before Portuguese Arabs Muslims trade slave more then 120millions Black african and kill 50million ,so time will come out for justice Fatima naver say ur African ur not ur fucking Arabs Muslim

      • Fatima

        Joseph, i prefer to say African instead of saying black, African is in reference to continent but black is in reference to color!

        use your brain , better to say African than black !

        I tried to use logic context because Iam not racist!

        I never deny that Iam African, and my father is half-blood!

        so you re wrong, you re judging person and pretending false statistics about trade slave!

        Because you re not here for truth , you re just here for accusing Arabs and Moroccan you don’t even know!

        but I am not like you, because I am mixture or Muslim ,Arab, African, and Moroccan, so I am more tolerant and i want to live in peace in my country the land of peace

        • islam izrail

          fuck you all we all adms sons no arabs no african no europs we are adms sons we should be sevelized and dont say the racesm yah we difrent in look and coulor but we all brothers and siss. so shut up be sevlized noters

          • Fatima

            Islam izrail, if your message for me , so read my message because i dont talk about racism , iam against racism and that s what iam claiming from the beginning! and dont use bad words , while you re talking about civilization .
            if you read my message and understood it , you will notice that iam mixture of african, arab, berber, muslim.
            and if you read my previous posts, i said that we live in Morocco in harmony , different race and diffrent religion, and we live in peace.

            Read well , what I wrote , and be civilized and never insult before understanding message

        • Roggers

          Fatima, how can you say you are a mixture of African and Moroccan? you said something like this before and you were corrected, but you repeat it again. You still don’t believe Morocco is in Africa.. this is a shame.

          • fatima

            the shame is that persons read and dont understand and most of all insult you, although in all my messages i never insult anyone!

            Rogers, if you re for example Nigerian, , you will say iam nigerian , iam african, what does is it mean? mean you talk about you talk about your country of origin then your continent, now an other example (because i feel people are low to understand or because of their hate to Moroccan and to arab in general, can see well in my messages which are full of peace and far from racism), if you re french, you say iam french , and europeen in reference to the country !

            so when i said iam mixuture of arab , berber african…….

            this is what i mean it s not that i separate Moroccan from Africa, this is stupid, because Morocco is in Africa!

            Do you understand Roggers, So shame on you! you want just to attack me, you didnt even take time to read well my message and to reflect, put your hate away and be wise in reading message

      • here

        got bacon

  • Fatima

    This is the problem! when we generalise getting one testimony or two!

    To talk about racism in Morocco, you need to come here and then you can judge.

    Yes everywhere there are bad and good persons!

    But we can’t generalise.

    Africans become a part of our life, they are everywhere in Morocco in every city!

    their number grows! why if we are racists?

    they bought shops and strated little business!

    In Casablanca , you can see them walking with their babies, they lead normal life!

    Moroccans are friendly and peacefull!

    we accept any people from any nationality , there migrants of china, of Senegal, of Cameroun………

    This not a narration, this is the truth , you can discover when you visit Morocco!

    Now why many are interested of our country and trying to give a bad image of it?

    Why some are interetsted in making troubles in our peacefull country?

    To those , I will say , you will not succed to practice segregation between us and other nationalities.

    Because we lived in peace and harmony many centuries with jews, christians and muslims from other coutries in our country and oustide.

    Stop your evil plan! and welcome to Morocco, all of you! this way you will be the only witness of the hospitality, and cohabitation of the Real Moroccans( not the bandits that abubakr talked about , those are bandits and will attack also Moroccans!)

    • talpharmacy2411

      Fatima why do Arabs call blacks abu samra ? listen yall racist just admit it

      • Fatima

        talpharmacy, you also then are racist accoriding to the word you use ” blacks” why u didnt use Africans!!!!!!!

        why do french call them “Negre”, why do Americans call them” blacks” although they born there many centuries ago,why still they call them balck?

        I know many Africans Americans , well educated and had good position ,but they told me they are not treated as white!

        So ,if you hate arabs, it s your business to be racist, but i ask you to use your brain and never generalise!

        there are always good and bad everywehre

    • Moya

      Fatima I understand you are trying to defend your country…yet you refer to Africans like Morrocco isnt on the African continent!You dont even think you are one!

  • DreadMighty

    As an American liberal I will say something conservative; who gives a damn what Arabs do? They aren’t here doing the same because they know better and yet, Blacks here do worse than African ex-pats. If you would like to cause a divide between Islam & Blacks, use a tool that would be real to American Blacks or Africans who have to deal with asshole Arabs in the US. Islam isnt only Arabs nor is it mostly Arabs, and racism isn’t “better” here either. What a load of spinning horse manure.

  • Daria Queenly

    WHITE Africans in North Africa are them most racist humans you will ever meet. THEY ALWAYS deny the racism in Libya.
    FIRST they came in and enslaved all of these beautiful North African countries, and raped the women and killed the men, and today they keep on killing the Black and Brown North africans, after they stole their land. I WONDER WHEN will the racism end in Mauritania, Libya, Marocco etc etc etc these north african racists are disgusting, if it was me, i would throw them all into jail. They claim and deny that the racism is gone but movie after video after news we see it live infront of our eyes. the white arabs only love themsleves, nobody else, the whiter you are the better you are in their eyes. If you black or brown they treat you like u nothing

    • benvad

      They aren’t WHITE! They’re native browns to the North African coasts, don’t lump them with Caucasian Europeans (The true natives).

      • here

        thank u tired of them lying black muslims

      • James Nayci

        Not necessarily, most of North Africans are multiracials, they are mostly WHITES especially in Algeria, you can find many blue/green/brown-eyed Algerians with white, caucasian, brown/tan and even dark skin in the northern east/west, there are some that are originated from romanians/byzantines/ottomans origins during the occupation of the lands before the Spanish and Arabs came . Not all Northern Africans are Arabs, there are Imazighen (Kabyles) also known as Berbers. Inform yourself before writing a comment.

    • americamatters

      Traditions of Slavery Within Africa

      Slavery existed in some of
      Africa’s earliest organized societies. More than 3,500 years ago, ancient
      Egyptians raided neighboring societies for slaves, and the buying and selling
      of slaves were regular activities in cities along the Nile River.

      Warfare was not the only
      reason for the practice of slavery in Africa, however. In many African
      societies, slavery represented one of the few methods of producing wealth
      available to common people.

      Land was typically held
      communally by villages or large clans and was allotted to families according to
      their need. The amount of land a family needed was determined by the number of
      laborers that family could marshal to work the land. To increase production, a
      family had to invest in more laborers and thus increase their share of land.
      The simplest and quickest way to do this was to invest in slaves. To help
      service this demand, many early African societies conducted slave raids on
      distant villages

      In Africa, as in many
      places around the world, early slavery likely resulted from warring groups
      taking captives.

      Around the 15th century BC, Egypt’s New Kingdom enslaved
      non-Africans, such as Jews from Palestine, through warfare and imported them to
      the Nile Valley. As an African importer of non-African slaves, however, ancient
      Egypt is a notable exception to the rule. Africa’s role in the history of
      transcontinental slave trading has generally been as a provider or exporter of
      slaves for use outside of Africa.

      After the 5th century BC, Greeks and, later, Romans
      came to dominate the Mediterranean Sea. Both of these slave-owning powers
      raided North Africa extensively for slaves. This practice of using Africa as a
      source of slaves would be adopted and expanded first by Arab Muslims and later
      by Europeans.

      The Trans-Saharan and East African Slave Trades

      The spread
      of Islam from
      Arabia into Africa after the religion’s founding in the 7th century AD affected the practice of slavery and
      slave trading in West, Central, and East Africa. Arabs had practiced slave
      raiding and trading in Arabia for centuries prior to the founding of Islam, and
      slavery became a component of Islamic traditions. Both the Qur’an (Koran) (the
      sacred scripture of Islam) and Islamic religious law served to codify and
      justify the existence of slavery. As Muslim Arabs conquered their way westward
      across North Africa in the 7th and 8th centuries, their victorious leaders
      rewarded themselves with Berbercaptives,
      most of whom were eventually enrolled in Muslim armies. Over time, large
      segments of North Africa’s Berber population converted to Islam. The religion
      spread to the camel herders of the Sahara Desert, who were in contact with
      black Africans south of the Sahara and who traded small numbers of black
      slaves. Muslim Arabs expanded this trans-Saharan slave trade, buying or seizing
      increasing numbers of black Africans in West Africa, leading them across the
      Sahara, and selling them in North Africa. From there, most of these slaves were
      exported to far-off Asian destinations such as the eastern Mediterranean,
      Anatolia (in present-day Turkey), Arabia, Persia (present-day Iran), and India.

      The trans-Saharan slave trade grew significantly from the 10th
      to the 15th century, as vast African empires such as Ghana, Mali, Songhai, and Kanem-Bornu developed south of the Sahara and
      marshaled the trade.

      Arab slave raiders also
      penetrated south, up the Nile River to present-day Ethiopia, capturing
      thousands of slaves and sending them down the Nile to Egypt. Over the course of
      more than a thousand years, the trans-Saharan slave trade saw the movement of
      at least 10 million enslaved men, women, and children from West and East Africa
      to North Africa, the Middle East, and India.

      The slaves and their descendants contributed to the harems,
      royal households, and armies of the Arab, Turkish, and Persian rulers in those
      regions over the course of more than a thousand
      years, the trans-Saharan slave trade saw the movement of at least 10 million
      enslaved men, women, and children from West and East Africa to North Africa,
      the Middle East, and India. The slaves and their descendants contributed to the
      harems, royal households, and armies of the Arab, Turkish, and Persian rulers
      in those regions.

      The slave trades
      contributed to the development of powerful African states on the southern
      fringes of the Sahara and in the East African interior. The economies of these
      states were dependent on slave trading. Neighboring states competed with one
      another for trade, leading to wars, which in turn led to the capture of more

      In 1807 the slave trade
      was outlawed in Britain and the United States. Britain outlawed the practice of
      slavery in all British territory in 1833; France did the same in its colonies
      in 1848. In 1865, following the American Civil War, the U.S. government adopted
      the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, ending slavery in the United States.
      The Atlantic slave trade continued, however, until 1888, when Brazil abolished
      slavery (the last New World country to do so).

      One of the main
      justifications European powers gave for colonizing nearly the entire African
      continent during the 1880s and 1890s was the desire to end slave trading and
      slavery in Africa.

      By the dawn of the 20th century, European
      forces had defeated most African slave trading states

    • Mack Pooh

      Until you stop the “woe is me” whining, you will be just as you are. Useless!! Your historical data is both race/cultural baiting and pathetically incorrect. The racism in Middle East has absoluty nothing to do with whites. In fact, the racism against blacks in Middle East is brought upon blacks, by blacks. In fact, as you try the empathy card on behalf of, and with muslims, they laugh at your imput and say “see”?.. The african continent as a whole is a drain on the rest of the world. Literally! Now, you racist lethargic, explain the 200 little black girls that were kidnapped/captured. Boko Haram is a fundamentally BLACK MUSLIM group and Boko Haram took those 200 little black girls and anybody with even a finger of intellect, can know what those lives are like now.
      Your stupidity gives me a headache. Typical black response, Racism Racism Racism.
      Islam discounts blacks as slaves and no more. Yet, to show why they are defined as such, there is an idiotic womb reject in the United States, and he goes by name of Louis Farahkan. Black, yet trying to be muslim. You should ask him one day, how he is received in middle east if he ever goes there. Certainly, he has not the heart, soul, courage, or whatsoevers to go.
      I do not see one black leaving United States gor a return trip to the African continent or the Middle East for that matter.
      Ot was the Spanish and Northern Europeans who went for the slaves. Black african tribal leaders sold, for the money AND trade, the slaves and put them on boats headed around the world. Potential white slave owners went to the shores and black slave owners created a bigger demand for slaves.
      So tell me, what exactly does africa offer the Middle East or the rest of the world? Take a good long look at Obama, for that will be the last time you see a black democratic president. The intellectual components are not there. Plain and simple. Obama has sent blacks back in time say, 20-30 years and you are not gonna raise a lip.
      Get your history right, get thought and theory right, and you get right.
      Muslims do not like or respect you for a reason. In other words, prove them wrong..

  • TheMsmother

    The funny thing is, they all come from a black lineage. Their slightly lighter skin comes from years of mixing.

    • Yashar Yasharahlah

      Caucasian Mutts whose forefathers are from the Alexanderian Demonic Conquest. Modern day Palestinians, modern day Jews, modern day middle easterners are not of the Negroid or Moor Families of the Bible; they are from the Caucasoid families who have always hated the Negro Tribal families of the earth.

      • Jonathan Feldman

        Nobody has always hated anybody. This is pure bullshit.

      • Anon Ymous

        Stupid black Hitler moron.

        • Yashar Yasharahlah

          I am no hitler, I don’t hate any of the Caucasian Tribes that rule planet earth in wickedness. I am simply telling you THE TRUTH VIA THE CREATOR’S WORD.

        • Yashar Yasharahlah

          Modern Day Arabs are Caucasian Seeds planted in Black women for thousands of years, they are not of the Soul Negroid Tribal families of Shem, Ham and Japheth in anyway, shape or form which is why they are just as evil as the other Caucasian families that dominate planet earth in the name of satan.

  • africa

    not all north african hate people from south africa . Me I m algerian Amazigh ( berber ) for exemple i like african , asien but hate arabs people . i consider myself as african from algeria i am withe with europeen physique but Africa is my continent . arabs are leader dictatur they want to own everything and everyone they made my childhood hard because they imposed their religion their language obligatory the law of 1962 arabisation and islamisation in goal to controll people . and people who don t respect their decision he or she is be humiliated , agressed , abused , killed , or going to jail . juste like if someone want to batise his son . that s what we have to live with still today . they didn t respected us that we have our own language and own tradition , mentality , mode life ….. i hate arabic and i am verry bad in it like all my freinds , neighbours … teachers got the order from algerian gouvernement to make us pass the year … meaning adding us points for to close the years in school because the situation was dramatic all students of 43 in one classroom were baaaad in arabic so for to cover it and for to not show that we were bad and having a biig probleme with the arabic language . so yes they cheated in all national territory in all algeria . it started from the primary school until the university …. until we finished . that s explain why our diploma are invalid in US or in europe
    they juste wanted to own us by force . and they refused to recognize us as simply Amazigh people from noth africa . that is why today we still fight for to reclaim our right . and yes arabs hate foreigner not onely from Mali or mauritanie even asiatic . they are mentaly sick their religion say something and the practic something else they don t respect anything anyone their methods are onely violence

    • benvad

      Your people are garbage also, face the fact .

      • PaperTrees

        He is better than you. You are nothing more than trash. What is all the false arrogance for LOL

        • here

          the muslims been doing this since bc no it not white person fault and they need to make it right by us

        • benvad

          Shut up you white save the world crusader. Do the world
          a favour and hang yourself.

    • Guest

      So true. Very well spoken. I hope you find the peace and respect, and freedom you deserve. I hope things get easier for you.

      Imposed religious politics, economics and education, is always evil.

      Good luck, much love from Cali.

  • benvad

    So the hell what? Let the Israelis or Africans and what ever country in the region save them. Kill them for all I care, it’s really not my problem. Do what you want with them!

    • James Nayci


      • benvad

        Go fight your Hebrew cousins, piss off from Europe.

  • PaperTrees

    I would say the same about your disgusting race. The reason you exist is the problem. I hope you go through what these people go through. Your struggle will be seen with a smile :)

    But then again, there is a high probability you share the same race,trace,genetics as these people, so nevermind. Haha

    • benvad

      I know you don’t care, but do you really think it matters what you think? If you want to be the big Caucasian (Or is it Bantu or Arab)? Go right ahead, but don’t don’t bring these 3rd world things to the west. Then, I’ll have a problem with you!

      • Cash Cow

        ARABs???.. your not true arabs.. FuCKING PERSIANS!!!!!

        • benvad

          When it’s brown I turn them down.

    • benvad

      I’m the evolved segment of humanity.

      • James Nayci

        You’ve evolved from a virus called E-Moronism.

        • benvad

          Shouldn’t you be in Al Sham waiting to be beheaded on video while giving your all to be a selfless aide worker?

          Show your kind leftist humanist charity to the third world parasites that you love so much.

        • benvad

          Did you think up that one all by yourself? Cute.

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    The sad thing is many Arab occupied countries were originally African lets be real here. They are much of a stranger in these lands as I am in America. My Father took a trip to Mali and when he went there the Arabs who are occupying only a small portion of the country, feel like they have reason to keep slaves and Bogart an historical African country.

    As angry and upsetting our longstanding history has been with them, (yes including Arab slavery) we have no one to blame but ourselves. Europeans would never have allowed them to drive them out neither the Asians, but the foolish brethren that take up the sword against their own people would.

    We have given up our ties for a foolish moon god and a raper of men (Muhammad) that looks at the African man and the world over as objects, we should be pissed for our stupidity in believing in both Islam and Christianity. We existed before them, and if we do not get back to our natural way of thinking we won’t be here much longer. They have been making their bed in even West Africa of late.

  • here

    Don’t listen to UN about muslims islams are 4 peace all the wars were started in bible were started by muslims my mama told me this when I was only six and they are taking the world over Thank for UN lies made it worst on ever other race. Chit the blacks slaves didn’t want to go back to Africa because the muslims took over Africa and where killing the blacks and black muslims sold them to whites Don’t tell your that dumb I think so because when we till u that whites slaves work right beside the blacks you say we are lying why lying its all in the books.That why blacks are killing white because there so much Islams Muslims in them.Africa was peaceful before bc muslims And just like the holy war story we been told long time ago and people are just now hearing about the evil muslims

    • garry


      • garry

        hi iam garry,i just want to inform the world that arabs in the world are the most racist people in term of colour,religion,culture.
        iam a black african in algeria.i want the world to know that algeria are the most racist arab nation as to compare with morraco libya and tunis..algeria a very racist people which i want the world to put eye on.

        • James Nayci

          That’s not true. I’m a white Algerian and i’m not racist.

  • here

    someone that know the truth

  • Truth_Speaking_Asshole

    What an idiotic comment…

  • joe

    the only thing that i wiil say is that the white are bad they control the arabs people to do that please do not beheive in them

  • Pierre Simmons

    I wish that someone here in America would wake up some of these blacks who talk so much about Islam, and how much better it is than Christianity. I know someone who has lived in those countries and he told me that he would like to see
    a black man go into one of their mosque over there. The stories that he told me were very consistent with those that I heard from other people and what I’ve read.
    I myself have experience Arab prejudice right here in America but unlike some of the blacks over there in north Africa, ” I HIT BACK “, and make no apology for it either. The same person who told me what it was like in those countries also said of the two young black men who brutally murdered a British soldier on the street in broad day light by stabbing him to death, ” Those guys would not even be able to use the mosque to say prayers because they are black.”

    • مسلم مغربي راجاوي

      If Islam hurts you, apply cold water ! There is no difference between all ethnic in Islam and it was clearly in Coran. In morocco we have friends africans country like Gabon Senegal Cost ivory, moroccans lives in dakar libreville while people from gabon senegal lives in morocco there is no problem. We only have a bad view on non legal immigrant who may commit crimes and it happens many times. But if the person is well educated every one respect him :D

    • mom_of_four

      By your own admission, you are basing your opinion of Islam on hearsay, and not on actual knowledge of the faith. If all I ever heard about Christians was stories about the Kung Klux Klan, Branch Davidians, and Timothy McVeigh, I would think that Christianity was an inherently violent and racist religion. I, however, have studied ACTUAL Christianity, and I know the difference between what people are commanded by their Lord to do, and what people do on their own while attributing it to their Lord. It would be awesome if you learned to do the same.

  • Aquafina

    Juuuuuuust like the Arabs in America?

  • chakablue1

    I wish that some of these African American men who run around professing their belief in Islam would start to learn this kind of stuff and stop thinking that they are Gods gift to the world. Some of them want to tell you how the white man is the devil and things of that sort, well I think that it’s about high time that they take a new look at things. Arabs were enslaving blacks a 1000 years before the white man.

  • Jason Jenkz

    Shut up stop go back to your own country if you think we are racist. usa is the best.. Btw fuck you terrorists going to the usa..

    • James Nayci

      USA belongs to Native Indians not European or African, Asian, Australian invaders.

  • Shaz lion

    Africans Rape Arab women in Africa, and NO all Arab countries were Never African and African in Past Invade Arab Countries like Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Saudi Arabia etc. it is History facts, In fact black african are Racist to every one and also Racist to their own Kind as Well……Iam from Pakistan and lot of Blacks in Millions coming to Pakistan from last few hundred Years and Pakistan is in Asia and thousand of Miles away from Africa but African think that Pakistan is their land and just coming to Pakistan and never going back, Pakistan citizenship is acquired easily b/c of Corruption in our Govt. System, Pakis, Indians and Arabs give them citizenship but they are just crying to the world and how they are mistreated by People who give them Refuge, Citizenship & Shelter, Infact Blacks never give any shit about Arabs or Muslims

  • Yashar Yasharahlah

    Modern Day Arabs are Caucasian Seeds planted in Black women for thousands of years. They are not of the Soul Negroid Tribal families of Shem, Ham and Japheth in anyway, shape or form.

  • Samir Halabi

    And people have the temerity to call Israel an apartheid state. Black Muslims escaping from Somalia, Sudan, Eritrea try extremely hard to make for Israel, crossing the dangerous Sinai desert now full of terrorists, thieves and murderers.
    In many instances these poor wretches are caught by these people held to ransom, used as slave labourers etc They have also been shot at and killed crossing over into Israel by Egyptian border guards who shoot first then ask questions later when it’s too late. Israel treats them humanely,although they didn’t ask for them to come. If you would ask an Israel-Arab Citizen of Israel where they would sooner live, in the Palestinian territories, or in a possible future Palestinian State, they would overwhelmingly answer Israel, they would never surrender their Israeli nationality for anything else. The Israeli-Arabs both Christian and Muslim account for 20% of the total population of Israel. The Jews of the Arab speaking world, the Middle-East & North-Africa till the late 1949-50 numbered 1,000,000 (not including Iran and Turkey both Islamic lands but not Arab) however today sadly only around 5,000 Jews remain with most in Morocco and to a lesser degree in Tunisia. (mostly on the Island of Djerba) Around 35 in Bahrain, a few hundred in Yemen where they have been targeted and murdered, they are now waiting to all leave. There is possibly around 100 mostly elderly Jews still in Egypt today. This is what you call ethnic cleansing and not the other way around as many Jew-hating people like to state.

  • phillipkslick

    The point is they aren’t treating their guests like kings, they treat them like lagoon filled excrement.

  • Spruce Cycle

    The whites and arabs I say let em kill each other and the Black races will inherit the earth!

  • sufipeace

    Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the former Saudi Ambassador to USA, was black both in complexion and lineage as his mother was a full black African woman. While his father was a powerful Saudi prince, his mother was a full-blooded African. If Arabs r so racist, how did become a powerful prince+Ambassador.

  • Charlotte Haberman

    I know a Morrocan woman who likes BBC and I don’t mean the network.

  • Suufijanwar Haska

    Hey hey why r you not talking about south Africa is it Arabs who are discriminating Africans? Is it the Arabs who put Mandela in jail for 28years ,is it the Arabs who sold Africans in America?, why is it that they are so many Africans in America than Arabia, so who sold you guys there? Is it the Arabs who are killing African Americans in Ferguson and so and so, this just propaganda from you people like Isias mafia, disqus, Gloria.

    Am an Arab we’ve lived in East Africa since the time of the colonialist but we been getting the same things from Africans since young age just like what you are getting from Arabs that’s nature when we see whats different from us what doesn’t resemble us it could happen
    Just like that we have been nicknamed half casts coz we are Arabs but we speak African language but we live with it coz this is Africa not Arabia,so if you feel offended then you know where you came from go back home and be happy there, other than generalising every one with your life.maybe it’s happening to you due to your bad character, so behave well

  • amuncat

    Arabs were great facilitators in the slave trade and some still are! There culture seems to be one of automatically abusing and oppressing anyone who is considered less than them. Look at what they are doing in the Sudan, with impunity!!! A good example is the treatment of Phillipinos and other foreign workers…families treat them like slaves, at best seize passports, beat them! Then the Arabs come to America seeking a better life, after oppressing others!!!! SICK!

  • amuncat

    I am black and have a friend from Pakistan. We went to the Indian section of Vancouver, BC to do some shopping. That was when she told me that she was surprised at the difference in treatment by the merchants between she and I!

    I just love the Indian arrogance! I live in the shadow of the Bellevue Microsoft campus. Indians act superior and “better than.” I find it amusing because the only reason they are here is because they are BOTTOM FEEDERS, willing to accept a lower wage than the previous higher one paid to Americans!

  • Lee

    As Dr. Henrik said, “Black People have no allies.” Black people have to get out of the habit of trying to please every race. Haven’t colonialism thought you this?

    As stated in the Bible, We’re God chosen people. We’re all we’ve got!

  • vamike999

    oy this is horrible. But does not surprise me. Dubi everyone is slaves except the rich.